New Bigfoot Photos and Videos From Ohio?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 20th, 2006

There is a website out on the internet called Our Bigfoot. There are photos and videos posted on the site that are purported to be of Bigfoot. Digging into the website, I found some interesting things.

Here is what the website has to say about its founders: 

Lewis DuPlatt has been studying and documenting Bigfoot for decades, following in the "big foot" steps of his father. Maybe, we should back track a bit. His father, Ron DuPlatt was hunting white tail deer and wandering through an Ohio woods in 1956, when he stumbled upon a Bigfoot creature drinking water from a stream. At that time, Bigfoot was not a commonly known animal, as he is today. Later that day, as Ron began to search library materials for any other accounts of other Bigfoot sightings, he was amazed that Bigfoot actually had a history in many cultures. Ron’s life had changed…or as he called it, "I’m ruined." This was Ron’s way of describing his total consuming interest in finding and documenting this amazing animal of the North American woodlands.

Ron DuPlatt began searching the area of the first Bigfoot sighting for tracks, fur, feces, animal kills and anything else that might help him locate the Bigfoot, again. Eventually, he pieced together a trail which led him to a cave nearby. It was in 1958 that Ron’s obsession with the elusive creature turned into a full time job of observing Bigfoot. His brother Richard owned a construction company of considerable size, and this allowed him to finance Ron’s ambitions. Eventually in the 1960’s, Ron was able to capture his first video of the creature. This presented a huge problem: the responsibility of how to release this invaluable documentation to the public. Ron couldn’t come to terms with sharing this incredible creature to the world, as he was concerned about the Bigfoot’s survival.  In his mind, they had become almost "friends." Could he betray his secret friends? Ron DuPlatt died in 1985, at age 74, having never released his evidence.

Lewis DuPlatt

Lewis DuPlatt, Bigfoot Investigator

Ron’s son, Lewis DuPlatt, began going with him into the Ohio wilderness as a youngster in the late 1960’s. After his father’s death, Lewis continued to observe the Bigfoot animals with his own children — even to this day. He, too, has struggled as to whether or not the release of the Bigfoot evidence would help or harm the creatures. Lewis did not only want to protect the Bigfoot, but he also wanted to honor his father’s wishes.

In 2005, Lewis DuPlatt had a dream which changed his mind regarding the Bigfoot evidence. In Lewis’ dream, his father (Ron) was speaking to him. Ron urged his son to share the information; and that he had been wrong not to do so! Lewis says the dream was so vivid, that he had no doubt his deceased father visited him from the spirit world to frantically make a plea to release the Bigfoot evidence…at least some of it. This website will attempt to do so…

The domain,, however, is registered to a Louis Duplain. Hmmm, Lewis DuPlatt and Louis Duplain…very similar.

Next are some links to some photographs of Bigfoot, ostensibly taken by the founders of the site. Here is one that is rather interesting. Photo

Click on image for full-size version

And now for a closer view… Photo

Click on image for full-size version

And now for a closer view… Photo

And now for a closer view… Photo

The above bigfoot pictures were taken in 2002, near Delroy, Ohio. This bigfoot hunt scared us to death! My sons and I were charged, and rocks were thrown at us from this very bigfoot in the pictures above. The bigfoot appeared very frightened and annoyed that we were following her. We believe this to have been a female, perhaps protecting its young. After the above photographs, we felt it best to leave the area, due to its aggressiveness. 

So what do the readers of Cryptomundo think? Did they get a really nicely focused photo of a Bigfoot peering around a tree? Or is it just one in a long line of hoaxed photos?

For updates on the real story behind, check out these updates here on Cryptomundo.

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About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

68 Responses to “New Bigfoot Photos and Videos From Ohio?”

  1. Fisheslayer_84 responds:

    Is this guy for real? now I have to worry about gorillas running around in the woods behind my house. Gimme a break. Definately fake.

    WARNING!!: running around in a gorilla suit in the backwoods of ohio is apt to cause lead poisoning.

  2. randy f responds:

    This is the first time commenting, but I’ve been reading and following this for a long time. About this “Our Bigfoot” site, is this guy trying to make money? It don’t seem that way to me. And how did he fake the eyeshine? I’d like to know. And many people have reported bigfoot’s hair as being messy and unkept. I think some of you guys are too quick too yell hoax.

  3. Scarfe responds:

    I was thinking about what that is over the subject’s mouth. Looks like a hand /glove to me. Could this be because the gorilla suit has a sculpted mouth that is either open or in a position that would give away the fact that this is a person in a suit? Perhaps that is why the subject is covering her/his mouth?

  4. skunkape_hunter responds:

    Randy, Just in case you are not aware of the fact that humans eyes also shine in a camera flash, that is what red eye remover is for. Also you can clearly see that is a human eye. The whites are visible. I too am a first time poster. My first time was above yours one post.

  5. randy f responds:

    skunkape_hunter, yes, I am aware that human eyes also shine, and I am also aware of what red-eye remover is for, I also agree that you can see the whites of the eye, although the whites are not showing much. However eyeshine is only visible through the pupil of the eye, and more so when the iris is fully dilated, the dilation of that creatures eyes is far too large for a human eye, and by what I can see, if I am seeing correctly, they could dilate further yet. This is exactly what you would expect from a nocturnal creature. If you look at a gorilla’s eyes you see the same thing, very large irises, very little eye white showing, great capacity for pupil dilation for superb night vision. In my opinion, and I might be wrong, those eyes are not human.

    If this is a hoax though, I sure would like to know how it was done, ’cause those eyes are a nice touch.

  6. Fisheslayer_84 responds:

    Even if this creature was real, the resemblance to a gorilla is so striking and as far as I’m aware there are no african gorillas in ohio, other than the ones in the cleveland zoo. as for the eyeshine that’s an easy one, photoshop. I’ve believed in bigfoot since I was a little dude and I’m very hopeful that one day science will tell that he/she is real. The worst part is that every time someone takes bogus pics or fakes a video all there doing is making it harder to prove BF’s existence. Pictures like the one above make people laugh rather than think that maybe there is something living in the woods. Writing this has got me fired up for the day.

  7. randy f responds:

    Hmmmmm….Photoshop…I honestly never thought of that. Now I feel silly. Thanks a lot.

    So, really, because of modern technology, we can never trust a photograph again?

  8. DWA responds:

    Well, Randy, it’s not that.

    What it is, is, it’s getting harder and harder to trust JUST a photograph, when it’s not backed by observations to which science responds: Well, there it is, we have a new species here.

    I have to say though: it can be really funny reading all the pseudosophisticated tech debunking that goes on. “Oh man, that’s easy. You just get somebody to step into a ten-foot-high ape costume….then you go to Photoshop…” I’ve heard “debunkings” of the Patterson film that are absolutely delusional.

    In my opinion, it is still VERY hard to do a Photoshop — or Anythingshop — job that can’t be debunked. Even in a photograph, there’s still something about a real animal.

    But before you go filling in a blank branch on the family tree, you better get more than that.

  9. randy f responds:

    DWA, thanks for your comment.I probably still have a lot to learn about these things.

    I have been a wildlife artist by profession all of my life, and I am nearing 60 years old, that’s a lot of observation time, and a lot of experience. This whole thing may well be a hoax, but those eyes haunt me.

  10. crypto_randz responds:

    I agree with bad kitty It looks like a person in gorilla suit by the way that web site is very annoying with the big foot screams. I really dont anymore with all these different photographs and videos we all say hoax what happens they some how turn out to be real?

  11. Tamarack responds:

    Just a few observations.

    Several comments have been made about the eyes. It doesn’t take an expert to know that eye relflections occur when there is a bright light source that is in a nearly direct line of sight of the observer or the camera. This is easily seen at night with car headlights, a spot light, a photo flash, or even a bright flashlight.

    These photos are obvioulsy not taken at night, and while it is common to use a photo flash strobe for a “fill” light even in daylight, I would rule this out as the leaves between the camera and the subject would be much brighter, or more commonly known as “washed out” by the flash.

    I wonder why they are called enlargements when they are obviously completely different photos? Photo #4 may possibly be an enlargement of #2, but without looking at the actual photos it is not easy to say for sure.

    A very predominate feature of Sasquatch that is reported by eye witnesses are broad shoulders. The subject in these pictures has almost no shoulder even though the body is at a 90 degree angle to the camera.

    Also, the common feature of having no neck so that the head appears to sit abnormally low (compared to a human) between the shoulders is not the case in these photos.

    Things just don’t add up correctly to my way of thinking.

    A bigfoot being frightened and annoyed? I don’t recall any other sighting reports that describe a bigfoot in such a way, surprised maybe but not frightened.

    A female protecting her young (in any animal) is going to appear as angry and aggressive as possible at the first sign of intruders, no? if the observers had already been charged at and had rocks thrown at them why would she then be playing peek-a-boo from behind a tree?

    Were the observers following the subject before she turned and started charging them and throwing rocks at them? Even Biscardi says that there is no way to keep up with them, as well as many other reports.

    I was not able to view the motion clips, I also hesitate to call them videos since I agree, as has been mentioned, there was no portable video equipment available in the 1970’s.

    I did use a video recorder back then to tape our High School basketball games but it was far from portable and required 110 volts for each separate piece of equipment and the camera, recorder, and monitor were 3 separate pieces of equipment and the tape was reel to reel.

    I’ll keep trying to view the “movies” but if I don’t see the usual spots, flecks and hairs in them it will only cast more doubt in my mind.

  12. crypto_randz responds:

    Nice observation Tamarack, I notice the eyes on this creature they seem to shine or have shining glare to them. I really don’t know about this peek a boo motion other than maybe it became aware of who was there.

  13. Tim Cullen responds:

    Nice gorilla suit.

  14. skunkape_hunter responds:

    I would suggest that anyone that is not sure about the eyes take a look at Lorens page on the Mayaka Skunk Ape. There is no question that this is an animal of some sort. In my opinion anyway.

    Probably some left over animal from the old Tarzan movies made in Silver Spring that has bastardized from inbreeding. Either way, the close ups show much different eyes, along with teeth ! LOL

    I have some first hand experience with the Skunk Ape, which was documented at BFRO. Mostly because they were the only folks around online 7 or 8 years ago.

    I live pretty far out in the Green Swamp, the closest 7-11 is 10 miles away. Makes it rough when ya want a pizza, as the closest pizza shop is 16 miles away ! LOL Anyway I can assure you that there are very large animals out there. During the hurricanes of 04 they were driven out of the swamp and closer to humans.

    We also have smaller monkeys scattered around the state. Some from movie sets, others from folks letting their ‘pets ‘ loose. It is a known fact the the St. Johns river basin is primed with Resus monkeys. Anyway I have run on long enough.

  15. handofgod responds:

    That is so fake, really bad…

  16. hagz responds:

    I think it’s real, the black face matches other sightings.

  17. samara responds:

    I lived in the Northwest most of my childhood and teenager years and my mother actually saw a sasquatch once. I have had many events happen to me living in the cascade mts. that has convinced me that something is out there and it is real. And let me just say, this is NOT BIGFOOT! Even my three old daughter said, “Look mommy, a gorilla”. Bigfoot is so human looking it’s scary. I wish idiots like this would stop creating bs evidence, because when poor suckers really get authentic evidence nobody believes them. Mainly because these yawhoo’s are making a circus out of the research. If we really took this serious we all might find something for a change…..instead of being bombarded by obvious hoaxes.

  18. dixie7031 responds:

    This looks more of a suit or a gorilla. I beleve in bigfoot, but not this. Sorry bigfoot comes out only at night.

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