The Latest on the Siberian Snowman Front

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on February 9th, 2011

On January 29, 2011, Igor Burtsev posted the following on his facebook page:

Sudden Support in Siberia

As reported earlier, favorable conditions have been shaping in the Kemerovo Region of Siberia for hominological expeditions and other fieldwork in the area thanks to the interest for the subject displayed by the regional authorities and personally by Governor Aman Tuleyev. “Snowman Day” has been declared in the Region, to be marked in November, and the Governor announced a million ruble reward to the person who would bring a snowman to him for a tea party.

Taking this into consideration, I, on behalf of the International Center of Hominology in Moscow, have come up with the proposal to set up a Hominology Institute in the Kemerovo Region. This proposal has been addressed to the regional authorities, who were provided with the following items of relevant information: a list of Russian scientists and researchers supportive of the subject; some periodical publications, such as Hominology Herald, website materials, books on the subject, conference perspectives, etc.

The proposal has been approved and supported by Sergey Shatirov, a Senator in the Russian Federation Council from the Kemerovo Region, who sent a corresponding letter to Governor Aman Tuleyev. The latter, in his turn, has approved the idea and instructed his officials to set up a Hominology Institute at Kemerovo State University.

In addition, it has been in principle decided to hold in the Kemerovo Region this summer a scientific conference on theoretical and practical aspects of hominology, with possible participation of researchers from Russia, U.S.A., Canada, China, Mongolia, Germany, France, Australia, and other countries.

To help work on these plans in practice, I have to fly on a business trip to the Kemerovo Region. During this trip I’ll visit also the location where activities of homins was marked in Summer time.

Afterwords I’ll maybe visit the neighboring Altay mountains where a team of SyFy made that Destination Truth program in last Spring time.Igor Burtsev

He then followed up with the following today, February 9, 2011.

The Latest On the Siberian Front

Via TV news, all of Russia learned of Governor Tuleyev’s warm feelings for the snowman and hominologists. Igor Burtsev was contacted and interviewed by TV producers, who invited him to take a trip with them to the Kemerovo Region to prepare a program for a TV show.They had to fly there on Monday, January 31. At the last moment Igor was informed that there was no air ticket for him (he was told the company was short of money). Igor was left behind. It became clear that a dirty game was under way. Some days later there were TV announcements for a program in which viewers will have answers to the questions: “Why does Governor Aman Tuleyev need a snowman? Is he going to send him to Parliament to represent the Kemerovo Region?”

Everybody looked forward eagerly to viewing that program on Sunday, February 6, especially the part devoted to our subject (the program included other “hot” items), but our subject wasn’t there! Tuleyev’s (and snowman’s?!) friendly forces had intervened and the subject was taken off the program.

Igor’s comment: “The struggle for troglodytes is going on! And the snowman is being involved in politics!” The Struggle for Troglodytes was the title of Boris Porshnev’s 1968 documentary story in which he described his great endeavors to create a scientific basis of hominoid research in the Soviet Union. Dirty tricks were used freely then by his opponents as well.

Hopefully Igor, who is a Cryptomundo reader, will offer more details for the readers of Cryptomundo to ponder.



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  1. Guy Edwards responds:

    Great Post! If there is anything we can do to help let us know! There has to be something we all can do.

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