Update: Sierra Kills Shooter Talks

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 4th, 2012

On October 8, 2010, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Justin Smeja and his hunting buddy allegedly came upon an adult Sasquatch and two young ones. Smeja says that In the confusion that followed, he killed the adult and one of the juveniles. Here is his story.ImpossibleVisits (Chris Noel)

The above paragraph is Chris Noel’s description of the interview that he edited down to 28:33 minutes.

Update: Transcript added

Transcript of the Justin Smeja radio show. Via Chris Noel:

Justin Smeja: It was October 8th of 2010, and we’re going bear hunting up by Golden Lake. It was just another day. We’d hunted most of the day – unproductive. We found one small buck, and we said, “It’s a young deer, let’s let this one grow up,” so we passed on that deer.

Then we ended up going into another area, and we’re coming around the corner. It’s probably 5 o’clock. We came around this corner…well, it’s not really a corner – it’s kind of like an open field, but it’s a blind corner because you can’t see past these trees. So it opens up into a field. We both look, and we see this thing at the same exact time.

The truck stops. I pointed my rifle at it, and I could see it through the scope. I had my scope on 16 power. I could see it pretty clearly. Everybody asks me, “Well what was going through your head? Did you think it was a bear?” I thought a lot of things. It wasn’t that I was a skeptic, it was more that I didn’t know that anybody believed in Bigfoot at all.

We saw this creature. It was walking on two legs, hairy. The best way I can describe it is it looked like a person in a suit. Probably 3 or 4 seconds had gone by, and it started to walk towards us, between 80 and 100 yards away…It had its arms in the air and was waving them, almost like, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot!” Kind of a universal thing in any language. Anybody raises his hands – sign of surrender.

I didn’t know what it was. To me it was just a monster. I’m looking at this monster. By this time I have the bullet in the chamber, my finger on the trigger, and it’s coming towards us, slowly. It’s taking steps, waving.

A lot of people are saying I shot it in the back, but if you have a deer, and you shoot it behind the shoulder, then you’re going to penetrate both lungs. On a person it’s a hard area to describe, but it’s basically right under the shoulder where the lungs are located.

So maybe 5 seconds had passed, and my buddy says, “Don’t shoot, don’t shoot! It’s not a bear. Do not shoot.” And I’m still kind of locked in on this thing. To me it was a monster, that’s all it was.

You know the gun’s getting ready to go off. We’ve hunted together a lot over the years, and we both knew what was going to happen. Normally when we see something, the truck stops, both of us get out, and we’ve got our rifles on it immediately.

Well, my buddy was still using his binoculars because he didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to think. I’m looking at this thing, and I’m pretty close to pulling the trigger. I’ve just been squeezing this whole time. And he’s getting louder and louder, he’s like, “Hey bro, don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! That is not a bear! That’s a person in a suit! That’s a person in a suit! Don’t shoot!”

And I’m thinking, “Well, if that’s a person in a suit, then we’ve got a real problem here, ‘cause they’re walking around during bear season with a fur suit on.”

Something doesn’t add up about this. I’m halfway thinking in the back of my mind that somebody’s going to pull around the corner and it’s going to be like a film crew or something like that. I don’t know. My mind’s going a hundred miles an hour.

But I see this animal – this furry thing – and we’re here to hunt. We’re here to kill animals, and it was just a monster. So I pull the trigger, and you could see dust shoot off the side of it, like it obviously made a really good hit, definitely got it in the lungs. And it took off running.

Just then we see two…I guess you’d call ‘em kids or cubs or something, I don’t know. The big one’s almost out of sight, and these two come right out, and my buddy’s like “Holy fuck , really? There’s more of them!”

So we drive the truck into the field as far as we can, maybe 30 yards. Then we take off running. We heard the thing crash though. It crashed; it sounded like a car wreck. We knew we made a good hit. It’s very normal to shoot a deer and have it run 50, 60, 70 yards and expire. So we run up there, and my buddy doesn’t even grab his gun.

I mean we’re just running, trying to run over to this thing, and the cubs are just out of sight. And we run over there, and now we’re face to face with these kids – probably 10 yards away or so, and we can’t find the big one. So I decide I’m going to going to shoot one of the kids, and my buddy’s like, “No, do not shoot! Do not shoot!”

“Okay, okay, alright. We’ll find the big one, we’ll get it and we’ll leave.”

So we end up looking for 15 minutes or so.

Meanwhile the kids…they’re looking for the parent obviously. They are walking around looking for their parent. We knew we were looking in the right area then…I’ve made the mistake of shooting a sow, and then the piglets come running out, and they always know right where their mom is. They take you to the body. So we knew that it was right there; we just couldn’t find it. It’s an extremely brushy area. I mean, we could have looked for 2 weeks and not found it.

So there’s blood on the ground. We’re kind of looking at the blood. We’re walking around. We split up probably 10 or 15 times. He’d go one way – I’d go the other way. And the kids would do the same thing. They’d walk into the center of the open field, and they’d say something to each other. It sounded like deaf chatter, they’d say, “Wawwa Wo!” They’d say something to each other, then they’d split up.

Then about a minute later they’d come back, almost like they were saying something like this to each other, “You see anything? No, okay. Did you look by that tree, did you look by the stump? Yeah I looked by the stump, did you look by the tree? I’ll look by the other tree.”

They didn’t care that we were there. They were not alarmed at all. They were just there. And so, maybe 15 minutes goes by or so, and I keep deciding that I’m going to shoot one of the little ones. I say, “We’ll shoot one of these, throw it in the back, and we’ll figure it out.”

And my buddy’s like, “No, no that’s terrible. Don’t do that. There’s no reason for that. There’s absolutely no reason to do this.”

So at the time everything’s running through my head, I’m thinking if we don’t get one of the little ones, nobody’s ever going to believe us. It’s just going to be a crazy story. We just need to find the big one, and we need to get out of here.

So eventually me and my buddy are split up, and I’m down this hill, and the little one is almost like straight uphill maybe 15 yards away, maybe 20, it’s is starting to approach me.

It’s getting closer…it’s getting closer, starting to make some noise, like the deaf chatter thing…it’s getting closer, and I was thinking, “I don’t know what’s going to happen here, but he’s going to get too close, it’s way too close for comfort. Screw it, I’m going to shoot.”

So I shoot it directly in the neck ‘cause I didn’t want to mess up the skull or the face. And it rolled down the hill and actually…it hit my feet and started bleeding on my boots. It’s still alive. So I pick it up, and I’m sitting there looking at it, and I’m starting to feel bad. I’m starting to realize, “What have I done, what have I done?” And…that went on for a couple minutes. There was a lot of stuff that happened then, but to summarize it and make a long story short, it died.

And then my buddy walks up and he’s like, “What have you done? Seriously, really?” And I’m like “Fine, forget this,” so I throw it on the ground, and I start walking back to the truck. Then I look back, and my buddy’s holding it, just holding it, sitting there staring at it.

So…I walk back to him like, “Dude, we gotta get out of here. Somebody just heard a shot, you know that somebody’s going to show up – Fish and Game. We’re going to get in so much trouble. We’re going to go to jail. We need to get out of here. This is crazy. Let’s go.”

He says, “Okay, okay, let’s hide this, and we’ll come back for it later. We’ll come back.”

So we take it into the bush, get it as deep as we can, throw a bunch of stuff on top of it, and then we leave, not saying a word. We actually drove out of there probably 60 miles an hour on that dirt road. It doesn’t make sense but we were just afraid we were going to get caught or get in trouble, something like that.

We drove down to Sierraville, and we stop there. Both of us quit smoking in like the last 6 months. Gross habit. But we both walk in, get a pack of cigarettes without saying a word, and we drive all the way home without saying a word. We both smoked the whole pack. Then he dropped me off.

A couple days later I get on Taxidermy.net. I’ve got a few friends on there, and I’m trying to think if there’s some way I can talk about what happened, so I make a post titled, If You Saw Bigfoot, Would You Shoot It?

That’s all I said, and everybody’s going back and forth. Taxidermists are outdoor people. They’ve got a fascination with wildlife. They’ve hunted all their lives. There’s a bunch of guys on there who were like, “Oh no, I seen one, I seen one, I know they’re real.” And it turned into this really long topic, so maybe 20 pages goes by. And I get on there and I say, “I’ll tell you what, you can call it bullshit if you want, I don’t care, but I shot something that walked on two legs.”

[Word soon reaches Derek Randles, long-time Pacific Northwest Sasquatch researcher and co-founder of The Olympic Project. He got in touch with Smeja.]

I end up telling Derek the whole thing, and he says, “Alright, I need you to get back up there and I need you to get either the body of the little one or the big one. We’ve got to get this done.”

And I’m like, “I don’t think so, man. I don’t think I’m going to go back there.”

And he’s like, “You don’t understand. We’ve worked so hard for this. We need your help. We need to get up there. I’m going to drive down there. How ‘bout I’ll drive to your house. I’ll drive you up there.”

“What, you’re going to drive 12 hours?”

And he’s like, “Yeah, this is really important. 27 years of research, and this is as big as it gets. This is the holy grail.”

So eventually I end up saying, “All right, fine, I’ll drive up there, and I’ll get it, then you can drive down and pick up the body.”

So I put it off, maybe a week or so. I’m busy with work. I didn’t really get what had happened, and Derek’s calling me up every day saying, “Seriously, you’ve got to get up there. You’ve got to get up there. Just call in to work. This is so important. There could be money involved. But more than that, we’ve been looking for this thing for so long, and now there’s one sitting there.”

So I talk to my buddy, and we’re like, “Well, let’s go get this thing.” So we get a bunch of trash bags – black contractor bags. We get up there, and there’s freakin’ 3 feet of snow on the ground. So…we couldn’t find it. I had my bloodhound with me. She’s usually pretty good at tracking. She’s a hunting dog. So I take her out there, and she’s acting like she just shit the bed or something. She’s acting so embarrassed. She’s acting very timid. She’s very bothered by the whole thing.

So eventually we decided to gauge where we would dig, ‘cause we’d been digging for 5 or 6 hours…we figured out there were 2 or 3 areas the dog really didn’t like. She’d walk in a straight line, then all of a sudden she’d turn around and walk the other way. So we based where we dug off of the dog.

We find this flesh sample. It looks like a piece of hide. Some people say there’s just no way that something like that would be there that long without the animals getting to it. I say that’s ridiculous, ‘cause if I shoot a deer, take it to my house, shear it, take it back to the woods, drop it off, and a month later I’ll go back up there and you’ll still see…bones, pieces of hair, hide, blood, all that stuff.

So we find it, and end up sending a small portion of it – I don’t know, maybe an eighth of it – to Melba Ketchum. And here we are today.

If you were to weigh it, the whole sample, it might be 2 pounds, but that’s really pushing it. We ended up taking the rest of the sample, wrapping it in paper, and freezing it in a block of ice. It’ll be exactly the same 20 years from now. No air can get to it; there’s no chance of freezer burn.

We’ve probably been back up there 20 times, maybe more. We went with a group of researchers, and we looked and looked and looked, and we couldn’t find anything. I’ve heard about the theory that maybe they bury their young or something. I don’t know. I don’t know what to think. On one of my trips, we found some tracks of a larger one that had a younger one with it. I have pictures of those tracks.

The one question everybody asks me. They corner me and ask, “Why didn’t you put the little one in your truck?”

[Very agitated.] I don’t know! It bothers me every day. I’ve got no idea. I’m so tired of that question. If I could go back in time…you’re telling me that I had a winning lottery ticket, and I burned it. But…I lose sleep over it. It bothers me. I don’t know. I don’t know what was going through my head. I was sitting there thinking, “We gotta get out of here. This is nuts. This is crazy.” It was like a bad dream, actually it was very much like a bad dream. We felt like once we got out of there, it was over.

There was a while where it was really, really traumatic. And then…you lose sleep enough, and you kind of forget about it. But every once in a while I’ll see like a little monkey or something in a zoo, and I’m like, “Fuck man, what did I do?” Recently, I saw this boxer dog, and it had this face that was really kind of similar to the young one’s face, and I was just sitting there looking at this dog just thinking, “Oh my God…what happened?”

The kid looked like a little black kid. Its face…human eyes, but it had the snout of a boxer, and the lips of an ape. It very closely resembled the snout of a boxer but pushed in a little bit more.

J.C. Johnson: Were the young ones walking on all fours or on two legs?

Justin Smeja: 50/50. They spent as much time on all 4s as they did on 2 legs. They were a drastically different color than the adult. The adult was the color of a pale coyote, and the kids were cinnamon-colored, quite a bit darker.

Abe del Rio: Were they faster on all fours?

Justin Smeja: They were definitely faster on all fours. They had very long arms, and they had huge heads. They basically had an adult-sized head on a kid-sized body, which is really hard to wrap your mind around. And their hands were huge. Well, they were the size of mine, but if you put that on a little frame, it looks oddly proportioned. And they were calloused. I’ve been saying that they have paws. They’re hands, but they’re so calloused, they look like paws. It looks like a pad, like two little pads on each finger, and a big pad. Their hands were very cushioned.

[Justin’s buddy, the driver of the truck, comes on.]

Driver: When I first looked at it [through the binoculars], the first thing I ever said was it looked like a person in a bear suit. Someone that had a bear suit on, but then where’s the bear’s face would be, it was not there, instead it looked more human. I didn’t even really think it looked ape-like at all. It looked a lot more human, but it looked a lot more hairy in the face than a person.

Unknown host: You actually lifted up the little one. How much would you say it weighed?

Driver: 35 to 40 pounds.

Unknown host: And about how tall?

Driver: I would say 3 feet. The little ones were extremely vocal while we were searching for the big one. The best way to describe it is like when a deaf person is trying to talk. They were loud. They talked a lot. They would come back to each other. They would start making noises, then they would run off in different directions. And they did that probably 5 or 6 times.

Unknown host: They weren’t communicating in English, nothing you could understand, right?

Driver: Correct, yes.

The adult looked very similar to the one in the Patterson Film because it looked like a person in a suit. I personally felt like it would have been a female because of the 2 younger ones. I can’t tell by looks whether it was a male or a female.

[Compared to “Patty”] it was more flat-chested, well, muscular. I felt like it was carrying a lot of weight around with it, like it was more thick than “cut up” or “ripped.” I could tell that by the way the sides shook when it got shot.

I watched the shot enter the body of the big one, and I remember the way the side…looked like Jell-O. The shot rocked its side. You could see waves in the side of the body. And the picture that sticks with me more than anything else was when the bullet entered the big one.

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65 Responses to “Update: Sierra Kills Shooter Talks”

  1. Christy Lightfoot via Facebook responds:

    No body, no pictures.. didn’t happen. Another attention seeker with a story.

  2. juuso responds:

    I’m not terribly convinced yet by this. I hope something convincing would come out, if something at all ever comes.

  3. Elise Bischoff via Facebook responds:

    Even though it can’t be verified, the story is utterly heartbreaking and clearly illustrates the moral challenges of obtaining a specimen for scientific examination.

  4. William responds:

    Sorry, but this pair doesn’t even sound as believeable as the two other guys a while back one who claimed he had a family of BF hanging out in his backyard and the other who claimed he too had shot one and buried it out of fear of being charged with murder of a human. Both of those individuals were eventually found out to be simply big time liars who for whatever reason wanted to garner a lot of attention.

  5. mid tarsal responds:

    He shot it from the front yet it hit behind the shoulder? Sounds like there was a second shooter in the grassy knoll. What happened to the second juvenille? Did I miss that part? The sasquatch was light coloured, had a dog’s nose, paws, walked on four legs? That’s no squatch, that’s a damn werewolf! Very bizarre and illogical story. I don’t know, but I didn’t see it going down this way folks.

  6. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    Something just doesn’t click here. Smeja seemed intent on killing one of the “kids” from the very beginning. He tries to justify it by saying no one would believe him if he didn’t, but then he kills it and leaves it there? He claims they tracked the bigger creature into the brush by following blood droplets, so why not collect the blood for proof? Blood has DNA. This is either a fantastically outrageous hoax or Smeja is a cold blooded killer who admits he thought it was a person in an ape or bear costume and shot it anyway. If this “sample” he has, comes back with any human DNA strands, he should be convicted for murder. Personally, I would rather believe this to be a hoax, than to believe anyone could be so cruel and void or morals.

  7. trapper9990 responds:

    I personally talked with Justin for over 2 hours a few nights ago. His story is unwavering, and I would guarantee anything that he is telling the absolute truth. If anyone has ever told the truth about a bigfoot encounter, it is him. He makes no excuses but tells it how it is and while is generally sorry that the event occurred, he doesn’t try and plead that he is innocent. Here is a case of a younger man out road hunting, (not poaching) but scanning for game while driving, when they came upon a large figure in the road. Justin told me that it looked like it was a guy in a bear suit to be frank, but when he saw the face and generally the size of the animal that he knew it couldn’t be a man. He had no idea about bigfoot and had not heard it discussed in a real life animal sense, and in his terms he saw it as a monster. Which is what anyone would have thought if they had no idea about the animal and were seeing this. Odds are most would have shot. Then you combine things with the driver’s testimony and the details of the shot. These things are not made up. The driver did his best to tell Justin not to shoot them, and this would be the likely reaction of someone in the vehicle who had heard of these animals before. Its a shame a body wasn’t recovered or at least we don’t think that one was. What most don’t know is that the cadaver dogs were brought in without Justin knowing. They told him they didn’t need him to go with them when they came in a second time, so who knows if they found anything.

    And for those who don’t believe in a government converup, here yet again a government link emerges. Justin was the first to tell me that he didn’t believe in government coverups, ghosts, UFOs, any of that stuff. But he told me in his words after he experienced what he did that “if you believe in bigfoot, then you have to believe in a cover up”. He told me when those 2 officers came to his door that they were stone faced when they told him they were their to investigate the deaths of the two sasquatches. He told me straight up, they thought he had a body and when they realized he didn’t, they backed off. So for those who think the government doesn’t know about these things, basically your naive or just dumb. Ask the firefighters who saw the wounded animals get taken away, ask the Indians who have seen dead bodies taken away right in front of them, ask the policeman and DNR guys, and countless others who have been threatened if they talked about it. Justin told me alot of other things. And I’ll go ahead and tell you one more. When speaking about the whole government thing. He said he told a friend of his who works for the DNR about the incident. This person is a game warden who he called a friend and they talked about everything openly. This man told him in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t go near that topic and he couldn’t talk about it. He also told Justin to just drop the subject and to stay away from it. He wouldn’t go into it more with him, but simply stated that he couldn’t talk about it and that Justin should steer clear of it. You can even tell in last nights interview when they ask him if he had been contacted by game and fish. Their is initial hesitation on his part on whether he should tell that they came to his home or not. After all that may lead to bad aftermath. But he does tell it. Folks these animals are out there, we know it and the government knows it. They are keeping it hushed up for many reasons but one day it will come out whether they like it or not. If you don’t believe their has been such a coverup, then you cant really call yourself a researcher because if you’ve read many reports or talked to many witnesses who have gone public on a national level, then you know that this keeps coming up. Try asking forestry workers and DNR and BLM guys about them out west, they won’t talk, and the ones that do acknowledge that it is happening. It’s up to us to stop this. The next time a kill is made, and it will happen again, the only way that things will change is if that person keeps it quiet, tells no one, and then dumps the body right in the middle of a crowd who has cameras who has news present, and who has researchers present. So that no one can deny it. Nothing will change things short of a body. And this will probably only happen if that person understands the government is involved. If you call the cops after the killing, kiss that animal goodbye, if you tell people, kiss it goodbye. I sincerely hope it happens soon, and from the info I received from certain sources, we may just be getting one very soon.

  8. JE_McKellar responds:

    I don’t know about the veracity, but it’s interesting how he described the young as being more quadrupedal. We take it for granted that human infants are basically born bipedal and crawl only until they get barely enough muscle mass to toddle around, but in the wild, a more solitary bipedal creature would have to be able to keep up with adults much sooner in their development. These creatures might then spend their childhoods on all fours, with proportionally longer arms. As they reach adolescence, their legs begin to grow rapidly, and they slowly transition to a mostly bipedal lifestyle.

    The boxer-like face and muzzle is also interesting. That suggests to me that they’re born with, or quickly develop, over-sized jaws, just as humans are born with over-sized brain cases. That would point to a Paranthropus-derivative, as a Gigantopithecus would have probably been too obviously an ape, with a rounded muzzle, and later Homo species have smaller jaws.

    I just hope these two are eventually interviewed by someone with the anatomical knowledge to get the crucial details out of their account. More important than even the DNA evidence that might emerge, is some scrap of ecological information that could help researched find and study these creatures in the wild.

  9. trapper9990 responds:

    Ok, to clear this up. As a hunter would know. And maybe Justin forgot to mention this last night. He did not shoot it while it was staring him in the face. He shot it when it turned quartering away, shooting it under the arm, below the armpit, on its side, giving a double lung hit. It wasn’t shot in the back or the front. When a hunter says they shot it behind the shoulder it means they shot it in its side and it went through the vitals. So please don’t be confused by this.

    Secondly, these guys sound about a million times more believable than any shooting story I’ve ever heard of in the last 50 years. You’re talking about a young man and friend who shot two animals who could potentially get in alot of trouble for doing it. They aren’t in it for the money and are just working class dudes. They describe what they saw which is what any true hunter would have seen. This is exactly what happens when you shoot an animal, things happen so fast that you don’t get all the details, you make the decision to fire and that’s that. I think they described the animal great and you will see the sketch of it in his book and when you do you’ll probably be shocked. It amazed me. These guys aren’t excited about shooting it and their not yelling it from the roof tops, they’re not going to be taking about it with enthusiasm. The fact is, they were out hunting, they shot this thing and a little one. Pure and simple. Let me ask what the doubters would have wanted him to say? Please explain what he should have done to make it more believable, because I sure as heck don’t see anything even remotely fishy about his statements. These guys aren’t looking for you to believe them, and as Justin told me he doesn’t care if people believe him. He saw what happened and he has proof of the shooting. If people don’t care about that, then he doesn’t care. And that is just such an attitude that someone who shot one would have who isn’t money hungry. The could give two craps if someone thought it was fake. They don’t need to prove a thing. They have lives to live outside of bigfoot. As Justin told me, hey if I can make some money off it, then great, but if not, I don’t really care. I just want this all to either be proven or go away. It’s a shame if the public doesn’t believe him, as you will never find someone more truthful. And guess what, he’s got the proof of the pudding. That DNA isn’t coming back unknown primate for a reason.

  10. Tim Barnhill via Facebook responds:

    I find it hard to believe that a experienced Hunter would not bring his kill out of the woods, especially considering that kill is a Sasquatch, and that there are no laws against trapping or taking a Sasquatch.

  11. JE_McKellar responds:

    @mid tarsal: He explained that ‘behind the shoulder’ really means below the shoulder. Imagine shooting a deer behind the shoulder, in the flank. Then imagine the deer standing up, as a human. The wound would be in the side of the ribcage, or even slightly towards the chest, right where the lungs are.

    He does this all throughout the account, alternating between speaking of the creatures as standard game animals, and speaking of them as humans. At some points he gives up trying to deal with his own ambivalence altogether and just calls her a “monster”.

    His troubled ambivalence lends the story a bit of credibility, imho. Lies are made to be simple, the truth is maddeningly complex.

  12. trapper9990 responds:

    My last and third post, But I just read a comment above and it’s like people aren’t paying any attention. First and foremost no one knows what a bigfoot would do vs what it wouldn’t do so to say that isn’t a squatch is something you really don’t know. To clear things up, I stated above where he shot it. Secondly sasquatch have been described as every color variation a human has, so grey isn’t uncommon at all in the reports. And if he was going to do a hoax, grey would be the last color it would be. Secondly he did state what happened to the second little one. They didn’t see it again after he shot the first little one, it ran away, or apparently did. Next, he never said the big one had a face like a dog or ran on all fours. I have the sketch of the big one and it doesn’t look anything like a dog’s face. He was speaking of the little ones when he said that. The big one looks like a classical example only slightly more human. The little ones apparently differed. He described them as not having a dog face, but when it came to their nasal area, the little ones were flatter and more compact. The nose also was more pointed and more muzzle like than the big one. Look at a boxer dog which is how he described the nose. Not that it looked exactly like that, but that it had a short blunt muzzle like nose that was compacted in. And the researchers know that sasquatch have always been reported walking on both two and four legs especially the little ones. So for him to say so is 100 percent accurate. Not only that but he describes them looking very different than the bigger one and also wtih large heads. This has always been described when little ones have been seen. So his case fits classic bigfoot descriptions, so in fact , that is a “squatch”. Next, he never said they had paws. He said they had hands and fingers like us but they were LIKE paws in that they were calloused similar to a dog’s paws, indicating that they use all four appendages in moving at times. Which is exactly what anatomical feature you’d suspect. So again, it does fit a “squatch”. Then you have the rumor that the big one was running on all four legs. This isn’t true, although it may have run on all fours out of his sight. When he shot the big one it knocked it down flat. He then told me it got up ran a few steps, fell down, ran a few, and repeated this a series of times. Not going down on all fours, but literally going down to the ground. Please read his encounter or listen to his descriptions if you don’t understand the facts. Then think about, hey what would an animal have structurally if it did what people said it did. If that makes since, then read other reports going back in history. If you did all these things you’d find that his descriptions are historically accurate and have been reported for centuries. I may be coming off strong here, but I am one of the few who have talked to the man one on one. He’s not lying and he’s telling people what he saw. And when people start tearing into his story and how that’s not how they think a bigfoot would look, it gets annoying for me, let alone him. How would anyone know, other than the two people who were there and witnessed that particular event. You and me definitely would not know. So we can’t comment on if that’s how they look, because odds are you’ve never seen one and neither have I. And if you have been lucky enough to see one close up and its babies, then there is no guarantee that they would look the same from region to region. Reports indicate they don’t. But iIdoubt anyone has seen young ones or older ones this close in a long time and certainly this is the first reported time this has happened on this magnitude. So we should applaud him for coming forward, as most would have been to afraid of coming forward. Oh and another thing, he said the little ones looked like a black child about 5 years old in size, but with the nasal area more resembling a muzzle than a typical nose. And to his ability and recollection, this nasal structure resembled a muzzle that he had seen before in a bull dog. Pure and simple this is what he saw. If you read through it or listen to it and you think you find something that you think isn’t typical about the descriptions. Do some report research and you will see you were wrong. This is the real deal, believe it or not, this happened. This is all I will say, I will let Justin’s story be his to tell from this point.

  13. Ed Ayala via Facebook responds:

    Hasn’t this story been going on for months????…….Bunk I tell you, BUNK!

  14. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    Smeja says, before he even started seriously looking for the body of the adult, that he decided to kill one of the “kids”. Why do this, when you supposedly hear the big one fall down dead in the brush? At this point, he has no idea that they won’t be able to find the adult, but he wants to kill one of the youngsters anyway? Why? What would be the purpose? They obviously aren’t attacking. If anything, they seem scared by the account he gives. This proves to me, one thing…… bloodlust. He wanted to kill it, because he could. There was no other reasoning. The fact that they left the adolescent body there, just proves the point. There is a major difference between a hunter and a killer. Hunters, do so for a purpose. Killers, kill because they can. Smeja sounds like the latter, if this story is true.

  15. bigfoots responds:

    if it is true…this guy should not be allowed to have guns..
    Thats not how you hunt… you dont shoot things just for fun.. and you especially dont shoot humanoid figures with their hands up…this is real basic stuff here… stuff you learn when your 9 and just starting to hunt..
    this really pisses me off..
    I hope he’s tore limb from limb by a Sasquatch next time hes in the woods..

  16. Cass_of_MPLS responds:

    “Trapper9990” seems awful eager to convince us that Smeja really IS the kind of cold-blooded killer who would shoot an unknown creature just for the fun of it.

    He was not being attacked by the animals, he was not licensed to shoot ANY creature he might happen upon in the woods. Hunting licenses are issued for very definite KINDS of “game animals” which are “in season.”

    So far as I know there is no Open Season for Sasquatches. And since Smeja wasn’t being attacked by it…didn’t plan on eating it…and doesn’t even have the lame excuse of being the first to have a Squatch head mounted on his wall then why shoot it?

    Does he usually go into the woods and just start blasting away at anything that moves? If so he should certainly be denied a license to hunt in the future.

    But the truth is he’s just another liar. Oh, one could be generous and call it a “Hunter’s Tale” and class it among other tall tales that hunters like to tell each other around the campfire. But that’s usually done in good fun and everyone knows what’s going on and people vie with each other to tell the TALLEST tale.

    But Smeja wants to be believed. (Apparently he wants to make money out of this story and lacks the ingenuity to turn it into a novel). So finds a couple of friends (or just gullible cretins) to back his story and once again WE who are SERIOUS about the search for a hitherto unknown and unclassified hominid that may or may not dwell in the woodlands of the Pacific Northwest (and, perhaps, a few other places) have to waste out time trying to shed another opportunistic loudmouth.

    When…WHEN will we stop giving these people a forum and stick ONLY to serious researchers in the field like Jerry D. Coleman, his brother, Loren, Raven Meindel, Nick Redfern, and Jeff Meldrum?

  17. mid tarsal responds:

    It seems that some of my comments may have been innaccurate, however I read on some other thread that Justin’s story about where he hit the adult bigfoot changed. Maybe that’s not the case, and his explanation was misunderstood. Either way, it’s ironic that after I make the second shooter joke, you go into a long winded conspiracy theory rant. Why would the government care if there’s a bigfoot or not? To protect the forestry industry? I’ve heard the theories and they don’t make sense. That’s the type of thing that makes the bigfoot community look bad. The rest of my comment was just meant to be joke too, which is what I suspect this whole story will turn out to be. Nothing fishy about his story? Trust me, I’m by far not the only one to doubt it. He didn’t put the little one in the truck- fishy. For the most part, his description of the bigfoots was unusual. Maybe that makes his story more beleivable, or maybe he didn’t do his research and wasn’t lying about not knowing anything about sasquatch. As for the unknown primate dna, that result has already been discovered in hair samples found in North America. Everyone knows that in order to prove the existence of a species, you need a specimen. Oops, left it in the bush, now it’s gone. Sorry, not buying it.

  18. DWA responds:

    OK, look, all this is is another tale without proof.

    No more reason to believe it than not to. One story is one story. It may have happened to you, and it is useful if only as one more on the pile.

    But that’s the most it is. Until mainstream science sees something that interests them, forget it unless somebody gets really lucky AND brings indisputable evidence back that forces them to pay attention.

  19. William responds:

    I wish for one thing next to ocur regarding this “story.” I wish Trapper9990 would ask Smeja if he would be willing to take a polygraph. Short of him passing a lie detector test with flying colors I am calling total B.S. on this story. I might have bought it if he had not claimed to have killed a little one and actually had it in his hands and yet did not take it with him. That is not only unbelievable but unbelievable stupid if it did occur.

  20. Bryan Hayes via Facebook responds:

    i think there should be a law against fakeing!!

  21. CDC responds:

    @Trapper & Cryptomundo

    It is amazing to me how this person, “Justin Smeja” is being allowed to get away with such a hoax, and no one puts his feet to the fire.

    You all want Bigfoot to be “real” so much, you will allow an obvious hoaxer to spew trash and not hold him accountable for his outright LIES.

    He claims he considered the adult a “monster”, therefore justifying his shooting it…yeah right.

    At 23:15 of the interview he clearly states about the young one, “If I had to put into words, the way I’ve been saying it…it looked like a little black kid”. “A little black kid”, are you kidding me? You didn’t challenge him on that? Would you have been so passive if he claimed he shot an animal that looked like a little white kid?????????

    If this wasn’t a hoax, this person Justin Smeja would be on network news shows explaining his reasoning for shooting an animal that he himself described as, “it looked like a little black kid”.

    If he had said he shot an animal that looked like a little white kid, would you believe him trapper? No, of course not…no one could be that stupid to shoot anything that looked in anyway like a young HUMAN!!!!!

    This is a hoax, and a pure lie…you all know it is

    I know Cryptomundo does not post my comments to protect Matt Moneymaker…please do not protect this Justin Smeja the same way you protect Moneymaker

    [Cryptomundo editorial comment: Your previous comments regarding Matt Moneymaker did not conform to the site’s terms of use;

    You agree not to post on the Cryptomundo Site or to email or otherwise make available any Content:

    that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, profane, harassing, defamatory, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, or is harmful to minors in any way;
    that is worded as fact when it is merely the opinion of the commenter;

    This comment of yours is pushing the boundaries as you are stating your opinion as fact]

    By supporting hoaxes and lies, you diminish all the real work science and researchers do with attempts to find unknown animals.

    Call this Justin Smeja on his own words…ask why he shot an animal that he claimed looked like “a little black kid”. A few calls to a few anti-hate groups, and Justin Smeja will admit he is a liar, you will see…no one can be that stupid.

  22. mungofoot responds:

    OK let me start by saying I believe SOMETHING happened but that I don’t think we are hearing the truth from Smeja. Trapper it doesn’t matter to me if you believe him or not. IF he is telling the truth then I have a theory why he didn’t bring anything back, just going off of what he said. It raised it’s arms in a gesture of surrender his buddy said it’s a guy in a suit, and Smeja shot it anyway, then he gets it in his head he needs to shoot the young one and has to be talked out of it but then he gets a good look at it close up and shoots it, then they both cover it up and hide it. Then they both sped off in a cloud of dust because they were afraid the authorities might have heard the shots. Call me crazy but I am thinking that what they saw lying there dead maybe looked just a little too human and alarm bells really started going off then, I am thinking at that point he thought he had killed a person of some sort and that hiding it was the only way out. Think about it, he didn’t tell anyone right away what had happened, didn’t want to go back and had time to construct the story to make it sound like he had no idea it was anything other than an animal, heck that might have even worked had he reported a hunting accident, but I am thinking we will never know and that this really does nothing for bigfoot research. I do hope this guy gets what he deserves though, it makes me sick.

  23. Ragnar responds:


    Lie detectors aren’t admissable in court for a simple reason; they don’t prove anything. A good liar with his story down can fool one.

  24. Redrose999 responds:

    Smeja does sound like he’s sincere. I’m not saying the man isn’t acting (he could be), but his voice and words sound like he’s reciting an event that is very disturbing to him. In fact, I would go as far as to say he really does sound like he’s suffering from PTSD over the event.

    His reaction to the bigfoot seemed to me, the reaction of a man who was seeing something he didn’t understand. What is it? A monster, so of course he’s scared enough to plug it a few times, but with a hunter’s clear headed thinking. If he didn’t sound so screwed up about what happened, and he does sound disturbed by the events, I’d write it off immediately as a hoax. I too would like the man to have a lie detector test done, just because his voice and trauma make it a worthy test to investigate with.

    However, I’m inclined to in general, since Biscardi is involved and the entire train wreck-BF DNA drama, stay in the skeptic camp here.

  25. CDC responds:


    I am simply asking this site WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE where Justin Smeja claims in an interview YOU post on this site that he SHOT and KILLED an animal that in HIS OWN WORDS “looked like a little black kid”?????????

    YOUR lead paragraph states, “in the confusion that followed, he killed the adult and one of the juveniles”….YOUR WORDS, not my opinion.

    I listened to the interview and at 23:15 Justin Smeja states “it looked like a little black kid”. You heard it too Craig…that is fact not my opinion…Justin Smeja said that in the interview.

    YOU did not mention Justin Smeja’s comment of shooting an animal that he claims “looked like a little black kid” in YOUR lead paragraph. I asked YOU if Justin Smeja had made the same statement that he shot an animal that “looked like a little” WHITE “kid”, would you have been so passive as to leave THAT comment off your lead paragraph?

    My “OPINION” is this has to be a hoax because NO ONE could be that stupid to shoot an animal that in ANY WAY looked like a YOUNG HUMAN CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Not trying to embarrass you Craig or Trapper, only pointing out that IF you listened to the interview you posted on THIS site, Justin Smeja’s comment of shooting an animal that “looked like a littel black kid” would be a point that most people would be offended by, and go directly to the credibility of his story.

    If this story were true, then where is the outrage in his comment….if this story is a hoax, then where is the challenge to that comment?

    If you have no idea if the story is true or false, then that comment should be the key comment to question…Justin Smeja, why in the world would you shoot and kill an animal that in your own words, “looked like a little black kid”????????

    My OPINION is this shooting didn’t happen because Bigfoot has not been proven to exist…but the FACT is Justin Smeja made a racially offensive comment and no one from THIS site seems to understand that.

    Again, listen to Justin Smeja’s own words, he hid a body of an animal he shot and killed that he claims, “looked like a little black kid”…are you kidding me??????? You leave that out of your lead paragraph?????? “Confusion”????? No, in my OPINION his whole story is a lie, but either way, to ignore that comment makes us all look bad.

  26. Craig Woolheater responds:


    Sorry for the confusion, but the lead paragraph was not written by me, it was written by Chris Noel and was taken from his description on his youtube page.

    I did not offer any opinion on it.

    I have added that attribution to the quote so as to avoid any confusion on who said what.


  27. William responds:

    Ragnar, I am well aware that polygraph test results are non-admissible and that expert liars can beat them. However, neither of these two yahoos sound like experts at anything other than being stupid. I do not believe one word of this fabrication. It is worse than that Georgia hoax which doesn’t seem possible.

  28. Redrose999 responds:


    Speaking for myself, I was unable to listen to the rest of the recording. I only got to the actual shooting, and honestly I was far to disturbed to listen to the rest, aware that a human-like child would be killed. The possibility of it being a horrible reality just made it impossible for me to continue.

    If it is real, and I hope to heaven it is a hoax, this is a truly horrific event with very disturbing consequences.

  29. CDC responds:

    @ Craig

    Thank you for clearing up the information around this interview…I just went by what was in front of me, and I did see he had added you as a friend on FB so I wasn’t sure what was what. I apologize if I made any wrong assumption about you Craig.

    As for Justin Smeja, again, I can’t forgive or understand him as a human being.

    I will admit, I do not support sports hunting, trophy hunting, or plain blood lust…so Justin Smeja would not be anyone I would normally understand. Listening to his interview, he proved to be what is stereotypical of his type…lacking the intelligence, decision making skills, and the compassion of most people.

    That’s why I too am hoping this is a simple lie, and just a case of a simple minded man begging for any attention he can get.

  30. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I can’t believe this likely hoax, has now turned into a racial issue. It doesn’t matter if he described it as a “little black kid” or a “little white kid.” The thing that bothered me, was the fact that he was ready too shoot one of the “kids”, before he found out that they couldn’t find the body of the adult. He admitted they tracked the body of the big one, through a blood trail so why not collect that DNA evidence? The fact that he wanted to shoot an obviously adolescent creature who showed no aggression what so ever, for no reason what so ever and left it there, was about as offensive and cruel as anything I have ever read in the cryptid realm. It doesn’t matter what “skin pigmentation” these creatures had. That’s why for me, this thing screams hoax! Can anyone, be that ignorant and cruel and admit it in a public forum?

  31. CDC responds:

    @ Redrose

    You are correct, the interview disturbed me as well

    I listened to the complete interview and searched for more about it, because I could not believe how stupid a person could be to say what he said.

    I looked at it as a lie from the beginning, but like a bad horror movie, you know its not real violence…but it is disturbing anyway.

    At 6:35 of the interview he states, “we are face to face” with what he calls “kids”, at a distance he states as “10 yards apart or so”. At 6:38 of the interview Justin Smeja says, “I decide I’m gonna shoot one of these kids”. At 9:35 of the interview Justin Smeja says, “screw it” and he shoots and kills what he says 23:15 of the interview, “looked like a little black kid”. At 27:22 of the interview, the “driver’ says he held the “little one” and it weighed “35 to 40 pounds” and “3 feet tall”…wow, Justin Smeja shot a 3 foot tall 40 pound animal he said looked like a little black kid. This man Justin Smeja is evil, a liar, or is the real “MONSTER” he claims he shot…in my opinion, but in his own words.

    The stupidity of this person is unbelievable, and for Trapper or anyone to allow Justin Smeja to not stand accountable for the claims of his actions is wrong.

    If by some miracle this story turns out to be true…then wouldn’t it be justice if the DNA turns out to be Hominid and Justin Smeja has just confessed to committing Homicide in this interview.

    I am hoping Justin Smeja is simply a liar and an idiot, because that would still be better than the evil human being he would be if this story were true.

  32. mungofoot responds:

    does anyone know where I can get a transcript of this interview? I have a deaf friend that would love to read it

  33. CDC responds:


    You are entitled to you opinion, and it should be respected.

    However, to avoid comments with racial overtones, as the interviewers did…and as you are trying to do, allows racial understanding to remain unresolved.

    You may hear “shot a juvenile”, some one else may hear, “shot a animal”, and others may hear “shot one of the kids”…but REALITY is Justin Smeja said with his own words he shot and killed a small animal that he described as looking “like a black kid” and for ANYONE to not see that as wrong…in my opinion has their head in the sand.

    Justin Smeja turned it into a racial issue by using the race of 15% of the American population to describe what he killed.

    I have coached sports in many areas, and many of the children I coached were African American. When I heard his story it meant nothing because I believed it to be a lie…but when he used “little black” kids to describe his kill, it angered me.

    If it doesn’t bother you in the least Cryptidcrazy, that he used the words he did, that’s fine with me, but please do not downgrade the issue by saying a “hoax” takes priority over a racially incorrect comment.

    Some one lies about shooting a Bigfoot…who cares. But some one claims he shot an animal that looks like a small black child, that’s a real problem of our greater society.

    My point is, if Justin Smeja saw what looked like a small white child, would he have shot it? We know for sure he would shoot and kill an animal that looked like a small black child…because he claimed he did it.

    This hoax means nothing, but the feelings I have read from you, a few others, and the interviewers asking the questions, makes me wonder why describing killing an animal that looks like a small black child, doesnt offend and outrage everyone.

    Maybe we have more racial understanding to address because there may be more Justin Smejas out there.

  34. Craig Woolheater responds:


    I have updated the post with the transcript of the interview.


  35. mungofoot responds:

    thanks Craig it is greatly appreciated !!!

  36. zigoapex responds:

    @William: if you listened to the interview, Justin is more than willing to take a polygraph.

    The sample recovered by these guys is the biggest sample that Ketchum has for her study. Here recent comments suggest that she going to change the whole world of the skeptical view towards Bigfoot.

    I think in the next couple of months many of the people that posted on this thread are going to be eating a steady diet of crow.

  37. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    @ CDC

    I already said I was outraged by his comments, but the term that bothered me, was that he said he shot one of the “kids,” period. I didn’t care about skin pigmentation, I was sickened that he would shoot and kill anything he descibed as a “kid.” I didn’t care if he described it as “as a little black kid”, “a little white kid”, “a little yellow kid”, “a little brown kid” or “a little red kid.” It’s all sick too me and I cannot understand how anyone can be so cruel! From what I got out of his comments, I totally believe he still would have shot one of the young ones, had he described them as “little white kids.” From his description, he wanted to kill one of them and he didn’t care what it was, if it was aggressive or not or if he would get in trouble. From what I gather, he just wanted it dead.

  38. Redrose999 responds:


    I agree completely.

    I also want to add that I would not be surprised, by the tone of the Smeja’s voice as well as the telling of his story, that he is suffering from some tragic event in his own life that is projecting into his interpretation of the event. PTSD from a childhood trauma often shows in these kinds of exaggerated fantasies.

    Yes, it could be just a hoax, but it also possible that it is a disturbed man struggling with a horrific event in their own life, and creating a “story” that is some how a self inflicted punishment or comfort to them.

    Tragic all the same.

  39. paul_r responds:

    “all this is is another tale without proof.”

    Quote DWA…

    I concur

  40. mandors responds:

    This is a situation where I really hope this is a hoax. The story is tragic, and the mindset of the alleged shooter is disturbing. Let’s put aside race and any other PC stuff for the moment. This guy stated that the creature to him looked like a man in a suit, and still his first instinct was to shoot?! It took his “buddy” to tell him not to. In the guy’s own words, “And I’m thinking, “Well, if that’s a person in a suit, then we’ve got a real problem here, ‘cause they’re walking around during bear season with a fur suit on.”” For those who don’t know “we’ve got a real problem here” is not a statement of concern, it’s trash talk. In his own words he was considering shooting a human being. So, this is a guy for whom taking a pot shot at another person in a suit is on the pull down menu. Someone earlier commented using the term bloodlust; if this story is true, whatever happened was something more sinister.

  41. mungofoot responds:


    “The sample recovered by these guys is the biggest sample that Ketchum has for her study. Her recent comments suggest that she going to change the whole world of the skeptical view towards Bigfoot.

    I think in the next couple of months many of the people that posted on this thread are going to be eating a steady diet of crow.”

    You seem to be implying with this statement that if the DNA results come back as non human primate or something other than human, Smeja will somehow be vindicated and those of us that find his actions distasteful or just plain wrong will have had the tables turned. Let me assure you that for me it will change nothing because by his own words he shot and killed a child of an intelligent creature with no provocation or fear of being attacked, and while his actions may shed some much needed light on the search for bigfoot, it will do nothing to raise my opinion of Smeja at all and neither myself nor others that have posted our opinions here will owe him anything.

  42. mungofoot responds:

    OOPS in my last post I made a huge mistake and Cryptidcrazy you have my genuine and sincere apologies. That post was meant to be directed to zigoapex and not to you. I can’t believe I made a mistake like that, again Cryptidcrazy I did not mean to direct those comments to you in fact I think we are pretty close to agreement here as far as Smeja goes.

    As far as zigoapex goes please see the above post!!

  43. William responds:

    @William: if you listened to the interview, Justin is more than willing to take a polygraph.


    you state, and I quote:

    “The sample recovered by these guys is the biggest sample that Ketchum has for her study. Here recent comments suggest that she going to change the whole world of the skeptical view towards Bigfoot.

    I think in the next couple of months many of the people that posted on this thread are going to be eating a steady diet of crow.”

    Maybe so, but how is anyone going to prove that a chunk of hide or fur with some tissue attached actually came from a Bigfoot- DNA testing or not? Especially, if this so-called DNA study shows it comes up as a variant of human DNA? Why didn’t either one of these unsavory characters take a video or pictures of their “finding” of this so-called ground breaking “evidence?” In fact, why isn’t that entire area being examined right now for forensic evidence or even current Bigfoot activity? if any of this is to be believed where is the remorse for leaving the other baby Bigfoot out there to survive (or not) on its own without its mother and sibling? Why didn’t either one of these jokers go back out there and try to locate the baby and rescue it? These questions deserve an answer and the more I think about it the madder I become!!!

  44. shadowprime responds:

    I have no idea if this story is true or not, but I almost hope it isn’t on the basis of how creepy it all sounds. The shooting of the adult sounds, in turns, reckless, sadistic, and craven; the shooting of the young one sounds simply loathsome. I’d rather believe this is the made-up work of a troubled individual than believe it is an accurate recounting of the actions of a troubled individual who is walking around armed. Sorry folks,my humble opinion. – Shadow

  45. airgunner responds:

    I have serious doubts as to the veracity of this story, but, just the same, I hope it isn’t true. If the “shooter’s” story is true, then he acted in a very unfortunate way.

    Sadly, this alone is not is not enough to discredit the story: as anyone who watches crime documentaries on TV knows, some people do stuff worse than this all the time.

    There are people out there who would kill human children, knowing full well what they are, without remorse. It is a daily occurrence. My point is that, simply because we consider the shooter’s actions reprehensible, does not mean they didn’t happen.

    If this tale is true, the shooter acted in an irrational way several times in the course of the story. They have been pointed out in other posts, there is no need for me to repeat them. Either the shooter made a series of incredibly poor decisions, or the whole story is made up, which in itself is pretty irrational.

  46. scaryeyes responds:

    Add me to the pile of people who hope this story isn’t true, but I have to say I find him unsettlingly convincing. It might be he is just an extremely good actor and invented this tale for reasons of his own, stranger things have happened. But it sounds like he’s aware how awful his story sounds, and if he were outright lying, I feel like he would have invented a story that made him sound better.

  47. Redrose999 responds:

    Heh, I’d love to be wrong when it comes to my skepticism. In this case though, with all the tragic train wreck, and disturbing implications, I hope I am not.

    As for Dr. Ketchum and her findings, I hope to heaven she didn’t get stuff from this chap and that it is all rumor. It would be a bad thing if this kind of controversy is connected to her work. It’s something that could send you to jail or discredit her work in the end, depending on the laws concerning endangered species, how BF will be classified and whatnot.

  48. William responds:


    Either what you espoused or he, like some people gain some sort of sick satisfaction by yanking people’s chains. Usually most hoaxers think anyone who seriously thinks Bigfoot is real deserves to be hoaxed or made a fool of any way possible. Perhaps Smeja and his buddy simply fit into this niche.

  49. Nny responds:

    I just wanted to say thanks Craig for posting the transcript.

    I didn’t listen to it, but I read the gist.

    And I’ve got no comment at this time.

  50. kittalia responds:

    In my opinion, there is no need to call him a cold-hearted killer. I understand how people could read it seeing as killing for no reason at all, but here’s what I got:

    The adult bigfoot was running toward him waving its arms, and he simply panicked. If I was in that situation, holding a gun while a ‘monster’ was running towards me, I would think it was attacking. The way he said it made it sound like he only realized she wasn’t out to hurt him until after. Then, when the fact that he’d just shot a monster set in, he realized he’d never keep this quiet and everyone would think he was crazy. He said on another post that he didn’t ever take home the whole bear. I doubt he was equipped to take home something as big as a bigfoot. Still in a state of shock, he didn’t think of cutting off a head or hand or something. He shot a juvenile and didn’t see how human it looked until afterwards. After that, he couldn’t bring himself to take it home. I’m not saying this is what happened. I’m saying that my immediate impression was that he’d seen them as animals and that it will be the biggest regret of his life that he killed them.

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