September 16, 2013

Werewolves in Maine? Sighting Report

Cryptomundian SKiss shares the following encounter report prompted by the Wolf Pack episode of SyFy’s Paranormal Witness.

Werewolves in Maine?

Werewolves in Maine? Witness Interview

I hadn’t seen the show before, but my sister told me about this episode and I had to download it. I thought it was pretty entertaining. Anyway, I went through the trouble of downloading it (took over a day to do) because my husband described something sort of similar and we live about 60mi northeast of Palmyra.

I had been playing with the dogs outside around dusk (the sun was below the tree line, but there was still plenty of light to see by) and went in to use the bathroom. My husband had been fiddling with a guitar, but wandered into the bathroom looking like he wanted to say something. He was pale and sweaty, kind of staring into space, so I was naturally concerned. He wouldn’t tell me what was wrong at first, but I finally got out of him that he had seen a huge, black wolf walk by the window. I told him it must have been a bear, knowing that there aren’t supposed to be wolves around here, and that the window was too high for any canine on four legs to walk in front of. He said no, but whatever it was I didn’t want the dogs messing with it, so I ran back outside. They were still wrestling in the side yard, oblivious, so it was easy to get them back in and then I had a look around. I didn’t see any animal, or sign, but noted that the window was even higher than I thought.

When I went back in, my husband described what he had seen as a black, bipedal wolf. He said the snout and ears were wolf-like, but that it had yellow eyes that reminded him more of a cat. I measured the window and the bottom of it is 6ft off the ground, so for any thing’s head and torso to pass by it from where he was standing the animal would have to be more like 7 feet tall. One of our dogs is tall enough if he stood up on his hind legs, but we’ve never seen him do that on his own and he’s blue-gray, with floppy ears, and brown eyes. There aren’t any huge, black, circus dogs on my road that I know of.

My husband is very skeptical of anything not accepted by the scientific community, but still insists that it wasn’t a black bear he saw. He concluded that he must have hallucinated the whole thing.

Two weeks later, around the same time of day, my husband saw the same animal. This time he was close to the window and the animal was further away, running out through a weird stand of red pine that has a sparse understory. He still doesn’t believe it was real, even after seeing it a second time.

And then, (not sure if this is related) about a week after that I was gardening and my husband comes out back calling for me, really shook up again. He said he was sitting in his computer chair and thought I was standing over his shoulder. He said when he looked up it was a black form, (like a shadow person?), he jumped and it was gone, but it scared the crap out of him. He wanted me to come inside and keep an eye on him because he was afraid it meant he was having a stroke or something.

We haven’t seen anything since then and he had never seen anything before that first incident. Anyway, I wanted to share. I hope it’s a werewolf and not my husband losing it 🙂

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