$17 Million For Baby Bigfoot

Posted by: Loren Coleman on September 11th, 2006

Have you heard that the young Bigfoot caught in Maine has been sold to a mystery buyer for $17 million dollars? Don’t laugh. Yet. That’s what I’m being told has happened. When a Vegas casino or secret international corporation announces they have a baby Bigfoot in the near future, I don’t want anyone to say they weren’t informed here first!

Baby Bigfoot

The capture and transportation of a baby Bigfoot (a/k/a "Yarwen" – whatever that is) would not have been an easy activity to accomplish. Above is part of the relocation, imagined, comically but sadly, by Peter Loh.

Okay, okay, your credulity has been challenged, right? You think I have gone over to the darkside or at least the tabloid side of cryptid-reporting, humm? Well, consider this. In the role of a reporter, one should convey to you what is being fed to the media without taking in everything, hook, line, and sinker, correct? Besides, this baby Bigfoot is "breaking news," if you know what I mean, and someone is putting a lot of energy into developing the plot. Therefore, with no value judgement tied to whether this material is worthless or informative, here is what is known, up to this point.

In the end, could this be an interesting critical analysis experience? Is there a kernel of reality in any of this? Or can we at least understand that the first step in exposing a hoax is sharing all the data from various sources, in one place?

Perhaps lessons to learn are there in the future. For now, here’s a summary of what I’ve gathered, from interviews and emails, arranged in a third-person timeline to try to make sense of this, if there is any sense to be made. Hopefully, the revelations seen in this timeline may be instructive and assist each of us in deciphering this together.

Chronology of Baby Bigfoot Capture Story

August 22, 2006: The date of an alleged Maine-based "baby Bigfoot" sighting is posted in a webstory.

August 26, 2006: Informant "New Jersey B" receives an email from "Tuck Hayes" of New Jersey saying: "Who do I contact to sell a Bigfoot body? I will have a complete body to sell soon. The bidding starts at $1,000,000.00 tax free. It will go to the highest bidder." ("New Jersey B" is a BFRO investigator who shares this email with Loren Coleman after September 4th.)

August 28, 2005: The “General Hunting Season” for Bear in the State of Maine opens and runs through November 25, 2006. Hunters are allowed “one bear” per season, with a license.

September 1, 2006: Email reveals to Loren Coleman that two Bigfoot are allegedly confronted in "north woods of Maine" at "dawn on Friday." One of the Bigfoot is said to be 8.5 ft tall with orange-brown hair is killed and buried. Another Bigfoot called a "cub" – said to be 3.5 tall, weighing 121.5 pounds, and docile – is captured. Informant, "dominick perez" says this is "no hoax."

September 1, 2006: This young Bigfoot (called "Yarwen" by this individual) is reportedly transported back to New Jersey via restraints, using handcuffs on a rollbar. (This information comes out in later emails when "perez" writes Loren Coleman: " i drove the thing all the way home in the back of my truck handcuffed to the roll bar.")


Handcuffs? If the individual is truly linked to law enforcement work, he might have naturally had some with him. But would they be useful in restraining a baby Bigfoot?

September 2, 2006: Loren Coleman receives an email on this Saturday, offering a first look at the young Bigfoot. But no information is given about the writer or the Bigfoot’s exact location, and no confirming photographic proof is shared. The emailer, "dominick perez" is determined to be "psychologically erratic" in emails.

September 2, 2006: A million dollars is "no enough money" for the emailer, but person signs himself as "dominick perez" wishes to have Loren Coleman represent him anonymously for much more. He wants "$100,000 for photos which you can come and take." This "perez" claims he will "list the creature on ebay with an opening bid of $10,000,000" and he "will give" Loren Coleman "10% of whatever we eventually get, and you will have the honor of breaking the story."

September 2, 2006: Although emails are signed "dominick perez," the person says that "’dominick perez’ is not my real name."

September 3, 2006: After trying to calmly talk to "perez," during a flurry of Sunday emails, Loren Coleman gets this message – "i’ll tell you what… look on ebay in about a week and you will see a live video. i will give the exclusive story to one of your competitors..[and]…check ebay periodically and you will have all the photo evidence you need. this ends my communications with you."

September 4, 2006: New Jersey "perez" ends emails and thus Loren Coleman is released from any "confidentiality," so the first of two "Yarwen" columns are written on Cryptomundo.

September 4, 2006: After the Cryptomundo item is published, backchannel communication to Loren Coleman are of two kinds, (a) Bigfoot contactees who wish to talk to "perez," and (b) investigators who volunteer to backtrack the ISP on "perez." Bigfooter "Dan" quickly discovers that "perez" lives in Paterson, New Jersey. Sasquatch detective Steve Kulls discovers that "perez" who says that is not his name actually has an email address that is owned by "Dominick J Perez…Paterson, NJ," who has an internet footprint of dental and health insurance "recommendations" to others in chatrooms and on email lists.

September 4, 2006: "New Jersey B" uses the Perez email address, which was shared with him by Loren Coleman for identification purposes only, to directly email Perez.

September 4, 2006: Perez writes back to "New Jersey B." His email contains the following info: "yes indeed i have the beast in my possession…if a woman can sell a piece of grilled cheese in the image of the virgin mary for thousands imagine what this is worth. my fee for viewing the creature and photographs is $100,000….we can sell that but the cub is going nowhere for less than 10 million."

September 4, 2006: Perez writes "New Jersey B" that he (Perez) works "in law enforcement. if you want to see this thing it will be done on MY terms. i risked my life to capture this thing not you. i cannot believe this. i would think that you would be jumping through hoops at the prospect of being able to validate your research. would you like me to mail you a hair sample that you can have tested?"

September 5, 2006: Tim Cassidy and others tell Loren Coleman about Andy Davis’ August 22 posting about a "baby Bigfoot." Filmmaker Andy Davis is producing an indie film about a young Sasquatch.

The text of the "August 22, 2006" sighting posted is:

Over the past week, while in pre-production for our latest film, we learned that a Baby bigfoot was found in Maine…which happens to be the state we live in…and also happens to be the one of the subjects of our next film. As we speak, we have assembled a team of hunters that will be working around the clock for the next few days to see if they can "drag one in" for us…I think we’re going to be successful in our venture. Check back soon for more updates and evidence on baby bigfoot.

Davis discusses in several conversations and confirms on September 5th to Lore
n Coleman that what was posted was really about the Turner "Mystery Beast" before Davis understood the initial reports were merely about a dead dog killed on Route 4. Someone mistakenly told Davis about the Turner "dead body" find by using the phrase "baby Bigfoot." It turns out to be an unfortunate mistake, as Andy Davis feels wrongly accused of being behind a publicity stunt for his new movie. He knows nothing about Perez or the New Jersey story, and no emails link to him.

September 6, 2006: Perez emails "New Jersey B" – "i found one of you competitors who was wise enough to take me up on my generous my offer. he has seen the creature (he actually fainted!), a 10 minute video has been made and you will see a huge announcement in the coming days. you blew it. i believe deep down you have no faith in your ‘research’. you don’t really believe they exist. you have seen countless disappointments and hoaxes and you have given up on believing. nowit has cost you millions and the legitimacy and recognition you so desperately seek. that honor has been granted to another. you losers profess to be cryptozoological investigators but you’re naught but a bunch of frauds. no wonder people think you are a bunch of [deleted profanity] nuts. you aren’t even intelligent enough to cash in on a sure thing.

September 6, 2006: Perez says "this competitor" whose "name you will soon know" has no respect for other Bigfoot researchers.

September 9, 2006: Loren Coleman receives a new email, which says, "loren you fool! …you were given a once in a lifetime chance to see a live one (Bigfoot)? you passed up a killer offer… the…captured…bigfoot… sold..to a mystery bidder for 17 million. you could of had 1.7 mil! anyway, the body of an adult (Bigfoot) is buried on the northermost banks of the royal river. wanna go a diggin’?"

Is this merely a new "captive Bigfoot" story from you know who?


Commenters have assumed using a rollbar to restrict the movement of the baby Bigfoot would have exposed the creature to being seen by the public, but some rollbars are inside of vehicles.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

91 Responses to “$17 Million For Baby Bigfoot”

  1. Pvolitans responds:

    Not a single iota of evidence from Perez.

    All we’ve heard from him is convoluted, sci-fi fantasy speak, personal insults at Loren and cryptozoologists, claims of mysterious bidders who are at odds with Loren, claims of being in law enforcement, demands for money, etc etc.

    If this guy was truly in law enforcement, he would understand that the burden of proof was on him. Even a few snapshots or a 5-sec home video of the baby bigfoot would suffice to up his credibility a hundredfold (but it’s too late now – zero credibility times a hundred is still a big fat zero). Has he understood and acted on this implicit requirement of anyone who claims to have a bigfoot in his possession? No.

    I hope this guy gets time for verbal assault. Having called someone ‘fool’ and ‘loser’, coupled with a string of profanities for the purpose of ridicule and embarrassment would surely be sufficient to file a charge.

  2. sschaper responds:

    Report him to the police, based upon what he has said he has done. That should sort things out rather satisfactorily – either proving the furry primate and arresting the non-furry for illegal transport, or arresting him for some kind of fraud.

  3. twocentsworth responds:

    Heck, I give up. Up to this point there is no “proof” of any kind that Perez has done “anything.” No proof, period. Can’t arrest him. Can’t charge him. Can’t try him. Can’t jail him. I’ll bet he’s laughing his butt off at all the controversy he has stirred up. NO PROOF PEOPLE!

  4. Senor Chubba responds:

    I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

  5. calash responds:

    For the sheer sake of beating this horse to complete death.

    Alright, let’s assume ourselves way out on a limb. How about this scenario?

    A police want-to-be who is into D&D type video games decided to go camping in Maine all by himself. New Jersey to Maine is a one day trip.

    A high power hunting rifle is fairly easy to obtain if you have a clean record. It may be illegal to have it with you in this instance but unless you get caught the stupid can prevail.

    Now serendipity rears its ugly head.

    In spite of all the Bigfoot expeditions, the efforts of dedicated volunteers who would never harm these elusive creatures. Mrs. Sasquatch and junior have decided to go berry picking within easy access of “The Beast Slewer”.

    Possibly hearing the playful antics of junior whining for more food and giving mom a hard time our slewer stealthily crept through the Maine brambles and briars until there in his cross hairs was the innocent Yarwen mom tending to her offspring’s needs. With one thunderous roar of a high power rifle the world of Bigfoot changed forever.

    As Bigfoot young are very rarely reported in can be assumed that the parents take extraordinary measures to protect them. Possibly they have a long period of immaturity and would be easy prey. Advancing on the prone female he may have found a bewildered youngster clinging desperately to the mother. The young one was described as docile. This is a lot easier to claim then admitting that he clubbed a baby anything into unconsciousness. Then he could have dragged the baby back to his vehicle with the tinted windows and the internal rollbar (Or a surplus police car with a perp cage??)

    Again Serendipity, No near by campers that come to investigate a gun shot or to see junior chained in the back of the vehicle while Jersey boy is tending to Mom.

    A dead full grown female Bigfoot would probably been too big for one overweight , out of shape beast slewer to move any distance by himself.

    Leaving it was not an option though as discovery would mean the notoriety would need to be shared. So with much toil the evidence of Mother BF was concealed under the cold Maine river soil.

    With tinted windows, Eazy Pass/Fast pass for tolls, and self service gas stops, a trip from Maine to New Jersey could be done easily in one day with very little or no interaction with others.

    From there who knows?

    Chance of this whole thing being phony and some loser just riding this fairytale just as far as possible = 90%+

    Chance that the story is true and that a Casino or other shady but wealthy character will emerge as the rescuer of the baby = ???%


    Southern Maine does have 5 reports listed on the BFRO website within the last 21 years.

    There sure are a lot of woods, streams and lakes in Maine.

    I hope it is not true but many discoveries have happened by accident to the most unlikely of people.

    With Best Regards

    “The wheel goes Round”

  6. sasquatch responds:


  7. appyrider2 responds:

    Well, if this true, this guy is guilty of murder. Unless his life was in danger. I’m a tribal member and live way up in the mountians of Washington state, no power or water. I’ve heard these creatures calling out to one another in the night. No, not coyotes or bears, the tribal members know and respect these animals. Sad, but maybe this is what it’ll take to get these animals protected?

  8. Col. Kurtz responds:

    Ok, so what happens when this ” baby bigfoot” turns into a 9ft 800lb adult, does he seriously think he’s gonna keep it in the basement.

    And if you have his ip address, why not contact the fish and game wardens in NJ and have them go check on the story.

  9. skunkape_hunter responds:

    I beleive you are wrong about a hoax not being illegal. This person told you that you would have to pay 100K before viewing the creature. If there is no creature then that is a crime.

  10. UKCryptid responds:

    Why on earth would the bigger body have been buried? Surely that would have only added to the hunters wealth? That’s the main thing that shouts at me as being the thing that proves this to be a hoax. However, it has to be said that if this was indeed the real thing, then the hunter is cruel and should be arrested immediately. Handcuffs? Why on earth?

  11. swnoel responds:

    It’s unbelievable how people react to such a foolish and obvious hoax, but then again, ya never know, especially with Maine’s new season for harvesting trilobites, anything’s possible. 🙂

  12. btgoss responds:

    How long would it take to bury something that was 8.5 feet tall?

    Even with the creature in his car, he still would have had to go through many toll booths, no one noticed the “big hairy kid” hand cuffed to the roll bar?

  13. kamoeba responds:

    Yeah, I used ‘parlance’ in a sentence. I got carried away by some of the funny comments here that really ‘slew’ me. I guess my comments have been for ‘naught’. You can take the nerd out of his parents’ basement, but you can’t completely take the nerd out of the nerd I guess! That being said, if you can seve time for calling people names, a lot of us (mostly me) are in big trouble for our comments about this “Perez” guy. Luckily I know of no Yarwen hunters locally with handcuffs to bring me in to the station.

    Please note that kamoeba is not my real name.

  14. carnivore responds:

    I don’t believe this guy, first off.

    1st) Any wild animal wouldn’t sit still while you handcuffed it to the rollbar of a truck. That thing would go nuts going through Portland, then down the interstate 70+ miles per hr.

    2nd) I live, hunt & fish in Maine. Its against Maine law to hunt, possess, or transport any species of wild animal or wild bird or parts thereof for which an open season is not specifically provided. Straight from the law book folks.

    3rd) Coyote season is year round, but you still need a Maine hunting license to ride around with a firearm.

    4th) Taking this thing alive would be considered trapping without a licence. I’m sure they would nail him for other violations also, molesting of wildlife, etc. (NO, not that kind of molesting.)

    Great site guys keep up the good work.

  15. Mnynames responds:

    A few thoughts-

    Although Bigfoot may not be on the books in Maine, surely it would still be covered under general animal protection laws. Bigfoot may not officially exist, but if an officer sees one being abused in captivity, he has every right to fine the owner and take the creature into custody. Add to that all the capture and transport laws mentioned by others, and this guy might be looking at some serious charges. Once in custody, a ruling could be made on whether or not a Bigfoot should be considered Human or not. I personally find it hard to believe that if would be declared as such, but if it is, then he could face murder and kidnap charges.

    Lastly, there are ways to confirm this ludicrous story. If this man was actually paid $17 million, he owes a pretty hefty chunk of change in taxes. If he’s above board, there’s a paper trail. If he’s not above board, there’s still a paper trail, as I doubt he could resist spending at least some of it. Regardless of the reasons, I think a cop suddenly living well beyond his means would be enough to attract someone’s attention.

  16. MojoHotep responds:

    First off, if I duplicate something someone has already pointed out,,,forgive me. Now to business.

    The legal term that is being missed here is “Non-game Wildlife”. Most states have laws that specify it being illegal to kill, harvest, harrass, molest, interfere with, or in any other way cause problems for non-game wildlife, NOT specifically listed as a pest species in the states’ game and fish laws and bylaws. Those laws are pretty much written for protection of “Non-game Wildlife”. Most of the time, unless a species of animal has been designated a pest, by state game and fish lawmakers, that animal is protected. Period. Slice it or dice it anyway you want, just because a type of “Wildlife” is not recognized doesnt mean it isn’t protected as wildlife by the appropriate state. If it is non-indigenous, and considered an exotic invasive species by whatever means, then it doesn’t usually fall under any laws and can be taken with no restrictions, most of the time. For instance, the ringnecked turtle dove that is invading the US at this time, has no limit and can be harvest during any regular dove season. On the flip side of that, if a Eurasion Widgeon accidentally flys into the pacific flyway and gets shot during the California hunting season, it is considered migratory waterfowl all the same and is part of the daily limit as a widgeon.

    Bigfoot would NOT be considered an invasive species because they don’t even know what their indigenous range is to begin with. Considering they exist.

    Another road I won’t even go down right now is the possibility of murder charges being looked at after testing is done on the subject. The owners are not guaranteed legal ownership of a creature of this sort if it is for real. If it were illegally taken wildlife, then it can’t be legally sold to anyone. Period and would be confiscated. If it weren’t wildlife, then what the heck is it and that only leaves one other choice, in which case, a murder charge, kidnapping, child endangerment, false imprisonment, etc (the list of charges would go on) would all be in order.

    Things to ponder.

  17. mbryant responds:

    Last year my horse died unexpectedly, and I had to bury her. It took a backhoe to dig a large enough hole for this 900 pound animal, and a John Deere tractor to place her into the grave. I was heart- broken at the time but I did take note of the mechanics/logistics of disposing of the body of such a large animal. It would be very, very, difficult to ‘bury’ an estimated 800 pound creature and impossible to place the creature in a grave without 5 or 6 people helping, (unless you happened to have a backhoe and a John Deere nearby.)

  18. Randy in CT responds:

    He sounds nuts and his story sounds hoakey.

  19. twocentsworth responds:


    Would you care to weigh in on the legal issues and implications being discussed here? Being a renowned Cryptozoologist, surely you must have some insight on the legal end of this discussion?

  20. Loren Coleman responds:

    50cents -48cents worth…

    Well, I’m not an attorney, but last month I actually did stay at a Holiday Inn Express and thus I am smart enough to listen to what other people say about animals and legal issues.

    I’m reading and listening to the comments here by several people who actually know something about the legal issues with great interest.

    I’m never too old to learn new things.

    Thanks for all the great posts.

  21. twocentsworth responds:


    Good, safe, non-confrontational answer. I, unlike you, did not stay at a Holiday Inn Express. Therefore, I must concede that you are indeed far smarter than me! I did however drag my RV out into bush and attend an extremely interesting Bigfoot Expedition last month.

    I am no lawyer either. I try to be informed on various legal issues that interest me by reading pertinent revised codes, applying a little common sense, and conversing with legal types to include Law (Civil and Game) Enforcement Officials and State Attorneys’ General where applicable. I have found that they don’t have all the answers either.

    It will be real interesting to see how this whole thing pans out.

  22. scout responds:

    $17 million for a young sasquatch? If it can’t climb the Empire State Building then it isn’t worth that much money…

    If Mr. Perez is telling the truth, then the IRS will be taking an interest in him, if no one else.

    Time will tell if the alleged animal surfaces. My assessment thus far is that the guy is lying, and is a con artist.

  23. skye12902 responds:

    For someone that just “inherited” 17 million dollars, he seems pretty bitter. A little odd dont you think?

  24. Seraphine responds:

    I agree with earlier posts: why does this man think cryptozoologists have millions of dollars?!? Unless Donald Trump is a closet cryptozoologist…

    And why does he expect ANYONE to believe him if he has absolutely NO substantial proof. And, yes, CAN we have a sample of hair for testing, hmmmm??

    I suppose he doesn’t understand that most dedicated cryptozoologists are in it for the love of mystery, science and to prove that these animals do or DO not exists (we’d all prefer that they do of course!). Not for the love of money.

    Am I right?

    So, Mr. Perez, please unless YOU have solid proof you won’t be getting a cent out of any cryptozoologists. Even your “mystery buyer”. And if you are a part of law enforcement, you should KNOW that your identity can EASILY be traced with simple software downloaded from the ‘net.

  25. Seraphine responds:

    OH! Sorry Loren, I just went back to the original post and saw that your last comment stated he claimed to be a part of law enforcement. Was this information divulged from the beginning, or was it after we started talking about it?

  26. Loren Coleman responds:

    Q: “Was this information divulged from the beginning, or was it after we started talking about it?”

    A: It had nothing to do with it being mentioned by commenters here, as it was in an email early on, but kept in confidence and only recently shared here.

    Of course, being “in law enforcement” does not necessarily mean being a member of a law enforcement agency or a law enforcement officer.

  27. Mike Aragona responds:

    .” One that is said to be 8.5 ft tall with orange-brown hair is killed and buried. Another one called a “cub” – said to be 3.5 tall, weighing 121.5 pounds, and docile – is captured. Informant, “dominick perez” says this is “no hoax.”

    3.5′ tall and 121.5 lbs. Correct me if I am wrong, but those where the measurements for Jacko the presumed young Sasquatch captured back in the 1800’s in British Columbia. I think the town where the animal was caught was Yale if memory serves me correct.

    Mike Aragona
    BFRO Investigator New Jersey

  28. Maer responds:

    I just don’t buy any of this. Lorne, my question for you is this: When it is shown that this person is nothing but a hoaxer, will you be moving ahead and contacting the authorities, as he has clearly broken some laws by demanding money from you for nothing? It doesn’t matter whether you went for the bait, he attempted fraud along with a group of other illegalities.


  29. Mike Aragona responds:

    I stand corrected on Jacko. Not that this will give any credibility to Mr. Perez’s story!

    In 1884 the newspaper, Daily Colonist, of Victoria, British Columbia told of the capture of a “Sasquatch.” The creature was spotted by a train crew along the Fraser River. The crew stopped the train, gave chase, and captured the animal after following it up a rocky hill. The creature was given the name “Jacko” and was “…Something of the gorilla type, standing four feet seven inches in height and weighing 127 pounds. He has long black, strong hair and resembles a human being with one exception, his entire body, excepting his hands (or paws) and feet are covered with glossy hair about one inch long…he possesses extraordinary strength, as he will take hold of a stick and break it by wrenching it or twisting it, which no man could break in the same way.”

    Mike Aragona
    BFRO Investigator New Jersey

  30. Loren Coleman responds:

    No, the alleged story of Jacko, the 1884, British Columbia apelike creature, does not contain the same measurements as this 2006 Maine baby Bigfoot/”Yarwen” tale.

    Yarwen baby: 3 feet 6 inches in height and weighing 121.5 pounds.

    Jacko: 4 feet 7 inches in height and weighing 127 pounds.

  31. Loren Coleman responds:

    Multiple Choice Quiz

    One of the most frustrating things about comments here is to have to read entries where the commenter:

    (pick only one)

    1) has not fully and closely read the three blogs on this matter;

    2) would assume that I have the time and money to make legal claims against someone;

    3) considers that this story is anywhere understood or nearly finalized;

    4) calls me “Lorne”!

  32. MrInspector responds:

    The last I will say on the subject of poaching and I will not be drawn any further. Out of State hunting permits are a legal requirement in all states of the union that allow out of state hunting. Most out of state hunting permits are issued on a per animal basis and are non transferable between species. Just because you have a stamp for bears doesn’t mean you have permission to take a moose.

    By it’s very definition, poaching includes the taking of animals outside of designated permits, or permissable areas. As stated above, BF is not a recognized animal, and the great State of Maine does not issue Stamps for Sasquatch on their permits. See for yourself.

    Anyone else who wishes to discuss the legality of killing an unkonwn primate and transporting it across state lines is most welcome to continue doing so via email as this wasn’t the subject of this post.

    Not that any of this matters unless someone actually bags one.

  33. rayrich responds:

    This guy we’ve given way too much attention. Deep in the woods of Maine…that area isn’t even close to being deep in the Maine woods. This guy sounds like a true outdoorsman probably hunting on his ATV. Not like the old days where you actually had to hunt the animal down.

  34. lastensugle responds:

    This guy “Perez” already got what he wanted from this: a lot of attention …which he obviously has been missing while growing up in his parents basement. He`s probably reading all of this right now, feelin damn important. I don`t believe your foolish tale, Perez, and even if it was true, your 17 million dollars will buy you a legacy of beeing a murderous bastard.

  35. crypto_randz responds:

    The yarn was sold this sounds like mighty joe young, are they planning to make the baby yarn a movie star, please this story is too far fetched. If the yarn is real wheres the video tape.

  36. traveler responds:

    This whoke thing has the sound of TB. But something someone said caught my attention. Back home in the jungle, when we would shoot a mother monkey, usually the baby would fall out of the tree still attached to the monkey, and it was very docile simply by way of fear. It would usually latch on the first substitute it could find, usually my dads hairy chest, lol. So i can concievbly see where a very young primate might be moved and manipulated with extreme measures,,,,on the other hand I sure wouldnt want a 100lb critter grabbing on to my chest hair!!!

  37. Col. Kurtz responds:

    Maybe tom biscardi sold the leg and saved all his bottles and cans and came up with the money. =P

  38. thegoblinking responds:

    Mr. Coleman doesn’t need to be bothered by idiots like this, there are plenty of legitimate sightings, encounters and evidence that needs to be studied. I have read and heard about enough hoaxes to know this is one. Mr. Coleman please ignore him and continue your research, which is great.

  39. scotto responds:

    Well, it’s been almost a month, and no word of who maybe forked over 17 mil for ‘lil squatchy.

    So, this guy gets serious cash for junior, yet he’s wanting to know if you wanna go dig? Like momma wouldn’t be worth a cent???

    What a load of crap. Somebody put “Mr. Perez” back on his meds, and spare us the BS.

  40. catch5 responds:

    I can end this once and for all: ebay’s policies clearly state that nothing living can be sold on thier auction site. Number two, why did this guy chicken out every time Loren Coleman insisted on seeing the proof; this guy always had an excuse; big indicator he is lying about the whole thing.

    Finally, ten million, are you kidding, Bigfoot would fetch alot more than that. I once read an article that the capture of Bigfoot could at least, hypetheticaly, fetch $100 million dollars!! I mean come on, think about it, you really believe the capture of the century would fetch a measly $10 million, hah. This would be bigger, ten times bigger than even catpturing Osama Bin Laden!

  41. northeast cryptid responds:

    Just found this while catching up on older posts. Serendipity aside, what a coincidence. A creature from the Patterson film, ending up in Paterson!

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