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White Bigfoot Filmed in Pennsylvania

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on July 24th, 2011

Residents of this small Pa town are concerned of recent sightings and strange noises being heard at night of what appears to be some sort of Bigfoot human looking type creature. The creature though, is white in color. A homeowner captured this footage after they heard a disturbance in the back yard of their wooded property. This homeowner and others in this town had previously heard strange noises and disturbances for the last two weeks or so prior to this being captured on film. The town was confirmed as Carbondale Pa.Uploaded by bobywade517 on Jan 5, 2010

Also uploaded by bobywade517 on Feb 3, 2010.

Also uploaded by bobywade517 on Feb 6, 2010.

Man films White Bigfoot in Backyard Posted 2/3/10 by Anonymous poster Bobywade. We spent a great deal of time on this authentication. It shows a White Sasquatch twice, once for 1.4 seconds at maybe 50 feet and again at maybe 20 feet. The second clip is unobstructed by branch, so it is very clear. It appears that two people are walking toward it. One with a flashlight and one with a camera. The coned head, brow ridge, tree peeking, high shoulders, nose to nape, long upper lip, hooded nose confirm this very quick but very good video.facebook find bigfoot

PA White Bigfoot. I froze and enlarged a couple of shots. Interesting. No idea but he seems to have a Kennedy chin which adds a whole new piece to this puzzle.BFResearchSE

Enhancement, analysis and some comparisations.Phobnator

It would be good to get pre-Youtube photos. There seem to be some compression artifacts.PigsCanFly99

Is it real or hoaxed?

What do the Cryptomundians think?

Updated to include this enhanced version as pointed out by Cryptomundian Nominay.

About Craig Woolheater
Co-founder of Cryptomundo in 2005. I have appeared in or contributed to the following TV programs, documentaries and films: OLN's Mysterious Encounters: "Caddo Critter", Southern Fried Bigfoot, Travel Channel's Weird Travels: "Bigfoot", History Channel's MonsterQuest: "Swamp Stalker", The Wild Man of the Navidad, Destination America's Monsters and Mysteries in America: Texas Terror - Lake Worth Monster, Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot: Return to Boggy Creek and Beast of the Bayou.

54 Responses to “White Bigfoot Filmed in Pennsylvania”

  1. Kyle responds:

    It’s definitely not your average gorilla costume. If it is a hoax, job well done.

  2. Redrose999 responds:

    If it is real, it is one of the best pieces of Bigfoot footage since Patty. My only qualm to it being real is no eye shine. I hear Bigfoots have eye shine. The eyes look red though. Not sure what you get with that.

  3. Redrose999 responds:

    After viewing it a few times, it’s either a real animal, or computer animated.

  4. semillama responds:

    I thought the “FB/FB” analysis was interesting, although whomever did it needs to brush up on ape/hominid evolution-they seem to think that humans had to develop from an existing great ape.

    Still, a later point about the YouTube compression possibly introducing artifacts needs to be considered. Does the subject actually grimace, or is that something introduced and interpreted as movement? It would be helpful to know what sort of video camera was used. I am afraid that the resolution just might low enough that compression could in fact have an affect on what we think we are seeing.

    I’ll be interested to see what others think.

  5. Zilla responds:

    Looks fake to me for one reason. Why are they filming at night with a flashlight in what I assume is a bush or backyard? Also, just looking at it, it kind of looks like a white gorilla mask which is on wrong. Look at the neck: it’s almost on a slant.

  6. Surveyor responds:

    Where is the eye shine? The animal can’t see in the dark without the morphological adaptations that allow it (which, btw, cause eyeshine).

  7. rickodemilo responds:

    It’s fake. I say that not as a skeptic but as someone that can look at the video and determine…. it’s fake.

  8. machismo responds:

    C G … nuff said.

  9. darkwing responds:

    About 4 or 5 years ago, this came out and was claimed to be a white Yowie in Australia, it was recorded on the MXXXX Forums for the record. This is an old repeat, just repackaged by someone to put on YouTube.

  10. dogu4 responds:

    Slice me off a pound of that there baloney.

  11. D.R. responds:

    It’s definitely a fake.

  12. ETxArtist responds:

    I guess the fabric store was all out of brown nylon fur.

  13. mandors responds:

    Like all good footage of Bigfoot this one has strong points on both sides. I like that the figure is first seen hiding in the brush at ground level and then eventually stands to run off. Not many hoaxers take the time to research this behavior. This is not a bad PG arms swinging imitation. Also, the fluidity with which it runs off seems hard in the brush to do.

    In terms of a mask, none of the bigfoot and gorilla masks, I’ve seen have a hooded nose. They all look like silver backs. In terms of being out at night using a flashlight, I guess I don’t get that criticism. It’s middle of nowhere PA, a backyard can be 10 or 15 acres and wooded.

    The big problem I just realized–thanks Surveyor, where’s the eye shine?! You shine a light in a cat’s face bang! Eye’s light up. That said, it looks to be a bad video camera, so maybe it could be a light gathering thing. The face was kind of slightly turned too. Finally, the “what was that?” kind of sounds canned, but who knows. Remember Charlie Sheen trying to say “who am I” in Wall Street–LOL!

  14. stickyum responds:

    Interesting footage, but unsure of it’s validity. Still, it’s very compelling evidence of the existence of these animals. Would like to hear what Loren Coleman thinks about this film and it’s authenticity. Don’t think it’s my place to offer any professional assessment of this footage and I’ll leave that task up to Mr. Coleman who wrote the book on this subject. So, come on Loren, please give us all your professional opinion.

  15. Hapa responds:

    The fact that there is no eye shine, the unusual circumstances under which it was filmed (who what where why how? Why point the flashlight almost always on the ground until just before the critter is spotted, when they raise it up, almost as if it were scripted or planned that way) and the fact that Pennsylvania like many northeastern states, is heavily populated (not a place where one would think to find a giant unknown ape lurking around), lends me to believe it is most likely fake.

    However, it is one of the clearest vids I’ve seen (far better than those “Blob-squatches). It looks so real. If someone hoaxed this, they need to stop doing useless things like youtube shorts and go to Hollywood to work!

  16. fuzzy responds:

    HAPA – NY, PA, MD all have generous amounts of wild, forested land! Check Google Maps and BFRO archives.

    OBSERVED: Creature in vids displays no sagittal crest, and is apparently brachycephalic.

    REPORTS: Many Squatch sightings in S/E PA & MD area in late ’70s winters claimed dark brown coloring, not white.

    COMPLAINT: On my screen, C/M’s advertising panels run right down thru the videos. Is it MY gear problem?

  17. flame821 responds:

    If it is a hoax it is a well done, Hollywood quality hoax. And fuzzy is right about our population and environs. Pennsylvania basically has a few big cities (Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburg,) a hand full of Big towns (Allentown area, Erie Area) and the rest is basically very small towns, farmland and forests. I live in NE PA and I have all sorts of critters showing up in my ‘backyard’ which consists of a sizeable clearing surrounded by large trees and brush. I have to travel an hour to get to a city with a Lowe, Target, or decent hospital.

    But I can promise you I won’t go off the deck at night to check out a noise without at least a rifle. We get black bear quite often and while they are likely to run away, I wouldn’t chance a meeting with one who was brazen, or more likely, an animal that was rabid. (mostly skunk and coons) My nearest neighbors are 2 acres away, save for the family that’s renting a small home on property across the street. But they aren’t from around here and the wife freaks out over black snakes and raccoon and the husband came to me to ‘take care of’ a varmint for him. LOL

    Part of me wonders if this isn’t part of a viral ad campaign for a movie or something of that nature, but if it is real it is pretty remarkable. The lack of eyeshine is my biggest hang up too. I’m not sure if Albino pink eyes would play into the lack of eyeshine or not. I want to give (I think its Cliff’s) detail video a closer listen and see if I can suss out anything else.

  18. Nominay responds:

    1st as Craig included from the description, this video is a year and a half old. FB/FB recently did an analysis of it and sometime before that, Robert Lindsay gave a commentary on it.

    We all independently arrived at the same conclusion, that it is NOT fake.

  19. Big Steve responds:

    A note regarding the eye-shine.

    If bigfoot is closely related to humans, wouldn’t its eyes be similar to ours and not necessarily shine brightly when caught in the light as ours do??? Just a thought.

  20. Tacos_with_Chili responds:

    Well as always, if it doesn’t fit the description of a Bigfoot, then this must be a different animal. It can also be a different breed of Bigfoot if possible. If Bigfoot eyes shine, then would any breed (crossbreed) of Bigfoot, would their eye shine? The face looks real though. I can accept the “Animation” theory and the “Hollywood Costume” theory. Anyways, I would love to view this as a Bigfoot footage. Until they have good proof as a hoax.

  21. vamelungeon responds:

    It looks VERY fake to me, and it did the first time I saw it over a year ago. I’d say white coveralls and gloves with some sort of home made mask. It looks like a dressed up human to me. I wonder why this has popped back up again? Seems like it was dismissed pretty quickly the first go-round.

  22. Paul V Ruggeri via Facebook responds:

    My first thought on seeing it was “Really? C’mon! It’s the Mugatu from Star Trek!”

  23. Jason Kelley via Facebook responds:

    It really looks a lot like this costume to me:

  24. zigoapex responds:

    I live 10 miles south on the same mountain range from where it was sighted. There were other sightings and it made the local news.

    The land is very thick with scrub brush and mountain laurel. I hunted deer on the same mountain range I was a kid (46 now). That terrain is so thick that you can park a car and not be able to see it from 50 yds away. We would make deer drives were we saw the deer enter the piece of land, and put hunters on stand around it, make the drive and the deer would never come out.

    You would go back the next day and you can see where the deer would just lay in those thickets and watch the hunters walk right by during the drive and see there prints where they would walk over were the drivers were.

    The area isn’t too big on bs stories, people are tough to believe anything that that they didn’t witness or know it as fact.

    I never saw anything close to bigfoot tracks or anything close to looking like one, but I have 2 friends that will swear on a bible that they have seen bigfoots in Northeast Pa.

    One friend said while he was in high school in 1974, while driving around Starrucca, Pa one night with some friends spot lighting deer, they were on a dirt road and on the side of the road, it looked like a man walking, all in black. As they got closer, it stepped off the road, and as they drove by, they slowed down and noticed that It was huge and covered in black hair. They were in a 1972 Camaro, and he said the knees were higher than the door handles. They were all terrified and took off as fast as they could.

    My other friend was on his way to work (early fall of 2000) around 6:30 am on route 6 (the Casey hwy not Scranton-carbondale hwy rt 6) saw an animal going up a hill on the side of the highway and at first, he thought it was a bear, but then realized that it was on 2 legs, very wide and a brownish color. He started slowing down to stop, and as he did, it looked back at him and ran up the hill faster than anything he ever seen.

    I have known and hunted with both of these guys and they never lied or exaggerated about anything.

    Could have they made a mistake? Possibly but, I know them very well, and doubt they did make a mistake.

  25. dermal_ridges_are_proof responds:

    In my opinion, most definitely a costume. I remember at the time this clip first appeared two years ago on You Tube; their were a small number of other clips conveniently adjacent for purposes of comparison that showed the exact same costume in use by other people. In particular I can recall a clip of a rock concert (in either the US or Canada) which showed someone on stage prancing around in this exact same costume. At the time I made the obvious comparison and for me at least the mystery was solved!

    Today in 2011 after trying to locate these old ‘comparison’ clips. I’ve unfortunately drawn a total blank!

    I’m a big fan of ‘Facebook Find Bigfoot’, however this is one clip that I wish they had not taken so seriously!

  26. scaryeyes responds:

    It looks extremely fake to me.

  27. hoosierhunter2 responds:

    This is a joke, right? The guy filming is making enough noise to raise a dead sasquatch, he shines his light on it once early on and then suddenly it’s there with a deer-caught-in-the-headlights look. And the cameraman’s only reaction is “What was that!?”, in a very dramatic voice, I might add. FAKE!!!

  28. Harold responds:

    Reports of a “white bigfoot” in Carbondale go back at least three years.

    Cabondale is widely believed by folks in Northeastern PA to be the setting of the “Carbon Creek” episode of Star Trek: Voyager, in which three Vulcans crash-land on Earth and try to mingle inconspicuously with the locals.

    Carbondale was also the site of an alleged UFO crash back in 1974.

  29. Hapa responds:

    Hello Fuzzy :)
    Yes large parts of the keystone state are forested, but the point i was trying to make is that due to the population and roads it would be difficult for an unrecognized species of large animal like that to avoid detection for so long (though admitedly not impossible. Then again I doubt it is to be really found in almost every state either. It seems more likely to live in the Pacific Northwest, and all western Canada (where there is more land and less human habitation, and Alaska, than just about the entire North American continent.)

    Though I don’t rule out populations of the monster living in the Appalachains or the south and southeast (Texas has more forest cover than Oregon), If we were to ask ourselves which environment would be more likely to hide a new species of large animal, Pennsylvania or the Himalayas, for example, I think most would say the latter.

  30. Tim Denman via Facebook responds:

    they just happened to shine the light right where it was by the tree, but the whole time they were shining the light on the ground .

  31. Peter Von Berg responds:

    Oh please.

  32. wildmaiden responds:

    This video was discussed last year, with my comments expressed here.

  33. bobzilla responds:

    Definitely not CG. But, to me, it looks like a guy in a costume. Especially the blacked out eyes which would be from a mask.

  34. Scott Covington via Facebook responds:

    Not sure, my gut says faked, but the imagery is pretty damned good!

  35. Doomguy responds:

    Fake. The “creature” hears the guy with the camera, sees the light approaching, but waits until he’s RIGHT THERE, light on his face, to run away.

    Also, notice how the light stays on it and follows it for a relatively long time as it runs away. I think the cameraman definitely knew which direction it was going to run, I certainly wouldn’t be able to hold my camera still if that thing made a sudden movement right in front of me.

    And yeah, the ‘WHAT WAS THAT??’ couldn’t sound any more fake (“any faker”? English are badz)

  36. mrdark responds:

    To quote Ain’t It Cool News’ own Harry Knowles when he talks about Godzilla movies:


  37. Kingswood responds:

    A man hears noises in his backyard and goes out to investigate. Looks like he brought his cellphone cam along. Isn’t that conveniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiient.

  38. Cryptoz responds:

    Very, very interesting. It would sort of make sense that an albino Bigfoot would be likelier to see than a normal one because it would stand out. But the fact that someone would have a camera and capture it on film isn’t so likely.

  39. Cryptoz responds:

    My judgement: fake. It’s a man in a mask.

  40. joeywhatever responds:

    looks fake to me

  41. djwcaw responds:

    ‘White’ bigfoot alone should make people cry ‘fake.’ Only way under an evolutionary scientific paradigm would be a rare albino (like to see chances of that escaping discovery or even surviving in PA.) Photographing a dark colored bigfoot often strains credulity let alone an albino!

  42. Massachusetts responds:

    I actually think Bigfoot’s rather fetching in white.

  43. flame821 responds:

    Playing devil’s advocate –

    The lack of response by the animal to the noise and light COULD be due to albinism. Albino do tend to have low vision and certain syndromes (which have albinism as a symptom) can effect hearing as well.

    As for the eyeshine; due to the lack of pigmentation in the eye, the iris cannot effectively filter light causing the pupil to dilate/constrict incorrectly. I’ve checked a few research papers and reference books but since humans do not have the tapetum lucidum membrane its not very useful. I have found a few articles regarding cats and ferrets but some albino have an intact tapetum, others have in intact but non-pigmented tapetum, while others have no tapetum at all.

    However if BigFoot is NOT a nocturnal animal there would not be any need for such a membrane. Primitive primates (lemur) have a tapetum while great apes do not. Many sightings are during the day so chances are BF is, much like ourselves, primarily a daylight traveler.

    As for the long upper lip, it does look like it moves in the clip, although as stated earlier that may simply be due to compression of the video. I haven’t seen any masks (commercially produced) that resemble this, mostly due to either the hooded nose or the hair on the upper lip.

    If it is a mask it would either be custom made or heavily modified with extra hair attached above the lip line. It would also need to be pieced (cut into anatomically correct areas) and glued onto the skin with spirit gum or something of that nature.

    It seems like a lot of effort for a hoax, but I COULD see a student film maker going to this level, especially if money, equipment or top rankings/grants were at stake.

  44. Earthwatchers in Action via Facebook responds:

    The neck looks real… Vas

  45. Nominay responds:

    The white Bigfoot suit that Jason posted was laughable, a joke if you will. It does not compare with the video. It’s not deserving of putting in the same sentence with this video. If this were a hoax, a lot of credit would have to be given to convince someone like me that it were real. I am reminded of this video in which Leroy Blevins tries to debunk the Patterson suit. Blevins is a genius next to the creator of the white Bigfoot suit.

  46. Opalman responds:

    Yes…where is that eyeshine? The tapetum lucidum is an anatomical prerequisite for nocturnal vision. Ophthalmologists and biologists are unanimous regarding this fact. I doubt that there can be any serious discussion challenging the notion that sasquatch are fully, if not primarily. nocturnal.

    Even bears (family: Ursidae) which are classified as diurnal possess the retroreflective membrane, (tapetum lucidum), that allows for acute night vision. While the great apes do not possess this membrane, neither are they nocturnal.

    The apparent lack of eyeshine in all the related videos seems to be the single most persuasive factor discounting the authenticity of these clips.
    Other observed factors worth reiterating are:

    The subject allows for very close approach by noisy walkers with flashlights???: argument against authenticity.

    The lack of any follow-up daytime videos of the sighting location and the lack of any size / height comparisons: argument against authenticity. (Personally; the first thing I’d do as soon as daylight permitted. Tracks, spoor, hair fibers on tree bark)???

    Dialog /monolog seems contrived: argument against authenticity.

    Apparent blinking of the subject’s right eye: argument in favor of authenticity.

    Possible lip movement: if real it’s an argument in favor of authenticity.

    Compression artifacts? I am not a digital video expert but from my limited knowledge of the topic, I fail to understand how compression can add resolving artifacts that would make the subject’s lips or nose seem to move. I can, though, understand how digital artifacts could contribute to a random degradation of the video subject’s appearance. If someone can refer me to articles, examples or provide an explanation regarding this phenomena, I would be sincerely grateful.

    I lived for several months in Narrowsburg, NY and had a girlfriend who lived outside Carbondale, between Rt. 171 and 371, (I think, was a very long time ago) and have some knowledge of the area having done some incredible deer hunting there (Mt. Ararat is / was a very pristine and wild area). If the area is anything like it was, it could support sasquatch. There are several protected state game areas, and plenty of springs, small creeks and the relatively large Belmont Lake.

    If it’s a hoax it’s convincingly done.

  47. flame821 responds:

    Curious about the FB/FB analysis video. It shows a heavy concentration of white Sasquatch in the Ohio/Western Pennsylvania area. Even if both parents have the mutated gene for albinism (as opposed to this being a symptom of a syndrome) there is still only a 25% chance of the offspring being an albino. So I wonder if this is a separate species that we are also calling Bigfoot, OR if there is a HUGE bottleneck population, OR are we seeing the same animal migrating from Ohio to Pennsylvania?

    If this is caused by a bottlenecked population, I’m afraid that doesn’t bode well for the continuation of their species. If it is a separate animal that simply resembles its (apparently) larger West Coast cousin, then perhaps, like the Skunk Ape, there are more than one ‘type’ of Sasquatch. If it’s migrating, they cover a much large area than I would have guessed. I also would have thought they’d travel along the Appalachian Trail. If someone is more familiar with the areas of Ohio they showed on the video, perhaps you can tell us if Bigfoot in that area is reasonable. I know in Pennsylvania we have HUGE swathes of State Parks/Game Lands and mountains for them to take cover and find food.

  48. Nominay responds:

    It’s probably no different than this Flame.

    Kermode Bear

  49. flame821 responds:

    @ Nominay

    Wow, they are gorgeous.

    From the article it sounds like a bottleneck of the population though. Either a novel mutation or a form of leucism or chromataphore defect that’s being passed along. The bears in the article seem to thriving in a relatively small area so hopefully the same can be said of a white sasquatch population.

    With humans encroaching on more and more wilderness I’m guessing ‘tribes’ of sasquatches (sp?) could easily become isolated and when the genetic pool shallows more and more mutations tend to be seen.

    Is there any database showing color of bigfoot sightings? I thought most were either black or brown, but apparently red and white aren’t as rare as I thought? Mr Woolheater and/or Mr Coleman, can you point me towards any sites that might have this sort of information? Thank you.

  50. skeptik responds:

    While I can appreciate the enthusiasm of the so-called analysis presented, they seem to ignore the most obvious clue as to the reality of the film: The animal is waiting for the (terribly noisy) human being to come forward, shine a light in its face and film it.

    Occam’s razor says the creature on the camera has clear instructions to wait and get filmed before disappearing suddenly. It could of course be a very well-trained bigfoot that has previous experience from the school theatre or something like that.

    Strangely, nobody mentions the blur that occurs right when the animal disappears, which suggests that the footage has been tampered with. Which means the photographer is in on it. It looks like a hoax, it plays like a hoax, and it smells like a hoax. I’d say it probably is a hoax.
    I believe in the possibility of Bigfoot in but its (scientific) existence will not be proven by a Blair Witch Project video.

    (By the way, all you need to do advanced CGI these days is a couple of unemployed students. Technology has advanced to the point where you don’t need an office in Hollywood and a million bucks. See the numerous CGI UFO hoaxes floating around, for example.)

  51. Nominay responds:

    @ Flame – here.

    When I have more time to look, I’ll see if I can find anything else.

    @ skeptik – it’s an analysis because it takes effort … it’s easy to sit back and say “how convenient, seems hokey” – there’s a back story to this you’re unaware of which puts the situation in a different perspective, but I’m tired of explaining it over and over.

  52. flame821 responds:

    Thank you Nominay

    Judging by the map Matt D put up it seems the majority of sightings are EAST of the Mississippi, that river would be a fairly substantial natural boundary and with the increasing population I do think the bottleneck population is the heavy favorite atm. The relatively few that pop up West of the Mississippi could easily be put down to random mutations that would be expected in any population.

    The fact that a much larger number of sightings are recorded in the PNW yet they have a lower incident of white/blonde bigfoot while the East which has relatively few BF sightings has a high percentage of white/blonde would seem to back my current theory.

  53. skeptik responds:

    @Nominay: The reason I wrote “so-called analysis” is because the investigation starts with the presumption of the creature being a real animal and a bigfoot, when, as I pointed out, there are other more pervasive signs of a hoax.

    Of course, if the analysis did include this observation and others to the effect of not being pre-judgmental, then they should have kept it in the video for balance (and greater credibility). Just my 2 cents..

    I did watch the analysis before posting, at least. :)

  54. DWA responds:

    This screams FAKE so loud if it were real, it would scream FAKE.

    And it’s been here before, at least a couple years back. Everybody thought the same then.

    So, not a ghost – speaking of bad costume – of an effort to follow it after it bolts? Maybe a moot point, with a light that an ant couldn’t navigate by.

    The ‘what was that?’ has to be theeeeee FAKIEST thing I ever saw or heard in one of these.

    Seriously. This is so bad that if I were convinced it were a sasquatch I would have trouble posting it.

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