Thermal Video Footage of Bigfoot?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on April 8th, 2011

Loren has posted this researcher’s evidence previously on Cryptomundo: Bigfoot or Boot Prints?

Here I am just looking for subjects for an article when I happened upon this guy on Youtube who seems to be a real Bigfoot fan. So much so that he has started his own Bigfoot research organization and has been at it since 1992. Tim Stover is his name and his organization is known as TCSjr Bigfoot which covers the state of Ohio.

It seems that Tim’s exhaustive hunt may have paid off because on March 10th of this year Tim was doing night surveillance with a thermal video camera when something bipedal walked thru his cameras field of view.Scott McMan

Does this show a Bigfoot recorded on a thermal camera?

What do the Cryptomundians think?

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

24 Responses to “Thermal Video Footage of Bigfoot?”

  1. watn6789 responds:

    The colors in the top middle appear more like Patterson Gimlin footage.

  2. BlU_sKrEEm responds:

    This is why I hate thermal imaging for crypto work. So little detail it could be anything. There’s no way to tell scale, speed, or anything of value. It could be a person, a bird in flight, or a chipmunk for all we know.

  3. DWA responds:

    Groovy, maaaaaaaan! [sucks joint]

    Um, bipedal, eh?

    Let’s just say I’m not exactly running to the scientists with this one.

  4. glendoor42 responds:

    Uh,…… thermal blobsquatch..?

  5. airforce47 responds:

    Good post and as to the question it’s a possibility. I watched the video a couple of times and there’s something moving but what that something is we don’t know.

    Thermal will have to be able to be converted to a better medium before it impacts the BF research world. This will happen but perhaps not in or lifetimes. My best.

  6. F15Pilot responds:

    Nice lead-in. Disappointing footage. More mistakes made than listed. Why not take some video footage of the same view in daylight or illuminated to give some perspective. There is no reference to show scale or distance or anything. He should have walked the same route while still recording. You can’t tell if the animate object is 8 feet tall or 8 inches tall. Could be a raccoon waddling along.

  7. Alivegarden responds:

    Seriously, all this proves is the absolute uselessness of thermal cameras in this kind of research. Stop using these things.

  8. manticora responds:

    Thermal Blobsquatch!! Yes 🙂

  9. Ragnar responds:

    1) I could do without the soundtrack. Really, do we need the oh-so-dramatic music?

    2) Not impressed with his investigative skills. Didn’t go back and look around? Really?

    3) Tip for future investigators: if you’ve got the resources, get a decent video camera and mount it next to the thermal. Boresight them together and let them run simultaneously.

  10. bigfootresearch responds:

    Since none of you know the circumstances surrounding or leading up to this thermal I’ll give you some information. First Tim is very diligent researcher and has been at this since 1992 after his 2nd in your face encounter, and since that time he always knew they were close during his hundreds of nighttime excursions, [he could usually hear them or find signs] but not see them, and was SMART enough to know IR, even passive IR (due to its Fresnel lens (prism) wavelength is out of the question, so when he recently got the FLIR it gave him ‘at least the ability’ to now see what’s lurking in his close proximity, since they cannot see the high nm range of thermal.

    He was not watching while it was being taped, and when he left the area still had obviously not gone over his hours of video, and it wasn’t until the next night while reviewing these hours of clips did he come across this large fully bright and bipedal heat signature which by the way was estimated to be 80 to 100 yards away. He knew his exact spot and went back the following week (he does work many hours you know, yet squeezes in at least 20 hours per week traveling a good distance from his home) and was finally able to determine fairly accurate distance.

    I know his location and I know this is not close by. If you watch his 2 previous videos that lead up to this, you would clearly see what happened prior to this FLIR video. He found a FRESH clear, long and non-mistakable SAS track-way, then a SAS chucked a log across his dirt travel road, which wasn’t there when he arrived 2 hours earlier. We know nothing else out there is capable of chucking this log 20 or so yards…. and there are no humans there. He is the only civilian with a permit and confirmed with a superior ranger that none of his small crew was within miles of this area…. and they keep stringent logs of there whereabouts. This is a highly restricted area, the logs showed no crew.

    So he went back to the track-way area on March 10th setup, sat down and listened (he was not standing-up or watching the video as it rolled) because he could hear nothing at all around him, he was listening intently. He also took an important telephone call at one point and acted normally while talking, still unaware he has a visitor which must have been behind him & circling prior to coming into view in the upper right corner.

    As the SAS entered the upper right frame you hear 2 clicks (this is the FLIR auto-focusing) then a black noise blip which is the cameras inability to focus the drastic dark to high/bright heat change fast enough)

    And if you notice when it exited the video left it was logically still circling where Tim was, and now closer to Tim.

    It was no human in 30 degree temps and naked putting off an even heavy duty heat Sig like that, not happening. We are are aware that thermal is not IN YOUR FACE clear video and circumvention methods are being explored that will not involve any IR illumination under 2000nm’s.

    He also has his ZOOM H2 going, it did not pick up any footfall sounds what-so-ever from that stealthy SAS. And when he went back tested this by setting-up everything the exact same way, then walked out to that distance and then walked ever-so carefully and quietly in that same pattern seen on his thermal… know what? It picked up Tims’ footfalls.

    But for now FLIR will at let us know they are there, which is important until a method is devised.

    If you think that is not bipedal and large from that distance, get your eyes checked or…. go to a thermography forum and run it past a FLIR certified expert.

  11. Mïk responds:

    @watn6789 : Missed the point by that much…

    I understand that the researcher is diligent, and dedicated, but I still don’t see the bipedalism ya’ll are talkin’ ’bout. IR is hard to get details out of, and a blobster is what it is, but a definitive Bigfoot?; the stretch is larger than he is. It is interesting, and does need to brought to the attention of researchers to be discussed, but calling it a bigfoot (especially with no other evidence; sound, sight, smell, footprints, or presence) is not gonna win friends, or influence people.

  12. DWA responds:

    bigfootresearch: you’re, um, outvoted.

    I felt like I needed to get my eyes checked looking at this, yeah. But not for the reason you state. This ain’t clear, period. And I’m not going to a thermawhatchoogular to get my eyes checked.

    If it’s a blobsquatch, it’s better not to post it. That’s all. If anyone’s wondering why we still don’t know what the sasquatch is after all this time, all the blobsquatches are a significant part of the reason why. And nothing you or the videographer post here makes me interested. But I’m not the one you have to interest, am I?

    You want a verdict on this? Send it to Jeff Meldrum. Tell me what he thinks. And if you don’t get him off the dime, it’s back to the drawing board.

    There is tons better evidence than this. Science isn’t looking at that. So, why should they care about this?

  13. bigfootresearch responds:

    Outvoted… LOL. Everyone has their own opinion, and Meldrum, the ape theorists opinion means nothing to me, in view of my belief that they are human… so I’ll be tuning in for Dr. Melba Ketchum’s findings 🙂 for the REAL facts.

    Tim knows what that was, I know what that was (as do others) and yes it does for all intensive purposes look like a ‘heat blob squatch’ to most, no denying that. You didn’t miss where I said for NOW until the nanometer/illumination issue can be circumvented for clear video, FLIR will at least indicate where small or large beings are. And, at 80 to 100 yards, that is no small heat signature, and I can clearly see bipedal movement, (2 legged kind) not quad and that is my objective opinion BUT this is NOT proof of any kind, just a tool to assist for now.

    What it is, we can’t see that, but its walking.

    No one wants science to look at this or pass any test, this was simply a tool that told Tim what he knew was there, was in-fact there! One more small stride and piece to the puzzle of his research location, that’s it.

  14. DWA responds:


    Science proceeds on evidence. There’s a lot more that says this is an ape than there is that says it’s human – particularly given the advanced material culture that we pretty much consider synonymous with the concept of humanity, which is notably lacking from the sasquatch evidence. Meldrum is moving on evidence; his opinion therefore means more to me than almost anyone else’s on this question – unless, of course, someone comes up with a conclusion backed by more and better evidence.

    That said: since we don’t have a specimen, all speculation is moot. Alley’s conjecture that it could be a hominin of a different species – or even something we may not be able to classify as either human or ape – sits well with me.

    My point is that with no other evidence than the image that a scientist would accept, thermal imaging doesn’t move us ahead an inch. Followup (which apparently didn’t happen in this case) is key to moving science off the dime.

    Your explanation leaves me with no inclination to get my eyes checked. 😉

  15. Mïk responds:

    Your belief system has got you in blinders. The heat signature is significant, but to give it a name is ludicrous. The bipedalism you claim to see could just as well be foliage it’s walking thru. You can’t SEE any legs. All you can see is motion at the bottom of the blob. We humans are good at adding 2 + 2…and getting 7. You’re adding too hard.

    Let’s just call this a blob, nod our heads and go on. Someone needs to put a trap camera in that path. I’m sure Sas is a creature of habit and will pass there again.

  16. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    This video shows absolutely nothing, pure and simple. I am sick of looking at crap that people claim is evidence. The only thing evident here is the fact this video shows nothing. I really wish people would quit wasting everyone’s time with crap like this.

  17. Ranger55 responds:

    Looks like a thermal of Tim to me? No, wait, camera was on a tripod and he was sitting on a log listening to audio with headphones so it must be real.

  18. thegsmiths4 responds:

    There are 100’s of videos like these all over youtube. The creators portray themselves as sincere people just looking for answers when in fact they are only looking for ways to get more hits on their web sites. Usually the best way to deal with this junk is to ignore it. But in cases like this what we are doing here is better. By highlighting the sloppy investigative techniques and the faulty logic behind the junk science claims, others can learn not to make the same mistakes.

    Don’t post thermal videos of blobs at night saying you thing it is bigfoot without doing at least the basic followup. Go back during the day and look for tracks. Re-create the video from the same perspective with a friend acting the part of the blob. Video the site from other perspectives. Measure everything in the video including the stand-in. Get height, width and distance from the camera. Get as much information as you can as soon after the sighting as you can. Then post it and the original video TOGETHER.

    I’m sure other posters here have better suggestions. The point is when you find something, don’t post a video like this one. As you can see from other comments it has hurt TCSjr Bigfoot’s reputation. Who knows, maybe he did film a bigfoot. But since he jumped the gun with this sensationalistic video, any proof he posts now will be suspect.

    Not doing your homework means you are not serious about your investigation.

  19. Cryptoraptor responds:

    More definitive proof of bigfoot.

    The multiple-paragraph, technically and articulately written comments only add to that undeniability.

    Why are there still people that can deny bigfoot’s existence after so much evidence?

  20. bigfootresearch responds:

    hahaha anyone who knows Tim won’t suspect him of a damn thing, (shhh unless you all’ start spreading lies which would be typical already seen here in this thread) and I’d believe him over any of you unknowns… any day and I ‘never met the guy’! You relish in tearing people down, yet you have ZERO, absolutely frigging’ zero by way of evidence or possible evidence yourselves so if you did show your faces (which most of you keyboard generals won’t) you’d just succeed in making yourselves look like FOOLS after all that what biggie researchers and groups are all about, rip a new asshole once a day, step on someones small accomplishment… NO ONE EVER SAID IT WAS EVIDENCE except to Tim, to myself and to others who know the location and high activity level and what goes on there… no one tried to SELL IT TO YOU (and who’s the damn fool who posted it here? Coleman)… yet you get NOWHERE yourselves….. Like I said, this is just one small step and piece, FLIR just gives our optics a boost to see what’s out there… that’s all.

    Those of us (VERY FEW) who trust each other are working on a few things, and I guarantee that none of your ape-rs will be privy to it…. your what makes people with real ideas never share.

    I would like to know though who felt they could just takes Tims COPYRIGHTED video and post it here? Any class here? I known damn well no one approached Mr. Stover and for the record it is NOT public domain because it was on Tims channel.

    Definitely no class.

    Editor’s note: We normally wouldn’t post a comment that was so derogatory in nature, but we felt that bigfootresearch’s comment should be posted publicly.

    At the website that bigfootresearch lists as their website, they state the following:

    Caution: We will not tolerate any disrespect toward other researchers, we will not tolerate any infighting, nor will we attempt to smear or discredit others methods or evidence. Material which appears to be fabricated will be removed.

    We all have the same goal in this arduous quest, maintaining their safety with presentation of proof.

    Apparently, they don’t tolerate any disrespect or infighting on their website, but they believe it’s OK to bring it here to Cryptomundo.

    As far as your claim of taking the copyrighted video, we did no such thing.

    The video has an embed tag so it can be shared.

  21. Reverend responds:

    Is it just me, or is being in to Cryptozoology sometimes really depressing?

  22. DWA responds:


    Aw, come on, man! No, it’s never depressing to be interested in this stuff. The key is to understand what evidence is; what proof is; how the two are different; and most of all, how much there actually is for some cryptids.

    In my opinion, the evidence supporting the sasquatch is more than has ever existed for any species, ever, before its confirmation by science. It’s very broad, and impressively deep. But what we are looking at here ain’t it. There isn’t anything but the impressions of the person who took the video to tell us what’s making this signature. You gotta have stuff that will interest a scientist; and there is nothing here that does, at least not sufficiently to get one out into the field to investigate on the strength of this alone.

    And when folks just start tossing invective like I see above, it just tells me that they’re not getting it, and makes me laugh. I’m here for FUN. Everyone should be, even the ones looking. And the scientific way is the most fun.

  23. Reverend responds:

    DWA: I know what you are saying. It’s the fun of the search I guess…

    I think what I find depressing is trying to find the balance between wanting to see the real, indisputable, incontrovertible evidence for something totally ‘out there’, such as even just one of the countless hominids, or pendeks, or almas (my personal favourite), nessies, purple people eaters…

    …and at the very same time, NOT want us to find the real, indisputable, incontrovertible evidence!

    But then you see stuff like this which just seems to highlight our own desperation to find it, and we still all sit here debunking it 🙂

    I love this subject and always have, since the days of Aurthur C Clarkes Mysterious World, but are we any closer to finding Him (and of course I mean Bigfoot here), or will it be too late? Will he be gone, by the time we do finally find that real evidence?

    Maybe I don’t really mean “depressing” – I think maybe “frustrating” is as good a word.

    Sorry for the meandering – it IS Friday and that means 4pm cocktails in my office 😉

  24. YowieLover responds:

    Better invest in a higher budget thermal. That looks like a low resolution mechanical inspection unit for indoor use.

    Certainly is a thermal of a blob and though circumstances you describe may suggest a BF, saying it’s a thermal of one with such indistinct features isn’t a good idea. You were better off keeping it under your hat until you had proper visual corroborative evidence.

    The whole idea with thermal is to detect a presence. Then you get your night vision gear onto it.

    I don’t understand why people think BF is afraid of IR night vision devices. If they’re going to be afraid of that, they would hardly walk up to a vehicle with headlights on, or a house, or a camp fire. They also appear to behave in a nonchalant way when sighted as if they don’t give a damn so a little IR is not going to make them wet themselves.

    Even if it did bother them, detect with decent thermal, then turn on IR devices to film it. Then you’ll find out if it really gives a damn about IR and be able to FILM the result to prove it.

    Good to see you get out there, but best to keep little things like this to yourself until you have actual visual evidence the majority on here can agree with.

    Good luck in the future.

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