September 8, 2014

Who Were the Original Inhabitants of North America?

Todd Neiss, Bigfooter, Bigfoot witness and Beachfoot organizer, offered the following brief essay:

Who were the original inhabitants of North America?

When the “Kennewick Man” was found on the banks of the Columbia River in 1996, local Native Americans were livid that scientists had carbon-dated him to be nearly 10,000 years old; pre-dating modern Native American tribes. In addition, DNA tests proved that he belonged to the Ainu people (Japan-Russia region). This incensed them as 1) it undermined their claim to be the original race in America and 2) supposes that modern Native Americans may well have decimated the Ainu when they migrated there. In fact, a spear point was found lodged in the hip of Kennewick Man. They fought hard in court to prevent DNA analysis; claiming that he belonged to their ancestors. They lost.

Furthermore, the oldest human DNA discovered in North America was found in Central Oregon at the “Paisley Caves Complex.” Coprolites there were analyzed and determined to be as old as 14,290 years old. A hearth (fire pit) was discovered nearly seven feet below the current strata; where the bones of waterfowl, fish, and large mammals including extinct camel and horse.” This would make the inhabitants pre-Clovis! Again, the genetic ties were of Asian-Siberian decent.

Interestingly, the Proceedings of the National Association of Sciences (PNAS) indicates primate migration from Asia to North America began via Beringia (Bering Land Bridge) as early as the early Eocene Epoch (56-47 million years ago). These early primates were small marmoset-like primates were known as teilhardina asiatica.

In the John Day Fossil Beds in Central Oregon, fossils of another primate, Ekgmowechashala philotau, have been discovered. They date back to the Miocene Epoch; as recently as 5 million years ago. It was during the Miocene Epoch that apes first arose and diversified. Great apes are believes to have come into existence between 8 to 4 million years ago. So there is conclusive evidence that primates once roamed the Pacific Northwest. In fact, the oldest known primate-like mammal species, Plesiadapis, actually originated in North America. Was Bigfoot far behind?

In my estimation, such a trans-Beringian migration dovetails nicely with the theory of Gigantopithicus immigration via the same route as humans; albeit much earlier.

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