October 8, 2015

What Throws Rocks in the Woods?

While leading a group of people down a trail in Wisconsin I heard something in the woods parallel our movement. When we stopped in clearings we would hear wood knocks (from two differing directions), branches snapping and eventually we had rocks thrown at us. I had night vision and a thermal but whatever it was stayed far enough away that we could not see them. The rocks came from farther away in the woods and were thrown toward us. It was a bit spooky because bear don’t throw rocks. Don’t worry, we went into the woods trying to find them and checked out the area the next two days. Whatever it was, they won that round. Could have been ghosts, aliens, chupacabra, Coelacanth… The audio was amplified to make the wood knocks stand out. That is why it sounds a bit weird.

~ Jim Sherman

About Craig Woolheater
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