New York Bigfoot Search

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on June 10th, 2006

Now it will be solved! Biscardi is on the track of the Bigfoot photographed in Clarence, NY by Hans Mobius. emoticon 

The Buffalo News is reporting today that Tom Biscardi and crew have shown up at Hans Mobius’ farm to find the Bigfoot that he photographed.

These photographs were discussed extensively here on Cryptomundo when the story first broke at:

New York Bigfoot Photographed

and at:

Update: New York Bigfoot Photos

Tom Biscardi

Mark Mulville/Buffalo News
Becky Sawyer, a crew member, and Tom Biscardi set up cameras on the Clarence farm of Hans Mobius, where they camped Friday night.

When professional Bigfoot hunters showed up to Hans Mobius’ Clarence farm Friday, they immediately found clues they said gave the recent sighting credibility.

I bet!

"Something very large had bedded itself for the night," said Tom Biscardi, chief executive officer of Searching for Bigfoot Inc., as he pointed to a trampled part of a thicket on the Mobius farm.

"It’s too big to be a deer, and look at the space above it," he said, gesturing to a gap in the thicket canopy.

"You think there’s room for something big to stand up there?"

Doubts about photo fail to discourage California crew

Biscardi and his crew drove directly to Clarence from Menlo Park, Calif., when they learned about the Mobius sighting.

Biscardi said he makes such travel plans only when a sighting is credible.

"What intrigued me about this case is Hans is not just a kid – he’s not a jokester," he said.

The Bigfoot investigators aren’t in it for the joke.

Imagine that? Biscardi not deterred by questionable "evidence"…Hard to believe!

Creature from Clarence

First photo in the series. Click on image for zoomed-in version.

Creature from Clarence

Second photo in the series. Click on image for zoomed-in version.

Creature from Clarence

Third photo in the series. Click on image for zoomed-in version.

Looks like Biscardi got him some groupies on this trip.

The four-person professional team also got some local help.

Natalie Nowak, 19, and Meaghan Barone, 20, are both neighbors of Mobius.

Natalie NowakMeaghan Barone

Photos from the Akron (NY ) Bugle- Natalie Nowak left, Meaghen Barone right.

The two sought out the team when they heard Bigfoot might inhabit the woods near their homes.

"We saw on the news that some Bigfoot hunters were coming into town, so we drove around looking for their van," Barone said. "It’s like a real-life "Blair Witch Project.’ "

"I tell everybody I have Bigfoot in my backyard," Nowak added.

The girls struck the jackpot, finding the motel where Tom Biscardi and his Searching for Bigfoot Inc. crew were staying.

"We tried calling them, and we ended up leaving Post-It notes on their door, and they invited us out," Nowak said.

So the girls spent their Friday night by a campfire with the team.

They camped overnight on Mobius’ farm, and even if they find nothing, it won’t crush their beliefs.

"Even if it isn’t real, it’s great to get out here and be a kid again, looking for monsters," Barone said.

Real-life Blair Witch Project indeed.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

31 Responses to “New York Bigfoot Search”

  1. mike2k1 responds:

    I first read your intro line, I was going to ask when you hit your head Craig….LOL!!!! Man-o-Man, It’s people like Biscardi that set the field back. What a waste of newsprint for Biscardi and the Mobius story.

  2. iftheshoefits responds:

    SO! Inspector Clouseau is hot on the trail of the big “minkey” in New York. We all can just sit back and wait for it’s inevitable capture.Great news!;Great news!

  3. Mausinn responds:

    I have come up with the next obvious and best chance of proving beyond a doubt that our buddy Bigfoot exists. The search for Sasquatch would end very quickly if Biscardi and Moneymaker joined forces. They both have never failed to find exactly what they are looking for when they go into the field. With those two teamed up together Bigfoot hasn’t a chance. The only issue would be who gets the credit and the profit.

  4. stonelk responds:

    Maybe now George Noory Will let Tom back on the Coast to Coast Am show. Tom told us he had captured a live juvenile sasquach and then shortly there after changed his story. All he had captured was the attention of George and his loyal listeners. If Sasquatch was in my back yard Tom would be the last person to get a peek…

  5. larzker responds:

    Why is the national media ignoring this story?

  6. Nerull responds:

    I live In Springville, NY. Used to live in Niagara Falls, NY. My friend and I went the Saturday after the “photographs” were released. Went where? To this Mobius ‘ property. The guy is a trickster. Unfortunately, he is not even a “fun-to-talk-to” one. He has reportedly been involved with numerous small-time hustles and scams in the past, (this is from the mouth of neighbors and town folk). While anything is possible, it would have been more productive for the California crew to spend some time with their family. But thats just my opinion. By the way, I wonder if they took any photos of the size 11 and size 13 army boot tracks that we left around a gully we found. Only thing in the area were some woodchucks and deer poop. But of course that doesn’t mean the ole wookie wasnt hiding behind a bush giggling at us.

    Wilson & Lewiston NY are our next stops. We might ask permission this time to wander the lands in question.

  7. Nerull responds:

    By the way, any tips on getting legal-age girls out in the woods with us would be greatly appreciated. All our “groupies” are at the bars and wont go into the woods 🙁

  8. jayman responds:

    Biscardi… yeah, he’s the one who reported he had video of a captive injured bigfoot last year, then couldn’t produce. I guess you can’t keep a good man down.

  9. Mike Smith responds:

    He’s not worth the comments.

  10. raindog789 responds:

    It’s nice to know there are people out there who have the time to drive across the entire country in search of a second hand Gorilla costume.

    But does anybody know anything about this supposed “Bigfoot hand” that he claims to have in his posession?

  11. One Eyed Cat responds:

    I noticed no fences in the pictures. If that really is a horse farm there must be some somewhere!

    if the pasture includes some of the ‘woods’ – hey horses need shade too. I can easily see the Large thing that bedded as being a horse – they certainly are bigger then a deer. And not all horseowners put their horses in barns at night

    Unless he breeds Minis anyway.

  12. stompy responds:

    the arms are too short. this is a man in a suit standing on a box to look taller. killins too good for this buncha fakers. we need to think of something better…

  13. stompy responds:

    look closely- bigfoot seems to have an afro

  14. Craig Woolheater responds:


    I mentioned that back on June 2nd when I originally posted the above 3 photos.

    It even appears that the subject is sporting an Afro.

  15. stompy responds:

    Sorry Craig. I admit I did not read it all because it looks so deliberately like the Patterson film in regard to the arm motions. Keep doing what you do. I love the idea of bigfoot and have all of my life. I want bigfoot to be real. and I think he is.

  16. twblack responds:

    Well the truth has struck again? What truth you may ask??
    Yes there is a sucker born every minute and yes they have a President of their club Mr. Tom Bascardi!!!
    I want BF found and proved to the rest of the world also but come on to go here for this HOAX give me a break they would have been better off going to the state of Washington and camping out would have saved them a TON OF GAS $$$ too. Like I said one born every minute.

  17. cradossk responds:

    First of all, id like to say I have no doubt in my mind that these photos are fake…

    However, everyone is saying “arms too short”, “sporting an afro”, “not dirty enough”… etc

    Far be it from me to criticise your arguments, but this creature isn’t exactly the most well documented / studied creature in existence. Who’s to say there aren’t numerous sub species of these things?

    Who’s to say some have long arms, some have shorter arms, some might even have afros.

    The point is, scientifically, there is no evidence to say what these creatures are. Apart from the eye witness accounts, these creatures are completely unknown to science, and thus, how can we say what their exact physical makeup is without getting a chance to study them in controlled conditions?

  18. iftheshoefits responds:

    Hmmm… Bigfoot Barely Legal…just a thought.

  19. J-Foisy responds:

    What…..”they immediately found clues they said gave the recent sighting credibility.”
    Did they find Bigfoot’s cell phone? Did he turn himself over to the team and ask for relocation protection if he turned in Bigfoot evidence?
    Did God speak to the CA team in a dream?
    Or maybe just maybe – Did they find a severed Bigfoot toe?
    Please the suspense is killing me.

  20. Mike Smith responds:

    Like I said he is not worth the comments.

  21. LordofShades responds:

    How sad is it that Tom Retardi is not only running another expedition, but getting more press? And he’s so professional he’s allowing untrained people (i.e. The “groupies”) into a research area. Sadly, no one can stop him from looking for Bigfro at that man’s farm. Maybe he’ll find concrete evidence of the costume? Then he can explain to the papers why Bigfoot has “Made in Taiwan” tags. I’m dting to see how he embarasses himself this time.

  22. sasquatch responds:

    Sounds like Biscardi might have found his new Ivan Marx. He needed a new costume to photograph anyway. Now we’ll have to hear all about it on George Noorys show and the X Zone. Snore…

  23. Tabitca responds:

    people like this appear out of the woodwork whenever they think they can make some money. I think any of you guys that live near there should hire monkey suits, wait until dark and then throw rocks, give them a fright,teach them a lesson…….Or may be thats just my english sadistic sense of humour? LOL

  24. Chymo responds:

    HOORAY!! I for one welcome a REAL squash expert on the scene to get the true story!!

    the biscardi capardi ftw!!!!111!2

  25. chrisandclauida2 responds:

    that Bigfoot looks so terribly two dimensional. like he cut it out of cardboard

    i bet they have to look no further that his barn to find the very cardboard cutouts he posed for the photos.

    then biscardi could pull one of his we found Bigfoot and have him secure in a barn at an undisclosed location. we have some very good art students on the way to treat his tears er wounds and will have pictures shortly.

    once again the hemorrhoid of Bigfoot research swells up to be a huge pain in the rump. i guess smearing biscardi with ointment wont keep him away. he always rises up and raises a big stink and we wonder if it will ever go away.

  26. Xeno2814 responds:

    I wouldn’t recommend renting gorilla suits in the Clarence area and trying to scare Biscardi. With our luck, the police would actually bother to stop harrasing innocent drivers and show up to turn it into an episode of Scooby-Doo…

    And I’m still basing my decision of HOAX on the fact that there’s barely enough room to accomidate DEER in the Clarence/Williamsville let alone a bipedal humanoid…

  27. iftheshoefits responds:

    Wow! Bigfro sure can dance. …..I got a girl,she lives on the hill.She won’t do it but her sister will.When she boogie,She do the bigfoot boogie.Well now boogie little baby,Boogie woogie all night long.Blow your top blow your top blow your top.

  28. Tabitca responds:

    saw an article the anomalist has on their website today(I love the anomalist, it cracks me up), saying the Biscardi expedition(for want of a better word) had sightings and recordings of bigfoot knocking on trees,apparently bigfoots preferred method of communication. I wonder who taught Bigfoot morse code…SOS perhaps?

  29. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    re #23…
    Sounds like good clean sadistic fun… until some “god ole’ boy” decides to bag him a “samsquantch”…
    Remember, Tabitca, here in the U.S. people like to carry guns into the woods with them.
    This is something every potential suit hoaxer would do well to keep in mind. I’d hate for the next big headline to be “Bigfoot hunter mortally wounds youngster in suit.”

  30. Jeremy_Wells responds:

    Also, Craig, is it fair to call these poor children “groupies”.
    Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say this is a “youthful indiscretion” from two young cryptids that will some day look back on their days as a Whitesnake…errrr Biscardi fan with shame…

  31. DGroup responds:

    I live near Clarence, and my own feeling is that someone is pulling a prank on Mobius, possibly due to his unpopular business ventures (including razing some historic buildings in Buffalo to erect a hotel). There is an alternative newspaper in Buffalo called “The Beast”, whose staff sometimes like to pull pranks, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were behind it in some way.

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