March 7, 2014

Zuiyo Maru Carcass Comes to Life

John Conway’s Zuiyo Maru Creature Painting

zuiyo maru

London artist John Conway recently painted a hypothetical reconstruction of what the infamous Zuiyo Maru carcass (found off New Zealand in 1977) might have looked like in life, assuming the carcass as found was an accurate representation of the living animal. Here is a montage of Conway’s painting compared with the real item. This painting was made for the recent book Cryptozoologicon: Vol. 1 (John Conway, C. M. Koseman and Darren Naish, Irregular Books, 2013). With Conway’s kind permission, this montage has been presented here.


The Fort Knox of Zuiyo Maru scientific papers. Enjoy!

Scott Mardis About Scott Mardis
Scott Mardis has been an active field investigator of the Lake Champlain “Monster” since 1992. He is a former sustaining member of the defunct International Society of Cryptozoology and a former volunteer worker in the Vertebrate Paleontology Dept. of the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences (1990-1992). He co-authored a scientific abstract about the Lake Champlain hydrophone sounds for the Acoustical Society of America in 2010. He currently lives in Bradenton, Florida.

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