Rick Dyer Leaves Bigfoot Community

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on May 4th, 2013

Statement from Rick Dyer:

Hello everyone,

By now you may have seen my video transitioning out of the Bigfoot community. I expected this to happen eventually, but after the documentary was released I saw the level of anger toward my team and myself grow even stronger than it was before. As a result the team has been subjected to extreme pressures, and I have received multiple threats. This morning alone I received several, and it made me realize that the closer we get to the release of the body, the more intense the hatred will become.

This weekend I am releasing a book on Amazon called “I Shot Bigfoot.” I expect it will take passions to an even greater level. But anyone who reads the book will know that it wasn’t written for the Bigfoot community. It was written for the rest of the world to hear my story. “I Shot Bigfoot” is my act of transition from the Bigfoot community into the larger world that exists outside of it.

I will no longer engage the community directly on my own radio shows or in comments on external Bigfoot-related Facebook pages. (Our own Facebook pages will continue as before.) I am asking my team to follow my lead and not escalate the wars by trying to converse with people who ridicule them. If any of my team wishes to continue battling with the Bigfoot community as temperatures rise, I have told them I sincerely appreciate their involvement and want them to move on from any association that they feel confines their spirit, with both my thanks and very best wishes.

This transition simply is a disengagement from the battles that are raging throughout the social media community. I will continue blogging as I have, and all of my website activities will continue even stronger than ever, because now we will begin appealing to an even greater audience.

All memberships in Team Tracker are not affected whatsoever, and members can look forward to benefits that will increase as we get closer to the ending of agreements that have precluded release of further information. Remember that our memberships are new and have been designed to invite people to join at reduced rates for benefits that will grow as the organization grows. Some people will continue to find reasons to criticize that, but now you can talk about it amongst yourselves.

I am looking very forward to an exciting future that we all can only imagine. If you regard my transition as a retreat, you will soon see how wrong you are.

Best regards,

Rick Dyer
Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

21 Responses to “Rick Dyer Leaves Bigfoot Community”

  1. DWA responds:

    Got it.

    “Best Bigfoot Tracker In The World” is “leaving the bigfoot community.”

    Is there a ceremony? A plaque? Proof of any kind? Is he expecting a chorus of “come back”s?

    Can I join the chorus of “Toodles”? Is that just wishful thinking?

    Maybe. I mean. Why does this whole thing sound like “by leaving the bigfoot community, I am increasing my presence within it exponentially”?

    Don’t carcasses start to really smell after lying around for awhile?

    Doesn’t the same thing apply to stories?

  2. Van Lightning via Facebook responds:

    Good bye, good riddance. I dont know why anyone in the BF community would believe anything this guy says anyway. Oh and im pretty sure that his opinion that the BF community is filled with “bad, nasty, no life people” was there all along. Anyone who trys to make BF believers look like fools by hoaxing them doesnt have a high opinion of BF believers in the 1st place. So see ya jackass.

  3. Dale Bergerson via Facebook responds:

    Chump shouldn’t fib …js

  4. bigyeti responds:

    So the gist of the letter was, “It has become too hard to keep track of my lies, so now I’ll just refuse to comment on anything.” The film was released, the lie was confirmed (as we all expected).

    He isn’t “leaving the bigfoot community” at all. He says he’ll continue his blog and website; so basically he just wants to continue spreading nonsense and not be accountable for answering questions about it. This “transition” is just Dyer’s attempt to avoid digging himself deeper in. Unfortunately, the hole has already been dug and he forgot to bring a ladder out.

    It is quite telling when you end your letter with a lie: The “Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World,” indeed.

    (This is all just speculation and is no way a personal attack on anyone. Please form your own opinions about Known-Hoaxer, Rick Dyer.)

  5. dconstrukt responds:

    who is this guy again?

    The best bigfoot tracker in the world? ROFLMAO!

    this guy is a legend in his own mind.

  6. William responds:

    Best bigfoot tracker in the world. What a joke. Since a bigfoot has yet to be actually found by any tracker how can he be the best? I could say I am the best unicorn tracker in the world and that would be just as viable a claim as he is making. What a joke. Did anyone ask him how difficult it was to track the one he had in his freezer? How did he track a costume? Now that is quite a feat.

  7. airforce47 responds:


    We must first remember who Rick Dyer is and what he was involved in. Saying that we accept that anything he says may or may not be true.

    I would never condone anybody threatening Rick or his family. Anyone doing so should be getting visited by the authorities and should face the legal consequences of their actions. That being said we don’t know that this has happened as a fact.

    However, If they really have a body I would love to see it and report back to you that’s it’s real and Rick is being truthful. I have no fear of them harming me and they can take me where they like. I’ll turn off my cell phone even. They will need to give me a sample though of their so called body on ice and we’ll get it tested by real science to find out how real it is.

    If you’re reading this Rick we’re in the same town and I’m not hard to find. My best,

  8. bigfoots responds:

    he is worried about the threats so hes leaving but first he has to release a book on amazon that will make things worse? lol yeah… that makes sense.. it seems as though everything this guy does and says is a bs marketing scheme..

  9. springheeledjack responds:

    Show me the money . . .

  10. springheeledjack responds:

    AND my next favorite quote from my favorite author:

    “Talk is cheap, whiskey costs money.”

  11. Goodfoot responds:

    Leave it? I was unaware he had ever arrived.

  12. chemist298 responds:

    Let the carnival “side show” begin! We can all look forward to “Hank” being displayed to the world in a Las Vegas casino some time in August. Of course, I am sure that it will be behind glass and no one with any scientific credentials will have had the opportunity to examine it! Maybe Rick can “dust off” his old freezer from Georgia! That would be a fitting display case for “Hank”.

  13. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    He’s not leaving, he has been kicked out. And if he’s smart, he’ll be leaving the country, since the FBI seems interested in him now.

  14. cryptokellie responds:

    If Mr. Dyer actually had in his possession anything that could be authentically attributed to a real Bigfoot, especially a body or a definitive video/film record, he would IMMEDIATELY have contacted one of the media outlets – say National Geographic or Discovery News – presented his evidence, make a very lucrative deal and be enjoying the fame and fortune that would follow. Instead, what we hear is that he is being threatened and has to leave the “Bigfoot Community” whatever that actually is. They say that there is a time when one has to either put up or shut up…nowadays there is a third option – hide behind threats. Does anyone really believe that any group involved with the search and research of unknown animals is making threats?
    “The battles that are raging throughout the social media community”. Can anyone seriously regard the “social media community” a threat? A threat to what – your Facebook page – so what. Your on-line dating credibility…what are we talking about here with threats?

  15. PhotoExpert responds:

    Rejoice! The day I have been praying for has come! Rick Dyer the liar getting uninvolved in the BF community. It is like a dream come true. Only if it were true, because you can not trust one thing coming from this guy’s mouth.

    Seriously, he is an attention seeking liar. As predicted by me and many, the movie would come out but no body would ever surface. In other words, all hype from the same suspects. He lost his job with the police force because of his lies. He never made any real money on the BF in the freezer hoax, at least not enough to replace his nice job with the former police department. So he decided to rev up his lies a bit since it once brought him money. He was not intelligent enough to know this movie would not make any money for him, even though he, himself, knew he never shot a BF. When the movie was a flop, he is now doubling down on this book. LOL Good luck with that!

    And Rick, the you never were really part of the BF community, at least you were not part of the ethical and serious BF community. You were relegated to the back of the room where hoaxers and liars hang around, without any skill sets that are valuable to the BF community. You call yourself a tracker yet have no BF, no photos of BF, no prints of BF, no hair samples, etc. Some tracker!

    And your pronouncement of leaving the community is therefore a joke in itself. You were never part of it! You did not leave the Bigfoot community, the Bigfoot community left you, long ago! Your first lies and hoax were enough for the reputable Bigfoot community. Let’s get that straight–you were disowned by the Bigfoot community long ago and you are proclaiming you left it, in trying to save some face. LOL

    Psst, buddy, it is way too late for that! Let me put it in words a redneck could understand–That there horse left the stable long ago!

    Your pronouncement is just another attention seeking attempt by you, in an effort to sell some books and recoup some money, while bringing attention to yourself where none is warranted. This brings great pleasure to those with narcissistic personality disorders like yourself. Very sad! As you usual, you have failed again. People with even a speck of intelligence have seen through you and your antics long ago. It’s the same old same old from you. Multiple failures have made you what you now are–a failure!

    I am sorry for the idiots that threatened your life or your family’s lives. That is wrong and inexcusable. No one in their right mind could condone such behavior. These people need just as much psychological help as you do. I do not condone those types of actions. But when you poke angry bears who might have psychological disorders, you need to expect those kinds or rash responses from some of the general public. You did not think this scheme out, probably because you are incapable of thinking these things out. But in true narcissistic fashion, you got the attention you craved and you brought this upon yourself and family. You got your attention–no matter how negative it is. Realize that!

    The truth is you will only be remembered for being a liar and hoaxer. But even that will fade in time. People will no longer remember your name. It will fade into obscurity where it belongs. Now, if you did track down a Bigfoot, you might be a hero and the world’s greatest tracker. Since you failed, you are not. You will simply become a nobody as you once were as your 15 minutes of fame ended some time ago as almost everyone knew. It just took you this long to realize it.

    But do not dispair, when your last ditch attempt to sell some books fails to bring you any money, there is good news on the horizon. I read an MSN article that stated Mickey D’s is hiring. So there you go–you have a job referral from a Cryptomundo poster.

    Good riddance Rick!

  16. David-Australia responds:

    [sarcasm alert on]
    I can’t but help getting the distinct impression that, for whatever reasons, this guy is not that highly regarded…

  17. William responds:

    He kicked himself out of any legitimate association with the “bigfoot community” once his freezer hoax was revealed. What an ego to think that he was somehow given a mulligan for that sorry episode. I actually thought as a police officer that back in 2008 he may have been legitimate. Now, he is really pissing off a lot of people. I can understand why he is getting threats (not that I condone them) but that is what happens to liars and con artists. He has brought this on himself and no one should feel sorry for this dishonest loser.

  18. Ploughboy responds:

    So let me just mentally run down the checklist here…

    1. Dyer claims to have a Sasquatch body.

    2. Morgan Matthews films documentary about it.

    3. Dyer promises to reveal corpse when movie is premiered.

    4. FB/FB hitches its credibility and reputation to #3 happening.

    5. Movie premiers.

    6. No corpse shown in movie.

    7. Dyer does not reveal corpse otherwise.

    8. FB/FB goes off-air.

    9. Dyer “leaves.”

    And the logical conclusion here should be, of course, that Dyer is legitimate.

    Please Rick give me that P.O. Box # again. I want me some PLATINUM MEMBERSHIP NOW!!!

  19. William responds:

    Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Me thinks, Mr. Noel you ought to revisit this old adage, good sir!

  20. Goodfoot responds:


    “Since a bigfoot has yet to be actually found by any tracker how can he be the best?”

    Personally, I would have added “that we know of”, because, by nature, clandestine agencies are, well, clandestine. I will not rule out that one or two may have been captured by such alphabet agencies. They’d keep it secret because secrecy is what they do; they’ve had lots of experience doing so.

    Certainly I have no specific evidence that this has happened, but there are a couple of thought-provoking accounts that suggest it could be so.

  21. Goodfoot responds:

    Ploughboy: Very well done. FB/FB is either the biggest passel of rubes of all time, or they were part and parcel of Dyer’s tomfoolery. They lent support to a story made of toilet paper; they proceeded to heap their bets on a broke-down mule, and now they’re in full duck and cover mode.

    How could they have “misunderestimated” the Bigfoot community so thoroughly? They can’t have been THAT insular, could they?

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