July 12, 2010

Case of “Mike” Solved: “He Was Seeing Things”

Update for July 12th:
Chris Noel has removed his updates, giving in to a request from a radio station host.

I agree with the editorial comment posted by Cherlyn Gardner Strong, in the Tucson Citizen, regarding this turn of events:

“I support the research community at large, yet I also support the media. When status updates reported by the media are mysteriously removed in favor of sensationalism, I do take offense.”

Posted earlier (on July 11th), with original quotations intact:

The case of the “breaking news” discovery of a Bigfoot has turned a corner, and the results are what we predicted in our interim analysis, noting that holes were developing. Did no one investigate the psychological well-being of the eyewitness from day one, or did the initial “investigators” (who seemed to only be media types) merely take the man at his word?

Impossible Visits Christopher Noel has produced the following report, posted for the world to read on Facebook:

A very capable researcher [on July 10, made a visit to] confirm “Mike’s” claims. He has thermal cameras…

Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that he is able to document the situation without disturbing the visitation, or “habituation,” that may be occurring.

But later the reality settled in…

Updates Man with Sasquatch Behind his House: UPDATE.
My colleague has been able to determine that “Mike” was simply seeing things. “Mike” himself came to realize this during the course of the night on-site, when the “creatures” did not materialize before the thermal cameras. His initial account was compelling, and persuasively articulated, so I think the responsible follow-up was performed.

Yes, this outcome is disappointing, but let’s look at it, also, as good news: It restores Sasquatch, for us, to its true nature, which is NOT to set up camp night after night in someone’s backyard, allowing him to come near them. If this were their MO, the species would not have been able to survive alongside us for eons, at least not as an autonomous creature not dominated by Homo sapiens.

I’m only glad that we–meaning the research community at large, as represented by this one investigator–were able to lay the story to rest before its impact in the media was able to spiral further out of control and do greater harm, in the popular imagination, to our field, a field that hardly needs this.

Here is a short version of the video showing the Sasquatch behind the woodpile, in East Texas. I post it now to mark a contrast with “Mike’s” account. This species is MUCH more cautious than the figments that appeared in his urban yard.

One might want to say this has become an urban yarn.

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