Bigfoot Hunting: The New American Pastime, Or Something Else?

Posted by: Nick Redfern on February 17th, 2014

Micah Hanks has a new article at Mysterious Universe titled Bigfoot Hunting: The New American Pastime, Or Something Else? It’s an interesting and controversial article that starts as follows:

“The 1950s in America, with the innocence and excitement that abounded during that era, served dutifully as the ‘Golden Era’ for a host of now famous modern endeavors. Following the Second World War, as the United States emerged from the conflict as one of the major world superpowers, creativity was running high, and new forms of industry and infrastructure were being identified and executed for profit, thanks in large part to the necessity for innovation that occurred during the war years.

“The 1950s would also usher in an age when, in the absence of the requisite focus on wartime turmoil, curiosity, hearsay, and perhaps a bit of boredom, blended eloquently to lend themselves to new, and sometimes odd, interests. Of particular interest to our audience here, the 1950s ushered in such things as the modern flying saucer craze, as well as a new interest in an older story from further back up in the foothills around the Pacific Northwest: the alleged existence of ‘ape men’ in the remote wilds of North America.”

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One Response to “Bigfoot Hunting: The New American Pastime, Or Something Else?”

  1. DWA responds:

    Well, fair enough.

    If one is getting one’s feed on this topic solely from the media, one is definitely on a snipe hunt.

    I guess this has happened before in the history of science: a large body of consistent evidence largely ignored by the public and the scientific mainstream that should be examining it.

    But for it to be happening on a topic with this much pull, for this many people, in the alleged Information Age should – as Hanks points out – make us all pause and wonder what, the heck, is up with that supposed Age. ‘Cause by and large, we ain’t informed when it comes to some things. And here is one of them.

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