What Is This?

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on October 5th, 2011

Mystery animal video.

What do the Cryptomundians think this is?

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24 Responses to “What Is This?”

  1. wolfatrest responds:

    Looks like a strange caterpillar to me.

  2. Shroyer responds:

    It is a bat, a pretty deformed one or somebody mutilated his wings.

  3. RedLandsBigfoot responds:


  4. Sharon Lee responds:

    Creepy it looks like a deformed bat?

  5. viking0047 responds:

    Some sort of F’ed up caterpillar!

  6. zigoapex responds:

    little remote controlled toy inside of silicone

  7. recurve responds:

    I’d agree with a caterpillar some sort of dead leaf mimic

  8. scaryeyes responds:

    Also going with bat, with deformed or mutilated wings. Would be able to say for sure if I could see the face clearer, though.

  9. Hapa responds:

    Deformed bat or unusual insect, i.e. an ugly caterpillar of some type. I can see something like this inspiring the next monster movie

  10. mandors responds:

    Found this on bing images. Entitled “Strange Caterpillar.” Kind of similar.

  11. grendel_25 responds:

    This looks remarkably like a hag moth caterpillar:

    Just a few examples

  12. Ingo responds:

    It is a caterpillar from the genus Phobetrum.

    The american species is also known as monkey slug. There are quite some tropical relatives. I am not sure about the exact ID of this one, but its definitely in that ballpark.

  13. Dark Auk responds:

    Definitely a weird caterpillar, but I can see where one would think bat. I don’t think it would be able to move like that w/o its wings intact.

  14. Brothermidnight responds:

    That looks to be a type of Phobetron pithecium (hag moth). The larva is called a monkey slug.

    Here is another one:

    and here:

    If you google the name you will find all kinds of pics in different colors and tentacle patterns.

  15. punydevil responds:

    Hag moth.

  16. tampasteve responds:

    Hard to say, from the scale of things it could be huge. In fact I think that is a green steel girder that it is crawling around on.

    J/K of course looks like a deformed/mutilated bat or insect.

  17. Joxman responds:

    Well it moves like a larva of some sort. I can see how some people perceive a bat, but it appears to be either inherent camouflage or someone placed some dried foliage on a caterpillar.

    I’m surprised us Cryptomundians haven’t identified it yet. One thing I know is that I have not seen anything like it before 🙂

  18. Cryptoz responds:

    i thought when first looking at it, it was the size of a dog, but its WAY smaller! See that green thing it’s on? I thought it was a surfboard at first, but thats a peace of grass. Its definately some sort of caterpillar. Maybe its a known species, ill look it up.

  19. lordoftheonionrings responds:

    My guess is a bat that flew into a bug zapper. I was thinking caterpillar at first by it’s movements so I can see where people are coming from with that one.

  20. fossilhunter responds:

    Maybe a dried up sea hare? Or caterpillar.

  21. kittalia responds:

    It doesn’t move like it’s alive. It looked like a dead, shriveled bat in a stop motion

  22. Duffy2323 responds:

    I am very convinced that it is a Hag Moth Larva (Phobetron Pithecium). I translated the Chinese to get any clues but found nothing helpful. The translation is something along the lines of “Unknown organism found abroad, Probably caused by some sort of mutation”. It definitely moves like a caterpillar and also has the appendages just like a Hag Moth Larva but I cannot find any species of Hag Moth in Asia, please correct me if I’m wrong.

  23. Joxman responds:

    @ kittilia

    It is not stop motion. The “head” is clearly fluid and not jerky. I think our best answer at this time is the Hag Moth Larva, but even this is just a very close approximation. I’m not certain of the diversity of appearance, but I think it is our Mystery Animal 🙂 It seems it only took us a day to identify. We Cryptomundians are AWESOME 🙂

    (notice how I also claimed responsibility for identifying it, even though grendel_25 was the first to offer evidence)

    …. NEXT 🙂


  24. Dr Kaco responds:

    Nice piece to put up since the movie “THE THING” is coming out soon! Thanks!

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