Finding Bigfoot to use Dogs in East Texas Episode

Posted by: Guy Edwards on January 13th, 2013

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Universal K9 training Caesar the dog to find a Sasquatch

“If Bigfoot really exists, I can guarantee you our dogs will find him,” –Brad Croft, Universal K9

Faith Harper, a Tyler Morning Telegraph reporter, writes about the Finding Bigfoot crew using dogs in East Texas to search for Bigfoot. Providing the dogs is Universal K-9, a national trainer and supplier of drug, protection and weapons dogs. We were able to find videos of two dogs they are training for the task. Looks like these dogs have been training at least since mid-December.

Last May Bigfoot Lunch Club suggested a kinder, gentler way to use dogs. Our suggestion was a border collie named Orbee. Orbee is trained to sniff scat and find endangered species in a non-evasive way. They already used Orbee to track down the world’s rarest Gorilla! Orbee’s resume includes found wolverines, grizzly bears and endangered kit foxes.

You can meet Orbee , read the Tyler Morning Telegraph article and even watch videos of the dogs being trained to find Sasquatch at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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5 Responses to “Finding Bigfoot to use Dogs in East Texas Episode”

  1. mike_noodles responds:

    We’ll see. If grown men have been known to feel the fear of God while being in the presence of a squatch, a canine may feel the same thing, trained or not it’s natural instincts may overtake the training. It will be interesting nonetheless.

  2. Alamo responds:

    Evidently Brad has never seen the show. Even if his dogs could find Bigfoot… they won’t find him on Finding Bigfoot.

  3. vitamincm responds:

    The best part about having dogs “Not Finding Bigfoot” is that we will not have to hear them say that every noise in the woods “Is definitely a Squatch”.

  4. dconstrukt responds:

    now THIS is interesting…

    guy sounds fairly confidant the dogs will find bigfoot.

    interested to hear what happens 🙂

  5. William responds:

    I hope they don’t use Melba Ketchum’s sample bigfoot steak provided by Justin Smeja as the training sample. If so, the dogs will be chasing after bears in no time. (LOL).

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