July 9, 2010

Update: Backyard Bigfoot Witness


We introduced the story of “Mr. Mike”, who claims that he is experiencing repeated Bigfoot sightings in the backyard of his home, on July 3, 2010 when “Mr. Mike” joined the program and we found ourselves inadvertently making history.

I’ve met with some criticism due to a badly placed headline on my website that the skeptics have already begun using as a means of detracting from my efforts to validate, and verify, the story of ‘Mr. Mike’s’ Bigfoot encounter. I take personal responsibility for that mistake.

The headline on my web site was placed very quickly due to being up against a deadline for the beginning of the show on July 3, 2010. Of course I wanted to grab peoples attention, but not mislead the world. I should have stopped to rethink my words of choice, but I didn’t. I was in a hurry to get on the air as I was running behind and had hardly been able to prep for the show after spending 11 hours on the phone with virtually every person in the field of Bigfoot research, or trying to reach them.

It’s not often that I make apologies on my radio show, or on my web site. Most of the time it is not needed. But this event has quickly become larger than the show. I’ll be the first to admit that when we decided to cover this story on the show that the topic was viewed as a venue to bolster our listening audience because of world wide interest in the subject of Bigfoot. It’s not like we don’t choose to cover the strange and unusual on Overnight AM. The whole radio show was built around, and for, strange and sometimes unprovable subjects and speculation. But then the story became ‘real’ based on our own research, conversations and other historical evidence. It was then that I choose to stop, back up and re-evaluate my position, and my responsibilities to this audience, which frequently happens when hind-site becomes 20/20.

Because ‘Mr. Mike’s Bigfoot encounter began to show signs of being a very real, and scary event, I uncharacteristically re-positioned myself, and the show, in my commitment to discover, and report, the facts rather than focusing on the entertainment. However, It’s not my responsibility to take the position of trying to single handedly save a sacred cow from slaughter if a story doesn’t pan out just the way the audience expects. In fact, I’ll be the first to slam a knife into it and carve myself out a fat steak to chew on.


On July 3, 2010 I stated on air inside an interview with “Mr. Mike” that we had plans to send a camera crew to his location and document the events around his home regarding what he calls Bigfoot. I also said that we would not leave the Bigfoot Research Field Organization out of the loop, and welcomed their participation. Since then, some members of the BFRO have become critical of this story, without knowing all of the facts.

It’s for that reason that I have elected to forgo the inclusion of the BFRO in any field research and have turned over the responsibility of hand picking a team of qualified experts to investigate these events to Mr. Bill Birnes (UFO Hunters – History Chanel / Publisher of UFO Magazine/Author).

The Camera Crew

The Camera Crew will consist of one, or more, trained professionals inside of the field of wildlife photography. This is the arena that I’ve had the most inquiry about, and have received the most advice on, over the past seven days via email and phone conversations.

The World Responds

At this time the story of Mr. Mike’s experiences have met with open ridicule and support from opposing factions inside the arena of interested Bigfoot enthusiast. That was expected. I appreciate healthy skepticism just as much as I appreciate healthy interest and enthusiasm. My position has been to establish the credibility of Mr. Mike, and his story, before money, time, effort and energy was spent on what could easily be, or become, a farce or scam not only on me, but on this audience.

I do not enjoy being removed from my postion as a talk show host and forced into the arena of investigator. I said that we would move quickly on this story on July 3, 2010 in Mr. Mike’s first interview on Overnight AM, and I was serious. I just didn’t tell the audience what I had in mind to validate Mr. Mike’s story. I had a story on my hands that couldn’t be confirmed, but had body and form. Sure the story was a great avenue for a Overnight AM show. It was right up my alley. A great entertainment avenue for any listener who was interested in the subject of Bigfoot. But after listening to the show again, and again, and again- I came to the conclusion that Mr. Mike was telling the truth and I decided to act on it. I even went as far to write Bill Birnes a email after seeing that this story was beginning to build more momentum, and that the character assassination of Mr. Mike, myself and anyone else involved, was a real threat. If we were going to do this we had better commit to it 100%. Otherwise we would be placing ourselves in a precarious situation if this story wasn’t investigated and acted upon correctly.

What’s happening now?

Time schedules were rearranged. I’ve slowed the progression of the investigation. Specific people are being sought out with plans to contractually bind them to Security-Nondisclosure Agreements for the protection of Mr. Mike, the creatures (if any) and anyone else involved in this story. A feature length article is being prepared for Overnight AM’s Intrepid Magazine. Right, wrong or indifferent.. the story continues.Lan Lamphere
Overnight AM

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