Neanderthals and Bigfoot?

Posted by: Nick Redfern on October 4th, 2012

There’s a new post at CFZ-Canada which delves into controversial waters and begins like this:

“While I do love researching things ‘unknown zoological’, this time of year most of my work involves ghost things. Every conference at which I present requires something ghost based, and as an additional requirement they have to ‘allow’ me to do a small presentation about Cryptozoology as well. This year, during a visit with an attendee, I was asked if bigfoot could be the ghost of a neanderthal.”

Yep, a controversial matter indeed! But what does CFZ-Canada think about such a possibility? Here’s the answer…

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4 Responses to “Neanderthals and Bigfoot?”

  1. DWA responds:

    I’d settle for confirmation that we have a real animal first, then speculation on what it is.

    There is no speculation, at the present time, that makes this critter more likely or less likely.

    But the evidence says: very likely.

    It tells us what it looks like; to a significant extent, its biology; how it moves, sleeps and eats; one could go on.

    Hoaxes and lies don’t do that. Name any that have.


    So let’s confirm first.

    Off to Utah for some red rock. See you Oct. 16 or thereabouts.

  2. James Hayward via Facebook responds:

    Utter nonsense, seven new species of lizard were found last year, are we to assume they are the ghost spirits of dinosaurs?

  3. Goodfoot responds:

    I have a SERIOUS problem with line of thinking, for the simple reason that Neanderthals were – this is well-documented – considerably smaller than modern humans.

    To accept that this is a valid comparison requires a truly VAST leap of faith. To even consider this is to believe that Neanderthal genetics allowed them to get around 100% bigger, if not more.

    Sorry, I just can’t go there. There are any number of better explanations than this one.

  4. semillama responds:

    Goodfoot: Not to mention that the structure of Neanderthal feet was pretty much the same as ours (i.e., no mid-tarsal break as indicated by tracks attributed to Sasquatch).

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