January 17, 2015

Oklahoma Bigfoot Howls?

I heard this on January 8 2015 at 8:00 p.m. In my backyard I’m needing some theories about what you guys think this is I’ve been hearing these noises for about 5 years and they always happen in winter

I live in Valliant Oklahoma, that’s in McCurtain County. I live in a heavily wooded area. The place it was coming from was the woods and I live about 100 yards from the starting treeline. It was almost a full moon and no wind. The area behind my house is about 100 acres of nothing but forest. And in McCurtain County there are thousands more acres that are untouched. Also where the sound was coming from was down in a drawl where a deep creak runs through. It’s got clean water and there is a lot of wildlife, deer, coyotes, mountain lion, excetra

we’ve had a few times where we’ve heard something of a knocking sound on the side of our shop, it’s all metal and it’s been always at night. And we have sometimes heard in the middle of the day what sounds like a ‘woooo’ sound, a really deep voice that just happens once or twice

Matt Moneymaker responds in the comments:

Dear Kayla Francis,

This is Matt Moneymaker, from Finding Bigfoot. As you may have heard, I was in your area last year. Perhaps you’ve seen the episode. It was filmed between Idabel and Honobia.

Anyways, more than 20 years ago I obtained one of the very first recordings of a sasquatch. That happened in Ohio but sasquatches operate much the same throughout the Midwest.

Many times I have heard the type of vocalizations you recorded. I have heard real sasquatch vocalizations more times, in more bigfoot areas, than anyone else on Earth, by a very wide margin … So I’m quite sure what you recorded is a squatch. I’ve even heard their vocalizations in McCurtain County Oklahoma several times. I used to organize expeditions there, beginning around 2005. Ask around in Honobia. I was the one who put that town on the map. You should read the book titled “The Locals” by Thom Powell. There’s a chapter in there about it.

You and I should talk some time.

In the meantime, do continue leaving out leftovers for them at a predictable spot that cannot be seen from the windows of your home, and at least 75 yards from the house.

The leftovers need to be set out on clean paper plates. The spot where you leave the plates is even more important than the type of leftovers you set out. The spot needs to be at the edge of a slope, or the edge of a ditch, so the squatch can approach from a hidden angle below the edge.

The squatch will want to approach the food spot quietly and unseen, and afterward quickly disappear into the cover of brush. The food spot cannot be at the edge of an open quarry or a barren hollow. There needs to be thick brush in the ditch or not far away down the slope, and there needs to be multiple escape routes in that brush. The squatch will need that comfort level if it’s going to become a regular pattern.

A sasquatch will NOT take a chance if you don’t do it that way. They will know you’re trying to lure them into view of your windows,so the spot cannot even be observable from an outside shed. Don’t underestimate how observant sasquatches are, and how cautious they are.

On the other hand, your food offerings will be irresistible to them if you do it the way I describe. Do what I described above, and set out the leftovers after you’ve eaten dinner. Set the plates out when it’s almost too dark for you to see into the woods. In those conditions you’ll still be very visible to them from a distance.

If the feeding thing well for a while, you should eventually marshal the courage to walk out into the woods around sundown and sing songs to them before leaving out the plates. Sing the type of songs you would sing to make a baby go to sleep. That squatch will sense your good intentions, just by the tone of your female voice. If you do this with love in your heart (which is hard, in that scenario) you might become one of the rare few humans to befriend a sasquatch. Only female humans can do this.

NEVER bring a male, or a dog, when you sing to them in the woods or leave out food fo them. That would blow it.

BTW, that commenter above, Gary Smith, is a jealous loser scumbag. He knew you’d end up talking to me about your recording. Kayla, ignore anonymous jealous nobodies like him. I will be able to help you like no one else can. Please contact me directly through the contact information on the BFRO web site.

Matt Moneymaker
President of BFRO.net

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