January 30, 2011

Todd Standing: The Panda and The Rocky Mountain Gigantopithecus

At Bigfoot Lunch Club, we have been awfully critical of Todd Standing. Just read any of our Todd Standing Posts. If you don’t know Todd Standing he is in charge of the Syvanic Bigfoot Project. The Sylvanic Bigfoot Project’s goal is to obtain enough physical evidence to implement government legislation that will ensure the survival of Bigfoot. We don’t really care for his evidence. We will say, after seeing him recently in interviews, he does a great job relaying many of the informational pillars of Bigfooting.

Although just posted today (01-29-11) on You Tube, this 2007 follow-up video to his coast to coast interview is a nice presentation to the Giganto theory. He uses the panda’s reliance on bamboo as an analogue for why Giganto would have to find other food sources.

It should also be noted here at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman’s suggestion that Paranthropus aethiopicus as a possible Bigfoot ancestor. You can see his post on the subject here. This is species of the hyper-robust hominid fossil based on the “Black Skull” or “KNM WT – 17000″.

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