Sea Serpent Carcass or Gaff?

I found these images on Karl Shuker’s facebook page.

Sea Serpent Carcass or Gaff

Sea Serpent Carcass or Gaff


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  1. At first, I thought the tail of the beast looked a little crumpled, like its skin was made out of paper, hence a fake. But the second picture made me more interested: the head area looks real. The head also has some similarities to the heads of the coffee-drinking, naked aliens in the Men in Black movies. Perhaps the crumpled tail-like body is that way because of its unique biology or being dried in sunlight?

    The pics were taken in 2009…I haven’t heard of anything like this being on the science websites or news sites or anything. Is it being researched, and if so, what is the hold up on Christening it a brand new species? Has it been proven legit? Why is it coming out now instead of two years ago?

    If its legit, its a fantastic find.

  2. It sort of looks like an odd type of kelp, but it appears to have a face, so I don’t know.

  3. Gonna go ahead and say its a fake or a known, yet obscure, creature… IMHO, when/if major discoveries as this would be are found, you’d think the press would be all over it like white on rice, a paper plate, a glass of milk and a snow storm. You almost always have to discount things like these.

    If its real, then its prolly a known creature….maybe one of those rarely seen deep sea creatures that we only usually get to see when they wash up dead.

  4. Check out “spider-dog”.

    This guy isn’t a hoaxer, but a taxidermy artist (“Rouge Taxidermist).

  5. Takeshi Yamada is a famous taxidermy artist who makes strange creatures as art. This is just another example of his rogue taxidermy. Don’t know what animal parts it is created from, but this creature only exists as art. It was never alive.

  6. My first reaction was kelp too.

    But upon looking at the pictures more closely, especially the second one, I was amazed by the realistic looking details.

    Is that a pair of whiskers just behind the mouth? And look at those bumps on the upper body reminiscent of a sturgeon’s.

    Absence of fins would probably mean that the creature, if real, is sedentary wouldn’t it?

  7. Let me google that for you.

    New York artist Takeshi Yamada creates spectacular taxidermy gaffs–frauds and fakes that are right at home in a Victorian cabinet of curiosity or PT Barnum’s American Museum of the 19th century.

  8. Takeshi Yamada is Japanese-American taxidermist/artist who ‘creates’ monsters. The white coat and bow tie is obviously staged for the photograph.

  9. “Dr.” Yamada is an artist.

    He even made some other cryptid specimens like a Chupacabra, or Mongolian Death Worm.

  10. It’s a fake, guy in the picture is a ‘rogue taxidermist’ according to boing boing (2nd result if you google his name)

    ‘Takeshi Yamada’s curious taxidermy creations’

  11. From the same web page:
    “Consequently, it was only ever likely to be just a matter of time before I became acquainted with the spectacular zoological creations of multi-award-winning Japanese-born artist, author, and educator Takeshi Yamada”

    Google him and you will find hisother works of art

  12. Takeshi Yamada is a taxidermy specialist.

    A quick google search of his name informed me of this, and in this link you can see some of his other creations.

  13. It’s a hoax. Google this guy and you will find out he is an artist that stuffs things. Too bad it wasn’t real!

  14. It looked kind of dried out. Not sure what it could be. Might be a stuffed fabric of some sort, though I’m not sure what would give it that texture. It’s a prop I can’t see any photo shop tricks. I’m with Hapa, it was 2009, it would have been all over the news if it was a legit find.

  15. Just Googled the Dr in the pics. He’s listed as a rogue taxidermist. Makes human faced ants, giant hairy spiders with dogs heads. So I’d say fake.

  16. I did a web search on the name, this guy is a ROGUE TAXIDERMIST and has created some pretty odd stuff so what we have here is a GAFF folks!

  17. Google Dr. Takeshi Yamada, and the first result is this site, which claims Dr. Yamada has discovered numerous mysterious creatures, including a vampire monkey the giant chupacabra snail, which strongly appear as fakes.

    Likely this is a fake as well.

  18. Have to agree, the very first thing that comes up when you google his name is ‘rouge taxidermy’ . But think of how much more difficult it would have been to determine this if his name wasn’t on the bottom of the snapshot.

    His stuff is fabulous!

  19. You can see its a gaff. The head he is holding appears to have little or no weight. If this were a fish type species and was real a head that size would weigh about 40lbs and would look as such. This looks as if he is holding it effortlessly. the skin looks a bit fake but the head and the mans reputation make me say fake.

  20. Everyone, please read the comments. It has already been proven this is fake. No need to comment unless you have something that hasn’t been said.

  21. Regardless of taxidermy art, “spider-dog” is just down right wrong and scary.