Tianchi Lake Monster Returns

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 2nd, 2013

Back in 2007, there was much ado about Lake Tianchi Monsters being caught on video here on Cryptomundo:

Chinese Lake Monsters Shot
Update: Chinese Lake Monsters
Tianchi Lake Monsters Video

Now news is that there has been a recent sighting:

A volcano monitoring station worker in Jilin was measuring water temperatures when he saw some kind of “monster” swimming around Tianchi Lake, according to a local media report.

Around 5 a.m. on July 27, the worker named Wu Chengzhi arrived at the northern slope of the Changbai Mountains and together with his colleague began conducting their routine measurements of Tianchi Lake’s water temperatures.

While they were collecting their samples, Wu spotted a V-shaped ripple appear on the lake’s quiet and calm surface. At the forefront of the ripple, a “black point” came peeking out of the water and swam forward at relatively high speed.

A picture of the “monster”provided by Wu Chengzhi. [news.sina.cn]

Read the rest of the story here: Suspected ‘monster’ appears in Tianchi Lake

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11 Responses to “Tianchi Lake Monster Returns”

  1. William responds:

    That there are six of the creatures is very interesting. That indicates there is a breeding population of them and they travel in groups. I am not an expert but wouldn’t that be more of a likely habit of a mammal than reptile? I would be interested in knowing the estimated size of these creatures and did they eventually simply submerge and vanish? If a mammal they would have to resurface for air at some point. Very intriguing to say the least IMHO.

  2. Cryptidcrazy responds:

    I’ve always found this to be one of the more compelling cases, when it comes to lake cryptids.

  3. corrick responds:

    X-Files background music. A volcanic lake formed from nothing until about 1100 years ago when the Changbaishan super volcano erupted. Six birds swimming. Am I missing something here other than the tourist dollars?

  4. volmar responds:

    This is a lame lake monster indeed. @corrick is right. Those are birds, not monsters.

  5. dconstrukt responds:


    What gives ANYONE the idea this was a “lake monster”

    I’m DYING to hear the jabroni who comes forward… and how you back this up…

    till then …

  6. killanel187 responds:

    Tianchi lake monster? First i’ve ever heard of it… are there any other animals actually known to science that live in the lake? I saw someone said that this was a lake formed by volcanic eruption… so … most likely nothing does… and well… thats alot of wake for birds… and when since do birds swim in formation? Fly maybe… but swim? In any event this video is way to grainy and far away to make any type of assumptions… but i suppose it is weird because from what i’ve seen so far… nothing naturally lives in Lake Tianchi… and it’s covered in ice half the year round… so what the heck are those things…

  7. springheeledjack responds:

    Supposedly “several” pictures were taken. Let’s see what the others show, and we may have our answer…or not.

  8. volmar responds:

    @killanel187: The ducks and swans do swim in very close formation on a lake nearby. Why would ducks in China behave differently?

  9. cryptokellie responds:

    The objects in the original Lake Tianchi are water fowl moving across a rather calm surface, filmed from altitude where their wakes would be very noticeable. Water fowl swim in formation all the time. I live next to a small lake and have seen this first hand. My guess here is that this video represents a group of geese, mergansers or other indigenous water birds. As to the wake size, geese or other sizable birds can leave a large wake when the water surface is calm.

    I wouldn’t like to bank on the notion that swimming in formation is a prerequisite for seeing some type of water-cryptid. Add to this that the lake is only 3 by 2 miles wide and is actually a caldera formed by volcanic activity around 970 AD, so we aren’t talking about any native species of evolved water creature. The lake is stocked with several species of fish including trout and carp which seemed to have survived there, unusual for a caldera environ.

  10. William responds:

    If they were geese or ducks don’t you think the man would have seen them eventually fly off? That just seems like too simple of an explanation without knowing what the man said (interpreted in English).

    It isn’t just the big wakes trailing behind each of them that makes me think these are not birds, it is also the speed they appear to be traveling. I have never seen ducks (maybe Candian Geese though which these clearly aren’t) swimming that fast. They usually sort of meander around.

  11. cryptokellie responds:


    If the objects eventually flew away…then there would be no story. With no story, there is no excitement. With no excitement, there is no nothing in that part of the Chinese/Korean border.

    I believe that the full, unedited video would indeed show the objects doing something more demonstrably bird-like. Also why would anyone call the swimming action a “formation”? A loose, forward moving group which water fowl do all the time at the small lake that I live next to. The accompanying photo certainly looks like the head of water fowl of some kind. Early in the video, we see some diving action similar to water fowl and diving birds which do reside there. At the end of the video version I saw on You Tube, the camera pulls back and objects shrink down to nothingness. I have to feel that these objects were not very large at all.

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