June 25, 2011

Cryptomundian Attends “Most Convincing Evidence of Bigfoot” Press Conference

Bigfoot Faceprint Photo

Cryptomundian WeirdFresno posted yesterday:

I live in Fresno and was contacted by Gonzalez so I’m going to go. But I’ll be honest, the fact that they are asking for funding from the public has me a bit worried. I understand that it is a huge cost to do a DNA sequencing, but why not reach out to the crypto community instead? I remembering hearing an interview of Tom Biscardi on Spooky Southcoast where Matt Moniz had offered Tom the chance to do the DNA sequencing back when the Georgia hoax happened but Biscardi said he didn’t remember being offered that (shocking). I wonder if something similar could be done in this instance? Because if this isn’t as conclusive as the claims are being made, it’s going to be labeled as another hoax. In my opinion anyways.WeirdFresno

Below is WeirdFresno’s report from the press conference.

Having gone to this conference yesterday, I was disappointed with both the lack of clear evidence and they way the evidence they had was presented. Things weren’t that well organized with examples of a presenter reading from a laptop and then losing his place and then stating he was going to go “off the top of his head” to one person not turning in their notes and not be including in the presentation.

But what really got me was the way the evidence was handled. Gonzalez stated that his truck was the one with the evidence on it yet he drove it down a mountain and waiting two days for their forensics expert to swab for DNA and dust for prints. I don’t know the exact location of where the site was in relation to Fresno, but Yosemite is about 60 miles away so I will assume the same for this site given it was in the high Sierras. That being said any evidence they may have had on the truck was most likely compromised due to the distance traveled (at about 55mph since that is the speed limit on all state highways unless otherwise posted) and then waited two days to then actually try to procure evidence. When asked why he didn’t bring his expert up to the site itself Gonzalez claimed that he had to get his truck out of there and that there was no way to get the expert up there anyways. I’m sorry, but if I have potential evidence on my vehicle, I don’t care what happens to the thing as long as I am able to get the evidence from it. Moving it and waiting the two days makes any evidence they may get that less credible.

I don’t question the sincerity of the group, but I do question why a press conference was even called. They didn’t have any DNA evidence but said they hoped they did. They also said they didn’t have a lab lined up to do the DNA testing or an amount that it would cost. Yet they were asking for money. I understand this is an expensive procedure, but if you are going to convince people to give you their money (especially in today’s economy) you better damn well sure you have the DNA collected, a lab lined up and know how much it costs before you start soliciting for money.

Like I said I don’t question the sincerity of the group and don’t believe they are trying to hoax anyone. They truly believe they have evidence that will prove the existence of Bigfoot. The problem is there are so many holes in the procedure to collect the evidence that it won’t hold up. But I have to commend the group for going up to the middle of nowhere to search for this creature (where I’m just an arm chair searcher as it may be). Hopefully one day they will get the evidence that will help to prove the existence of Bigfoot. Unfortunately I didn’t see that evidence yesterday.WeirdFresno

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