Update: New Hampshire Bigfoot Video Footage

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 19th, 2007

Well, after posting the purported Bigfoot video here on Cryptomundo, the truth comes out.

The person who posted the video at youtube, jamesowens817, replied at youtube to commenters there regarding the video thusly:

why is it always sightings hav poor quality vid?raul266

I know in my instance it’s because the sighting happened before the camera was even on. I felt pretty lucky to get what I did.jamesowens817

He moves like Harry from Harry and the Hendersons! Someone was at a Hollywood costume auction weren’t they?AceOfSpade1234

Ace- We know what we saw. Chasing this thing would not have turned out good for anyone involved.jamesowens817

What a crock!! in the first part the so called ‘bigfoot’ is walking towards the camera, then it cuts to a different scene, where is the rest of the first part???Ricky540i

I shut it off and ran, then repositioned for the second shot. I am not a pro in video or bigfoot. If you have ever had this happen, you know it happens very fast.jamesowens817

The comments left by jamesowens817 alluding to the video being a film study have been removed from youtube. I asked for and received the following statement.

To clear matters up, this was done as a test/study for a feature film we have made about “bigfoot”. To accuratly collect data we had to put the video up on its own and gather comments and such.

We offer our apologies and thanks to everyone that helped us gather this data. We were looking for the following:

1. does the creature look real?

2. What mannerisms should it have?

3. What type of evidence would need to be shown in the film to garner a suspension of disbelief?

4. How solid was our research? IE What sources could be trusted as fact, and what is the tendancy of the cryptozoologist? Will they believe until debunked? or will they try to disprove before belief.

We will not be using this video as a marketing tool, only as data. Your comments and queries were all appreciated, except for some of the more rude members of your community.

To clear up the “feeling sorry for cryptozoologists” what we meant was that you all have to put up with alot, especially in this day and age, with the power of video at most everyone’s fingertips.

For your data, the video was shot as test footage for our film to see what needed fixing on the costume. The costume was made by a seamstress who makes sports mascots, and the head, hands and feet were sculpted specifically for the film, then molded and cast in latex.

The video was filmed on a woods trail at ground level on a private residence and when autofocus kicked in, we cut the tape. The second half of the footage was shown in reverse. Hope in some way that helps you in your further research.

Again, we thank you all and apologize to those who feel misguided.jamesowens817

Some recent comments from youtube regarding the video:

I’ll believe this wasn’t just a poor hoax attempt, when I see your “movie” or you start posting some legit credit to you being an actual film-maker. All I see is a blank profile with this one video. Anyone can take the film-maker’s stance once they’ve been caught. I hope you let others read this before you delete it.asianslave69

and as for my “work” this is only a test, shot, edited and uploaded within one hour’s time frame. Had we really wanted to pull off a hoax, we would have taken the time to do it right and we would not have come clean. jamesowens817

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

26 Responses to “Update: New Hampshire Bigfoot Video Footage”

  1. bill green responds:

    hey craig wow your very welcome for this update article oh well maybe next time. thanks bill green

  2. Chris Noel responds:

    In my view, this video should never have been posted on Cryptomundo. It lowers the status of a usually high-quality site to give credence–and “air time”–to such hollow efforts. A sad waste of time.

  3. ShefZ28 responds:

    My favorite quote:

    “Had we really wanted to pull off a hoax, we would have taken the time to do it right and we would not have come clean.”

    Yeah. Because the last 129,323 people before them tricked everyone by not coming clean…

    Meh, the video didn’t feel natural.

  4. Craig Woolheater responds:


    We’ll be waiting to post that BFRO thermal Bigfoot video here on Cryptomundo…


  5. giantchaser responds:

    Well, that was a bit unexpected, but i guess people figured it out so they made an excuse to save their reputation as credible people.

  6. iftheshoefits responds:

    I call bull on him being even an amateur film maker.

  7. iftheshoefits responds:

    You can double click on the videos here and it will open a page with the video on the YouTube web site, in case any one didn’t know.

  8. Former Lee Warmer responds:

    I had to use three different profiles to post on his page, because he didn’t like what I was pointing out and kept deleting and blocking me. What a fun day this turned out to be. First he tried to dig up stuff on me in a vain attempt to embarrass me, then he had to delete his own comments after I pointed out how childish that was. Like I told him…I’ll believe the film-maker approach when I see some of his works or credentials. Until then he’s just another YouTube hoaxer.

  9. bill green responds:

    hey craig in my honest opinion i think cryptomundo & youtube should launch a serious investigation into this hoax film to see what further happens etc just my opinion. thanks bill greem

  10. CryWolf responds:

    First, I appreciate the update.

    I don’t fault you for posting the youtube clip. You didn’t know what you know now and made it clear you hadn’t made a judgment yet. I’m glad I viewed it earlier, thought what I thought about it, then now due to the diligence of others in smoking out the truth, have a chance to revise my thinking seeing what I thought correctly and what I missed. It sharpens your perceptions. We’re all learning here, which sometimes only advances incrementally. In a perfect world there would only be honest, sincere, good hearted folks who don’t try to hoax or fool others when you only have so much time in the day and limited resources in following up on potentially valuable leads/information.

    I think it is interesting to read, think back on the original comments. A lot of good perceptions were revealed, but kind of piecemeal like the 6 wisemen in a dark room positioned around a large animal reporting on what they experienced. The tail, the ears, the skin, the feet, the trunk!

    Anyway, it would be nice and make life easier if there were folks out there who wouldn’t CRY WOLF! (unless there really is a wolf)

  11. rayrich responds:

    Anybody with a legitimate video is not going to show it on Youtube. They’ll go to the major networks for the big $ or if they are sensitive and smart they’ll reach out to scientists like Meldrum and Goodall for advice on how to handle the situation in a manner that is both beneficial to the individual as well as Sasquatch and the scientists who believe in their existance.

  12. CBFResearcher responds:

    OK all, this one was easy to tell it wasn’t real. I pointed out to my sister today before even reading the section above that I was skeptical. Notice the still shot of the animal and its face. It’s shines from the reflection of the sunlight. Nice try, but think about it. I’ve never seen a face of an ape either in photo format or live that shines like that. I was happy to see shortly after that when I logged into here that I was right.

    Then again, I also have some very high and low tech equipment I use and the auto-focus works quickly. Fake from the second I saw the video.

    Cheers all.

  13. Darkstream responds:

    I’ll give you credit for posting the truth about that joke of a video, but it was the flood of cruddy YouTube fakes that caused me to lose interest in your site the first time. It’s been a few months so I thought I’d give you guys a second chance and resubscribe to your feed, but you clearly love poking the beehive with these “sticks” to generate vigorous debates in the comments section. Judging by the obscene amounts of embedded ad blocks on your site I have to assume you just like generating hits for revenue. That, of course, is a matter of speculation on my part, but I can say that I don’t believe you respect my time.

    I liked your site before the design change. Your recent emphasis on goofy embedded media has been detrimental, IMO, to your overall authority. You can hardly expect me to see any difference between you and the other revenue generating Bigfoot researchers you disapprove of when you post obvious fakes for your readers with feigned openmindedness.

    I’ll monitor the discussion here for the next few days just in case you reply, but I’m unsubscribing your feed from my list.

  14. Digger44 responds:

    Please see my comments on the original thread. Logic can debunk this crap the majority of the time. The info was all wrong for NH.

  15. Chris Noel responds:

    Kudos, Craig, on posting Darkstream’s comments, rather than blocking them. Though I agree, reluctantly, with his sentiments, I am impressed that you’re allowing him to air them.

  16. Craig Woolheater responds:

    Darkstream and Chris,

    Though this is off topic, I will respond.

    No one is forcing either of you to read any or all of the posts here on Cryptomundo.

    It is your choice to visit the site to read the posts, subscribe to the RSS feed, etc.

    I will refer you to my post from April entitled What is Cryptomundo?

    I won’t rehash it here.

    Feel free to discuss it there if you wish.

    Oh, and Chris, still waiting to hear back from you regarding the BFRO thermal Bigfoot video. 🙂


  17. mystery_man responds:

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with posting videos like this. I do not think we should treat those on this site as people who cannot think for themselves or make their own judgments. If a video is fake, I believe it is mostly quickly discerned to be one on this site, and I enjoy following the thought processes that people go through when dissecting even obvious hoaxes. I personally don’t want these videos to be cut from the site unless they are obviously absurd. This field is unfortunately rife with hoaxers and as such I think looking at what hoaxers are doing will give us insights to how they try and fool us as well as let us discuss how footage of a real sasquatch might look in comparison. Whether the video is an obvious hoax or not, I think there are benefits to putting it out there for those to see and I personally do not have time to traipse through YouTube trying to look these up. As for the guy who made this video, he sure is no Patterson, is he?

  18. sausage1 responds:

    What impresses me is – well – us !

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there is nobody more inquiring, open minded and honestly sceptical than my fellow bloggers in here. You would love these things to be true but you are not going be drawn in and conned. You are nearly always objective, and embellish your scepticism with delcious barbs of humour.

    They will have to do better than this to catch you out I’m afraid. Well done, friends!

  19. sschaper responds:

    I think he owes a decent contribution to Cryptomundo for services rendered.

  20. arbigfoothunter responds:

    I don’t want to get in trouble with anyone here nor get any big worded, scientific explanations from anyone either, so all I want to say is this:
    I am so used to seeing nothing but hoaxed videos that I can’t believe anything I see unless I am to see it in person in the wilderness with my own eyes. As for the lastest video from the east coast from James…, I can’t say what I am thinking because I may want to post again.

  21. jamesowens817 responds:

    I just dont understand. Were I a cryptozoologist, I would tend to try to disprove something until I had to believe. You guys are all whining about “the hoaxers” this and “the hoaxers” that.

    Until one of you guys “brings one home” every video is a hoax.

    That would be my sense of thinking anyhow. I dont understand all the animosity toward our project, when we came out and said it was a hoax. I dont see anyone else with crappy attempts doing that.

    I also get the feeling that some of you WANT to believe so badly that it just takes over all sense of reason.

    We apologised and shared our own data for your further research, I know some of you are upset, but we at least wanted to give that back to your community.

  22. YourPTR! responds:

    It was an obvious fake all along. No one is going to be fooled by that! The wildly over exsagerated swinging of the arms was just ridiculous.

  23. Former Lee Warmer responds:

    James, the animosity you seem to feel may stem from the fact that you are trying to say this was done as a film test, but you have nothing to back it up. Just like the skeptics concerning sasquatch, proof is needed to back up your “existence” as a film-maker. Why should we believe you? On your word? You skeptics need your proof, why can’t we ask for ours? And if you feel like you were treated rudely on your page, maybe that was a result of you acting like a little teenager and pulling things out of people’s profiles to try to make them feel bad. But, of course, you had to erase all of that to maintain your “nice-guy” approach. Show us your creds or your “data”, James, or else it’s pretty much an admission of you being a plain old hack hoaxer. It’s your “existence” that is in question, and I’m sorry to say this but we don’t believe in “you”.

  24. Former Lee Warmer responds:

    I think ol’ James should’ve quit while he was ahead. Skeptics need proof, right? Well, so do we of your “existense” as a film-maker. Until then your story is just a cop out in order to not get flack as a hoaxer. We skeptics here do not believe in “you”, James.

  25. Former Lee Warmer responds:

    By the way, what “data” did he share? How the costume was made? Boy, that was really worth his effort.

  26. Former Lee Warmer responds:

    Check out his video’s page, he deleted more comments. Even the ones that are quoted here above. Gotta love it.

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