Stuffed Sasquatch Auction

On eBay, there is an auction ongoing for what is claimed to be a Sasquatch shoulder mount. The auction states:

Up for auction is a very large sasquatch (big foot) taxidermy shoulder mount. Is it a real big foot? You be the judge. Over all measurements are 36" wide, 32"High, and 20" from the wall. Probably was well over 8 foot tall. One of a kind! Any questions feel free to ask. Free shipping ups ground lower 48 states.

Sasquatch Shoulder Mount

Sasquatch Shoulder Mount

Sasquatch Shoulder Mount

Sasquatch Shoulder Mount

The auction ends July 18 20:31:28 PDT. There are no bids currently and the opening bid is $500.00.

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  1. Good morning Craig….

    Very sad…only an a-hole would kill such a wonderous creature…let’s hope it’s first cousin to the Jackelope…JMHO

    seeing is believing….

    ole bub and the dawgs

  2. Ole Bub: It’s clearly a “gaffe,” a created fake. No need to get up in arms over it.

  3. That would be the best thing in the world to hang over my fireplace… heh. If only I didn’t buy that new therm cam…!!!

  4. I bet that there are dozens of wives saying “HELL NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT” right now. I know of at least one. Dangit.

  5. i know i know but just think what if its real. where is the rest of it. who caught it. how did he come by it.

    the bid is 500. i am not waisting 5 bills on 2 glass eyes and some pimp mobile upholstery.

  6. extremly wonderous work of art, looks like the shoulders of an elk, the rest someone put some time into. hey amaze your friends shock your relatives. only 500.00 bucks

  7. Of course it fake…which is why I referenced the Jackelope…which may not be….

    A likeness of one’s mother in law would be more tasteful in a full shoulder mount…in the trophy room….perhaps Trigger or a killer dawg.

    Wanna bet it brings big bucks…for the novelty value alone…especially if some bar starts bidding it up….

    seeing is believing…

    ole bub and the killer dawgs

  8. the fur could be from anything, like an elk or deer as others have noted, but, from the side view showing head placement, it really looks like someone used a taxidermy form for a gorilla shoulder mount (or a bear?)

    A quick google of exotic taxidermy forms didn’t turn up any gorilla forms, but there were plenty of bear forms that were similar in structure.

    I suppose one could use the shoulders from an elk or moose mount too, but that would require more sculpting for the face and head, whereas a gorilla form would be easy to modify this way.

    No matter what they used, a lot of work went into this, but a comparison of the ear placement on this with photos of a gorilla match up pretty close.

    It really looks to me like someone used a bf mask, a gorilla form and actual fur (elk or deer) to make this.

    Makes me wish I had an extra $500 lying around.

  9. I’m not a hunter, but my uncle is a taxidermist, and for my money, it is quite obviously the shoulders of an elk. As some have noted, someone still put a lot of work into this piece, and it is art. Love the grimace on him.

  10. Might be interesting to place high behind a bush with some phermone chips and then call blast.

    Could be one hell of an event.

  11. Ken…
    You ever see that video where the guy covers himself in pheromone sent and calls in the elk?

    Now that, with a BF, would be a YouTube worthy video.

  12. what is really interesting, in a synchronicity kind of way, is how this appears on E-Bay shortly after discussions on here about Biscardi’s hand possible being taxidermy refuse from a bear mount…

  13. I wouldn’t want the thing even if it is fake. Sasquache must think of humans as ant people marching into the forest every day to take the trees and destroy the land. He must be thinking what else are they going to take? He is so hungry he decides to check your trash can to see if you have thrown out any thing good. He sees that thing mounted on your wall as he passes your window. What now???

  14. Hahahah, that’s awesome. A great conversation piece, especially if you have a lot of taxidermied animals and you just throw the Bigfoot in like a run of the mill deer.

  15. Boy, sure would like to call that my own. However, I’ve just procured a swamp monster and a merman from Safuan.
    Maybe he has other monsters available for a down payment.

  16. $500 for an opening bid is too high. I’ve already e-mailed the seller to see if he’d consider selling it for a bit less if no one bids on it during the course of auction.

    It would be a fun conversation piece, and I’d be willing to pay a decent price for it–just not $500! :)

  17. (Yawn… mmm… mmm…) NOT EVEN CLOSE. A nice supposed rendering of something more akin to Cro Magnon or Neandertal, etc., but absolutely NOT our North American squatchy.

    Why? (Think anatomy and body morphology, folks.) Because as clearly seen in the rotating camera views above, the head sits high atop a longish muscular neck which sits atop the shoulders. Even an elaborate hoax like this has gotten one of the most salient features of the Big Guy utterly WRONG. It begs way too much of the anthropomorphic fallacy.

    In reality squatchy’s almost non-existent and therefore incredibly short neck holds the head firmly against the top portion of the chest, not thrust above it as shown here in the ‘cave man’ bust. This fellow in the pictures could rotate his head, left to right, human-style, without any strain. Squatchy CAN NOT DO THAT. He has to move his entire body if he wants to view what is going on 90 degrees to his left or right.

    Russian reports of the Almasty, or other of the several different proto-hominid species, from the Urals and Caucasus would be a more likely match for this bust. But no, THIS IS NOT the North American SQUATCHY.

    (Just whistling mindlessly as I take my leave… )

  18. A few years ago, e-bay had another Sasquatch mount made from the rear end of a deer.

  19. talk about wives saying, “HELL NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THAT”…my girlfriend is extra sensitive to almost anyting being killed, let alone mounted. real or not, that thing is amazing. I know at least 3 people who would love to have that thing (not including me). I would, but where would I put it? great work who ever you are. I can see why many are saying the neck area is from something in the antelope family, does kind of protrude out rather than up. Not to mention, primates (like us) have noticable muscle about where it ends that isn’t there.

  20. I think we should have a whip round and buy it for Loren for his birthday

    and daughter if you are reading this…don’t even think about it.I have already said what I want for my birthday ;-)

  21. $500 is a lot of scratch! But oh my it is so tempting.

    I took a vote among my friends and everyone agrees I should be ‘allowed’ to get it! Of course, they all want me to buy it so they can ‘borrow’ it to peek out of the back of their SUVs, or in through their neighbors windows. Humph.

  22. There was a story floating around the cyber ether (coast to coast I think) where about two or three years ago a guy claimed to know about something similar. there was a pic. of a hide (looked like a gilly suit) Same guy? P.S. Elk shoulders yes but you dont expect to find eight foot primate blocking do you?