Linda Godfrey: A Close Encounter

Posted by: Nick Redfern on July 12th, 2012

In a new post at her blog Linda Godfrey (Real Wolfmen; The Beast of Bray Road; The Michigan Dogman – the list goes on!) details an extraordinary encounter she had just a few days ago.

It begins as follows:

“If a tree branch falls in the forest …

“Sunday, July 8, 2012, at about 7:30 PM, I decided to take a short hike in a little area of southern Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine area that I’ve walked for about 19 years without incident. While strolling along next to a deep kettle, a huge bowl-shaped depression left by the last glacier, I noticed three young saplings had been bent over by someone or something to form a perfect rainbow-styled arch. I know this sort of formation can happen naturally, but some people believe Bigfoot creates these tree sculptures for various reasons. Anyway, it made me start wondering if this could be a good habitat for a Sasquatch.

“That gave me the idea to pick up a stick and bang on a nearby tree a few times, just as a lark. I’ve never been sure about the efficacy of having a crowd of Bigfoot hunters pounding trees en masse, but I think it might not seem so much of a threatening invasion if there are only one or two people hitting a tree – keeping in mind that we still don’t know for sure what such knocks might mean to a ‘Squatch.”

And here’s what happened next…

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11 Responses to “Linda Godfrey: A Close Encounter”

  1. Garrus01 responds:

    Interesting-but I still have to wonder how a Bigfoot could have gotten that high, and maintained its position on the tree while wrenching off a considerably sized branch. I would think that at least the hand would be visible. A photograph of that pile of logs and branches would have been very interesting indeed. Audio of what she heard would have been a real treat too. She might also have been able to obtain fingerprints from the worn spots and the stick-if Bigfoot’s hands are anything like ours.

    I probably should mention that according to my understanding, even a perfectly healthy tree can shed limbs if they aren’t getting enough sunlight-it’s a way for the tree to save energy on the upkeep of its tissues. If it isn’t getting sufficient sunlight, off it goes.

  2. DWA responds:

    All I can say is:

    Way too much evidence involved here to toss this one off as a branch that simply fell off the tree.

    (Branches where the wood looked the way this wood apparently did on examination don’t fall off trees. You’ll always see some sort of interior rot.)

  3. alan borky responds:

    There’s a line in there where she says ‘I wonder if it was the arm of a Bigfoot that had just snapped off a tree branch while standing hidden below!’

    Nick a few months back I was looking out on our garden when all of sudden I see this young comely female arm sinuously gesturing to me from behind our garden shed as if to say ‘Come and see me some time big boy!”

    Did I go?


    Did I mention the arm was covered in black fur?

    Does this mean there’s a Sexsquatch roaming the back gardens of Liverpool?


    My own suspicion though’s it was an elemental of some kind something along the lines of a dakini many of which’re said to have shapeshifting capabilities which they deploy to protect/test or tempt ‘holy men’ whenever they’re in danger of going up or down a level.

    I’m perfectly convinced for a variety of reasons if fate ever sends me into Bigfoot or Alma country every hot Sasquatch chick for miles will come hurtling in my direction.

    Sounds like Linda Godfrey (‘Godfrey’ -‘holy men’?) might have a similar problem with ‘herukas’ – the male equivalent of dakinis.

    When you see the effect she’s having it makes me wonder why this gender/sexual angle hasn’t been played for all its worth in the Bigfoot game before?

    Is it fear of sexism or fear of female success?

    Remember it’s a temple priestess/houri/whore who lures Enkidu into the trap which seals his fate.

  4. Joxman responds:

    I’ve always found Linda very credible and an excellent observer of both human phenomenon, like distortion of memory, and understanding natural activities. I believe her account.

    One thing that did pop into my mind about about tree knocking behavior is that a bear might be able to produce some knocking sounds by pushing against a smaller tree. It seems to me that that might be possible. If both trees were alive that would likely create a bang and not a knock. If the larger tree were recently dead the smaller live tree could be used for multiple responses.

    Has anyone considered this possibility? I mean does anyone know of research on this?

  5. dconstrukt responds:

    LOL…. cmon guys…. this is ridiculous…. so now any noise heard in the woods is bigfoot knocks?

  6. Loren Coleman responds:

    Linda is a nice woman. No one should doubt that she is reporting what she heard. But what I am saddened about is, in this age of the Internet, an account like this, a sound in the woods, through speculation, being placed on a blog, and idle groundless commentary, it is now been elevated to the status of a possible Bigfoot in the woods.

    We have lost our way, folks, if it has come to this.

  7. Fhqwhgads responds:

    She gives the time and place, so it would be interesting to see if there were any storms with high winds for a few days preceding this. Certainly there are a lot of trees here in West Virginia that will be dropping branches much like the one she showed for months following the surprise windstorm a couple of weeks ago. Wind can do all kinds of strange things to trees, but it obviously cannot have anything to do with the knocking.

  8. dconstrukt responds:

    Loren… I totally agree… and respect what you’re doing with this site and in general… its just there’s TOO MANY bogus things…. and with the internet, now, its getting worse.

    I like the example of the ghost hunter shows…. the one on syfy… ghost hunters… these guys go and try to DISPROVE whatever evidence they catch…. then… when left with no explanation… or way to debunk… THEN they have proof.

    This is what needs to happen with the bigfoot community.

    Go out… collect evidence… but try to DISPROVE it… try to DEBUNK it… instead… they’re going in looking for something…. so, anything they hear/see they immediately assume its bigfoot.

    its a flaw in the way they’re going about this. IMO.

  9. Loren Coleman responds:

    Just a clarification, dconstrukt writes, “Loren… I totally agree… and respect what you’re doing with this site.”

    My comment above was a comment. This is Nick’s posting, and I registered my opinion.

    This is Craig’s site, and thus hardly in charge of “doing” anything in general with this site.

  10. corrick responds:

    A pileated woodpecker. An echo. Matt Moneymaker. Lots of possibilities here.

  11. DWA responds:

    Um, folks?

    This is just like any other report.

    Just one story.

    No one who wasn’t there, actually, can say anything about it.

    I am laying a very major bet that if these events took place exactly as described, and you rather than Godfrey were the one experiencing them, you wouldn’t be going home talking about a branch casually falling off a tree.

    Once again, everybody jumps on one story and makes perfect judgments of the sort only possible from people who weren’t there, instead of stepping back and asking the only questions that should concern a scientist:

    Why so many stories?

    And why are they all so consistent?

    That’s all that counts here.

    Nothing to analyze, people. Throw it on the pile.

    That’s one huge pile. If you have routine curiosity, never mind the kind of curiosity a scientist should have, you’re wondering why that pile is so big.


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