April 14, 2012

Dark Wings…

I don’t have a copy of it, I haven’t read it, and I know very little about it, but it’s out there!

What, you may ask, is “it”? Well, let me tell you!

It’s a recently-published cryptozoological-driven novel that features – in starring roles, no less – Mothman and the Jersey Devil.

Its title is Dark Wings.

The blurb for the book goes like this: “Mothman and the Jersey Devil. For years they have been regarded as legends. Now humanity has learned the terrifying truth. These ‘cryptids’ are actually beings from another world, and they have invaded Earth. Delta Force Major Jim Rhyne fights to survive in occupied Kentucky. Along the way, he is joined by mysterious allies. But can he trust them, and can they defeat the invaders?”

And, as for the author, John J. Rust, here’s his bio: “John J. Rust was born in Hamilton Township, NJ. He received degrees in communications from both Mercer County College (NJ) and the College of Mt. St. Vincent (NY) before embarking on a career as a radio sports and news reporter. Rust has published three science fiction short stories, including The Art of Fear, starring the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe.”

If that has caught your attention and you’re someone for who Mothman rules the crypto-roost, then you know what you have to do: BUY!

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