Sasquatch Sings

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 7th, 2013

This may be the first capture of a sasquatch singing a song.

Is this a sasquatch song of antiquity?

Also shown are comparison shots of the same location where a sasquatch (Nephatia?) was photographed on April 13th 2013.
Another photo will be done at a future visit with myself standing in place for size comparison.

Continued progression with each visit showing consistent results that sasquatch are benevolent people. One step at a time.

A species showing high intelligence, benevolence, having names and speaking language. Sasquatch are not animals. It’s inexcusable to harm even one of them.Sasquatch Ontario

When Sasquatch Speaks

When Sasquatch Speaks Again

Apes Don’t Call Names

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Habituation

Apes Don’t Call Names Again

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Vocalizations

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Vocalizations

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42 Responses to “Sasquatch Sings”

  1. Brandon Lentz via Facebook responds:

    What a joke.

  2. Mike Phillips via Facebook responds:

    Some guy belching into a coffee can.

  3. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    If you listen REALLY closely, you can actually hear Sasquatch say, “Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to tip your waitress.”

    Moving on…

  4. cryptokellie responds:

    Yes indeed…the operating word here is found near the end of the supplied video…looped.

    I will define it again…

    noun informal.
    1. a moron wearing a costume to appear as a Bigfoot.
    2. a charlatan in any field of endeavor perpetrating a hoax related to Bigfoot.

    Now that Animal from the Muppet Show has said thank you…is there anything left to say?

  5. Ploughboy responds:

    Frankly, I’d be much more interested in the opinions of anyone who has expertise in language phonemes…possibly as demonstrated in the “Sierra Sounds” recordings? Either of you? No?

    Didn’t think so. Thanks for playing…here’s a complimentary copy of our home game.

  6. Jayross responds:

    Cookie Monster! 😉

  7. Hapa responds:


    Seriously, I mean, dang. Hoaxers must have ran out of ideas. Why don’t they make a vid about Chupacabras doing the Macarena, or the Loch ness Monster doing an Impersonation of Barack Obama.

    If, and when, we ever prove sasquatch exists, we can look forward to (hopefully) not seeing so many goofball bigfoot hoaxes ever again. Maybe a few at first, but over time, years after we find actual proof, bigfoot hoax vids, and bigfoot hoaxes of all kinds, will finally die out. I pray for that day.

  8. Goodfoot responds:

    For the sake of argument, I can see a “perfectly good” nose, lips and what could be a chin, but the hoaxers INSIST upon identifying an “eye: white” in the right side of the forehead, where no white can be seen, and similarly, a nostril in the same side of the forehead.

  9. cryptokellie responds:

    Listen to the video again. The supposed Bigfoot exclaims in perfectly clear and understandable non-mimicking English “Thank you”… I defy you to find another non-human primate, in fact non-avian vertebrate, that can speak in clear demonstrable English and remember that birds only mimic human speech, they do not speak it. All the great apes probably do possess their own versions of a “spoken language” but they cannot speak a human language of any kind. This is because the configuration of their vocal chords will not allow for the formation of many of the vocal sounds that human language requires. Unless you are willing to state that Bigfoot are indeed fully human and have the same vocal chord construction as modern human beings, I suggest that you may be playing your “complimentary game” at home, a little too much.

    Btw; In response to prior videos by these sassoons, a language expert did weigh in with his opinion about this group’s audios…he basically guaranteed that they were garbled human noise and artificially altered human voices speaking. Do your Cryptomundo homework.

  10. Glenn Bryce via Facebook responds:


  11. PhotoExpert responds:

    Ploughboy–I usually enjoy your posts but don’t you think you were a bit rough on AreWeThereYeti and cryptokellie? I mean, they are fellow Cryptomundians, just like you and me, for that matter. Not that AreWeThereYeti and cryptokellie need my help in defending their points, since both are more than capable of doing that.

    Yes, Ploughboy, I would like to also hear from an audio expert when it comes to sounds in general being attributed to Sasquatch. However, and this is a big however, the Sasquatch Ontario group is highly suspect for many past reasons. And it goes beyond the sounds they claim to have collected. And because of their lack of evidence building up time and time again, an objective mind would question that.

    Ploughboy, Sasquatch Ontario has claimed their audio recordings on the level of the PG footage. Nope, that claim was not backed up. Then they claimed their recordings could not have been in the human vocal range and someone proved that was not true either. And by the way Ploughboy, that person was not an expert but was still able to duplicate the vocalizations. Their claims were not backed up by previous evidence.

    Then there are questionable things that they do that are very subtle such as: Putting up a photograph of a stick person that could have been made by anyone and then attaching it to a story about gifts being traded. They never claim the stick figure was made by Sasquatch but imply that. That’s a bit underhanded, wouldn’t you say?

    And then there are times when SO claims that the Bigfoot was just outside the tent. They supply high quality audio recordings but fail to get a decent photo or video. Time after time they did this until people such as myself, lost patience in their stories that did not add up or lacked proof! In my last post to their supplied findings, I suggested it was time to supply the proof in the way of photographs or get off the pot. And still, they come back with just some questionable audio recordings. Whenever photos are submitted, it is blurry fur. Not one decent photo but yet all these recordings from what they claim are a Bigfoot, just mere feet from their tent. There comes a time when one can no longer wait for more evidence. There comes a time when evidence could be gathered, even according to SO ridiculous claims, yet none is forthcoming. This is the time when SO must produce or be viewed as a complete hoaxers.

    Objectively, I gave them multiple chances to prove their claim or at least submit evidence that backed their claims, and as of today, none was forthcoming. Same old, same old, crap, in my opinion. I was fair, I was objective, I waited time after time and yet, no credible evidence from SO. I gave them one more chance in my last post here. In the last three submissions from SO, my Bigfoot BS meter has been pointing towards hoax more and more. I gave them one last chance and now I will say it. It is and always was a hoax. This is what hoaxers do. And they did a good job of it! Their 15 minutes of fame has run out as far as I am concerned.

    Ploughboy, I agree with AreWeThereYeti and cryptokellie. And although I am a photographic expert, I am not an audio expert. Yet, I still am entitled to my opinion as a Cryptomundian. We are all! And that includes AreWeThereYeti and cryptokellie. And yes, that includes you too! Furthermore, I don’t have to be a conductor of an orchestra to point out the difference between a rendition of Bach from the Boston Symphany Orchestra and a junior high school’s rendition of Bach. I can tell the difference without being an expert or having a PhD in Music Studies. Just as my fellow Cryptomundians can have an opinion on something without being an expert. This crap from SO is not Bach. Not is it a junior high school band’s rendition of Bach. It is on the level of plain old noise!

    But Ploughboy, you don’t have to slight other readers here by questioning the credentials of cryptokellie or AreWeThereYeti. That is definitely not like you and out of character for you. You could have rephrased your post much differently or not singled them out. In fact, you could have just made your point. You could have just said, I would like to hear from an expert with audio knowledge. That’s all! And then you could have rendered your opinion.

    Ploughboy, maybe you are just having a bad day. You seemed a bit defensive in your post. You must objectively separate the evidence presented from your beliefs. If not, it comes off as defensive but without reason. But given the past posts from the SO group, there is no defending them. They have failed to produce anything unique. They failed to back up their past claims. And their evidence sometimes is not even evidence–just implied evidence like a good story and a totally different photo associated with the story to confuse some of the less astute people in the crypto community.

    Like I said, I agree with you Ploughboy that I would like to hear from an audio expert. It would be nice but not necessary. One does not need credentials to differentiate certain things, just common sense. I agree with cryptokellie and AreWeThereYeti on this one! I remained objective but my patience and repeated lack of evidence from SO makes me declare this crap as a hoax as well. It was pointing toward that direction for a long time and I bit my tongue. I’m tired of biting my tongue! HOAX!

  12. G. de La Hoya responds:

    Amazing! A supposed, highly elusive creature has learned the English language and can sing. Why not the French or Spanish languages that were on this continent first? Better yet, why not a Native American language? This is evidence of imaginative minds. Reminds me of Pink Floyd’s ‘One of These Days‘ voice.

  13. etheral responds:

    On the ridiculous scale this one ranks a solid 10 out of 10.

  14. mandors responds:

    I am not confident in the veracity of these recordings; however, they and the present discussion raise some interesting issues. What would a Sasquatch sound like? Would their vocalizations necessarily be out of human range? Why or why not?

    I think these questions in turn depend on what a Sasquatch actual is, if the creature exists. We’ve discussed this ad nauseam. So to summarize, there are 4 main schools:

    1) the biggest–it’s Gigantopithecus, somehow surviving all these eons,

    2) it’s some near human ancestor such as Homo heidelbergensis,

    3) it’s another unknown primate or

    4) it’s a feral human.

    If it’s 1 or 3, then yes the vocalizations probably will not be in the human range. On the other hand, if it’s 2 or 4, then they most likely could. The point is that having an expert accurately categorize a vocalization as being in “human range” may not be necessarily determinative of a recording’s veracity.

  15. NMRNG responds:

    PhotoExpert, I appreciate your account of the Sasquatch Ontario people, as I had not been keeping up with them. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what some of the posts and comments here are about because people do not provide background and simply assume that people have been keeping up with different groups and individuals for years.

    However, you then proceeded, ironically, to put down Ploughboy for … putting down several others here. I seem to recall at least one other episode where you went on a lengthy rant against another poster here in which you boasted about your own expertise. Speaking of which, how is that acutely sensitive nose of yours – have you gotten it working again?


    So these SO folks claim that sasquatch can replicate some spoken English words. Several of the habituators that Christopher Noel writes about claim the same thing – that their friendly neighborhood ‘squatches can mimic a variety of animal sounds plus call out names and a few words. One habituator claimed that her children have heard their names being called out when no one else was home or nearby leading to the conclusion it had to be a sasquatch. I don’t recall if it was that habituator or another one, but one of these people claiming that sasquatches can mimic human speech reduced her credibility somewhat by claiming that she was also telepathically communicating with a female sasquatch, who told her she was 40 years old and gossiped with her about the personality conflicts in her sasquatch family group (the alpha male was a jerk and the teenage males were out-of-control juveniles).

    The big problem I have with these habituators is their rather extreme inconsistency about obtaining proof of the creature’s existence. Every one of them proclaims that they care about the big beasties and that they are human-like, not animals. They thus are all opposed to obtaining that conclusive proof of the species’ existence by artificial means (i.e. a 180gr. hollowpoint round) as opposed to natural causes. However, most/all of them are also claiming that it would be “wrong” of them to obtain the non-intrusive proof that clear photos and videos might provide because they claim that it would be a violation of their trust and the sasquatches somehow know what a camera is and would want to avoid it and/or it would simply be bad manners and “rude” to take any sentient creature’s photo without his or her permission.

    Well if they genuinely have the access to the creatures they claim they have and actually care about them, bring in the damn clear proof of their existence so they can become officially recognized and declared an endangered species. This will keep idiots like Rick Dyer and Justin Smeja from shooting at them. Seems to me that protection from a hunter’s bullet should outweigh concerns over hurting feelings or losing trust. Personally, I’d get more satisfaction out of knowing that I proved sasquatch exists and was the means to protect them, than any pleasure I’d get from their little games of exchanging food for rocks and feathers or hearing some heavy footfalls and grunts nearby while I’m camping out in a tent or whatever else these habituators claim they do as part of their interaction with the big hairy fellas. That makes me inclined to think that the habituators are an extremely irrational group of honest people, an irrational group of people who are unable to separate their invisible friends from the real world, or, more likely, an irrationally sophomoric group of hoaxers.

  16. Ploughboy responds:

    Well, sorry, I didn’t mean to kick up such a ruckus with my comments, but I agree with Mandor and the point remains valid: Nobody here is qualified to say what a Sasquatch sounds like unless they’ve been in the presence of one and heard it. If that doesn’t describe you, you are just shoveling smoke.

    Now, there is one exception I would make to this, and that would be anyone who has undertaken study and had experience comparable to Scott Nelson’s. If anyone is of the opinion there are no relic hominids on this continent with language capabilities, he would differ. If you dispute that, let me see your credentials.

    Do any know if Mr. Nelson has examined these recordings?

  17. Goodfoot responds:

    ploughboy: A “vocal chord” is throat-singing; “cord” is the word you intended.

    I am also taking issue with your claim that (in essence) if a creature has vocal cords and speaks, it must be “fully human”. You can turn an unknown into a known with a simple statement. We are, by definition, dealing with an unidentified (though not unknown) creature.

    I happen to believe that, in the end, our hairy pals will turn out to be much closer to human than ape. There are numerous clues that this is the case, but it’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination. Personally, I can wait. I’d rather their existence NOT be proven, because it seems likely their fellow “intelligent” primates would end up confining them to reservations.

  18. Goodfoot responds:

    “Nobody here is qualified to say what a Sasquatch sounds like unless they’ve been in the presence of one and heard it. If that doesn’t describe you, you are just shoveling smoke. ”

    Swellarooney! I’m still in!!

  19. cryptokellie responds:

    The audio debate aside, if these people are close enough to the subject that is making these clear and powerful noises, I have to wonder why this group cannot purchase a medium grade cell phone or digital camera and take clear, descriptive images as opposed to the useless images accompanying the article’s text. My neighborhood is infested with deer as stupid people are actually feeding them and on any given night, while walking my dogs, I could take both video and audio – yes, deer make all kinds of noise – with my mid-range Cannon PC1585 or my obsolete, hand-me-down, AT&T Pantech flip open cell phone. Just the fact that they cannot get any serviceable images when this booming voiced individual is close at hand makes me all the more dubious regarding any of their claims or evidence…”Thank you”…

  20. AreWeThereYeti responds:

    @ Ploughboy: No real offense taken. For the most part I enjoy reading comments from the usual cadre of respondents here at Cryptomundo and yours are no exception; I truly respect your opinions.

    To explain my thought process on this one: I guess I just got lazy, as this is only the latest of several disappointing offerings from SasOnt (Why/how “disappointing?” Please see my copious comments re their previous submissions.) I’m getting tired of reiterating the “extraordinary claims” mantra – for the reasons PhotoExpert so eloquently stated – and fired-off a sophomoric putdown.

    So, yeah, probably not my best work… But, if eyewitness accounts, photos, videos, footprint casts, hair & scat and DNA samples can’t prove Bigfoots’ existence, I doubt a questionable vocal recording is gonna do it either. Especially when these guys claim to be in such close proximity to an allegedly habituated Sasquatch – but, here I go again repeating my earlier missives…

    Ugh! Just VERY underwhelmed by what SasOnt has produced to date, especially under the alleged almost too-good-to-be-true conditions, and this “song” is no exception. Time for SasOnt to put-up or shut-up with some real, indisputable, evidence says I!

  21. dconstrukt responds:


    I can’t take it anymore.

    please someone find bigfoot already so these cronies, phonies and jabronies go away!

    Please. 🙂

  22. eyeofstrm responds:

    @Ploughboy or anyone else reading, listening etc. When I was a youngster, I am 49 now, my best friend could speak complete sentences in one long burp. I could not do this no matter how much I practiced. So instead I perfected the art of talking while inhaling instead of exhaling. GUESS WHAT, THIS SOUNDS IDENTICAL TO THE WAY I SOUNDED. I am sure with enough practice I could do it again. This is nothing more than some A-HOLE, and yes I will make this judgement, he is an A-HOLE because their are some of us that are true believers that the continent of North America does have a natural primate. (North America is the only continent in the world without a registered primate) Talking while inhaling not exhaling. I am sick and tired of these A-HOLES that try and pass BS like this off as legit. This is a hoax. No one (no matter how much money they spend or how many costume experts they employ) has EVER BEEN ABLE TO REPRODUCE OR EVEN COME CLOSE TO WHAT ROGER PATTERSON CAUGHT ON FILM OVER 46 YEARS AGO. I know this was off the subject, sorry. This is someone talking while inhaling and nothing more.

  23. sasquatch responds:

    There are a lot of pauses between sounds, so after each one I tried to imitate-it’s pretty easy. However, I think Sasquatches probably communicate verbally…Why not? Most creatures do.
    Think about it…hey, haven’t you guys seen the videos of dogs mimicking “I Love You”…on Worlds Funniest Animals and Youtube?… sometimes it’s almost human sounding.

    Well, I think S. O. is B.S. But, I’d love to be proven wrong with some video-at least on the level of PG film. NO ONE has produced that yet after 45 years! Starts to make you wonder
    about it all..maybe being fake…but I can’t get over that ONE film…Not to mention hundreds of sighting reports I’ve read.

    Are ALL of these folks liars?

  24. Ploughboy responds:

    Goodfoot, actually, I didn’t mentioned chords or cords….but you are correct, of course.

  25. Ploughboy responds:

    eyeofstorm….well, yeah. Still, I can bark almost as good as my dog can. So…?

    Again, the ability to recognize and discern patterns of language in human speech is a discipline, for which one can train and hold credentials. You don’t pick it up casually and those who do this have a level of expertise that should be acknowledged. As I said, Scott Nelson is one of those people. He is U.S.N., retired, and didn’t come to this field as a rabid BF believer. He was drawn in when his son happened to download the Sierra Sounds recordings for a school paper. His immediate reaction was, “That is language.” If you’ve never seen the video of him addressing the idea of language patterns being contained in the Sierra Sounds recordings, and you have even a passing interest in this field, you need to search, download and watch one of his presentations.

    If Scott Nelson told me,”I listened to the recordings of S.O. and I discern no language patterns similar to what I’ve heard before”, then I think the plausibility of this being genuine takes a big hit. Otherwise, we are just throwing crap at the wall and hoping it sticks. Not that it isn’t fun to do, but let’s not kid ourselves that it matters a bit. There are better tools to apply to this question than we have here.

  26. Jayross responds:

    Look up ‘burp talking’ on YouTube.

    The fact some are even entertaining this nonsense is mind-boggling.

  27. Ploughboy responds:

    I just love the idea that because your opinion appears on the internet, and because there is ALWAYS an implicit request to give that opinion, it has much validity at all. Me-my-own-personal-self thinks the whole field of Bigfoot study suffers from too many opinions, from far too many unqualified people, and not a lack of them. When you are talking about an animal with many, many more unknown attributes than known ones, you are merely flapping gums about what you “know” if you lack the requisite experience and qualifications.

    So, anyone hear ever heard a Sasquatch talk and/or sing? Anyone have any language recognition training or skills? Anatomical training as it pertains to speech and voice? Didn’t think so. Neither do I. I am as unqualified as any of you are, the only difference being I have the sense to know I’m unqualified.

    But by all means, don’t let that stand in your way… 🙂

  28. PhotoExpert responds:

    NMRNG–You’re welcome! I always try to give the background on current posts by bringing all readers up to date.

    But NMRNG, please show me where I “put down” Ploughboy. I did not call him any names. In fact, I even agreed with him on getting an audio expert’s opinion. So there was no irony involved as you suggested. In fact, I like the way Ploughboy states his opinions so clearly here at Cryptomundo. And his posting to AreWeThereYeti and cryptokellie was out of character for him. I merely cautioned my friend Ploughboy about his posting because he dismissed the opinions of two posters where he normally would engage two individuals who posted contrary ideas. That was way out of character for him. Ploughboy understood what I was doing and why I addressed him. I got it. He got it! But you did not get it! That is why Ploughboy reposted without attacking me. He got it and saw no “put down” as you suggest. He ven responded indirectly to my post. His first sentence states that quite clearly when he writes: “Well, sorry, I didn’t mean to kick up such a ruckus with my comments”. He acknowledged my post and then went about posting in his usual objective fashion from a scientific point of view. He is very astute like that and one of the reasons I enjoy reading his posts. I got him back on track and he understood he may have been a bit over the top in addressing the other two posters. He got it and corrected course. And because of that, we are having a wonderful debate and discussion here at Cryptomundo. And we owe to Ploughboy and the differences of opinion that make this site so great!

    But NMRNG, you are absolutely correct about one thing. I detest bullies, especially internet bullies. I never address people directly here on Cryptomundo unless they use my name and say something addressing me. I always respond to that. But there are two occassions where I will address people directly here on Cryptomundo if they do not use address me by name. I will defend others here, even if I disagree with them, if they are being bullied by someone. I will go after that person directly. And if someone tries to bully me and does not post like a gentleman or lady, towards me. Then I definitely go after them because I detest bullies.

    NMRNG, you stated: “I seem to recall at least one other episode where you went on a lengthy rant against another poster here in which you boasted about your own expertise. Speaking of which, how is that acutely sensitive nose of yours – have you gotten it working again?”

    My answer to that is: You only recall one time where I addressed another poster? LOL My goodness, you have not been here that long or have not been reading my posts. I can recall at least 10 times where I went after individuals directly. And like I said, I do that when they cross that line. This was not one of those times. So I can not take credit for it this time. And NMRNG, I never boast about my own expertise. I do state the facts about my credentials, if and only if they come into question. Go back and read any of my former posts. You will never see me bringing up my credentials willy nilly without reason. Never! I challenge you to find a post by me like that in the last 5 years. If you do, please, inform me of it and I will agree with you. But that will not happen because I never mention my expertise or credentials unless it pertains to being called out by name by a bully. Normally, my fellow Cryptomundians are already aware of my credentials, the facts, and my reputation proceeds me. So there is no need for me to post about that. But go back and read every post where I do mention my expertise. What you will find is that a poster, acting like a bully, called me by name and challenged my credentials. Yes, you are correct, I will address them. But to call it a “lengthy rant” would be incorrect. And to call my previous post a “put down” to Ploughboy would also be incorrect.

    See, here is another example where I simply addressed a poster, you, that used my screen name by addressing me directly and then posted incorrect information. Because you addressed me directly, I simply responded as I do in all these cases. I just corrected you. You were not a threat. I do not perceive you as a bully. And I did not put you down, as you say. But since you did address me directly, I answered you directly. I simply corrected the misinformation you posted and backed it up with concrete examples. Then I supplied an explanation. An explanation of facts is not a rant. Hopefully, you did not feel offended as I corrected your mistatements.

    Now that I cleared that up for you NMRNG, let me address the content of your post. I AGREE with you 100% on the rest of your post. I have the same problem you do with these habituators and their claims. I could not have said it better than you did. You were spot on! Everything else you stated in your post including comments you made about Dyer and Smeja were perfectly written! Just an AWESOME breakdown in my opinion. Nice job!

    And that acutely sensitive nose of mine is working the way it always has, just fine! I can still smell BS a mile away, so I assume it is again in perfect working condition. And this SO group is pure BS, in my opinion. We agree!

  29. PhotoExpert responds:

    eyeofstrm–Yep, the PG has stood the test of time. What this SO group supplies is not even in the same league of the PG footage.

    Ploughboy–You make some very valid points. From reading the posts here, I would say that even if posters are in disgreement with your opinion, that can not disagree with your opinion about the sounds being analyzed by an audio expert. You are correct, that would put it to rest. And you brought up Scott Nelson. I am in agreement with you there. I would love to hear what he would say about these sound recordings. I would value his opinion as well.

    I think most posters here are not finding disagreement with you on the sound part being analyzed. It is the other things presented by this group which they disagree with. I am with them on that. All the other things I stated in my post is what people have a problem with. So, if a group such as SO is presenting “evidence” and “claims”, one must consider all of the evidence and claims. The blurry photos–suspect! The lack of photos after numerous encounters feet away from the tent time after time–suspect. The stick figures being tied to an unrelated story of a Sasquatch–suspect and misleading. The sounds being duplicated by another individual who took the time to do it and found them within human range–somewhat suspect. Claiming the sounds on the level of PG footage–an outright lie and highly suspect to the Nth degree.

    Ploughboy, you are cherry picking the evidence and claims. The sound recordings of the vocalizations are just a small part of the big picture. And most agree with you there. We would all like to hear from an expert. But you can not exclude the other claims and evidence submitted by this SO group. If the other claims and evidence is false, you must through out even the questionable evidence by this group. A reasonable investigator would not even waste their time analyzing the recordings or have them analyzed by an expert, once they realize all the other evidence presented in support of these vocalizations was garbage!

    Ploughboy, your points are correct on the audio expert part. But that is only taking into consideration just one small part of evidence. What I would be interested in is what you have to say about the other parts of the evidence and claims or lack there of. You have remained relatively silent about that. Because if you think the other 90% of the evidence is worth consideration by an expert, I believe everyone would disagree with you on that. And I think if you look at the other evidence in detail or why no clear photos have been taken by this group, your crapmeter would be going off too! And that is why most people posting here are calling these vocalizations worthless and no need for any expert to analyze them. It would be just a waste of everyone’s time. This SO group just lacks credibility in so many areas, a reasonable investigator would just dismiss any further claims or not see the need for further analysis. For me, it is a HOAX because of these reasons. And part of the only reason I would like to hear from an audio expert, is that they could put this HOAX to rest once and for all. Because then 100% of the evidence submitted by this SO group would be known as crap.

    You really made this a great thread with your points of view! Keep up the good posting!

  30. cryptokellie responds:

    Ploughboy, as I posted prior, there was a response to some of the first of these recordings, a while back, by a voice artist and vocal specialist and his learned opinion was that these recordings were human voices and manipulated human utterings. 100%. I guess that opinion gets in your way so we’ll let it go at that. You do make a salient point however; that no one here has ever heard a Bigfoot talk or sing…that’s true, especially so while listening to the recordings offered by Sasquatch Ontario that is.

  31. Goodfoot responds:

    Can we cease this stupid bickering? Is today a good day for you?

    Works for me.

  32. Goodfoot responds:

    From what I know of Scott Nelson, he would laugh at these asinine attempts at Bigfoot speech fakery.

    People want to divide us. Ask yourselves why. When you have the why, the who begins to be very clear.

    Some people are trying very hard to be divisive, and they’ve got something to protect. And you should know what that is, by now.

  33. sasquatch responds:

    Cryptokellie, even tho’ birds are the BEST at mimicking human speech.
    dogs do it…not as well, but….they do -check out the videos I mentioned-dogs “Saying”, I love you…

    I once was freaked out by a cat crying at my door-I thought someone had left a human baby at the door…when I opened it and found a cat I was creeped out.

    Did you ever read, “Never Cry Wolf”?
    In that book the author states that Eskimos can tell what different wolf sounds mean to other wolves.

    I believe animals have language. It’s not as sophisticated as human speech, but I DO think they “speak” to each other on some level(s).

    If Sasquatches are real animals, I’d be shocked if they didn’t communicate verbally.

    There is an interesting account of two Sasquatches apparently arguing while crossing a road in Colorado. There was a forest fire nearby that they seemed to be moving away from when the man (changing a flat tire) observed this.

  34. PhotoExpert responds:

    Goodfoot–Yep, it is a good day for me too! The contractors just finished putting in my new kitchen. And now it is going to take a couple of days to put everything back in the new cabinets, etc.

    Goodfoot, you stated in a previous post, that you “were still in”. Since you were not precluded from being in, then you must have heard Bigfoot vocalizations, correct? I believe in a post by you in another thread, you stated you had heard Bigfoot vocalizing. I asked you then in a follow up post, what you heard and what it sounded like. Yet, you never responded to my question.

    So I will ask it again, in a different way–If you truly heard Bigfoot vocalizations at a past point in your life, did they sound like these samples? I have never seen or heard a Bigfoot, but I still like to hear from those who have heard or seen a Bigfoot. How close are these sounds to what you claim to have heard?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

  35. DWA responds:

    Well, this might be yet another case of consider-the-source. Don’t know.

    But one thing we don’t have is significant evidence of an observed animal making any of the sounds alleged to be made by sasquatch. That’s a problem. Many people have seen them, and their descriptions are consistent. Many have found footprints that experts in analyzing same have reviewed and found consistent with an animal like the one people are seeing. We even have a film of one, and footprints cast at the film site that are consistent with many others found.

    But we don’t have visual records linked with sounds. That’s a problem. And yeah, I consider the source here problematic.

    But Ploughboy has it nailed here: there are too many toss-off opinions in this field by folks who haven’t bothered to inform themselves on the evidence. This comes from both proponents and skeptics, and there’s way too much of it. I’ve indulged, too. I’m gonna try to tone it down from now on.

    I will say this to Sasquatch Ontario, though: you’ll have to work me up that historical timeline of sasquatch ‘antiquity’.

  36. Goodfoot responds:

    sasquatch: I believe the difference is that birds, dogs, cats MIMIC human speech; they do not speak to other birds, dogs or cats. So I would discount that as true speech. Creatures with true speech realize complex thoughts – that’s not a bird, dog, cat.

    I can easily accept that some – maybe not all – Bigfoot communities, possessed of large, complex brains, maybe have developed some speech tens of thousands of years ago. Indian tribes might have been too aware of their surrounding for Bigfoots to approach camps in the dark: the world was much quieter again.

    But when noisy Europeans arrived, not attuned to there surrounding in the way that Indians were, I can believe that Bigfoots crept in closer, and listened to the languages they heard, and mimicked them later on.

    I think Bigfoots are set up for speech. And if you’re set up for something, you’ll eventually do it.

  37. Goodfoot responds:

    PhotoExpert: Yes, I did, in June of 2006. I don’t want to go into it here, because I’m unable to do the experience justice in a post. But I’ll describe it to anyone, face-to-face.

    It was quite close to my house, in a large horse pasture. At the time, I was new to Taos, and no one knew of my interest in the subject. I had not even heard the SIERRA SOUNDS recordings; that came about a year later, and it sounded so much like what I heard, I nearly fell on the floor.

    It was a bright, moonlit night, about 3 a.m. – over the years, this time seemed to be a sort of “witching hour” out in the pasture, with numerous odd occurrences.

    Anyway, I found myself more or less frozen during the experience, unable to get up and look out the window. And from time to time, I would hear odd whistling nearby. And once, right outside the house but very close, something very loud that imitated a hurt dog, but was obviously an imitation. But not a coyote.

    As for the vocalization itself, I just can’t do it justice here. But I would tell you face-to-face.

  38. PhotoExpert responds:

    Goodfoot–How cool that must have been and a bit scary too! I wish you lived closer so I could get a first hand account of that. I’m on the East Coast. Are you close?

    So the sounds you heard were almost identical to the Sierra Sounds audio? That audio is unbelievable and scary too. It is mesmerizing! You nearly fell on the floor! I would have been hightailing it out of there my friend. There is just something primal and I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach every time I hear that audio.

    You heard whistling too? Well, I doubt that was any bird at 3 AM. And I do not think coyotes can imitate both a bird and a hurt dog. I have heard coyotes before. Some people claim the Sierra Sounds are coyotes. If they are, I never heard a coyote make a sound like that! And if you heard whistling and a hurt dog sound from the same nearbly location, that is unexplainable for me. That is good earwitness testimony! And I trust you and your judgement. I am glad it was not me hearing those strange sounds.

    I have been in the woods and jungle. I have heard coyotes, jaguars, wild pigs, etc. But none of them sound like the Sierra Sounds audio and what you heard. That whistling you heard would have scared the crap out of me!

    When you heard these different vocalizations by the unknown creature, did at any time you hear anything like this audio, submitted by SO? Or was it just the whistling sounds, hurt dog sounds and the sounds similar to the Sierra Sounds? Your sounds were legit. These SO audio tracks sound in human range to me. You heard what you heard and would be in a better position than someone who has not heard BF sounds, to determine the authenticity of these SO sounds.

    What do you think?

  39. Goodfoot responds:

    I’m in the Richmond suburbs now, in VA.

    And yeah, I think these latest recording in question are well within human range.

    It’s interesting, maybe even important, to note that the place in Taos where I lived in a pretty inhabited area. Across the street from me was in town limits, and the high school was a mere 200 yards away, maybe even closer.

  40. PhotoExpert responds:

    Goodfoot–Yes, that sounds rural. But you know how it goes. A cougar is found in downtown Chicago, a wild cougar and not some released pet. Mountain lions stalking bikers in parks in CA. Black bears all over residential NJ. The list goes on and on. We find wild animals thriving in the suburbs. It’s not that far off base, if Bigfoots exist and migrate, then one being in a rural area near a school is not far fetched at all. And if they are just passing through, no one is going to see them in the dark hours of the morning. It is just a chance encounter. That is probably what you had, a chance encounter of a BF passing through. And if they travel in the wee hours of the morning, not much to run into and plenty of woods nearby.

    Yep, I felt these recordings were well within human range too. And that is why I wanted to ask someone that had heard Bigfoot vocalizations before and could compare the two. I trust your judgement and knew you would give me a straight answer. We both have the same take on these audio recordings. Just like we both have the same take on the Sierra Sounds. I still get chills every time I hear them played. And I don’t care what anyone says, that is not a group of coyotes. They are sounds, primal sounds and the remind me of a large primate. I’ve been in the Amazon Jungle for days on end and heard all kinds of strange sounds. Some I could identify. Others were probably birds, jaguars and monkeys. But I heard nothing as scary as the Sierra Sounds in that jungle.

    I have driven through your stretch of the woods. Yes, it is rural but there are more wooded areas and rivers than built up county. If what you heard was a Bigfoot, it just happened to be passing through and your neighborhood was just a blink of an eye visit and then it was off back to the woods for the big guy. It is nothing but woods all along that I-95 corridor. In fact, there was a really cool report of a Bigfoot where Arundle Mills Mall is now. When that mall was being built, there was a Bigfoot sighting there. It was witnessed by police officers and a DNR officer and they said it was no bear. Look that one up! And Richmond is just a bit further south. In terms of mileage, Taos is right around the corner if the I-95 corridor is a migratory path.

    Thanks for telling me about your Bigfoot encounter. Very credible and scary too!

  41. Goodfoot responds:

    PhotoExpert: What I heard at first, down by the giant septic tree, where the Weeping Willow grew, was a kind of whispering; but it wasn’t human language as we know it, in my judgement. The tone of it sounded exactly like a mother shushing a child who was maybe, in her opinion, making enough noise to wake humans. I was so new there, I wasn’t sleeping well. It was about 3 a.m, maybe a little later. I was sleeping on the floor on a couple stacked-up sleeping bags, something very common to me, because I don’t buy beds. For one thing, I like sleeping on the floor. And I don’t like to move beds around wherever I got. So I was stretched out beneath the window, on the floor. Windows open, which suggests to me it was June, because Taos is 7000 feet in elevation, and the nights drop into the 50s, except for late June, which is the hottest time, even at night.

    A while later, still alert and listening, I heard a thing, very loud, and, in my opinion, within 60-70 yards of open horse pasture, say something that I later heard on the SIERRA SOUNDS tapes/CDs. Not the same word, but something, probably male, that had a huge, resonant chest cavity. This was no human being. I won’t try and transliterate it here, because I can’t do it justice in print. Hell, I’m not a big guy. I can’t even do it justice in SPEECH. What I’ll say it was a rising inflection towards the end, which is common in most human languages as an interrogative. But more than that, it sounded like a name. Like a head of a family that had lost sight of another family member.

    I could be totally wrong about this; but I know it wasn’t a person. No doubt in my mind whatsoever.

  42. PhotoExpert responds:

    Goodfoot–Thanks for sharing your story with me. You have just described a first hand Bigfoot encounter. I would not be able to get to sleep after hearing something like that. See you around Cryptomundo my friend!

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