The Bridgewater Triangle Video

Posted by: Loren Coleman on February 12th, 2007

For fans of the Bridgewater Triangle, I ran across this new YouTube half-hour video. Anyone who has not been to the Hockomock Swamp and the surrounding area will find this footage enlightening. Enjoy.

There is a chapter in the new Mysterious America: The Ultimate Guide to the Nation’s Weirdest Wonders, Strangest Spots, and Creepiest Creatures that specifically deals with the cryptozoological and Fortean aspects of this location.

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13 Responses to “The Bridgewater Triangle Video”

  1. steveg3474 responds:

    Pretty freaky! You have to wonder where all these missing kids that are never found go to.

  2. rifleman responds:

    Very entertaining, Thank you for posting it.

  3. RockerEm responds:

    VERY interesting. I sure won’t camp in Freemont State Park lol. But I truly believe that anything we can imagine is possible. So I leave every accusation open to possibility.

  4. EastexQueenB responds:

    I agree, no camping in Freetown State Park!

    Interesting documentary, the first one in a long time that I’ve actually not been bored with. I have to agree about the “red eyes” thing, that it’s probably the moths or something that people are seeing, or else an over-active imagination. I’ve always taken issue with “glowing eyes”, thinking it’s probably eye shine from reflected light, not an internal source.

  5. bill green responds:

    hey loren this is a very interesting new half hour documentary about the bridgewater triangle & hocamock swamp. it realy helped me with my sasquatch research. thanks bill

  6. MassQuatch responds:

    Just finished watching the video and I have to say it was very interesting. I knew a bit about the areas history, but not everything them mentioned in the video.
    I did notice something though. At the point in the video where there is 12 minutes and 23 seconds remaining, they show the Dighton Rock carvings. If you freeze the video at that point you can see them quite well. I have to ask, what is that figure over on the left of the carvings? It seems to show human figures off to the right, but the figure on the left seems bigger. Could it be a representation of a Sasquatch that the carver witnessed?

  7. Wesker responds:

    Pretty creepy, especially the dogs!

  8. MassQuatch responds:

    I’m definitely going to have to plan a camping trip to the area this fall.

  9. mantis responds:

    Lot to take in there.

    Is it all connected? Why should devil gangs be associated with the story here? Are the native spirits having the last laugh? UFOs, ghosts, and strange mist creatures seem to get smeared together in these ‘Mysterious Areas’ of our civilized world. Perhaps we do it unconsciously to keep some parts of our natural world as a source of mystery. It’s unfortunate that others use these Bridgewater mystery areas for such ill. I’d like to know if any criminal prosecutions have been made against those individuals involved.

  10. wrightee responds:

    Interresting… I know of an area similar to this, minus the disapearances, in West Virginia. I’m not aware of any dissapearances there, but I know what I’ve seen with my own eyes, and I know what my dad claims he saw as a child. Matter of fact, a report I read in an old journal (from Dunmore’s War in 1774) of a 14 inch footprint, alleged to have been an indian, is what sparked the search that found this site. Evidently, that area has been strange forever.

  11. bywbatonrougecrypto responds:

    I wanna go there once I got the bigfoot search party together and enough money.

  12. SpookySouthcoast responds:

    The director of this film, Aaron Cadieux, recently announced on “Spooky Southcoast” that he’s going to take a more in-depth look at the Bridgewater Triangle following the completion of his current film on King Philip’s War, “The First Patriots.”

  13. kaylegh responds:

    I’ve lived in Rehoboth for 8 years and although I will agree that certain parts are creepy, I have never experienced any phenomenon at Anawan Rock.
    Certain sections of RT 44 well….

    I do agree that the Freetown state forest is definitely haunted. No further comment.

    Great video by the way!

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