William Roe Sr.: EXPERT Outdoorsman and Hunter

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on March 11th, 2014

Cryptomundian and relative of William Roe Sr. canucktvwatcher had the following to say regarding Daniel Perez’s post here on Cryptomundo: Daniel Perez on William Roe.

Awesome to see family (William Roe’s son is my great uncle, making William Roe Sr. my great great grandfather) on here! Also very neat to see a picture I’ve seen many times floating around here! My grandma, one of William’s daughters, had that photograph as well. Cool!

William Roe in his mid 30s. Photograph courtesy and copyright © of The Roe Family, 2013.

From all that I have heard in our family, William Roe Sr. was an EXPERT outdoorsman and hunter, with much experience in the wilderness. He was also known as an honourable and honest family man. If he said this is what he saw, then I would believe it, without question. He also had the discerning eye of a man that had seen more or less every creature in the forest by the time his sighting happened, and would be able to tell if what he saw was a known animal from the forest, which he always maintained, as I have been told, that this was NOT. The affidavit that he swore to further attests to his belief that what he saw was not a bear, or any other known animal, but something very out of the ordinary. Given the fact that he swore to the affidavit voluntarily (in Edmonton, Alberta, if I am correct) also lends some credence to his claim as well. He really didn’t have to swear an affidavit, but he did. To me, that says volumes about his honesty.

To this day, after having read many Sasquatch books, articles, etc, his sighting seems like one of the most accurate and compelling. He certainly saw something that day, and it’s very nice to see that his experience is being taken seriously by people researching in this field.

Keep up the great work, Cryptomundo! Please keep us updated on what else you investigate regarding the Sasquatch, and if there are any more ties to William Roe Sr.!

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