Todd Standing: The Bigfoot Authority

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on January 26th, 2007

Todd Standing of Sylvanic fame, or is that infamy, has this to say about himself on his website:

This question keeps getting asked, and the media keeps sensationalizing it, so I would like to take this journal entry to explain myself. The knowledge that my team and I have gained from our experiences in Sylvanic has without a doubt made us the authority on Bigfoot. I know there are a lot of people that are going to be very angry with me for saying that, but from what I have seen already with the mindless chatter that is going on all over the web I don’t care. I know how to track these animals. I know how they have successfully evaded modern men and modern science. And I will get protection for this species because I will provide enough evidence to prove to modern science, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this species does exist. In the spring and summer of 2007 my team and I will find another domicile inhabited by these animals. Then we will take two skeptics (An anthropologist and well respected field journalist) on our next expedition where we will shoot a Video 4 in high definition and gather whatever physical evidence we can. We will use this evidence to get government legislated protection for these animals throughout North America and with the help of other scientists find a way to peacefully coexist with this very unique species.

Now back to the Bigfoot expert question; I do think I know more about these animals then anyone else in the world. But since virtually nothing is known about this species that is not saying a lot. I can identify a domicile and infiltrate their evasive defenses to get close enough to view what we refer to as a “day watcher”. There are several other superficial details we know about these animals but nowhere near enough to definitively say we are Bigfoot experts. So in future interviews I will endeavor to make that point as clear as possible. I consider myself the authority on Bigfoot, but by no means a Bigfoot expert.Todd Standing

Go here to read more about Todd Standing and Sylvanic here on Cryptomundo.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

29 Responses to “Todd Standing: The Bigfoot Authority”

  1. khat responds:

    Boy talk about a big head! Here’s what I think: conceit is a fault and he doesn’t have any! Best to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and be proven one.

  2. kittenz responds:

    Bigfoot authority? Sounds more like Bighead with a Bigmouth.

  3. Shihan responds:

    Ok – You want to be a big shot expert – then stop talking about it and prove it!

  4. CRH responds:

    I’ve been trying to see if there’s any other possible context that Mr. Standing could be speaking in but it’s hard to think of any other. He must be an expert, I mean, he said so, right? Yeah, and I’m Brad Pitt.

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.” Self-proclaimed experts are ten-a-penny in the crypto biz, Mr. Standing; you’ll have to do better than that.

  5. Ceroill responds:

    Hmmm, wait and see, wait and see. Does seem a bit full of himself, though.

  6. herdtracker responds:

    Did he mention Dan Rather in his first video? Does anybody see the irony here?

  7. skeptik responds:

    Welcome aboard, Brad Pitt! 😀

  8. relik murdoch responds:

    I’m really starting to get my hate on for this guy. I’ve been following his attempts to dupe the cryptozoology and bigfoot community for awhile now and am amazed at his persistently arrogant, know-it-all attitude. Oh, forgive me. I mean the character he is portraying has a persistently arrogant, know-it-all attitude.

    Mindless chatter? Is that how you want to win over your skeptics? By calling their warranted doubts and skepticism expressed in forums mindless chatter? Good one.

    Remember, any publicity is good publicity for these types so I am calling for a boycott on anything Sylvanic or Todd Standing. At least until he comes up with his unequivocal evidence that he is 100% sure he can get. Oh, wait, he already called his inconclusive videos unequivocal evidence.

  9. raisinsofwrath responds:

    One thing that caught my attention is his reference to the “daywatchers”.

    My mind immediately thought of all the stories where witnesses say the BF keeps pace with them and moves parallel as they retreat. If you were a guard and didn’t want anyone to backtrack and slip by or around you, what would your action be?

    To me the idea that they have parameter guards makes past actions in some sighting accounts more sensible as I have always wondered why the BF would mirror the retreating invader and then stop after a certain distance.

    TS may be full of it or he may be that sure of himself. We will see eventually.

  10. Pete.Wilson responds:

    If he is such an authority on the subject, how come he hasn’t got the definitive proof yet, the answer to end all bigfoot questions. Can his head really fit between the trees!

  11. kittenz responds:

    Or he may be full of it AND that sure of himself.

    The world has no shortage of people like that.

  12. One Eyed Cat responds:

    I think there may be a title match between Todd Standing and Tom Biscardi before very long to see who is the Top ‘Bigfoot authority.’

  13. Ole Bub responds:

    Good morning Cryptos…

    The more I study these creatures the more I realize how little I know…a safe assumption…look for a sentinel….perhaps high in a tree….these creatures are never alone…with the exception of a banished rogue male seeking a mate and a territory…JMHO

    live and let live…

    ole bub and the dawgs

  14. mystery_man responds:

    Eventually, eventually, eventually. These stories that promise spectacular evidence unbelievable revelations “eventually” tend to fizzle out before long. It has happened time and time again. I am surprised no mention was made of selling DVDs on the whole matter. I think anyone so sure of themselves and so confident in their own evidence would be able to come out with something better than a lot of talk. If he is able to make these sensational announcements, then he should provide something to back it up and if not, don’t make the announcement. This smacks of self promoting hogwash to me. Yes I am being harsh, but I am pretty much fed up with these types hustling the cryptozoological community. As for being the definitive authority on the matter, I could make up any fantasy world I wanted and be the definitive authority. There is nothing to substantiate any of these claims whatsoever except a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Add to that the arrogant claims made here and it really rubs me the wrong way. Until I am proven wrong (and I hope I am, in fact, I DARE you to prove me wrong), I am so irritated by this Sylvanic thing that I am going to have to call it a hoax.

  15. chrisandclauida2 responds:


    Assumptions of any kind are the cardinal sin of researchers of any kind. when ever I would make an assumption of who assaulted a victim and their reason I more often than not had to end up throwing out most of my work and start over. I learned early on not to do this.

    I scream all the time about assumptions. This report is a hoax cause bigfoot doesn’t look like that and on and on they go. People discount many pieces of info out of assumptions.

    I guess the worst is to assume that a fictional or para-fictional place or event makes you an authority of a creature you don’t have proof exists. How insanely arrogant.

    One day we will know who had it right. I think the fact will be, as in all things, a great many of our ideas will be right on and a great many will be so far off base as to be embarrassing.

    So don’t hit your head as you pass through life. It is so swollen with arrogance to be laughable.

    You dump a body in front of the scientific community or bring the proof to light and I will kiss you and call you the expert. Now you’re just another Biscardi to the rest of us mere mortals, a Biscardi with a secret club and probably a secret handshake to see the secrets of your cough, cough expertise.

    So in the spirit of the little old lady in the Wendy’s commercial, I ask WHERES THE PROOF!? MR EXPERT AUTHORITY. Prove or shut it.

  16. silvereagle responds:

    Checklist for Bigfoot Grandeur

    1. Have no real career; check
    2. Imply or Proclaim self as THE Bigfoot Authority in hopes of getting recognition by others; check
    3. Make amazing future promises that have never been realized or fulfilled by anyone; check
    4. May sure those promises occur so far out in the future that should you fail, people will have forgotten all about the promises that you made, hopefully; check
    5. Produce nothing of any significance at the present time, that warrants you proclaming yourself THE Bigfoot Authority; double check

  17. DWA responds:

    All I can say is this: he’s one heck of a humble bigheaded blowhard!

    Proclaiming yourself the authority on something not even recognized to exist is, well, it’s a variety of what they call in Minnesota “different.”

    That having been said: I noted this from another post on this thread:

    “My mind immediately thought of all the stories where witnesses say the BF keeps pace with them and moves parallel as they retreat. If you were a guard and didn’t want anyone to backtrack and slip by or around you, what would your action be?”

    Well, that can mean more than one thing. The animal can be curious, or it can be “escorting” an individual away from its OWN territory. It doesn’t have to be protecting anything more elaborate that its own piece of the rock. You don’t have to be a sentry: you can just be you, not wanting company (and not interested in following said company out of your own comfort zone).

    And again, all speculation until we have a body….[sigh]…

    One more question. For Tom. What is “very” unique?

  18. Bobcat responds:

    I am fairly sure that Todd Standing is well aware that he is full of it. The whole Sylvanic thing has been shown as a hoax hasn’t it? He is promoting a series of bad fictional film projects and has evidently rationalized to himself that it is okay to lie to the public in the guise of buzz marketing. At some point I remember reading that he couldn’t return to “Sylvanic” because the government has sealed off the area? I also remember reading a posting of someone who said they saw his first “documentary” film and said it was painfully bad acting and clearly not based in any reality. Kind of like Blair Witch with a bigfoot slant except overacted without any inspiration or talent. Just because you claim some of the profits go toward a charity, like Todd does, does not entitle you to blatantly mislead, lie to or manipulate the public or the crypto community. It is not okay to lie for the sake of “buzz” marketing your personal project. It is deceitful and it erodes the credibility of everyone that is honestly investigating in this field. He should be ashamed and he certainly doesn’t deserve any more attention.

  19. CactusJumper responds:

    This guy sounds like Tom Biscardi’s twin. As I’m sure we’ll all see, this guy will be proven to be full of crap, his head included. What a fool. Apparently not only is he the “leading authority” on Sasquatch, he’s social retard as well. How does this moron expect to get any support from the Sasquatch community by spouting stuff that basically says we are mindless and have no clue what we’re talking about? Jeeze. I think it’s safe to say that anything this guy says from now on will be dismissed or disregarded just based on his social skills and misgivings. Boy, makes me wish that the internet had the capability to let you reach out and “touch” someone (smack them upside the head).

  20. CactusJumper responds:

    You know, I want to say one more thing. The first thing I noticed about this guy was that he is charging for people to see his video/movie at a theater. In my opinion, ANYONE who is “selling” information (documentaries, etc) is full of it and full of themselves and are only looking to make a profit because they think those of us who accept the possibility or “believe” are gullible to the point that we’ll freely line their pockets with money.. With the exception of renowned people such as Jeff Meldrum, Loren Coleman, John Bindernagel, Grover Krantz, who themselves are truly educated and have credentials in natural sciences, these guys who are selling their footage or information are a joke and I don’t take any of them seriously. Neither should you. They even sound like what they are saying is rehearsed. Like I said before, I throw this guy in the same pile that I do with Tom Biscardi. And that pile is my compost pile in the backyard.

  21. richard_from_idaho responds:

    No matter what you think of this guy, the word “daywatchers” caught my eye. I thought it was interesting and could easily be the case with these hominids. A perimeter watch makes survival sense. Are there any cases of Bigfoot being seen in trees?

  22. cutrer responds:

    Since he knows so much, then where’s some clear photographic or other proof? I mean, if he understands bigfoot’s behavior like he says, then he should be able to walk into the woods and come out with the crypto holy grail, right?

    Think there’s a village somewhere, missing him greatly!

  23. kittenz responds:

    Maybe he’s the guy who bought the baby Yarwen 😉 .

  24. joppa responds:

    I still think the guy’s a nerd, and now he’s an nerd with authority.

    Do we have a review of the second screening yet?

  25. ladd responds:

    The only mindless chatter that I’ve read has come directly from the source it originated, the purveyor of nonsense and gibberish himself, Todd Standing. Unfortunately there are many like him in all walks of life. And I’m sure (perish forbid) we will be hearing more from him especially a diatribe or two and endless braggadocio. Take care everyone.

  26. DWA responds:

    I’ve talked about Grover Krantz’s term for this type – “Professionals,” note the cap and the quotes – elsewhere on Cryptomundo. I’ll spread the virus here. (From now on, the cap should be all you need to know which kind of Pro I’m talking about.)

    Guys like this exist on each side of the sas question. And their goal is to sell material to people who – I hear the phrase too often – WANT TO BELIEVE a particular angle on the story. They actually have a goal, unstated, of course, of keeping the animal a mystery. Because their angle will dry up if it’s ever confirmed; their “techniques,” “qualifications” and arguments will stand in sharp relief next to those of the folks who really did heavy lifting.

    When they find a hand in a Wal-Mart dumpster, or take a suit shoot outside the home of a UFOer in Secaucus, NJ, and trumpet same to the media, two things happen. Serious scientists experience flesh creep, and back away. Serious Bigfooters, knowing they will be tarred with this brush, either keep silent (it’s a distraction) or yell “hooey” (somebody has to say something; but to the Pro, it’s more publicity). And the Skeptical Inquirer, for a theoretical example 😉 of the Professionals on the other side of the question, buys, scans, searches and whatever anything they can of this to take on tour as their Shining Examples of the Sasquatch Field in Disarray – as if incompetence among the searchers is an argument against the animal.

    And the True Believers eat it up. They are CONVINCED of the connections among the sas, Pyramid Power, and UFOs; they KNOW Bigfoot and Elvis stepped out of that glowing ball over by Haley Place, they SAW IT; they feel talked down to by scientists; and the Professional becomes their champion. And the denialists, convinced that the world is only sane if Bigfoot doesn’t exist, can continue to cling to their belief – they really WANT TO BELIEVE – that if you haven’t seen one, you are a nut (rather than a member of a very privileged society that knows something you don’t about reality).

    Is it, or is it not, cool, how one hand washes the other on this? Isn’t it something, the way democracy and the free market use something that may not even exist for profit?

    Don’t ya just gotta admire it a little?

    OK, BE that way. 🙁

  27. DWA responds:

    One more question.

    Isn’t it funny how, when the members of this board engage Benjamin Radford in serious discussion about the heart of his argument, he just – poof! – disappears?

    And then reappears down the line, to sow just a bit more denialism for the ones who just NEED TO BELIEVE Bigfoot is all crap, and have no interest in finding out one way or the other?

    Just noting, that’s all.

    Snake oil. Don’t read the bottle, a taste will tell you. 😉

  28. Mnynames responds:

    In this strange, irrational society of ours, if you can get enough people to hate you, you’re somebody. Once you’re somebody, then all the hate and misgivings are just jealousy, and more proof that you must really be onto something. And if anyone older and more experienced than you says anything bad about you, then they must just be bitter because you’ve done in so little time what they’ve been wasting their lives to achieve.

    In this context the fact that he has nothing tangible to say or show becomes irrelevant. Sad…

  29. lynchmob responds:

    Okay, stop with your focus on the trees. Approximately 8 ft tall and 600 lbs, don’t think BF would be a good candidate for climbing. As far as Todd’s speculation on social behavior and structure, makes sense, but then again it’s speculation. Guy does seem a bit full of himself, but what if he’s right and can do what he claims. I hope someone takes him up on his offer. Then we would know for sure what he’s made of.

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