Aussie Yowie Hunter Recounts Attack

Posted by: Craig Woolheater on December 1st, 2011

Australian Yowie hunter Dean Harrison recounts his harrowing attack by a Yowie in 2009.

Video shot by Mike Williams of CFZ Australia.

Loren posted several entries regarding Dean’s Yowie attack here on Cryptomundo in 2009:

Yowie Exclusive: “It Was Bloody Scary!”

Exclusive: Yowie Attack Photos

Yowie Attack Site Photos

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2 Responses to “Aussie Yowie Hunter Recounts Attack”

  1. Night Walker responds:

    The camera work is slick and Harrison’s performance, it must be said, is impressive. If nothing else was known about the actual evidence, circumstances, and personalities involved it would come across as compelling testimony in favour of the Yowie. But a hoax in pretty wrapping is still a hoax.

    Will CFZ or, indeed, anyone else be actually investigating Harrison’s claim? If genuine, Harrison’s encounter would bring the Yowie into the spotlight as a legitimate subject of study. If it is shenanigans, however, it would lift the lid on an entire sub-culture of storytelling and fakery (note: the interviewer is an old friend of Harrison’s from before their involvement in cryptozoology). Either way, a thorough independent investigation would go a long way in explaining the Great Hairy Man claims from around the world.

    Want to get to the bottom of the mystery? Then this case would be a great place to start. Calling all investigators and authors…

  2. AustralopithecineOz responds:

    I appreciate it when people take the time to produce video that is well put together and ‘watchable’. I think they have accomplished this remarkably in this report. I have been following Dean’s work for some time now and find him to be incredibly knowledgeable and honest in his reports. The report was detailed and backed up by secondary evidence. Well done to those that compiled the video it is one of the best I have seen.

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