Yesterday in Bigfoot History | 1891 | Bigfoot Does “Man in Tree” Impression

Posted by: Guy Edwards on April 9th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Bigfoot have been reported to peaking behind trees, but do they climb them?

Its head was very much like that of a human being. The trapezius muscles were very thick and aided much in giving the animal it’s brutal look.Mr. Smith, a Bigfoot witness in Yolo County, California

Looks like “YOLO” will no longer only be associated with the battle cry some kids use before (or after) they do something they will eventually regret. For them it means You Only Live Once (YOLO), for us bigfooters it is a county in California with one of the strangest encounters in Bigfoot Historee-ee-ee…

Let’s go through the checklist:

  1. Man tries to talk to it while it is in a tree. (Bears climb trees)
  2. Creature climbs down and runs away on all fours. (Bears walk on all fours)
  3. Man comes back with friends, guns and dogs, and finds the creature. (Gotta be a bear)
  4. Upon seeing the creature the dogs whine. (Bears can scare dogs)
  5. It stood like a bear (See!) but had the head of a human. (Bears do not look like that!)

Read the newspaper article published in 1891 that caused Yolo County residents to ask, “What is it?” At Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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2 Responses to “Yesterday in Bigfoot History | 1891 | Bigfoot Does “Man in Tree” Impression”

  1. TheBK88 responds:

    The article says, “The hunters seeing that they had a creature with the strength of a gorilla to contend with beat a hasty retreat to camp, which soon broke up fearing a visit from their chance acquaintance.” – The gorilla was not discovered until 1902, so how is this article referencing it, when it was published in 1891.

  2. semillama responds:

    Eastern lowland gorillas were first described in Western literature in 1847 – the 1902 date refers to mountain gorillas.

    as to the “face of a man” bit? Could it just be journalistic hyperbole typical of the period?

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