September 6, 2012

Wunnumin Lake Bigfoot Photo

Bigfoot Lunch Club

Wunnnumin Lake photo with different stories attached.

Multiple Bigfoot have been witnessed near Wunnumin Lake. Wunnumin Lake is a remote Oji-Cree First Nation’s community located 360 km north of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada.

In Wawatay News Online, a first nation news source. They report on multiple encounters by different witnesses in the area. The picture above is attached to the article with a caption.

This photo, captured by a young girl while on vacation in Wunnumin Lake this past August, has been circulating around the internet and fueling speculation of a family of Bigfoots living near the community.Wawatay News Online

This is a different story that circulated around the photo last month at Phantoms & Monsters:

I received this photo from my colleague David Garrison [who¬†received¬†from a Jeff Cromarty]…it was forwarded to him by a boy who captured the image while fishing at Wunnimin Lake in Ontario, Canada.Phantoms & Monsters

The Phantoms & Monster reference seems to be a grapevine of, “he got it from this guy.” The Wawatay News Online may be more accurate. Regardless this photo is only one of several other Wunnumin Lake area Bigfoot stories. You can read the other encounters at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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