11 Best and 5 Worst States for Bigfoot to Live in

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Does a real estate website know where Bigfoot should live?

In a Q13Fox article titled, “Website claims Bigfoot is a Washingtonian,” Mariana Hicks reports how a Real Estate blog names Washington as No. 1 “Best State for Bigfoot to Live in”

Read Mariana’s overview below followed by the 11 best and 5 worst states for Sasquatch to live in determined by Estately.com.

SEATTLE – Washington was named the No. 1 “Best State for Bigfoot to Live in,” according to Estately.com, with more than 500 reported sightings of the mythical beast.

Estately reported Washington’s heavily forested area gives the big guy lots of places to roam. The state has the fifth most designated wilderness acreage in the country.

Whether or not you believe in Bigfoot, Washingtonians love the monstrous mammal — Skamania County even a law forbidding hunting Bigfoot, there’s a music festival named for him and even a publishing company.

Unfortunately, there is a downside for Bigfoot hiding out in the Evergreen State. There have been two dozen reports of people shooting him but Olympia Beer wants him alive and is offering a $1 million reward for his safe capture.

Estately drew its conclusion based on findings that included wilderness and forest cover, protective laws, likelihood of road kill, Bigfoot enthusiasm and number of sightings.

Trailing Washington, California took second place as a potential home for Bigfoot. Estately took points away for high population density, bounties, laws allowing people to hunt Bigfoot and the number of claims from people who said they had shot him.


Read which states trailed Washington, including the five worse states at Bigfoot Lunch Club.

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  1. All things considered, I’ve seen it done worse. Maybe there is a reason to ask a realtor’s advice after all.

  2. Illinois should be on the top list too…according to bfro and my own digging its consistently got lots of sightings from year to year…