“I Killed Bigfoot”: A Justin Smeja Documentary Coming This Week

Posted by: Guy Edwards on July 9th, 2012

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Justin Smeja claims to have shot Bigfoot

Fans, you will remember Ro Sahebi from his initial Extinct? documentaries. We covered his first two documentaries on the Yeti and the Orang-Pendek vs. the Hobbit. TheExtinct? brand has expanded into also providing a weekly podcast that stars a group of Bigfooters that jokingly calls themselves Team Tazer Bigfoot. (Click the following link to watch the first five Extinct Podcasts).

All the members of Team Tazer in alphabetical order are Damian BravoShawn EvidenceMichael Merchant, and Ro Sahebi, who is the host of the show.

Ro Sahebi and the rest of Team Tazer has something new to look forward to. It is an interview with the man who claims to of shot Bigfoot. If Ro’s previous documentaries are any indication, this should be an engaging piece.

Uploaded to The Bigfoot Report YouTube Channel is a teaser for a new documentary about a very controversial Bigfooter. Justin Smeja. Not only is it frowned upon to actually shoot a Bigfoot, some in the community say Smeja’s story does not add up. Watch the teaser and read a previous interview with Justin Smeja at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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Psychology reduces to biology, all biology to chemistry, chemistry to physics, and finally physics to mathematical logic. Guy Edwards is host of the Portland, OR event HopsSquatch.com.

3 Responses to ““I Killed Bigfoot”: A Justin Smeja Documentary Coming This Week”

  1. airforce47 responds:


    This entire encounter sounds like one huge hoax and it might be. The only solid evidence is the supposed Bigfoot Steak sent to Dr. Melba Ketchum in Texas for analysis.

    Whatever the steak was, it appears it wasn’t a hoax. As a credentialed scientist, she could not afford to involve herself in any type of hoax, especially with a genetics business to run.

    However, we can’t be sure of the actual source of the supposed steak nor can we verify its shipment to her. In fact we will know nothing until she publishes her paper in a journal or changes her mind about stating her analysis and conclusions.

    I suspect the documentary will include nothing new but a rehash of information already stated.

    Readers should understand we research near this area and the species is present in the area or migrating through it toward Clear Lake or Mendocino and Humboldt County. We have the usual evidence to prove it.

    If the Smeja Bigfoot Killing is a hoax, at least he picked an area where the species is present. I wonder if Rick Dyer is involved as he’s out here on the West Coast with us and so far has been very quiet.

    My best

  2. springheeledjack responds:

    Yeah, this stinks of a hoax–we’ve gone over it here in more than one post and there’s a whole lot of problems with his story and everything thereafter. I’m definitely in the “seeing is believing” on this one, and I doubt he can come up with anything.

    Of course he can always submit his DNA samples to OXford U before September to try to get some credibility…

  3. Melloney TheEriduserpent via Facebook responds:

    He said this is a man in a suit…so why did he shoot it?

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