Orang Pendek Shot and Killed?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 15th, 2014

News reported to the Cryptomundo Facebook page.

Could this be the Excavation of Orang Pendek Burial Site that Dr. Jeff Meldrum referenced last week?

Indonesia: Ape Man Creature Shot Down In Borneo Jungle

Jalan Purat | Peoples of the mountainous area of Kinabalu, Borneo, have reported the killing by shotgun wound of an ape man-like creature that has been terrorizing local villagers these past weeks.

The ape man-like creature that is called by locals Orang Pendek, or short person in Indonesian, has allegedly attacked three villagers and tried to kidnap a three week old baby in the past weeks, reports the Kalimantan Press.

Dayak tribe leader Bakumai claims the beast allegedly tried to carry away a newborn baby before being shot and fleeing into the jungle

The beast’s cadavre was discovered later on by the villagers and buried into the ground. A large rock was also pushed on top of the grave by twenty villagers or more, claims a local resident “so that the beast wouldn’t come back to haunt the village”.

Villagers have also stated that the Indonesian Army latter came to the burial site and confiscated the body of the deceased creature and threatened the villagers not to talk about these events anymore.

Although Indonesian media has dismissed the story as folktales of the indigenous people of the area, the Kalimantan Press reports 23 witnesses to the burial of “a very short ape man-like creature that had a human face, hands and feet”. It appears the creature was possibly of female gender since it was reported to have large prominent breasts.

“If this creature does exist, as witness accounts attest to, ‘she’ might have lost her offspring or may be unable to reproduce and is trying to replace her kin with an infant from the village. It is just a hypothesis, but there are several other known cases of baboons and chimps kidnapping human babies” explains Australian anthropologist Jim McFurrow, who has been studying the area for twenty years.


Update: Orang Pendek Shot and Killed?

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