August 4, 2014

The Mothman Lives! Planet Weird Visits Point Pleasant

In the late 60s, a mysterious creature known as Mothman terrorized Point Pleasant, WV. In this clip, shot exclusively to field test new video equipment used in Planet Weird: Engage the Strange, Greg and Dana take a midnight adventure to the secluded TNT bunkers where the monster is alleged to have made its home.

Watch it in HD. More to come…

Planet Weird

V/O by John Keel
Music by Lazerhawk

Greg Newkirk About Greg Newkirk
Greg is a documentary film maker, curator of the fantastic & bizarre, and professional monster chaser. By day, he's the intrepid Head Writer for Roadtrippers where he sends travelers to the strangest locations in the world, and by night he chases down the paranormal with Planet Weird, a new web series about the unexplained. He's pretty sure Bigfoot yelled at him once.

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