March 28, 2011

Sylvanic Bigfoot and Todd Standing Erased

Todd Standing Erased

There are two great post here regarding Todd Standing; one is From Loren Coleman, “Todd Standing is Confused” and the other is from Craig Woolheater, “Todd Standing: Bigfoot Authority” (tongue-in-cheek title).

One of our fans at noted the web site is down, and has been for weeks. In fact, Todd Standing and his Sylvanic Bigfoot is missing from three prominent places:

1.) been down for weeks
2.) Sylvanic You Tube videos have been switched to private
3.) There is no trace of him at the Erickson Project’s website.

We tried to contact Todd and have not heard back from him yet. What we do know is the erasing of Sylvanic and Todd Standing has not been an accident, meaning the domain has not expired. does not expire until November 9th of this year. The site is down because Todd Standing wanted it down. The You Tube videos are unavailable because Todd made them to be unavailable.

You can read more about Sylvanic Bigfoot speculation and rumor at

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