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What Do You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Caught on Tape”

Posted by: Loren Coleman on June 13th, 2011

On June 12, at 10:00 pm Eastern, on Animal Planet, the first broadcast of Finding Bigfoot: “Caught on Tape” was screened. What did you think of it?

Finding Bigfoot

Bigfoot footprint photos

The Animal Planet promo describes it this way: “From deep inside the North Carolina Uhwarrie National forest comes one of the most convincing pieces of Bigfoot footage from the past 40 years. The team of BFRO investigators use decades worth of experiences to determine if this footage is the real deal.”

This episode contained an alleged crawling “Bigfoot” stealing a candy bar thermal imagery being matched with a human, which Cliff and Matt still see as a Bigfoot. Also Matt chases off into the night for something that due to the editing we are suppose to think is Bigfoot (see MM’s comment below) and then the team members having a yelling argument over it with Matt noting his knowledge and prominence in the field.

The program was also rebroadcast also tonight Sunday night on the 12th at 11:00 pm (Eastern), plus on Jun 13, at 5:00 am, and Jun 18, at 12:00 am.

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56 Responses to “What Do You Think Of Finding Bigfoot: “Caught on Tape””

  1. SirKen63 responds:

    Matt proved to his own team he has no idea what he is doing. And he really has to stop with that’s a bigfoot.. oh that’s a bigfoot. I found a acorn on the ground has to be a bigfoot around. Even your own people are telling you that not everything is due to bigfoot. Like the deer!

    I do agree that Bigfoot kill and eat deer, but you even prove it was not a bigfoot. You said it had no teeth marks on it. If it was a bigfoot I would expect to see teeth marks on it, or it broken up more. That deer skeleton was too intact. I am sure bigfoot does not carry around a knife to butcher it’s prey. It would eat it like we eat a chicken. pulling it apart and gnawing on it.

    Don’t you think ????

  2. Hambone responds:

    I thought the tracks on the pavement was cool. A 12 foot stride is just amazing. But the image seen in the woods, I thought they could have gotten more video of it and where it actually went. Hard to believe there wasn’t enough video to determine what it was. Overall I am enjoying the show.

  3. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Same ole same ole… Edited images and sounds for sure…

    Feel bad for Ranae and Bobo having to deal with Matt’s superiority complex and irrationality.

    Makes me laugh when they just automatically attribute everything to bigfoot and outright dismiss any and all rational (and more plausible) alternative explanations.

  4. flame821 responds:

    @ SirKen

    I agree with you, but I would actually expect a Bigfoot to break apart all the bones as the bone marrow is extremely nutritious and I would expect a great deal of rendering of the carcass and smashing of all the long bones. Not to mention I imagine, if Bigfoot is any sort of social creature, at least pieces of the kill would be taken back home to share with the family/social group. What I would not expect is a relatively intact carcass just laying there, going to waste.

  5. j stewart responds:

    sorry guys I didn’t watch this one…had better things to do….

  6. vitamincm responds:

    I could not be more disappointed.
    A. Matt Moneyloser is an unbearable douchebag.
    B. Are they ever actually going to “Find” anything?
    C. They’re all ridiculous.
    I keep hoping that these shows will be worth watching some day, but I’ll have to wait a little longer.

  7. herrback responds:

    All in all the series is actually pretty good but it has a lot of negative sides. It now tells the common people and hoaxers what exactly to do if you are looking for bigfoot. I think the show would be a lot better if they would get rid of MM and just focus on the other three. I always read the expeditions of the BFRO and what they do in certain situations and somehow MM always does the opposite. I loved how MM got mad on the show and said I don’t care what they think because I am the leader and this is my team. Typical MM.

  8. CDC responds:

    Matt Moneymaker,

    I know you will read this, because it is about you.

    You evade my questions like a cockroach evades sunlight. You toss out lies about what I have said from thread to thread because you know I am the sunlight that drives you back under the rocks.

    Okay, then, instead of the regular me destroying you in post after post…let’s just do this, I will ask you one question, and if you give a straight answer, I won’t post your way again…fair?

    Very simple, what is your best “one” piece of solid Bigfoot evidence you have to show the world Bigfoot is real? Simple.

    After what? 25 years you have been an “expert Bigfoot researcher” what have you to show for that 25 years of your life? One thing, just to shut me up and prove your point.

    One thing Matt, just one.

    Oh by the way, it can’t be the Patterson/Gimlin film because you did not film that.

    Oh, and it can’t be all the footprints Dr Meldrum has studied, because those footprints came in from several sources everywhere…you did not find them.

    Oh, and um, well, I guess that’s pretty much it huh?

    You talk sooooooo much Matt, without saying a word. Try and answer my one question, if not, I think everyone would understand…you can’t.

    25 years of being an “expert” Bigfoot tracker? Hmm, wow, I bet you have so much stuff to show everyone it will blow the roof off the Bigfoot theory…or, maybe you don’t have anything?

    Problem with you Matt is you can fool some of the people some of the time…but you will never fool me. I know you have nothing…why? Because there is nothing to have.

    The show tonight was a perfect example of the Bigfoot search…an hour of hype, and nothing! You are such an “expert” on Bigfoot, yet show after show you bring NOTHING!

    To all you Bigfoot believers out there who want to hate me, don’t. I want Bigfoot to be real more than any of you…but guys like Matt Moneymaker and Tom Biscardi are not the guys to do it. In my opinion, in their little world it is all about them, and not about the animal.

    If you Bigfoot believers want real hope, then look for real proof. Dr Melba Ketchum is the next longshot out there to produce some real evidence. I have been waiting for her to publish her paper for peer review on Bigfoot DNA evidence for almost a year now, but she has not. There is more hope with her work than anything you will see on “Finding Bigfoot”.

    This show “Finding Bigfoot” is frankly so stupid I can’t believe they made more than one episode.

    Wake up people, snap out of it.

    Simple logic. “IF” a Bigfoot type creature exists, it can’t exist in every single state in North America, and throughout all of Canada…that would mean tens of thousands of animals and there would be real evidence if there were that many alve.

    Taking this show across the country and spending a week in a random forest is stupid. Wake up.

    If these animals exist, they are in remnant populations just hanging on by a thread…not wandering the country from California to Florida looking for deer meat and candy bars…wake up people.

    “If” this animal is out there, some of us might know where it might be. Trust me, guys like Matt Moneymaker and Tom Biscardi don’t know…just watch and see if Matt answers my question.

    “Finding Bigfoot”? Come on people, wake up, snap out of it, come back to reality…

  9. matt_moneymaker responds:

    The inescapable damning clue that I was dealing with a couple of trolls and frauds of the ERB species (Envious Redneck Bullshitters) when I first encountered two guys in Georgia who were peddling the bigfoot-in-a-box hoax … was that they had claimed to have been doing bigfoot research for years prior to that point … but they had never heard of Jeff Meldrum.

    What? …. Y’know …the scientist in Idaho with the track collection, and the book …

    Nope, they never heard of that one.

    I knew immediately that there was no way they had ever been following bigfoot research from the sidelines, or even the bleachers … they were just a couple of loudmouth ERBs.

    Even though I have undoubtedly the most memorable surname on the bigfoot research scene, Kahil has never heard of me … but he claims to have some authority with this discussion because he’s been following the subject for a long time. CDC swaggers they same country-esque way.

    I think I have clearly identified the species here: Kahil Nettleton and this anonymous CDC character are both ERBs. And that is what I suggested in my very first reply to their very first stupid posts.



    BTW, the thing I ran after up the hill was a human — someone who was sneaking around us in the woods trying to watch the production in progress. I said so repeatedly and vehemently at the time, for the cameras, but they edited out all of that in order to make it seem unclear what I was chasing after.

    I was the only one who got a good look at it through a thermal. It was quite clear that it was person wearing clothes and struggling to flank the hillside. The video they showed was substituted in (as they typically do), and wasn’t anything like what I saw.

    The production people did not have my thermal imager plugged into the recorder when that happened, but I don’t think they would have used the footage anyway. It would have clearly showed that I was right about that … but they were trying to make it look as though I was wrong about it.

  10. Redrose999 responds:

    I got as far as MM running into the woods and fell asleep. By last thought was, hoping Bobo could slap him around a bit.

  11. Drew responds:

    Why don’t they mention the second figure in the Thermal image?

    They show MM going out on the hill to investigate, and there is the one creature moving right to left, and then a second figure right above MM’s head.

    But they make no mention of this in the show.

    Was it really Bobo and Ranae? Or was it just two hikers walking by? Or curious bigfooters?

  12. BUKWASBOO responds:

    Wow Matt, Really ??, Last nights tirade/freak-out reminds me of the Bob Saget show ,the “freakout/tirade, that in Bobs own words was alot worse then was shown, hard to believe, I cant defend this guy anymore, he really is Capt Ahab, Matt you may think your at the pinnacle of your career right now, but if you look down,.theres a hungry shark below you!
    OK, As far as the show goes i thought the witness testimony was great, especially the couple on the ATV being charged in the middle of the night , scary & cool ! The muddy foot prints looked like the real thing ,…7ft strides,…in-line steps, very compelling…………
    But the most telling part was the Mike green thermal recreation ,.. after looking at this footage for the last two yrs and Mikes own recreation its obvious that it could have been a human, hence a hoax, its funny how both Mike & Matt said theres no way for a thermal to be hoaxed,.. but it obviously can,… everyone who knows mike and has worked with him saids his honesty and integrity is above reproach,… SO I guess were just back were we started,…Bigfoot ,…maybe,…human,…maybe, around we go, I have to say I am enjoying the show,..simply because i love the subject and know what to expect from all involved ,..I’m not going to be manipulated or let certain things bother me ,’s to short,………….
    HEY ! I have a idea why doesn’t everyone just talk about the evidence and Bigfoot in general and leave all this other BS behind,..its just getting boring / sad and embarrassing ……………….

  13. Mïk responds:

    CDC, Kahil, et al -Please back off. I get that you hate Moneymaker. I see that you want to close this show. I get it. I think EVERYBODY gets it. Now, shut up and let the discussions begin. CDC, why come to a cryptozoology site and pronounce Bigfoot non-existant? Go about your business and leave us to enjoy our (to you) insanity.

    Now, this show does serve a purpose to those who don’t have the facilities to do more than go wander in the woods, it gets the questions out in the open. Like; if there is deer, there’s bigfoot because, as stated in the show, that’s its main food. really? Even bears are mostly plant eaters. Maybe they just follow the deer for safety reasons, as deer are more finely tuned to danger signals. I don’t think the show is that great, I watch more for the issues than for the facts. And I do detest the fakery (didn’t the thermal image caught by Matt look a lot like the image used in the premiere while they drove around in cars?) and wish they would scale it back, but Imma gonna watch anyway, ’cause it’s still bettr’n the 43rd running of a 2007 episode of CSI.

  14. Drew responds:

    MM’s explanation is that it was substituted footage, so the second figure could have been Bobo and Ranae or some other duo walking around that the production crew recorded, and put into the scene at that point.

  15. lordoftheonionrings responds:

    Just a comment on the deer killing thing, it was my understanding that when Bigfoots kill a deer they go for the liver and other softer organs, and that they do snap limbs to incapacitate it. Also the comment that there could not be existing populations of Bigfoot spread out over the 50 states and Canada. An intelligent macrofuana like a Bigfoot would most likely have to have a huge territory to obtain the food it would require to sustain itself. I would not be surprised if the populations in N. Carolina are the same from Georgia just found at different times of the year along migratory routes.

    I have to admit, I am not a fan of MM, but I can understand his frustrations in dealing with the production crew that’s main focus has nothing to do with finding real evidence.

  16. dharkheart responds:

    When Matt ran up the hill he looked like Josh Gates on steroids. Ranae made a very, emphasis on VERY, important point: if a team, or an individual, spends a great deal of time quietly stalking a thing why would someone just go rushing willy-nilly, making tons of noise, to:
    A – Frighten an extremely shy, people avoidant creature, and
    B – Jeopardize their standing as a serious tracker/researcher?
    I could add a ‘C’, but it would involve making remarks that would get this post banned, so I will refrain.
    Also, I don’t buy the, not exact quote from Mr. Green “I was so excited in the moment I forgot to focus the camera” thing. He had been investigating BF for 20-25 years and was in a position to get some good solid evidence yet like everyone else he forgot to focus the camera. He was not running to try and film A BF, neither was he running away and shooting over his shoulder. He had the presence of mind to set up a tripod but didn’t think to focus the camera?
    I really like the rest of the team Ranae, BoBo and Cliff. Matt needs to tone it down about 10 notches (running up that hill could very well have gotten him shot by one of those “ERBs” who would have no respect for his baseball bat).
    Having said all of this, I DO like the show but it now sits precariously on the precipice of research and reality entertainment.

  17. Greg102 responds:

    MM i thoroughly enjoy the show, despite its flaws. I think you deserve credit for bringing a show like this to TV for us to enjoy. I think you do take a lot of undeserved criticism is some aspects. BUT, what i am trying to figure out is you guys re-created green’s thermal footage 100%. What makes you think this is still a bigfoot, as it obviously can’t be ruled out that it’s a human? If they made the re-creation a little less focused, these two videos would be identical. I think, this thermal footage needs to be put in the trash bin. Either one, he hoaxed it, or two, someone crawled up on his spot when he supposedly drove off, and he captured a human. Or it was actually him in the thermal. There’s nothing in the video that screams this is a bigfoot, especially after doing the recreation. Anyways, keep up the show, it’s great!

  18. thegsmiths4 responds:

    Is there anything you can do about Animal Planet and their manipulation? Are the shows already in the can or do they make last minute edits? If it weren’t for your posts in Cryptomundo and Cliff’s blog, we would have no idea of the games going on.

    These shows are erasing the credibility squatchers have worked hard to build. This recent one made your group look completely biased and unreasonable.

    I am really disappointed that there was no followup to the re-enactment of Greene’s video. It was too similar to ignore. Or was there follow-up and it was edited out? Did you have Bobo stand on the slope behind the stump? If so, was he the same height, bulk? Why didn’t the thermal show Bobo’s clothes?

    At first, I thought it was rash of you to run off into the woods. Then I thought about it. Since the action went against everything you teach people, I knew that you suspected it was a person. It’s a shame that Animal Planet wouldn’t allow the public to know this.

    Who can we complain to? Should we boycott Animal Planet? Entertainment is one thing, but they are getting very close to slander.

    PS – Tempting as it may be because he’s such an easy target, please quit responding to CDC and others like him. Once is enough, after that its a waste of time.

  19. SirKen63 responds:

    OK Matt, I do not understand. If you had a clear look at it and knew it was a person then why where you chasing after it and then tell Bobo and Ranae that you want to come back down and look at the footage.

    I can understand the production company adding in a thermal image, but they did not add in your running after it and then saying you want to view it when you stated there was no recording of it because it was not plug in to record. And please help me understand why you think that deer carcass was a bigfoot kill. Was there something else other than what we saw???

    So much of this just does not add up.

  20. Cernovog responds:

    CDC, if I may answer your question since Matt doesn’t seem willing to, I think one of the best pieces of evidence that Matt Moneymaker and BFRO have to offer is the Skookum Cast.

    Now, before you go scoffing at it and laugh and say, “haha! It’s clearly an elk!” or “It’s just a jumbled mess. I can’t see anything,” the cast was studied and vetted by respected primatologist Darris Swindler.

    Swindler was a well known expert in primate anatomy. He was also a long-time skeptic. “I don’t believe the thing exists,” he told the USA Today in 1996. His opinion that Matt Moneymaker and BFRO have a body cast of a “giant biped” (his words) is significant.

    The Skookum cast has brought many mainstream scientists into the fold of Bigfoot research and has changed the minds of important skeptics like Dr. Swindler.

  21. murse2k7 responds:

    I thought this was going to be a serious hunt for bigfoot, similar to the way Ghosthunters at least attempts to debunk and find hauntings. Instead, we get this crap. They find get a “thermal hit” of a “bipedal creature” in EVERY episode. Really? So what they want us to believe is that you can go to a spot where bigfoot has been reported, wait around at night with a thermal imager, and a bigfoot will walk past you. According to these idiots, bigfoot is everywhere, and easily seen in the forest, as long as you don’t try to capture or kill it.
    In the florida episode, thermal hit “sasquatch” was walking toward bobo until he fell down, and then no more was said about it? Please. If this were a serious effort to find and prove the existence of this creature, then if They got a thermal hit that was promising, why not continue to search in that area, over time, with bait, camera traps, and every other available technology. Hell, dig a hole, cover it up and put bait in it, maybe bigfoot will fall in it. Moneymaker is an opportunistic idiot who is very good at trying to play up to the camera and see bigfoot EVERYWHERE. I wouldn’t trust that idiot to find the 2nd floor if we were in an elevator together.
    These people are making a subject that’s already the object of ridicule even more difficult to take seriously by looking like a bunch of paranoid idiots running around in the woods, and in so doing, setting the entire sasquatch search back years in the process.

  22. korollocke responds:

    Matt, I’ve known about you and you always coming up empty handed for a long time. Seems even your own team can’t stomach your antics now. Lay off the childish labels (ERB, really from a grown and self claimed educated man?) and such if you’re mentally able to do so.

  23. dearl responds:

    The show sucked, MM is a pompous fraud. I won’t tuning in again! I hate how he refers to them as “squatch”,it is corny.
    He did not discover tree thumping either, American Indians knew of this hundreds of years ago.

  24. Kahil Nettleton responds:

    Yeah yeah yeah… we all know that what we saw on the show was edited throughout the entire show and we can’t take anything we saw as proof or facts…just pure, mindless entertainment.

    Matt, seriously, if you can’t come here without calling someone a hateful and/or bigoted name, then why come here? Your responses to your audience are always so full of hate. It must suck to constantly live with so much anger all of the time. Grow some thicker skin. Face it, most people aren’t going to believe a thing you say about bigfoot in general…especially it they’ve read or seen how you interact with others.

    When you’re in the field…try not automatically attributing everything you see to bigfoot. It appears that you have gotten to the point where you are seeing bigfoot everywhere. Try not talking about bigfoot in the tense of “fact”. You keep talking about how you know exactly what they look like, where they live, what they eat, how they predate, etc. Yet you cannot provide a single shred of evidence. In cryptozoology, someone’s story or word is not a substitute for proof.

    Yes, it is clear that the production company is playing a role in making you and the team look like fools sometime by not showing key things like you saying it was a human trying to watch production. Its your poor attitude and behavior towards others that is sinking your ship faster than you can bail.

  25. William responds:

    Next thing you know some squirrel will drop a nut on Moneymaker’s head and he will think a BF did it. His antics are rapidly making a mockery out of serious BF research. His calling people “jealous rednecks” for calling him out make him look even more ludicrous as they truly must be striking a nerve with their spot on comments.

    I agree with whomever posted that they should remove him from the show and just continue with the other three normal behaving folks and the show might actually become watchable again.

  26. fuzzy responds:


  27. jimmer99 responds:

    More and more ….I’m begging to detest the ADVENTURES WITH MATT! This show is nothing more than a worn out commercial for the BFRO….

  28. Redrose999 responds:


    about the man on the hill.

    Man, that sucks. The producers seem to be out to make you look like a fanatic fool. I guess they want to do the bombastic bull by the horns eccentric angle for the show. Might be good for ratings after all.

    I really hope you guys can turn it around. Not sure if it is possible considering all the insanity that is going on.

  29. weaponx88 responds:

    Well, after watching last nights episode I have to say MM’s ego is too big and completely ruins the show. The guy has got to go or stay off camera with his big mouth shut. Seriously….he ruins the show.
    It’s clear the thermal image video could have been faked and should be seen as such but these guys think it IS authentic which is another peeve of mine since I started watching the short series. They don’t even question or really study anything…..everything they come across IS evidence of Bigfoot…..Come on! You guys are making a laughing stalk of the field. I try to look at it with an open mind and before I can even think about what “evidence” they are looking at one of the guys blurts out something like “I think we have a squatch (Squatch??? come on, seriously???) here”…….they don’t question any other possibilities or do real study but only attribute it to Bigfoot.
    In all seriousness ever since these shows aired I have lost ALL credibility that I once had for the BFRO website. I am not saying that the sighting posted there are fake and made up as I believe they are mostly from real witnesses but the people behind the website are “a bit off” and are no longer trustworthy to me.
    I do give many kudos to Rene from the show as she seems to be to one with the most level head and going in it with study and skepticism in her mind thus doesn’t just jump to conclusions as the others do.
    I mean the show is “fun” to watch but what was once something I thought would be of serious study has turned into just another “reality show” of which I am seriously waiting for one particular person to be “voted off”.

  30. Cryptidwolf responds:

    Guess I will weigh in. I love the show. Well, when people are telling there stories. I gave Mr. Moneymaker the benefit of the doubt until last nights show when he went all Rambo, came back and showed a total lack of respect for the team and had such an ego mania since John Cain.
    Mr. Moneymaker, If you are going to “Lead” a team, you need to listen to the people behind you because they have your back.
    If you were actually chasing an animal in it’s element, in the dark, it is completely dangerous and uncalled for. If the producers edited it to make it “Look like a Bigfoot (or squatch as you have coined)”. You should have stepped in before the show and not wait until afterwards for eagle eyed viewers to catch it.
    If I watch the show again it will rank up with Robot Chicken or SpongeBob square pants.

  31. whiteriverfisherman responds:

    Hahahahaha!! This exchange back and forth between the childish ranting of Moneymaker and the rational and intelligent crypto folks is freaking funny!!! Mat, you just keep digging your hole deeper with each response. If you were smart you’d give up. You are out classed by these guys, you aint got chance!!

  32. j stewart responds:


    Clearly we dont think much of one another,but that aside I do hate the fact that AP is painting you in such a bad light with the editing of the show. You are clearly getting screwed over by people who obviously dont believe in Sasquatch and think they need to use clever editing to force the viewers into a false positive..I will not speak against you just because I dont like you. When I think your right I will say so and when its cleare your getting the shaft by creative production I will side with you. Personalities aside,I wish they would have left the evidence alone cause I think it would have made a better show as im sure everyone else does. thank you for being honest with us and telling us it was a guy sneaking around the woods. Just wish you would have caught him….

  33. Bilgewater Bill responds:

    If the show is renewed, I recommend making it a two-person team, Bobo and Rene. At least they try to keep things in perspective.

  34. Hapa responds:

    To the crew of the show Finding Bigfoot: Get out of it before it damages your careers and reps permanently. You could be second guessed in your scientific work to such a degree that you might find it maddening to continue your research work.

  35. Mahalo X responds:

    I’ve been thinking of canceling my cable for the summer, this show helps make that choice easier.
    -Mahalo X; in the REAL world

  36. Va-Bigfoot responds:

    I was really pleased that the BFRO or the production company decided to recreate Mr. Greene’s thermal video footage. Unfortunately for Mr. Greene, his favorite statement, “You Can’t Fool A Thermal Imager” is dead wrong. I thought he had years of experience behind him to make such a powerful statement as “You Can’t Fool A Thermal Imager!” Bobo was wearing clothes and even a jacket when he was filmed but yet the thermal camera recorded the exact same heat signature as Mr. Greene’s original footage. I would recommend that he have his thermal imager calibrated, it’s typical in the thermal industry to calibrate the imager every couple years.

    For a long time it was my opinion that the Greene footage was a hoax, the Finding Bigfoot show proved that it could have been a person in clothes, contrary to what Mr. Greene has stated in the past that it was a Bigfoot. I also noted during the show Mr. Greene contradicted himself concerning the events of that night as compared to what he had said on a 2010 Blog-Talk Radio show. During the radio show Mr. Greene was asked if he had went back to the film location site to look for evidence such as the candy bar, wrapper or other evidence that was possibly left at the stump area. It took him a while to answer the question but his answer was no, he said, I didn’t go back and I don’t think anyone else did either since he didn’t know if anything was recorded until viewing the video the next day at his home. Yet, during yesterdays show, he said he immediately went back to the film site and the candy bar was gone and the cameras batteries had died. Why the contradiction with that he stated during the BlogTalk radio show and what he stated on the Animal Planet show. Any researcher would have treated the stump area like a crime scene because if it was a Bigfoot some kind of evidence would have been left, like saliva on the candy bar, fingerprints on the wrapper and possibly hair on the stump or ground around the stump, but Mr. Greene and his years of research work and other special skills, he said no, I didn’t go back during his BlogTalk radio show interview. His disregard to allow me to view his full two hour video is also setting off warnings, why not let someone look at the full video, if not me, why not someone else?

    My opinion is that there is no two hour long video out there, it doesn’t exist! If Mr. Greene claims to have thermal footage of a Bigfoot, then let independent people analyze the entire two hour footage. Seeing the complete two hour footage would have helped Mr. Greene’s case by showing the time/date stamp on the film, demonstrating the camera was filming for two hours. I was very surprised how quickly Mr. Greene struck back at Ranae’s comments that she didn’t see anything that led her to believe what was filmed was a Bigfoot creature. In the end, the Mr. Moneymaker stated that they think the few degree elevation in temperature was the reason why Bobo looked exactly like the creature in the Greene footage. I didn’t know he was a Certified Thermographer! It’s unfortunate, but I don’t think Animal Planet will continue with the series, it just doesn’t have that wow factor people are looking for. I hate Destination Truth but I would watch that before Finding Bigfoot.

  37. korollocke responds:

    @J Stewart, Matt has been making an ass of himself for years, AP just brought his foolishness to airwaves. Chances are he’s several times more ridiculous before editting! LOL!

    What kind of dofus would charge off into the night totally unarmed and in poor physical shape after a large animal?

    I smell a new show or movie coming from stuff like this, “Hi I’m William Shatner and this is Stupid Crypto Realitiy Tv Star Autopsy!” or “When cryptids attack!”(they could even use the old Metallica tune, The thing should not be, remember that one?) or mayby some kinda found footage bit along the same lines. In 2011 Matt Moneymaker lead a rag tag team of non academically acredited bigfoot reaschers in the wilderness to once and for all “FIND BIGFOOT”and was never heard from or seen again, two years later some camera equipment was found by deer hunters, here for the first time complete and unedited is that footage…

    Tell me you wouldn’t watch a show about some totally unprepared ignorant dumbass(es) who ran afoul of “something” on an expedition for reality show. Wrong Turn 3 with bigfoot instead of inbred cannibals.

  38. korollocke responds:

    Very strange that Bobo and bigfoot have the same body temp on film. I Wonder what else they have in common? Is Bobo as the cavemen refer too a shaver? How many times has Bobo been filmed at night on the show and mistaken for bigfoot seeing as he has the exact same body temp as bigfoot? How was Matt able to declare a rise in temperature was the reason for the simularity? How many scientific displines is Matt fluent in?

    Where is the rest of this purported 2 hour film, is it a “lost” on tape film?

    These and other hard hiiting questions will never be answered by Matt Money maker in a decent civilized non vulgar manner. You can take that to the bank.

  39. sassy quatch responds:

    The show is moderately enjoyable for pure entertainment. As TV pickings are slim at the moment, I do watch it.

    Two things though…

    First, why are the only two options with Greene’s footage are that Greene hoaxes it or it is a Bigfoot? It was indicated that Greene is a regular at this location, and given that the thermal was so easily reproduced by a human, could there not be the possibility that people are hoaxing Greene?

    And second…the deer bone fracture was not a ‘spiral’ fracture in the sense of the pure definition. It may have been spiral in shape, but it was obviously done on dry bone. A true spiral fracture is done on green bone and has distinct characteristics and obvious breakage pattern. That deer bone was broken long after the bone had been exposed to the elements.

  40. flying horse responds:

    Look, the only way proof positive of the existence of Bigfoot will ever be accepted, is if one of the animals is caught, alive, and presented to the world. There are ways of catching something as large and intelligent as a Bigfoot must be. Why are people still roaming the forest with thermal imagers and deer cams? Set some live traps and check daily.

  41. lancemoody responds:

    The various cast members protest that their actions have been manipulated by editing, etc.

    As an editor, I know how that can happen.

    But there is plenty of evidence to show that the cast members are not blameless for the non-scientific nature of the show.

    For instance:

    1. The one who calls himself the leader, makes absurd pronouncements about this (possibly fictional) animal’s behavior that stain credulity. He states all of these unsupported opinions as matters of fact: “Bigfeet love to walk by electrical lines. Bigfeet take deer down in just this way.” The hubris is spectacular.

    2. Their tests are unfalsifiable. When a video comparison showed that the depicted animal in the video was not larger than a man as expected, the team immediately decided that it must have been a baby bigfoot. There was no way it was ever going to NOT be a bigfoot, so why even make the test?

    3. In the wrap up, the team ALL agrees that the evidence they have collected somehow supported the original footage. This evidence was UNRELATED to the original video. This is the kind of mistake that dull laypeople make, not scientists or even honest investigators.

    There is plenty to hate about stupid shows like this. Most deserving of revulsion are the people responsible for the show, both those behind and the (clueless and silly) ones in front of the camera.

  42. tomdee27 responds:

    Hi All:

    I saw the show last night and I immediately wondered why the clip of the “bigfoot” had been edited. That didn’t make sense if the clip was authentic. Now I read that Animal Planet edited out the discovery that it was a man flanking the crew and they faked the video of it. Well, that plain sucks!!! Basically that makes the show worthless. Animal Planet should halt the charade and cancel this show. It’s an embarrassment.

  43. mockcharge responds:

    I have spent decades convincing friends and family about the plausibility of these these animals’ existence. This show is very quickly negating this and has shown the search for truth in the most base and rediculous light possible. Both the production and Moneymaker have turned the Bigfoot world into a perceived Confederacy of Fools.

    Moneymaker has become to the Bigfoot world what Donald Trump was to politics.

    I’m not that surprised, I guess. The very first time I heard Matt was doing a show my initial thought was “…he’ll screw it up in many ways… “.
    There are 2 things I do like about egotistical credit-takers:

    1) They always advertise.

    2) They are consistent.

    Thusly, the one thing good here is that it has proven to be a predictable farce. Good only because MM has shown his true colors to the entire world and the world is not impressed.

    Stand down as the hypocrite that you are, Moneymaker.

  44. springheeledjack responds:

    Okay, I’ve got several things to say.


    I love the FLIR as much as anyone…it’s great for cutting through forest…however (uh-oh, here it comes), did Mr. Greene (feel like I’m in a game of Clue) not have anything else to film with? As I said, the FLIR’s great for getting heat signatures, but a night vision camera could have solved the entire issue. You can get a halfway decent night vid cam for less than a FLIR. And no, the FLIR does not solve the issue…it gives outlines, but not details.


    Ranae is the good balance, and she’s gutsy enough to speak her mind even when the others are “convinced.” Hats off to her. Stay strong, keep it up. And I’m with her on the footage too. Bobo showed he would have been able to sneak up on the candy bar. Someone–human would have used that same posture so as to not give away the fact that they were human. I don’t doubt the sincerity of Mr. Greene, but I think he got flim-flammed.


    Yeah, I have to go along with the hordes…Matt Moneymaker is the weak link in the show. Sorry man, but if you’re going to be a professional, you have to act like it…even when you do something you shouldn’t have. I’ll give the Four some breaks because I have no doubt Animal Planet is doing some funky editing for ratings, but if there’s a full blown argument going on in the woods, then you’ve got some issues. I don’t care if it was a guy in the woods…(there again proving that FLIR is only good for picking up a critter…doesn’t prove what it is…unless you can see its spindly deer legs…or horse outline as the case was).


    I don’t trust the show worth a darn…and I won’t trust any of the FLIR stuff anymore since Animal Planet’s monkeying with footage (I thought the footage in the woods of “BF” running was awful similar to the first week when they were in the jeeps). That and the audio footage…that’s disappointing too. Animal Planet should be ashamed of themselves…and we’re not as stupid as you seem to think we are either.


    The good things about the show…the testimony and the accounts. Interesting stuff, and maybe for the larger database of sightings, it will give us more info to knock out some of those variables and help researchers get a bead on where to actually lay in wait for BF and get the real definitive proof.

    Finally, I’m with Lordoftheonionrings…I think we’re looking at a smaller population of BF’s…not necessarily living in each state, but roaming. I’ll be shocked if we find out these things aren’t nomadic.

    Went off on a tangent…sue me. I’ve got faith in most of the research being done on the show…it’s getting overshadowed by cheap editing by Animal Planet, and MM’s monkey business, but that aside, I think Ranae and Bobo and Cliff are pretty savvy. I trust what I see happening from all their eyes as opposed to the say-so of one individual.

  45. Jeff Johnston responds:

    As a video producer, host of a cable TV show about recreational vehicles (RVs) and someone who’s closely familiar some of the principals from another “reality” show, Axe Men, this new bigfoot show is no more or less than I expected before viewing it. I know the drill when it comes to this type of show, which must answer to many masters, most of which involve dollar signs. After all, this is business. I’m lucky that my show is a less controversial field and we can be honest right up front, and since I do my own editing, I needn’t worry about what someone else does with my footage or my words.

    I am also on the official BFRO “s*** list” so in theory, that should predispose me against any BRFO activity. In truth, It doesn’t mean a damn thing in the big picture.

    That said, I am no cheerleader for MM, but I appreciate his efforts to clarify some of what we’ve seen on the show. And, what we haven’t seen, according to MM, such as the thermal image of the horse walking away from the field.

    It’s a shame that MM has to spend time after each show on sites like this one, explaining how the producers have edited what happened to be less than honest, or fully forthcoming.

    In the future for those involved with the show, having a better contract would be a big help to start with. Maintaining a degree of editorial content control is vitally important for getting your message across accurately and truthfully.

    MM has said several times, words to the effect that “I said THIS XXX but they used me saying THAT OOOO.” Well, don’t say THIS XXX if you don’t want it used on the show.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  46. RaceBannon responds:

    Several comments have been made about Matt running into the woods… so this question has come to my mind: Has anyone in the field of study ever been known to use tracking dogs?

  47. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Ok, I will be upfront and as I have stated before, I think Bigfoot is just a myth. I don’t believe in it. I am more of a water cryptid fan! I do find it amusing out of all the cryptids out there and the people looking for each of these creatures trying to prove (or disprove) their existence, the Bigfoot investigative crowd are so pissy, competitive, petty and in some cases just downright silly. Many come across as crackpots. Why is this so? I am just curious. Why aren’t the Nessie/Ogopogo folks vicious with one another like the Bigfoot people are? Even the related Orang Pendek & Yeti camps get along and seem to be cooperative. But the Bigfoot people. Wow! It’s almost like the UFO crowd just more combative.

    Anyway it’s just a question! There must be an underlying reason!

  48. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Dispite my disbelief in Bigfoot. I do find this show entertaining & amusing. My girlfriend just happened to watch last night’s episode with me even found it entertaining. It was mentioned on the show that Bigfoot loves peanut butter. She responded “Who doesn’t?”. Ha ha ha! She also found it funny whenever someone referred to Bigfoot as a “Squatch”! I don’t know why, but this is pretty amusing! It’s amusing in like calling Barbara Streisand, Babs sort of way! Like you’re best buds! Ha ha ha!

  49. CDC responds:

    I read all the posts and very interesting opinions flying around. This is exactly what we want on a site, good dialog, pro and con.

    A few objective observers out there want us to put on our jammies and tell stories about the “evidence.” Unfortunately, we can close the book on the evidence from this show in 2 post or fewer.

    Been thinking, of the Crypto/shows in the past few years; where would you rank “Finding Bigfoot”?


    1. “River Monsters” – Jeremy Wade is rock solid. He is open minded, listens to natives and local fisherman, and uses a scientific approach while at the same time very entertaining.

    2. “MonsterQuest” – The History Channel gave it credibility, and although they never found anything major, there were several episodes where they did find some credible evidence of cryptids.

    3. “Destination Truth” – Josh Gates has a camera on him more often then what he is looking for, but all in all, he has done a few good shows. He takes a ton of risks, and Jael De Pardo…mmm….she can fake any evidence she wants to. The Yeti print and the hair samples from Bhutan I feel are of a real “unknown” animal.

    4. “Fact or Faked” – Probably the most boring group put together in the history of television, but show uses good science…and now uses Jael De Pardo.

    I suggested it to the show many times if they could do a Patterson/Gimlin film episode, but nothing I see coming. I happen to believe that the “ONE” solid piece of Bigfoot evidence is the Patterson/Gimlin film. No one has been able to duplicate that film in over 44 years so it still stands as solid evidence. It would be great to have them try and recreate that film with Bob Gimlin there to advise. I honestly don’t think they can duplicate it and it would make the P/G film even more extraordinary.

    5. “Beast Hunter” – Short-lived, but liked the kid hosting, Pat Spain. I was rooting for him to find anything. He took stings from bullet ants as a right of passage within a tribe, so I give that kid a ton of credit.

    6. “Lost Tapes” – Complete nonsense, but a few shows kept me awake waiting for Family Guy reruns at 2:30am.

    7. “Finding Bigfoot” – Hey, what ever happened to Matt?

  50. korollocke responds:

    What I like about River Monsters is Mr. Wade finds and shows what he is after. Fresh water sharks proven to be breeding in fresh water! Creepy! The wolf fish was a gnarly critter wasn’t it? How about the fresh water caught grouper, he was just as surprised as I was!

    If the other shows could produce specimens like this, I’d never leave the couch!

  51. Dr Kaco responds:

    VERY interesting string here again!
    Be nice fellow Cryptomundians! But keep up the good opinions and insight! ;p

  52. flame821 responds:

    @ korollocke

    I agree with you wholeheartedly about River Monsters, and I think Jeremy Wade is the sort of host that others should live up to. He is informative, engaging and respectful of the viewers and of the native populations that he mines for information and assistance. As he stands there fishing, which tends to be boring, we get to hear about other aspects of the trip. How they got there, where they are, local fauna, ecological impacts, the local population, their ideas, insights and other such nuggets that take it from dry documentary to educational entertainment.

    Now I know from listening to Cliff they only get to spend 7-8 days filming each episode, I don’t know how much time they give Mr. Wade (I assume it varies due to difficult travels and how the fish are biting). That may be a key factor right there.

    As for Mr. Wade always finding his fish, it honestly wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t. In the Japanese special he was searching for a giant catfish and a kappa. While I disagree with the giant salamander being the kappa, (I was raised on the hairy version of the kappa with the bowl-like head, not the scaly version) it was still an enlightening and entertaining show. And I would watch River Monsters and especially the ‘unhooked’ versions any night of the week. Not because he always delivers his fish (as I believe in 1 or 2 episodes he didn’t) but because as a host and as a show it is entertaining, educational and quite simply a pleasant experience to watch it.

  53. Redrose999 responds:

    @ Flame821, korollocke, CDC.

    Great points about River Monsters. It is one of my favorite shows too, pity the production staff at Finding Bigfoot didn’t follow the formula and production value of Wade’s show. Finding Bigfoot would have been worlds better.

    I keep recalling the episode about the Alaskan Lake monster, I was very impressed by his detective work.

  54. kittalia responds:

    I think that one point to be made is that we weren’t there. We don’t know what happened. If someone gets frustrated, we don’t always know the whole story. Also, remember that there can be many versions of the truth. Not many people are willing to take the blame, so they remember it differently. Please don’t be rude and say you hate how someone acts unless you were there to see the whole story.

  55. CrytpobelieverinIdaho responds:

    Bobo seems to fall over what he is saying quite a bit. Ranae is a good balance. I just wish the show would not discredit most of the witnesses, sorry i mean the HOSTS.

    They keep saying that a Bigfoot would not do this or that. How do you know? Animals change with environment, and circumstances. Cows don’t always provide milk, same as a bigfoot, they don’t always act the same in every situation. The reports i find credible are the ones with families or groups involved who had something happen to them and they can not explain it.

    River Monsters is by far the best show on Animal Planet and Jeremy Wade is a great host.

  56. Ghostrider1174 responds:

    The person who said snap out of it bigfoot dont exist. There dead wrong saw one while hunting in Northern Ontario. As for Matt moneymaker i dont hate the guy i just hate what he says. He makes a mockery of the bigfoot subject with saying real dumb things. After 25 years youd think he be more professional.

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