August 20, 2012

Skunk Ape Evidence Release Today?

To be revealed today, Monday, August 20 at 3 PM Eastern. Probably @

We will offer compelling evidence Monday that Skunk Apes are:

Six foot six
Live in colonies
Non-precocious youth (require nurturing)
They are tree dwellers with finger length toes.
They are Moble and in family units of 5-6
They use what man has made to their advantage for pathways.

This is the beginning of our evidence release. This evidence Monday establishes a real paradigm and is a major contribution to Bigfoot research. I know the major websites will never report this for political reasons. I have been blackballed based on urban myth and misunderstandings. This work is extremely compelling.Tim Fasano

A Skunk Ape teaser

Since there is so much interest in the Monday video here is a little sample. This image is shot off my computer monitor with a cell phone. It shows a footprint with toes of about 40% of the foot length. Whatever left this has never worn shoes and is real good at climbing trees.

This is a new paradigm of thought about the tropical creatures in Florida. Its real folks; look at those toes. We have been documenting our work.Tim Fasano

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