April 27, 2015

Survivorman Bigfoot Q&A with Les Stroud


Earlier in the month
, Les Stroud of Survivorman: Bigfoot gave a presentation in Pocatello when he traveled to ISU to share his Bigfoot/Sasquatch evidence with Dr. Jeff Meldrum.

Watch his presentation here at Cryptomundo!

On April 8, 2015 Les Stroud traveled to Pocatello, Idaho to present some of his findings of Bigfoot to Prof. Jeff Meldrum PhD, and to also have a question & answer session with the local fans and Bigfoot believers. This is the recordings of the Q&A session. It was an awesome experience, and I am glad I finally got to meet Les and shake his hand. He is really down-to-earth, and is willing to chat it up with everyone. Thank you Les Stroud for coming to Idaho.

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