Ontario Bigfoot Video Footage

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 3rd, 2013


Canoer Films Bigfoot In Algonquin Park (Color Enhanced)

Thanks to Tim Ervick for this great footage. We have been in contact with Tim of Ontario Wildlife Field Research-Ontario Bigfoot about this video since Sunday and they finally received permission from the original owner to release the video. The original was over an hour long, but it has been shortened and slowed down significantly in order to see the Bigfoot standing by the side of the road.

The witness supposedly attached a GoPro camera to the bumper of his truck and captured this amazing image of a possible Bigfoot from the Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.BigfootEvidence



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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

32 Responses to “Ontario Bigfoot Video Footage”

  1. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:

    Why would someone put a camera on the bumper of their car, facing sideways, filming countryside for an hour plus at an awkward angle, and then watch the entire thing from beginning to end, and be able to spot a weird looking shadow in 5 frames of video?

  2. Anita Wittig via Facebook responds:

    I think the back story of this was they had been in country for a little while and had some strange experiences. Attaching a go pro to the truck to get footage on the way out of the park it was a lark they got it..and didn’t notice this until many months later when reviewing the footage.

  3. Sal DiGennaro via Facebook responds:

    I agree, it is almost planned……

  4. Peter Von Berg responds:

    Here we go again. Why can’t hoaxers understand that after that mammoth video all (Or almost all) videos are worthless. Too easy to fake , with photoshopping and all the rest. And even if – to give the benefit of the doubt – this isn’t a hoax – surely in this day and age one should get something better than YET ANOTHER blurry image, for crying out loud. Look at all the great pictures people take of bears, elephants, lions from their cars. This is a waste of time.

  5. Timothy Holmes via Facebook responds:


  6. Alan Clark Huffines via Facebook responds:

    Incredible image.

  7. edsbigfoot responds:

    Hmmm….who knows? I actually think the “creature” looks a little too clear to be real, especially considering that the truck was driving while filming, it wasn’t parked, and from the full video it looked like it was moving at a fair rate of speed. In the photos of the “creature”, it looks like the trees around it are a bit more blurred from the camera movement, but the creature and close surrounding leaves etc don’t seem to be all that “motion blurred” to me…in fact, I kind of think that entire still frame should be a little more blurred from the motion of the truck…..but, I’m no camera expert so I could very well be wrong, who knows:)

  8. Mokele-Mbembe responds:

    Peter, not to disagree with you that this COULD very well be a hoax, but you complain about the blurry image… this particular shot isn’t a photograph but a frame out of a video tape. It appears the driver of the vehicle is on a highway, now we should not assume a speed, but he could very well be going +50MPH. Try taking a picture with your phone or low end digital camera at that speed, let me know if you get a clean shot =) The question we SHOULD be asking is how did the driver know to check this part of the footage for the creature. It is very hard to see the proposed squatch without it being pointed out and slowed down. So did the driver see it while he was on the road and then check the footage? Because I highly doubt he watched the tape and found it by chance, unless of course this is a hoax.

  9. sasquatch responds:

    There were 2 coyotes across the street from my house in a park.

    I ran outside with my point & shoot digital camera. This was in BROAD DAYLIGHT SUNNY DAY.

    I couldn’t believe how bad the pics were…you could barely see them, and the best shot someone could argue that it was a dog it was so blurry.

    Now, what I was seeing was plain as day-100 feet or so away.

    others were ogling, others just drove past and didn’t even notice.

  10. Goodfoot responds:

    Upon further study of the image, I’m pretty sure this is either a gorilla suit – with or without someone in it – or an actual gorilla. And I’m pretty sure it’s not the latter. The resemblances are remarkable.

    Not to cast blame on Timothy Ervick, who’s an honest, hardworking researcher. It’s not his footage.

  11. squatchman responds:

    It looks very fake, but yet, it looks real. I really can’t say anything. There is a chance that it’s a squatch, but not so sure.

  12. dconstrukt responds:

    saw the video on youtube… it looks in the video SO fake… lol… i cant even type this without laughing.

    why would something thats wants to remain hidden, be on a road… in the middle of the day… with no cover.

    it goes against the behavior “real” sighting reports typically have.

    plus that still image looks NOTHING like that ‘georgia’ one posted here a week or two ago…. and both look nothing like the ‘wookie’ melba posted a few weeks back.

    just sayin’

  13. Dr Kaco responds:

    I love the windows movie maker opening ;p
    This totally looks like a case of pareidolia. Nothing more. If you look close enough you can see Art Bell trying to hitch hike to the right ;p

  14. cryptokellie responds:

    Upon reviewing an old video…saw something interesting…enhanced and corrected to look like Bigfoot…moving on.

  15. hoodoorocket responds:

    It is interesting how infrequently occam’s razor is used when looking at the evidence on cryptomundo.

    While it is valid to state that no conclusion can be made from the evidence as presented, it is human nature to fill in the blanks and arrive at a conclusion.

    Why does the conclusion always have to be bigfoot, or a giant hoax, or an intensive CGI fraud? Why isn’t the first assumption that this is an inadvertent picture of a fellow coming out of the marsh wearing heavy winter clothing and a hat, looking down at his feet as he tramps through the brush?

    Occam’s razor says that, out of possible theories, the simplest is most likely the correct one, until it is disproved. I say disprove that it is not a man and then move on to grander imaginings. We will create a more credible conversation if we do so.

  16. Goodfoot responds:

    hoodoorocket: THANK YOU SO MUCH for gifting us Occam’s Razor! I don’t know how we got by without it.

    Okay…. Occam’s Razor is in seldom use here for a couple of reasons. First, Occam’s Razor is BS. I can think of many examples where the least likely explanation was actually the correct one. It is of little use in cryptozoology, where, by definition, we are dealing NOT with the known, but with the unknown.

    And really, that image SO does not look like someone in “heavy winter clothing and hat”; perhaps THAT’S why it wasn’t suggested.

    And I’m laughing so hard I’ve forgotten my second point…

  17. eyeofstrm responds:

    Saw this video a long time ago. Not buying it. Screams of Gorilla suit. Head is too small also the arms will not rest at side of body due to all the padding underneath suit. While watching this video at regular speed I find it extremely hard to believe this person spotted this subject without knowing exactly where to look on the video. On another note, hey DCONSTRUKT, still waiting for your best submission of the EASILY HOXED GEORGIA BIGFOOT PHOTO.

  18. edsbigfoot responds:

    Actually, a man in hunting gear with a hood over a hat in Algonquin State Park, Canada, in October mind you, looking down because they do allow trapping there…isn’t that strange of a possibility…actually sounds better than canoeing in October in Canada as the video states I’ll tell you that, either way you’re gonna freeze. 🙂 A hunter walking towards a road, in full winter weather gear, which would include a snow type cover-all suit for warmth and dryness, dark in color or cammo to blend, a hat, face mask, hood and very thick gloves…picked up on a bumper cam on a moving pick up, to me, isn’t really that much weirder than…a sasquatch…which it may be as well….

  19. dconstrukt responds:

    plus… they say this was one clip out of 1 hour of footage…. did you see how fast the thing bliped on screen in the video? if you were watching an hour of that video… not looking for a bigfoot in it… would you have seen it?

    NO WAY.

    eyeofstrm – i think its the ‘georgia’ one … it was posted here like 2 or 3 weeks ago? it was a photo… with some greyish black looking thing…. i posted like 2 commentaries breaking it down…. and enhanced it in photoshop… why it looked fake.

  20. hoodoorocket responds:

    @Goodfoot: I’m happy to have amused you so easily. I envy those who do not carry the burdens that intelligence brings.

    Occams Razor should most definitely be used here for “a couple of reasons”, but to use it you must understand the theory.

    Occams Razor does not insist that the simplest explanation IS the correct explanation. It suggests that one should examine and attempt to disprove the simplest explanation first, as it is most likely to be the correct one, before examining more improbable explanations.

    The fantastic does surface as the most probable in many instances, as you suggest, but a proper vetting of the thought process will make arriving at a fantastic assumption more tenable.

    In the field of cryptozoology, using occams razor, and other tools of common sense, will separate foolishness and mistakes from valid assumptions. Exploring the “unknown” doesn’t mean we need to wear tin foil hats whilst doing so.

    While I grant you that the image does bring to mind the promotional stills for the 1929 King Kong, I am still sorry for your mulishness if you refuse to consider that this appears to be nothing more than a person in winter gear- wearing either a stocking cap under a hood or a trapper hat with brim and earflaps, who is watching his feet, as one must when in the bush.

    This MAY be a sasquatch, but it is far liklier just a fellow with a cold nose tramping through the marsh in the shadow of a copse.

  21. hoodoorocket responds:

    … I watched the youtube video above (the one with the cartoon monkey face drawn on the video still) for the first time.

    If you go to the segment where the sequence of closeup stills are repeated forward and back, it becomes clearly evident that the person is wearing a backpack or trapper’s basket.

    The single photo is certainly fodder for the imagination, but the sequence of photos is more revealing to what is actually filmed- simply a man in the bush.

  22. Goodfoot responds:

    dconstrukt: Absolutely. I missed the fact that it was part of an hour of footage. NO WAY they’d ever see that, unless they already knew to look for it.

    edsbigfoot: Perfectly good explanation, except for the fact that the image LOOKS NOTHING LIKE a man in a hood over a hat. It looks EXACTLY LIKE A GORILLA. Look at the comparison photos. It’s either someone in a gorilla suit, an stuffed and padded gorilla suit, propped up, a stuffed gorilla, or a REAL gorilla.

    And I think we can eliminate that last one.

  23. eyeofstrm responds:

    Hey DCONSTRUKT, why are you posting comments I didn’t make under my name? Still can’t reproduce the “easily hoaxed photo” of the Georgia Bigfoot? You know people can tell I didn’t actually post what you wrote. You really are pathetic. Mind if I ask how old you are, or why you haven’t answered any of my other questions? I would be happy to answer any of yours.

  24. Goodfoot responds:

    eyeofstrm: Hmm. I wonder how he could do that? I bet he’s sneaking into your house at night and using your computer!!!

  25. edsbigfoot responds:


    After reading your post I watched the youtube video again. Between 50 seconds and 1 minute when the video is going back and forth on the image, you’re right, it does look like something is kind of squared off over the left shoulder. It could be light, but it really does look like it may be a pack. Oh well, who knows:)

  26. dconstrukt responds:

    eyeofstrm – LOL…. ummm…. what are you smoking dude?

    I was replying to your question in your post to me above.

    Goodfoot – ya… an hour…. i watched for 2 minutes and wouldn’t have noticed anything if i wasn’t looking for it.

  27. eyeofstrm responds:

    Goodfoot, thanks for the laugh, I needed one tonight. ( no shot at you ) What I meant was DKONSTRUKT wrote something in his comment as if I had wrote it , and I didn’t, thats all. As for this video, a hunter or trapper? My guess is Gorilla suit. How the hell did this person see this without knowing where to look for it. To me it screams of hoax. Even a trapper would have his arms at his side not flailed outward, unless he was Ralphie’s little brother in his snow suit, from A Christmas Story. ( Which was filmed a few miles from my house in Cleveland which has no relevance to this at all. ) Anyhow, Hoax, hoax, hoax. Aghhhhhhhhh.

  28. eyeofstrm responds:

    Oh, by the way, still waiting for any half way legitimate or coherent response from DCONSTRUKT on any of my questions.

  29. eyeofstrm responds:

    Oh yah, the picture or video in question, the subject in the video is pretty much uniform in color from head to foot. That compiled with all of the other comments people have made leads me to believe this is a hoax.

  30. dconstrukt responds:

    eyeofstrm – LOL… dude.. what the hell are you smoking? re-read the posts hombre’… I’ve already answered your question… not once… but TWO times. LOL … stop hitting the bong… the bottle …or whatever you’re doing before posting here.. just sayin’ 🙂

  31. hoodoorocket responds:

    @ eyeofstrm: Yes, his arms are slightly akimbo, just like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story, because of layers of clothes, but moreso because of a heavy backpack or trappers basket pulling his balance backwards, and because he was walking in a brambled marsh. Also the upper line of his shoulders is slightly enhanced by the upper part of the rucksack.

    He is uniform in color because he was standinging in deep shadow and the original footage was over-exposed. The image we are looking at has been highly saturated, highly sharpened and contrasted, and heavily darkened to reveal the details shown. This shows us things we couldn’t otherwise see, but it also distorts color.

    You are not suggesting that the grass in the sunlight portion of the still would be whitish green and the grass in the shadow would be dark blue, when held side by side, are you?

  32. Goodfoot responds:

    Well, that’s certainly digable! A gorilla, out hunting in the Ontario wilds!!! Do you know where I can get a hunting outfit in a chest measurement like that one? It’s for my nephew, Ralphie. He’s, er… MUSCULAR!

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