Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Vocalizations

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on September 13th, 2013

First September visit 2013 showing continued progress with direct communication.

Consecutive photos taken by them as well as some orb anomaly shots photographed near the tent area which shows some of the strangeness that comes with close activity.

A young sasquatch photographed peeking from behind a tree.Sasquatch Ontario

When Sasquatch Speaks

When Sasquatch Speaks Again

Apes Don’t Call Names

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Habituation

Apes Don’t Call Names Again

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Vocalizations

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Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

12 Responses to “Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Vocalizations”

  1. JFenix1911 responds:

    Really? All I can say is wow, not impressed. Sounds like my dog.

  2. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    A few questions:

    1. Are we to believe that the last self-portrait (@ 3:15, i.e. before the 1st “handprint” photo) was taken, by a Sasquatch, INDOORS!??

    2. Since when is a shaky shot of a lightning bug an “orb” with a “curved light trail”?

    3. Did anyone else notice the water glistening on the tree trunks in the background of many of the so-called “orb” photos? “Glowing orbs” are kinda what one would expect when taking a flash photo of water droplets falling from the trees, no?

    4. When will Bigfoot learn how to take a better selfie…?

    As I’ve said previously, how is it that they are (still!) unable to produce a clear photo or video image of a Sasquatch that is, allegedly, so habituated that it: comes into camp, vocalizes for audio recordings and even “plays” with a camera!??

    Honestly, the longer it takes these guys to come up with a series of clear, UNAMBIGUOUS, photos (or video) and/or some type of testable DNA sample: hair, scat, saliva, etc., the more difficult it becomes to believe this is not all an elaborate hoax.

  3. cryptokellie responds:

    Again with this sassoonery? Is there really any money in doing this because that can be the only reason for grown men to howl in the woods and take blurry images of their dogs eyes. I will say, it gets rather humorous near the end with the falsetto Bigfoot hitting the high notes. Maybe YES is looking for a new lead singer to tour with…”Owner of a Lonely Squatch”.

    BTW; almost any uncontrolled photo-images will have light reflections – oh, excuse me…orbs.

    I could make a full album of photos with orbs present. Hey, wait a minute, with a little back story, hmmm…

  4. Matthew Pfeifer via Facebook responds:

    Ok. Sounds like some guy making funky noises and them trying to pass it off. Give the guy a cough drop and see a doctor.

  5. Dr Kaco responds:

    I’d freak out if I heard anything like that outside my tent! ;p

    As for the ‘orbs’.. looks like water droplets due to high condensation in the area.

  6. William responds:

    Anyone else hear a man’s voice faintly in the background of the recordings if the alleged sasquation vocalizations? I am quite sure that as close as that vocalization was in volume that there would be no way anyone else would be talking like per a normal conversation with a calm voice.

    It almost sounds like someone was directing the “vocalization” from a distance away which inadvertently was captured on the recording. What a farce!

  7. PhotoExpert responds:

    Sasquatch Ontario–I think the time has come where you either have to produce clear video and photo images of your claim, your subject, the Sasquatch in question or stop shovelling questionable evidence over and over again into the face of the cryptocommunity.

    From a scientific and objective point of view, many of these sounds, twisted twig gifts, and now photos can be replicated by a human being, a man, if you will. Since the evidence can be replicated by human beings, you can not proclaim or prove it, to be a Sasquatch. Yet, you continue to make more and more outlandish claims as your evidence falls short. That in itself is a problem and leads almost everyone more and more into the hoax category.

    I am there! Because of the lack of evidence or faulty evidence you have presented, I believe this to not only be a hoax but a perpetrated hoax. Only when people in the crytocommunity started to ask, you had to poop or get off the pot! You finally responded after just months and months of audio tape to try and show some photographic evidence. For me, it was like the noose wrapping tightly around a hoaxer’s neck, so they came up with some crap photos.

    But really, the problem that most of us have with you is both you and your evidence.

    What gives you the right to proclaim your audio tapes right up there with the PG footage? You and not the evidence is the problem there! How dare you! Your audio, which can be replicated and was recently, proved that. It is not in category of the PG footage, despite your proclamation that it is. Your stick gifts, the same thing applies, definitely man made or could be made by any human being. The problem is you! You are the one proclaiming this and that without any concrete proof. Lastly, when your evidence was currently reproduced by a fellow Cryptomundian, instead of pointing out the merits of your proposed evidence, you aggressively attacked the person questioning it. The, problem was not your evidence that was being questioned, or the evidence created by the Cryptomundian that refuted your claim, the problem was you! Again, you! You went after the person and not his evidence. You are an aggressor with anyone that engages you to refute your evidence. You attack the person and not the evidence. This is a sure sign of a hoaxer in a desaperate attempt to salvage the hoax that is falling apart. Case in point: Rick Dyer! He did the same thing and acted just as you do.

    I agree with all the points made by each poster above, Dr Kaco, cryptokellie, JFenix1911, and AreWeThereYeti. I am going to concur with each and every single point that AreWeThereYeti pointed out so eloquently. And Cryptokellie’s take on the “orbs” was spot on! For years, bad photographers or amateurs that lacked any type of photo skills would proclaim orbs as ghosts in the ghosthunting community. Unfortunately, their lack of camera skills, there lack of knowledge about photography or physics, and all orbs became ghosts. As they were pounced upon by professional photographers and any one with an ounce of common sense, they backed away from those claims. And now you see the ghosthunting community now saying most orbs are not spirits or ghosts. Their faulty evidence was proven wrong. Yet at the time of the photographic, they attacked people who challenged them or brought evidence that refuted their claims. One professional photographer proved the orbs were dust or water particals because he set up a camera rig with two cameras side by side. If there were really orbs, the orb would show up in both cameras as the photo was taken simultaneously. If they showed up on only one camera, it was merely dust or a water particle. Guess what happened? They only showed up in one camera thus proving them dust. And I can replicate orbs any time I want in a photo. Many people can do that. When evidence can be replicated, it disproves your theory.

    Sasquatch Ontario–We have reached the point where you have to produce some credible evidence or just go away for good and be known as a hoaxer that failed! Continuing upon this path will bring you nothing but shame. And your shameful way of attacking people might just land you in the same spot–shamed, but shamed by yourself! LOL

    To prove your extraordinary claims you MUST produce extraordinary evidence! So far, you have produced evidence that is ordinary, that can be relicated or in the case of your “orbs” imaginary. Sad, just sad!

    So sh#@ or get off the pot! Now is the time or your 15 seconds of acknowledgement will die!

    If it smells like a hoaxer, looks like a hoaxer and acts like a hoaxer, do you want to take bets on what Sasquatch Ontario is? My bet, a hoaxer in his 14th second of fame.

  8. edsbigfoot responds:

    I think it’s pretty cool. I like the eye and hair pics…I guess I’ll hope it’s real and that you can prove it. Don’t know about orbs, looks like dust or water to me, but, hey, who knows.

  9. PoeticsOfBigfoot responds:

    Definitely a Sasquatch. Nothing else fits.

  10. sasquatch responds:

    I think Mike likes to have a laugh on us all.
    Stop it Mike.
    This is embarrassing.

  11. ShannonD responds:

    The eye pics and the latest ‘doorway’ pic where the photo subject is clearly inside a room appear to be stuffed toys. The white one looks like an owl or a cat. The brown one looks like a teddy bear or similar stuffed animal with a long snout. The indoor one looks like a troll doll or similar (it is a profile pic with the nose on the right and the ear closest to the camera). The video owner claims he doesn’t know why there is an indoor shot in this photo supposedly taken by the sasquatch, oh and he also says sas know how to use a camera by observing him using it. The photos are so obviously fake and yet there are so many that want to believe these are photos of sasquatch.

  12. alan borky responds:

    Craig these’re better efforts than Burpy Boy’s belching simulation.

    There’s a wider range of tones [though nothing pushing above or below the human hearing or vocal range] even some mild percussive plosiveness and guttural exertions suggestive of a slightly larger than normal lung capacity but still the sort of stuff a good amateur heavy metal or opera singer could probably replicate especially if their mike was rigged to big up certain characteristics.

    But there’s nothing complex like bass and alto tones layered over each other or machine gun staccato deliveries interspersed with abrupt switches up or down between those bass and alto tones ie the sort o’ stuff difficult or impossible for humans to replicate.

    The real bum notes for me though’re

    1) the photographs

    If a black macaque can take good selfies why can’t a Bigfoot?

    2) the way the guy in the video interacts with a creature he tells us’s highly intelligent to the degree it speaks not only a language of its own but also elements of ours.

    I tell our cat a creature supposedly incapable of understanding human speech “Y’do know y’food’s out don’t y’u?” or “Y’do know summer’s nearly over and if y’don’t get off y’arse an’ go outside you won’t get the sunlight y’skin needs to keep healthy or the grass that removes the fur in y’guts from lickin’ y’minge all day?” and to mine and me brother’s constant astonishment she responds as if she actually understands.

    This guy though’s got the Sasquatch world’s equivalent of the Flash’s Solon or General Grodd natterin’ away to him an’ all he can come up with is “I hear y’buddy!”

    Sayin’ that ‘General Grodd”s oddly slow and languid but aboveall broken language’s both too much like human speech but also not enough because it resembles the moronic outpourings of someone pissed [as in drunk] or stoned rambling incoherently away to themselves.

    Put it this way if that’s a recording of a real Sasquatch it must be both morbidly depressed and brain damaged and if all it’s gettin’ out its human cohort is “I hear y’buddy” then no bleedin’ wonder!

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