Werewolves in Maine?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on August 8th, 2013

I missed this episode’s premiere on SyFy last night, but set the DVR for the next airing…

Also airs:
Sunday, August 11 4:00 AM Central
Wednesday, August 14, 7:00 PM Central

Paranormal Witness
Season 3 – Episode 9: The Wolf Pack
Subject Names: Shelley Rockwell-Martin, Eric Martin, Chelsea Harth, Nathan Harth
Subject Location: Palmyra, Maine
Paranormal Experience: Strange, bipedal creatures stalk a Maine family

The Martin family had downsized their lives. A workplace injury had devastated Eric, and Shelley had left her job to take care of her husband. As a result, they were looking for a less-expensive place to live. Shelley had found a beautiful, older farm in Palmyra that was just what they needed. It was surrounded by dense woods. Eric’s family had always been hunters, and his “fairly extensive” collection of guns was a bone of contention with Shelley. With the help of Eric’s son, Sean, Eric built a strongbox to hold the guns under lock and key in the barn.

Eric and Shelley had a routine of evening coffee on the sheltered porch, provided it wasn’t too cold out. One night, they noticed strange, pulsating lights down past the tree line. At first, Sean thought it was just a poacher with a flashlight, but something didn’t seem right. Shelley thought it was unnatural. Eric and Sean headed out into the field to investigate. As they approached the woods, the lights went out. It was so quiet, the snap of a tree branch under foot echoed. Eric sent Sean around with his flashlight off, hoping to catch any potential poacher unaware. Eric felt something far beyond any fear he’d ever felt hunting. All Eric and Sean found was each other, not even a track on the ground to give them a hint of what they’d seen.

Chelsea’s boyfriend Nathan came for a visit, and they decided to go for a walk in the woods with the dogs. The dogs ran out ahead of them, catching a scent. When Chelsea and Nathan caught up, the dogs were rooting around by a large hole in the ground. Nathan thought the overly round hole had been dug with care. Chelsea had a bad feeling about the whole thing, and urged him to leave. Finally, he agreed. What had the dogs found?

It was Memorial Day weekend, and Shelley was making the evening coffee. The dogs didn’t want to go outside to their pen. Something wasn’t right. Eric noticed that it was particularly quiet on that misty evening. When Eric heard an odd sound in the distance, he knew there was some sort of danger out there. Eric began to usher Shelley into the house. She protested, but when she heard some rustling in the distance, accompanied by five sets of eyes looking back at them, she realized the danger. They rushed into the house and locked the door.

Eric knew it wasn’t a bear, but it was huge, and dangerous. The guns were in the barn, and Eric wasn’t sure his family was safe in the house. Eric wanted to get the guns, but Shelley told him to stay. She went up to Chelsea’s room and woke her daughter. Chelsea was half-awake when she looked out the window, but laid back down and went back to sleep. All five of the creatures were still there. One stood on its hind legs and looked right at Shelley.

Eric felt an instinct to protect his family. With the creatures in the distance, he thought that he might be able to get the family car backed up close enough to get them out. Even with his disability, Eric went outside. Shelley went through the house, closing the windows. She finally found the two hunting dogs hiding in a shadowed corner. If the dogs were scared? Shelley was concerned.

When Eric reached the porch, he realized that he might have the distance to get there. It was going to be the longest twenty feet of his life. He started to slowly walk toward the car. When he finally reached it, grabbing the keys and trying to unlock the door, the motion sensor lights popped on. Eric was frightened, and very vulnerable. Suddenly, he was face-to-face with one of the creatures. It tried to reach into the light, but something stopped it. It bolted off into the darkness. Eric made for the house as quickly as he could.

They decided to call the police, hoping for someone else to drive in while they remain sheltered. The police didn’t take them seriously, telling Shelley to close the windows and lock the doors. Nobody was coming. They were on their own.

Shelley set up a view from Chelsea’s window. She could see the whole farm from there. Eric was downstairs, frustrated and upset. Then it occurred to him that the creatures were either afraid of or hurt by the light. That had to be why they didn’t attack him. He made the decision to use that light to get out to the barn and fetch a gun. He went out and flailed his arms in a desperate attempt to trigger the motion sensor. When the light came on, Eric realized that the eyes were staring back at him, surrounding him. Eric was being hunted. He had to get back into the house. He got back as quickly as he could, barely making it before the light went out.

Shelley heard them approach. They were on the other side of the outside wall, and if they wanted in, they were going to get in. Her family was being held hostage in their own house by these creatures. They weren’t able to get the guns. There weren’t any police coming. What were they going to do? Grabbing every sharp implement they could find, Shelley went and woke Chelsea. They needed all hands awake and alert. They all went into the master bedroom and laid on top of the bed, armed, waiting on daylight to come. When they heard the creatures outside, they were petrified. The only thing between the Martins and the creatures was the bedroom window.

When morning came, they could finally breathe a sigh of relief. The creatures were gone. Eric called Sean, who came over and helped look for tracks. The tracks they did find were huge, with enormous claws. They showed a creature who could walk on two feet. These creatures had been hunting, stalking. Were they werewolves? To this day, nobody knows.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

17 Responses to “Werewolves in Maine?”

  1. MR JOSHUA responds:

    Interesting. Sounds like a family of Sasquatch encounter. The luminous eyes, fear of bright light, and curious behavior. Sasquatch has been known to squat closer to ground to conceal themselves when encountering humans. Maybe the one standing up was the alpha male in defensive posture. The fact they never attacked may suggest they were coming in for close observation to inspect the new inhabitants. I have spent some time in Caribou, Maine and it is a huge state with plenty of wilderness area. Who knows….

  2. Iceman responds:

    I watched that last night, and while I cannot ascertain its validity, the narrative was certainly compelling! Having had an injury to one of the discs in my own spine, this summer (ironically, during the part of my cryptovacation when camping near Boggy Creek, in Fouke, Arkansas), I could somewhat empathize with the father of the family, Eric Martin. Even in excruciating pain, while hiking at night in the swamp, a large and loud deadfall sent me, fueled by pure adrenalin, scrambling back within the protective glow of the campfire! The lights that preceded the Martin family’s invaders were an interesting aspect (which most Cryptomundians abhor, since it crosses into other fields of Forteana), leading one to conjecture about the werewolves’ origin (such as a supernatural portal or an alien craft). While I personally perceive the possibility of Bigfoot as absolutely fascinating, I find these “dogmen,” as Linda Godfrey calls them, to be utterly frightening (and utterly unnatural) in nature!

  3. AngelRyd18 responds:

    This episode left the viewer with nothing but questions. Does the family still live there or have they sold it and moved? If so, have the new owners ever experienced anything odd? Did this ever happen to them again? The episode’s ending was very bad. Usually these “true event” shows let the viewer know the rest of the subject’s story. None of the strange happenings seem to be tied together or even any speculation of what they could possibly be. Since I have lived in Maine my entire life and so have my ancestors, this is the first time anyone has told a story like this with “werewolves” being the hinted creatures. UFO’s? Yes. Bigfoot? No, not that I’ve heard. But what does a huge hole in the ground, unexplained lights in the woods and light-sensitive bi-pedal creatures have to do with each other? Just wondering.

  4. sasquatch responds:

    I agree with Mr. Joshua. Sounds more like bigfoot than werewolves. There was nothing in the description of the creatures that sounded like wolves-snout, tail, ears etc…

    The words huge, bi-pedal, and green eyes were in there tho’

    Plus-when he was surrounded they didn’t attack like a wolf-like predator would be expected to..a curious primate family might have behaved exactly like the program showed however.

  5. corrick responds:

    Excuse me for pointing out the obvious.
    Nothing “paranormal” has ever been accepted by the scientific community as to exist in the real world. Nothing. Ever. In all history. In every case like ball lightening there has always been a natural world explanation.

    Cryptozooly may not be pure science but half the word is zoology.

    Let’s please leave the paranormal for the dungeon and dragon dreamers and for the predetary crowd of authors who make money off them.


  6. corrick responds:

    Excuse me for pointing out the obvious.
    Nothing “paranormal” has ever been accepted by the scientific community as to exist in the real world. Nothing. Ever. In all history. In every case like ball lightening there has always been a natural world explanation.

    Cryptozoology may not be pure science but half the word is zoology.

    Let’s please leave the paranormal for the dungeon and dragon dreamers and for the predatary crowd of authors who make money off them.


  7. Goodfoot responds:

    This is so long a set-up it risks becoming a shaggy-dog story. It should have begun:

    “It was Memorial Day weekend, and Shelley was making the evening coffee. The dogs didn’t want to go outside to their pen. Something wasn’t right. Eric noticed that it was particularly quiet on that misty evening.”

    That’s much better, right? But then:

    “When Eric heard an odd sound in the distance, he knew there was some sort of danger out there.”

    And THAT’S when I woke my grandson up by laughing uproariously.

  8. darkhb responds:

    This dramatization was from Linda Godfreys’ latest book, REAL WOLFMEN: True Encounters in Modern America. What the Martin’s experienced, which may not have come across on Paranormal Witness, were clearly not Sasquatches if you read their descriptions of the creatures in the book. These were “werewolf” like creatures “…covered in short fur…they had pointed ears that started at the jaw and ran up the side of their heads…they had prominent, wide-bridged muzzles that looked like a dog’s…”. If you see the witness sketches in the book it is clear that what the Martins saw had nothing to do with a group of Sasquatches.

    There are some paranormal aspects of the encounter in the book that were not portrayed in the PW episode, although the flashing lights were.

  9. Iceman responds:

    On the paranormal, the scientific paradigm is subject to shifts. The show after this one, Joe Rogan Questions Everything, incidentally, was about artificial intelligence and one scientist on it posited we may actually already be in a “matrix” (assuming that, in the future, the creation of such a fabricated reality were possible). How would we ever really know? I enjoy all facets of Forteana, and although I personally have never witnessed anything that I could not explain, I have to take the Socratic point of view as to what anyone else has experienced. I believe, as well, that our host, Craig Woolheater, has no restrictions on discussing other subjects in relation to his posts.

  10. sasquatch responds:

    Poorly done then…

  11. marshal99 responds:

    There’s a more detailed description of the creatures from the wife at the link.

    “Their ears were on the side of their heads and went straight up past the top of their heads about three inches above. It looked similar to how someone looks when they cover their ears with their hands when they don’t want to listen to someone or want to block out a loud noise.

    Their eyes were huge, and they were a greenish-yellow fluorescent – bright. And the bridge of their nose was about seven inches. They were about seven feet tall. We measured from where he was standing by that ten-foot door.”

  12. kitten kabuda responds:

    I lost it when they showed that they could not convince the emergency dispatcher to send police to the house – and when the 911 operator hung up the phone. That is almost impossible in a 911 call – if they told the operator that someone or something is outside and they feel their life is in danger, the police would have come. They did not have to describe what exactly is out there. It was 10 pm, they probably could have ordered pizza or Chinese food, or could have called a taxi. I am sure they have some friends, they could have called them. They did not call any of them, and the call to the emergency was hung up, supposedly because they were describing a bizarre animal. If they were that terrified, they could have called the fire force, who has powerful lights in the truck. And how did Eric Martin knew that these creatures are afraid of light???? He did not even know what creatures they were, but knew they are afraid of light – how? He even took the risk of walking up to them with the garage light using that unproven assumption? Things don’t make any sense in this story and the whole thing is a badly made fake story.

  13. kitten kabuda responds:

    I checked a bit more on this. Seems like their home was located at 309 Madawaska Rd, Palmyra, ME 04965. Although it is not a neighborhood, it is not that remote either if we look at the Mapquest areal view. There are neighbors just few minutes away, whom they could have called. A taxi from Newport would have taken about 10 minutes to reach there. If they told the emergency dispatcher that there are five masked men outside the house trying to break into the house, the police would have been there in less than five minutes. Rt 2 from Newport to Skowhegan is a fairly well traveled road, even at late evening, their house is just on the side of the road. There is a thin layer of barrier trees between the road and the house, but the major wooded area is behind the house, no wooded area in front of the house leading to the road. If they say the creatures came from the back of the house, then I can give them the benefit of doubt. But creatures coming from the road or in front of the house, is impossible to believe. There were multiple ways to deal with their situation, if they really thought that their life is in danger, rather than subjecting themselves to the fate. That is why I believe this story is so improbable.

  14. The Grey Ghost responds:

    Yeah, guys, I’ve noticed that Syfy and PW take alot of creative freedom in changing specific events to make the show look better. Half of what we see on the show is made up or overexagerrated bullshit. If anyone wants a real and accurate account of the stories, I would recommend speaking with the witnesses themselves and cutting out the middle-man, so to speak.

  15. Andesmom responds:

    I live on the Wyman road in Palmyra, Maine. Which is directly across from the Madawaska Road and i had never heard of this story.

    It’s garbled junk and i hate to say i’m quite disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the show but after seeing this episode i’m beginning to wonder if the other episodes are all fictional as well. 🙂

  16. punki13 responds:

    Saquatches aren’t scared of light and they actually don’t behave like the creatures in this story..and the creatures in this story also don’t fit werewolves.. werewolves prefer to be alone maybe a male and female together and they don’t like to share and lights don’t bother them either.. a werewolf would’ve attacked cause that’s their pleasure and they won’t back down from that.. also the lights seen is more consistant of that involving ufos and such in that category.. reptilians follow in that category too and what was in maine was probably something else in the category too not a reptilian but something else of an unknown species/origin.. a lot of things are real and unknown and the lights or orbs aren’t at all involved with sasquatches or werewolves.. mostly ghosts and alien related things.. reptilians aren’t the only thing alien related here and I’m sure what’s in maine is something else alien related.. people would freak out if they knew the whole truth that’s why its never being told..

  17. anneb responds:

    Wow, such a fully believable story.. I do a lot of research because I find this phenomena so fascinating.. I myself would never want to experience this kind of thing however. I don’t think I could get over it.

    In my research I have hear of wolf like creatures appearing after lights. I think those lights you saw are KEY. They ARE interdimensional beings. Either spirits or just from another dimension but not dead.. sounds strange but so is the entire experience. Never are these beings just living about in the woods.. There is no way. they don’t come often enough. They are interdimensional for sure. Did you see the Joe Rogan episode when he went to Skinwalker Ranch? Ryan experienced right in front of him a glowing orb that then turned to a black mist and then formed into a wolf. It’ on native american land. Has anyone thought to research the past history to find out if it was indian territory that has been cursed.. most of Maine is.

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