Attack Of The Sasquatch Toys!

Posted by: Monster Island News on May 23rd, 2010

Written By: Ken Hulsey (Not Loren Coleman)(lol)
Sources: Entertainment Earth /

Anyone who takes the study of unknown animals seriously needs to come to grips with one fact, Bigfoot is a pop-culture diva.

It’s true.

Bigfoot, and all of his kin, have transcended beyond the quest to discover an unknown species of primate to become true American entertainment icons. Just look at all the Bigfoot related movies that have gone into production over the last year. Every independent film maker worth his, or her, salt these days is making a film about the monster.

For the past three years I have been tracking the popularity of movie monsters through my blog, “Monster Island News“, and Bigfoot has quickly come out of nowhere to rank #5 on the list of most popular monsters. In fact, I’m willing to wager that the monster ranks higher this year. Bigfoot is steadily gaining ground on every ones favorite monster, Godzilla, but even with all this hoopla, I don’t see Sasquatch taking the throne from “The King of Monsters.”

FYI: It should be noted that two other creatures from the world of mythology/cryptozoology made last years top monster list, the Gryphon at number 9 and the Ogopogo at number 2.

Yes, the Ogopogo ranked higher, but this isn’t an article about Ogopogo toys, now is it?

Okay, speaking of toys, the recent Bigfoot craze isn’t limited to just low-budget movies, no way, toy companies are starting to come around as well. Slowly, but surely, the number of Bigfoot realated toys is starting to grow.

Move over Chewbacca! There’s a new ‘Wookie’ in the toy isle……..Bigfoot.

Here are a few examples of Bigfoot toys for sale online:


Bigfoot Statue
(product text from Entertainment Earth)

Proof that the legend is real!
Bigfoot, Sasquatch, or ? He’s one huge human-like, humanoid beast!
Statue looks just like the hairy man-creature, with an unmistakable face.

He’s a great gift that measures 18-inches tall in polystone! Prove to your friends that he’s real! Now you can sight Bigfoot whenever and wherever you like! This heavy polystone statue measures 18-inches tall and looks just like Bigfoot… only smaller! Put one in your neighbor’s garden or your child’s closet. He’s the best hairy man-creature statue money can buy, and he’ll make a great gift for the Sasquatch lover in your life! Boxed with illustrated label.

Entertainment Earth has these for sale for $29.99

Jaag Plush Bigfoot – 16 Inch Doll

(product info from

We found BIGFOOT! We searched long and hard and BIGFOOT is here! Now you can own him! He stands 16 inches tall, he’s cuddly and he’s friendly. He’s covered from head to toe in reddish cuddly BIGFOOT fur and he’s sure to become a collectible for years to come. Supplies are very limited so capture your very own BIGFOOT today!

Move Peter Rabbit and Hello Kitty aside, Bigfoot needs a lot of space on the shelf!

Bigfoot cute and cuddly?

Be sure to have your kids snuggle with Sasquatch at night… um……keep the monsters away?

Amazon has these for sale for $18.00

Cryptozoological Figure Set
(Product info from Entertainment Earth)

Real or just a myth?
Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, Jersey Devil, and Chupacabra!
Cryptozoological Figure Set spotlights famous creatures.
Take a picture for the tabloids!

Have we discovered all of the major species on this planet, or are there some out there that have managed to avoid our prying eyes? This Cryptozoological Figure Set spotlights some famous creatures that most people have heard of, but few have ever seen. Are they real or just figments of an active imagination? You be the judge. Each intriguing set includes five 1 3/4 to 4 1/2-inch tall, hard-vinyl figures: Mothman, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra, Bigfoot, and the Loch Ness Monster. Bring them home today and create your own paranormal adventures!

Entertainment Earth has these for sale for $14.99

Sasqwatch Brown Watch
(Product info from Entertainment Earth)

Another Bigfoot sighting!
This is no hoax!
When was the last time you encountered Bigfoot!

Man or myth…only you can decide, by picking up this kooky and not so subtle Bigfoot watch! This brown watch features a giant foot with Bigfoot’s arms as clock hands. Velcro strap for easy adjustment, The watch comes in a neat window display box.

Not an overwhelming list, but it is something to ponder.

Chewbacca still has Bigfoot beat by about, oh I dunno, 1000 to 1 in the action figure category and I don’t think that Kenner, or George Lucas has anything to worry about.

The last time I can remember any Bigfoot toys in the stores was way back in the 70s when that alien robot Sasquatch fought Steve Austin on TV. That toy kinda looked like they stuck “Grizzly Adams” head on Bigfoots body. Then again, the Bigfoot in those “Six Million Dollar Man” episodes kinda looked like a giant, harry (harrier?), Dan Haggerty also.

Just dated myself big-time there

Maybe after reading this post, and seeing that the Ogopogo is so popular, some toy maker will launch a series of lake monster toys?

It could happen.

About Monster Island News
Founder of the popular monster and sci-fi blogs Monster Island News and Godzilla 3D News and Information. Ken Hulsey began his writing career in 2000 when he founded a popular site with fans of Japanese sci fi/monster movies (Godzilla, Gamera and the like) and other B movies. In 2008, he closed down his original site and created the blog "Monster Island News" a showcase for classic horror/monster films and independent/alternative cinema.

2 Responses to “Attack Of The Sasquatch Toys!”

  1. gridbug responds:

    Bionic Bigfoot FTW!!! In either Andre the Giant OR Ted Cassidy variants, natch!


  2. portergraphic responds:

    If you guys don’t mind, I have been working on some cryptid art as well. I am selling them, but I will just link to my art site rather than my cafepress page. That way, if you just want to look you can and if you want to buy there is a link there. I just thought it tied in a bit with the whole story.

    My Art

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