July 8, 2015

Update: Vancouver Island Sasquatch Field Recording

The founder of the British Columbia Sasquatch Organization offers additional information of this recording:

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I am the founder of the British Columbia Sasquatch Organization . One of my key members caught this recording .

I can assure you , we have no coyotes on Vancouver Island . We do have Wolves .

This particular area has been heavily researched by the investigator who recorded this particular recording .

We have hours (days) of recordings from this spot . The investigator had a possible close encounter one night in this area . The vehicle she was sitting in was approached by something which she did not manage to see only heard . Knocks and a pretty good looking foot print (picture taken) were also seen/heard in this area .

Initially an area close to this recording spot was first investigated by myself and a fellow investigator back in the late spring-early summer of 2010. We had found several large tracks in a gravel pit going up and over the gravel pit and in to the woods and down toward a river . We lost the tracks once what ever left them walked out of the gravel pit and on to the moss in the forest .

This recording was in a spot with in 2 klms of the tracks we found a few years prior .

I had several discussions with the investigator about this recording . We mutually decided to give a copy to John Bindernagel and Cliff Barackman . We also gave Cliff permission to post this recording on his site .

My final conclusion as to what was recorded …..I’m not sure what it was , the evidence obtained from this area by the investigator working this spot and the evidence obtained by myself a few years prior does point toward a Sasquatch(es) in this area based on the knowledge at hand . Whether or not this sound was a Sasquatch can not be proven beyond a doubt . I reiterate , this evidence coupled with the other evidence from this same area (foot prints , knocks, possible approach and calls ) does give us a strong reason to believe we are in an active Sasquatch area .

In no way have I come forward or anyone in my organization to say this recording is with out a doubt a Sasquatch . We take our investigations very serious and don’t jump to conclusions .

Take what you will from this recording . It is exactly what it is .


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