Wanna Be Bigfoot For Halloween?

Posted by: Dave Coleman on October 26th, 2012

HALLOWEEN CRYPTID. Hard to choose, but don’t put it off if you’re planning on going as a squatch. This popular edition pictured below is already sold out on some websites. Range: $76 to 125, depending on various extras, etc.

HALLOWEEN DELUXE-SQUATCH. If you have a few hundred more to blow than the Basic Edition Squatch Costume above? Blow that 1% advantage in style with this Deluxe Job. Cost: $449, an 18% Halloween Only special! 😉

RICHIE RICH CRYPTID COSTUME FANTASY. If you just won the Lottery? Try this on for size! It’s a mascot costume, actually, but hell, you think anyone at the Halloween party is gonna give a damn as they beg you to pose with them for cell phone snaps? 😉 Price: A reasonable $1,299.95, plus $35 shipping if you want it for October 31. RoooaAAArrrr! 😉

Dave Coleman About Dave Coleman
Author of THE BIGFOOT FILMOGRAPHY, a new non-fiction reference guide and critique of Cine du Sasquatch. From McFarland in Fall 2011. Hardbound. Oversized.

3 Responses to “Wanna Be Bigfoot For Halloween?”

  1. Hapa responds:

    Is it disturbing to some here that an article on bigfoot costumes occurs shortly after another article about a TV show offering 10 million to shoot a Sasquatch?

  2. Kimble responds:

    Can one still buy a Philip Morris original (suitable for modifying).

  3. DWA responds:


    It’s amazing how much better suit tech was in 1967. I wonder what else has regressed this badly.

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