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Bigfoot!: A Book for Burning?

Posted by: Loren Coleman on July 30th, 2008

“Where they have burned books,
they will end in burning human beings.”
~ Heinrich Heine,
from his play Almansor.

Warning: profanity, insults, homophobia, and book & effigy burnings are standard fare now in the ongoing media theater from the gentlemen from Georgia.


In 1933, Nazis burned works of Jewish authors, and other works considered “un-German,” at the library of the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft in Berlin.

Who would have thought the guys in Georgia, so starved for attention, would resort to burning my Bigfoot! book, and dipping into homophobic attacks on my book, my name, and Matt Moneymaker?


The works of Jewish authors and other so-called “degenerate” books were burnt by the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s. On May 10, 1933, on the Opernplatz in Berlin, S.A. and Nazi youth groups burned around 20,000 books from the Institut für Sexualwissenschaft and the Humboldt University; including works by Heinrich Heine, Thomas Mann, Karl Marx, Erich Maria Remarque, and H.G. Wells.

Book burnings continue today.

The video below may be disgusting to watch. Profanity is used. Homophobic attacks are directed at my book, me, and Matt Moneymaker. But you would not believe it if I merely tried to describe it to you. We must not turn away from what this has become and act like it is not what it is.

I don’t want to show this video, but I must. People turned away from the Nazis and thought that they would go away.

What is occurring with these “Georgia bigfoot trackers” goes beyond the pale now. They apparently don’t understand what is written in plain English, seem threatened by talk of biological sexuality, and use the lowest forms of insults and Nazi tactics available.

We could ignore these guys, and hope they just would go away. But that’s what some people did about the Nazi book burnings too.

I will not act like this is not happening.

The book burners will not win in the world of today. The bftrkers have merely demonstrated that Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America (NY: Simon and Schuster, 2003) is the most popular Sasquatch book, presently in existence.



Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

93 Responses to “Bigfoot!: A Book for Burning?”

  1. DavidFullam responds:

    Utterly, utterly pathetic. Just another useless cry for attention from the most obnoxious hoaxers around.

  2. Lupus responds:

    I wouldn’t have assumed it possible, but the level of stupidity amazes me. Not only that, but their actions are revolting. I see no use in being degrading, however, my opinion from the start has been that it is impossible to take these people, with the iq of a paperclip and the emotional maturity of a foetus (and that is my, I say again ”my” opinion…) seriously.

    I agree with mister Coleman that even the most revolting actions by certain groups should never be ignored. However, I can not compare these individuals to the Nazis. Though they might share certain commonalities in stupidity, this is simply not a group that can be taken serious or could have any relevant influence whatsoever. Therefore, and I realize I’m going against my own advice here, people such as these should simply be ignored. Show these clips if you wish, but humorizing them with a comment will only add fuel to the fire (no pun intended) and it’s a well known fact that people with extreme insecurities (I wouldn’t dare to say in which area, although I do have an idea or two…) crave for attention such as this. To summarize: with actions such as this, these people have lost the last bit of credibility that they had, and worse, they’ve lost the last shred of respect anyone can have for them.

    Anyway, I haven’t said much, not really anything regarding this group and this will probably be the last thing I have to say on it as well.

  3. Greg102 responds:

    Quite sad. These guys are starving for attention now. Presumably they got some initial “press” for their claims, but now there has been nothing out from “news” organizations. Why? Because these guys are a fraud. Now they are doing what they know best, childish immature acts to try get attention again. They make sensational claims but give no one any reason to take their claims seriously. The public only has their videos to go on, and that says it all. No follow up articles by serious news organizations because these guys are a fraud. They can keep doing videos, but it doesn’t change the FACT that they DO NOT have a corpse of an unidentified bipedal primate!

  4. SeiferTim responds:

    I seriously hope these lunatics do not happen to have any real proof…

  5. bill green responds:

    yes omg this is utterly pathetic indeed to burn a bigfoot book or any books just get attention but these ga guys are getting realy of hand now. but im sure we will see more their stuff in upcomeing from them with this possible ga sasquatch situation still ongoing until sept. 1st i hope. thanks bill green

  6. mccinny responds:

    This stuff belongs with most of the rest of the internet shipwreck graveyard of immature and pointless material. Just shows their unprofessionalism, immaturity, and general true colors.

    On a side-note. I understand the book burning Nazi links, but I am getting pretty weary of the “Nazi” or “Facist” titles being throw out whenever there is a disagreement. While juvenile and offensive, they’re far from the Third Reich.

  7. wanderingman responds:

    Welcome to the Bigfoot community. 😉 This is a recent extreme example, but these kinds of bizarre personal attacks and hatred amongst bigfoot hunters has been going on since the beginning.

  8. vampchick21 responds:

    And they expect to be taken seriously while exhibiting this idiotic, childish, pointless behaviour?

    I’ve been watching this entire Fox reality show, shaking my head the whole time. Whatever nanometre of credibility these guys might have EVER had went down the proveribal toilet several updates ago. This latest just sends them down with it.

    Frankly, I’m of the mind that those who have been on the receiving end of the volley of insults and the like from these little boys should sue for slander.

  9. Loren Coleman responds:

    Mccinny writes: “I am getting pretty weary of the ‘Nazi’ or ‘Facist’ titles being throw out whenever there is a disagreement.”

    Disagreement? Excuse me. What disagreement do I have with these people? None. Why did they burn the book? According to them, because the book says that Bigfoot is gay (which it does not say).

    Mccinny writes: “While juvenile and offensive, they’re far from the Third Reich.”

    Granted, that’s true. One is a police officer. The other claims to be ex-military.

  10. Lyndon responds:

    Sorry Loren, but I couldn’t take more than 2 mins of this rubbish. If they are going to try and be ‘funny’ then they should at least make it entertaining.

    Quite frankly, I found this video too boring to give it more than 2 mins of my attention.

    I do believe these lads would be right at home in Deliverance though, if ever there is a remake.

  11. Greg102 responds:

    It would be interesting if Mr. Whitton’s boss the police chief viewed this video. I wonder what their internal affairs division would think?

  12. mccinny responds:

    I was simply referring to your beef with their character attacks on you. I suppose disagreement was the wrong word.

    The video is simply dumb and pointless. As I stated above, it can be compared with any number of trash on the net.

    You (Loren) have put out countless, good material on the subject of cryptozoology. Yet these guys are screaming we’re the best in the world. What have they done? Made unsubstantiated claims. Sounds pretty thin to me.

  13. SeiferTim responds:

    I was thinking about this.

    If these guys actually did have a body, I don’t understand why they couldn’t take a few different pictures and post them so that they at least have some level of credibility. They’re fine with talking about it, but I haven’t seen one reason why they are set on this September 1st date.

    If they can’t show pictures, or share the body, or whatever, why haven’t they said why?

    It takes 2 seconds to write up a reason and stick it on your site – that’s a whole lot less time than it takes to make these credibility deflating videos and things.

    I understand they were ‘talking to lawyers’ and things, while at the same time giving interviews, and posting all these annoying videos that don’t actually lend anything to their story to make it believable.

    “We’re having the body checked by scientists to verify what we have”

    “We don’t want to post pictures in fear that it won’t do the real find justice”

    “We’re waiting for a major money deal to come through so that we make tons of money on our discovery”

    They should say SOMETHING. No wonder everyone keeps saying: “show us the body”. Every time they say: “Yeah, we have a body, but you’ll just have to wait to see it” it makes them look more and more like fools pulling a hoax. Not to mention the train wreck that is the video above.

    Unfortunately this is a lose-lose situation for people who are trying to do actual research on this subject:

    If they don’t have a body, and this is a hoax, their constant attention-getting attempts are going to do nothing but make everyone else see the field as a joke.

    If they DO have a body, it will have almost the same effect on the image of the field as the other option, with the added headache of having to deal with these people in order to actually conduct research on the specimen, possibly meaning paying them some outrageous amount of money to buy the body or obtain some sort of rights to it for study, and I don’t even know what else.

    Ugh, sorry for the long comment, I just had to vent a bit. 😛

  14. gridbug responds:

    This is why the terrorists hate us.

  15. gridbug responds:

    Seriously tho, this is the end. Can’t these inbred jackasses just STFU and fade into the woodwork already? It’s not even lightly amusing to simply laugh at them anymore. They’re just going to keep on with their “har-larious” antics as long as there’s an audience for it. Me, I’m finished. No more visits to their website, no more YouTube rants. I will no longer reward their stupidity with my precious time.

    Besides, I have a coat of paint to watch dry. Infinitely more rewarding. :)

  16. vamelungeon responds:

    That was some of the most retarded video I’ve ever seen. These guys are all talk, no show, and we shouldn’t give them all this attention IMHO. As to why they are doing this and making such idiotic videos is anyone’s guess. I’ll say one thing, they aren’t embarrassed about making fools of themselves.

  17. Ayala responds:

    Wow. That was pathetic indeed. I hope that someone will be able to take some action against them. I certainly wouldn’t want a policeman from my area acting the way these people do. These people need help.

    Loren, keep your chin up! :)

  18. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    I say let them get as many people to burn Loren’s book. That just means that someone has to buy them. The one in the video was supposedly donated. Still means that sometime somewhere somebody bought a copy.

    Anyway I am utterly blown away by the press and attention these guys have received that they shouldn’t have. We are all guilty (including me) in prolonging their 15 minutes.

    This should have been nipped in the bud. No body! No Press! That’s what every media & web outlet should have told these guys.

    And come on all this talk about the guy being a cop and integrity. Does it really suprise you that these guys have backgrounds in law enforcement/military/security? There is a certain percentage of this demographic that act EXACTLY the way these guys do. I know people exactly like these clowns. Though they are in the minority they give everyone in that field a bad name. Eventually they don’t last long in their field and end up as shopping mall security guards.

    How much do you want to bet that the “former correctional facility” guard is now a security guard. I would bet money on it! Ha ha ha!

    Anyway enough of my rant! Enough of giving these clowns any more press or publicity.

    Let’s continue talking about Caddy!! Where are all my lake monster stories??

    My 2 cents!

  19. Tamarack responds:

    Well, they have already publicly stated that they want to ridicule anger the “Bigfoot Community” and I guess that this shows that they will stop at nothing to try to do just that.

    Supposedly, having a body justifies this kind of behavior in their minds. Well, if they do have one it really is a shame that idiots such as these are in custody of it, however – I also expect some kind of disappearing act just might crop up.

    They are really showing themselves for what they truly are – overgrown adolescents, and if they think that they are angering anyone they are sadly mistaken.

    Who was it that said “in every cop is a criminal”. Well, truly professional law enforcement officers would certainly contain their criminal side better than this.

  20. punydevil responds:

    I have to disagree with you, Loren, that this can’t be ignored. That’s exactly what it has to be. By linking their video here, you’ve given these inbreds another few minutes of “fame”, as loosely as that word is used anymore. They’ve baited you. If you had found an alleged bigfoot video on youtube and at the end the makers stepped in front of the camera and called you an idiot for watching, you’d never post it here, or at least there would be no more than one post to mock them. These imbeciles clearly have no bigfoot body. (In fact, they have no human brain.) I’d drop the link, remove this post and give these guys no more airplay.

  21. JohnDoe313 responds:

    Those guys are idiots. If they have this alleged bigfoot corpse, I cringe at the thought of what those two guys have been doing with it.

  22. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    What do people do when they have created a lie that has them backed into a corner? They defend it more and more fiercely, which is what these man boys are doing.

    Loren you once said about MK Davis, (paraphrased of course) even though we may be weary of the nonsense we must keep them in the spotlight until we’ve seen this through. More or less I think that was your message and I agree that this is what must be done in this situation. I’m willing to bet at this point they would LOVE to have the spotlight off them and when that camera isn’t rolling they are not doubt sweating trying to think of how to get out of this situation. Hoping it will go away, well there is only one way and Loren I think you know it as well:

    They must either PROVIDE A BODY, or MAN UP AND QUIT LYING.

    I throughout this have been hopefully skeptical. Perhaps they were not the ones we’d like to have a body but still the possibility of a body is news that has been long awaited.

    This video shows me they do not have a body. Basic psychology tells me that they are caught up in a lie and they are defending it more and more fanatically no doubt in hopes that the people who are putting these spot lights on them will weary and let them be.

    If the police officers superiors are reading this comment I would like them to consider some things. This man HAS been using his job as a police officer to try and provide credibility. He has stated (twice that we know of) that he was an accomplice to a felon in his original claims as to how the supposed body was obtained. But most importantly how many thousands of people have seen this man representing the Georgia police force? Seen him in these videos acting this way. Even if this is all fake, he’s still portraying himself as one of yours. Do you want that?

    Loren may have politely called you gentlemen but all I see is two desperate and pathetic men.

  23. dobher-chu responds:

    Hi everyone glad to be a member of this great site, i am currently studying zoology. This is my first post here, they may or may not have proof (for me their intelligence level does not rule out their “finding a body” as anyone can stumble across a dead body) but this is unreal I come from Ireland and thought that the redneck stereotype was false at best exaggerated but JESUS! Is there anymore to say on this? they lack motive, logic and intelligence when making this video, for their sake i hope they have a body because the fallout is going to be really bad and looking at that video im sure they cant possibly fathom how bad.

  24. CamperGuy responds:

    ***************Stinks on ice****************

    I think the real clues here are the Santa hat, pink baseball cap, over the top projection of homophobia and giggling while making a point to talk about testicles. No girls around. Let’s see it’s a great night with a deck and instead of having girls over let’s dress in a pink cap and a flaming red Santa hat and set something on fire………Hello!
    In my opinion this is nothing more than a “coming out” party for guys who are not very articulate.This is a scream for help. They are simply afraid. Isn’t there a GLBT intervention team in Atlanta who would be willing to help?

    “profanity, insults, homophobia, and book & effigy burnings”

    Profanity…….Shows a lack of respect for the sensibilities of others, shows disrespect for the parents who presumably have tried to teach their children and failed. Refuge of the inarticulate whose language express base feelings without the logical reasoning required of higher thought. Users of profanity only show their own shortcomings to the rest of polite society.

    Insults……. schoolyard bullying tactic. The intention is to be verbally abusive to intimidate so as to have ones way and silence opposition. The use of the insulting tactic uncerscores the position of the user as indefensable since the insulter would use logic and facts to express a viewpoint making a much stronger case were that avenue open to him.

    Homophobia…… It is considered fear driven. It is often said the more homophobic one is the more one is afraid of their own orientation. If you want to wear a furry flaming red Santa hat and dance with elves it’s ok. This is a free country and you just dance your little heart out.

    Book burnings…….. Oh, my! I do not think comparison to Nazi book burnings is inaccurate. The reasons are the same. This is an expression of hatred and dismissal of opposing voices driven by a fear that if they aren’t eliminated they will be heard and believed which undermines the view point of the book burner. It is control of ideas through elimination of opposing view points. Dangerous in the extreme.
    It is frightening to think a miltary man and a police officer would even consider such an act. Freedom of speech and exchange of ideas without oversight is what truly makes a free society.
    Burning in effigy…..Another expression of hate.Why the hate guys? I suspect the answer is credibility envy and simple jealousy.What say you?

    These just my opinions and though in opposition to BFT I wish them well and that they find appropriate support group(s) to help them.

    One last thing……the “air quotations” is like sooooooo 80’s. Just stop that. It’s annoying.

  25. rayval responds:

    If you look at Whitton’s eyes you can see that they are pinned out. Dilated! It is clear to me that this is what is going on. Whitton is out of work due to an injury in the line of duty, he’s home, he’s starting to get bored and he’s doubling up on the painkillers. His idiot friend Ric Dyer (made up name) has no job so he hangs out with loser number one all day long. He worships Whitton. It’s obvious that all they have is each other. They have no other friends and its not hard to see why.

    Now I have only been to Georgia once, not really a visit but a cross over flight. I got the impression that it is a very clean place and the few people that I encountered were pleasant. After seeing this garbage on youtube I am asking myself if this is the real mentality of its residence. Whitton is a police officer and one we are suppose to respect and look up to. His Supervisors see nothing wrong in what he is doing. So it’s clear that the law in Atlanta does what ever it wants and the people that are hired to serve and to protect are no different then the drunkest guy at the bar who’s looking for a fight. With that in mind I am assuming that a certain level of maturity is needed in order to do the job correct. Making gay jokes and imitating a very dated Beavis and Butthead skit leaves new questions to be asked. Is Officer Whitton competent enough to enforce the law? What would he do in a situation where he was dealing with an obvious gay person? Would he make jokes at someone’s expense? Would he act in a prejudiced manner?

    I am a straight male from NYC, and all the behaviors that these jerks are expressing are pretty much a thing of the past around here. I am not a liberal and I don’t march for Civil Rights, but I mean “Come on, get with it”. So I ask “Why are they so behind in the times”. Beavis and Butthead hasn’t been cool in 10 years. What’s next with these hipsters, are they going to make the bear speak like Andrew Dice Clay? Wasn’t that bad song “hang tuff” by NKOTB playing in one of those videos ? What gives? Is Ric Dyer going to lend the Sasquatch his parachute pants and his Members Only jacket while they play Atari together? What’s the fascination with Knightrider? It was painful to watch when it was originally on so why relive it?

    Back to ethics and credibility. I hope someone sent this latest video to the Internal Affairs. Don’t let these creeps get away with what they are doing. In today’s day and age,sexual preference and lifestyle is a very sensitive topic. A topic which many people would rather not address. It is funny how the whole world understands this except for Bigfoot

  26. loyalfromlondon responds:

    All that aside, Beavis and Butt-head stopped being remotely funny around 1996.

  27. Rangoon responds:

    Originally I had used the term moron to describe these “gents” however I now realize I was wrong.

    These dudes are the grand masters of morondom! They are morons that imitate Beavis and Butthead in adult life?!

    They are morons that learned videography while watching wrestling on TV! If they had ten bigfoot bodies that wouldn’t convert them into average idiots they would still be masterfully stupid.

  28. cryptidsrus responds:

    The thing made little effect on me. I will say this, though…

    We must all join together in stamping out the curse that is ruining our families, country, and lives. The curse—of excessive crack cocaine use. Seriously, folks. Cocaine, whether in crack form or the more expensive powdered form, can cause unimaginable, irreversible damage to the human brain. Can cause, illogical, agrressive, dork behavior.

    So let us take a solemn vow to eradicate this evil from our lives and society.

    Now seriously…

    I don’t quite see the connection you make to the Nazis, Loren. The Nazis were in control of an entire country. Hitler was democratically elected(unfortunately). There is no way in Hades these guys could ever even hope in their most realistic of dreams to even achieve the national exposure and power that the Blackshirts did.

    And to be brutally honest, the Nazis were more “lucid” and “better” communicators than these folks were. Sad, to say, but it is true. Heck, they even dressed better than them. Even Beavis and Butthead had more intelligence than these turkeys. Hitler, evil monster he was, was a spellbinding speaker—these amateurs’s spiel was just a bunch of babbling and ad hominem outbursts.

    Just guys looking for attention, nothing more, nothing less. Don’t give it to them, Loren. Somebody’s gotten tired of getting “acquainted” with their left hand…:) :) :)

  29. cryptidsrus responds:

    Just in case, I meant them, not you, Loren…:)

  30. ShefZ28 responds:


    All of this for a hoax? Are they mad at books because they cannot read?

  31. HulkSmashNow responds:

    I really wish Mr. Coleman wouldn’t give these jerks this kind of forum to spout their ignorant crap. These guys don’t deserve this kind of attention.

    If they have a Bigfoot carcass, I can only hope that he isn’t dead, wakes up, and uses Mr. Coleman’s book to beat them senseless in a “Jack’s Links” kind of way.

  32. mrdark responds:

    I don’t disagree with you in spirit, Loren, but you’ve wandered into Godwin’s Law territory. Would have been just as easy to illustrate the malicious and stupid content without dipping into the N-bomb.

  33. Lightning Orb responds:

    God forbid

  34. Artist responds:


    Let’s turn away from such energy-vampires~

  35. Kainan responds:

    WOW! These boys sure talk a lot about bigfoot being gay. You know what they say about those that protest too much. It’s OK with me though…I think the big one is kinda cute… got a purdy mouth! Squeeeeeeeeek!

  36. Scarfe responds:

    Wow…that just goes on and on doesn’t it?

    It is obvious that these guys don’t have a body; I don’t think they’re smart enough to know what to do if they did.

    As for the Nazi parallel, I think that’s going a bit too far. When you compare anything that wasn’t the Nazis to the Nazis, you marginalize and dilute the very important and very specific historical, cultural, economic, and religious contexts that allowed the Nazis to exist as a historical organization/government. The Nazis were a very specific manifestation of ignorance and violence. You give these yokels far too much credit.

  37. wigginz responds:

    I dunno, who would pull off all this stuff just to be exposed as a hoax? Hate to say it but the seem awfully confident that they have something.

  38. vampchick21 responds:

    Perhaps it’s time that this particular video is brought to the attention of the Clayton County Police Department. I’m quite positive that the behaviour displayed in this little gem is to be frowned upon.

    Someone should send the link.

  39. RastaLife32 responds:

    alright so these guys are annoying, but can we not compare them to hitler just yet haha

  40. MJpacker responds:

    Wow. It’s so painful. I could not finish listining to their interview on Sasquatch detective. And now this. It seems when profit is involved at at some level then all civility goes out the window. Yes there is a big profit to be made for someone, but history is very harsh on those that look for that 15 mins. of fame. When you bang around on a hornets nest and protest you got stung, then you get what you deserve. I afraid someones getting a big laugh right now, with all this attention even if it leads to nothing. Come Sept. 1 I’ll bet the web sight is closed down.

  41. Sparky1959 responds:

    I didn’t watch the video. I had enough of these guys days ago. They don’t have anything. The only reason anyone continues to pay any attention to them is just in case they might have a body. They don’t. Their local officials are the only ones who should be paying any attention to them with an interest towards revoking law enforcement credentials. The rest of us should just ignore them now. I will go on record here as predicting they never had a bigfoot body. They have nothing to keep any of us looking at them or waiting to hear what they have to say next. Loren, please ignore them. Don’t post anything else about them. They don’t have the scoop of the century. You won’t miss out on anything by shunning them.

  42. Shelley responds:

    Loren, Banned Book Week is celebrated by libraries around the country, and I will make sure that your book is included in the honorable list of titles that were attacked this year. It’s quite an honor to be actually burned; most of the time it’s just being withdrawn from the shelf! When someone makes such an extreme effort to destroy information, that work must indeed contain some very valuable and essential truths!

  43. gavinf responds:

    I…uh….wow. Well, that was interesting.

    Burning your book Mr Coleman only draws attention to it’s contents. I’m sorry it has been so upsetting to you. But, individuals that come across these awe-inspiring youtube videos might actually look for your book and read it.

    Honestly, I don’t think you should lose sleep over it. I realize that’s easy for me to say. They aren’t attacking me. You have faced many difficulties this year. I think I speak for most, if not all on this site, that we are ready to defend your good name just as readily as we are to critique their claims.

    As to their claims, I’d have to shoot my own video just to point out all their inconsistencies.

    Probably my favorites are: ‘We don’t need your help in studying Bigfoot. We have one in our freezer.’ Now, according to what I’ve read previous to this, this Bigfoot is 8′-8″ and 600 pounds. Impressive. On this video, however, they claim he/she is bigger than (3) silverbacks. What, a silverback chimp? Certainly not a silverback gorilla.

    It gets funnier: ‘Quit calling and asking to see our Bigfoot. If you have your own show it to us.’ Pretty much self-explanatory. We don’t have a Bigfoot.

    Finally: ‘We appreciate reports of sightings, especially near us so we can investigate.’ You mean BigfootTrackers only track Bigfoot if he’s close by? They really are the best!

  44. dabode responds:

    You know what??? I just don’t care about these to fools and their childrens games any longer, I watched 2m of this video and thats it I don’t want to hear or see any more from them.
    Maybe you are right about posting this Loren and I have a friend in a infamous bike club who did the ‘nam thing, also named Loren and at 280lbs he’d love to discuss whether Loren is a girls name with both of them.
    Back to the subject…they’re very young little boys, they’re not trackers, they’re not researchers (somebody else shot it and they found it several days later…luck of the draw), I doubt their professions (it’s my opinion, giving these guys mentality, he probably was shaking so bad at being confronted by a real criminal that he shot himself in the hand fumbling for his gun.)
    At this post, 36 comments, thats what its about for these kids pressing a nerve.
    This subject is closed far as I’m concerned, there’s piles of good stuff on this site without reading about these two morons.
    If all this is true then I’ll pay attention when the real researchers and scientists get involved, I’ve heard enough from these f***tards.
    I really feel sorry for their families.

  45. dobher-chu responds:

    i was just on the Clayton county website and had a good laugh at this part :

    With over 75 years of service as a county police force, we are proud of our reputation as a progressive police department and demand the best of all of our employees.

  46. wanderingman responds:

    Someone should send a link to this video and their other ones to the public relations department at Clayton County.

  47. RHFay responds:

    Considering the fact that one of the person’s involved is a police officer, this behaviour isn’t only pathetic, it’s truly alarming.

  48. wanderingman responds:

    I just reported this to the chief of police of his department, and his assistant. Feel free to file your own complaint:

  49. helgarde responds:

    This matter has descended into total surreality.

    I’d doubt that these guys even existed and were staging this hoax/viral marketing attempt/legitimate, but foolishly done publicity for a legitimate find/tomfoolery except that I grew up in the South, among many such folks who just didn’t know when enough was enough.

    I still cannot discern a motive, really, for any of this, but I do know one thing–I haven’t watched but one of their youtube offerings and I am not watching anymore. Whatever it is these guys are selling–I am not buying.

    Loren–chin up. Don’t let these silly antics get to you.

  50. Richard888 responds:

    Besides the obvious, that their behavior is very uncool, I also find it rather puzzling. Here’s why.

    They are expressing the level of anger one would expect of people who has been unjustly rejected by their community (in this case, the BF community.)

    A conscious liar can’t feel rage about unjust rejection because he has already committed injustice (the lying.) So I wonder if they perceive themselves as innocent men because they have something in the freezer…

  51. MJpacker responds:

    Loren…you keep holding everyone who makes a claim accountable. In time this will seperate the wheat from the chaff. This is the best web sight. A loyal reader and searcher of truth for two years.

  52. B_Ferguson responds:

    A question… They repeatedly claim that they are the best trackers in the world, but didn’t they accidentally stumble on the corpse that someone else killed? What exactly makes that “the best” rather than “the luckiest”?

    Ah well.

    ~ Ben

  53. boxerpit responds:

    wow sorry but these guys dont know nothing
    and if they do have a body
    it will be a hoaxed 1
    see you’re one if not the best cryptozoologist in the world
    i have beem a fan of this site for almost 2 years
    then i met you in dec of 2007
    you rock this site rocks and those idiots from georgia don’t count

  54. Fausta responds:

    Little boys who forgot to grow up!

    The best thing to do is just ignore them. If people would stop calling and their videos received less and less hits they would either have to come up with the goods or crawl back under what ever rock they came from.

  55. NightFlight responds:

    September 1st we will find out that officer Beavis has skipped the country with his lover Butthead when he receives his settlement from workman’s comp on August 31. In the video it looks like they are packing and the ‘fridge is empty. (and one less book and stuffed animal to carry)
    Really, being ex law enforcement, I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated watching this video. Loren, believe me, real law enforcement officers aren’t like this.

  56. CamperGuy responds:

    wanderingman :

    Thanks so much for the link. I’ll lt you know if I get a response.

  57. swnoel responds:

    Those guys are funny!!

    Unfortunately all the reactions, to their actions, is the fuel they need to keep it going.

    I hope they do have a BF body… it would be an interesting discovery.

    As far as these expeditions being offered by some , as long as they don’t guarentee a sighting and you choose to cough up your hard earned money, have fun, but don’t expect to see the big guy.

    Loren, let them know that the more of your books they burn, the madder you get 😉 if you know what I mean.

    You may even want to let them know those books can be purchased in bulk directly from you!

    Lighten up, don’t let their antics get to you.

  58. O. Stanton responds:

    I am so sick and *tired* of this nonsense! Why don’t these testosterone-filled kids go get a girlfriend a job ANYTHING to keep them from making these anti-gay, anti ANYTHING that they don’t even consider thinking about? Seriously, this is the kind of behaviour that screws everything up.

  59. mystery_man responds:

    I am interested in cryptozoology as a scientific pursuit and in fact I myself am a scientist. The behavior of these guys from Georgia has gone so far askew of what cryptozoology is all about for that it sickens me. If I wanted drama like this, I’d go pick up a tabloid at the supermarket check-in counter. I feel sympathy for Loren, who in the midst of his serious and scientific pursuit of cryptozoology must deal with clowns like this. These gentlemen have no business in this field. I say to them, show us what you’ve got, prove us all wrong if you can, but until then just stop wasting our time. None of this hate, profanity, and ire has any place in what I see as a legitimate field of zoology.

    Camperguy, you are right, this really does stink on ice. The stench is absolutely fetid.

  60. Sutter B responds:

    This is a website for the Georgia Wildlife Resource Division. You will see that there is a hotline number to turn in poachers.

    Here it is: 1-800-241-4113

    You can call it 7 days a week 24 hrs per day

    I don’t know much about this subject, but these guys claim that they are in possession of either a poached animal or a human being and that is a crime.

  61. Buzzard responds:

    Wow, are we sure this police officer didn’t accidentally shoot himself? I think there needs to be an investigation into that.

  62. hudgeliberal responds:

    This is my last(hopefully anyway)comment on these frauds because they have already stated that they want attention and want to be “hated” because it sells t-shirts..brilliant marketing there rednecks. Anyway,you just know that the police department where this moron works is really proud of him playing with teddy bears,doing a poor imitation of Beavis and Butthead(which they both seem to have about the same intelligence as the cartoon duo)and making homophobic statements. Oh well..what do you expect from a good old boy police officer? I say we all totally ignore these idiots and get back to real business. They have NO is a revenge plot against a fellow bigfoot enthusiast that they have a personal beef with…plain and simple.

  63. aguilar5_9 responds:

    Loren don’t give these guys anymore publicity by posting more of their stuff on your webpage! If they really had a BF body why would they wait till Sept 1st, I mean it doesn’t make any sense what do they gain by waiting! I think they’re full of it!

  64. joppa responds:

    Tick tick tick …. That fifteen minutes of fame is fastly fading for our Georgia Boys. Well, lets extended it some by promising to deliver on September 1. Nah, I wouldn’t believe anything these guys could produce, even the real deal.

  65. PhotoExpert responds:

    15, 14, 13, …..3, 2, 1 Well, that is your 15 minutes of fame running out!

    Yes, agreed, they are juvenile. The video accurately portrays who they are. A picture speaks volumes and a video does even more than that.

    Actually, I would like to respond to them and take them seriously for a minute or two. I have not done that in the past. But let me try that angle. Let me also put it in words they use and can understand. “Ya’ll think you are purty good poker players, dontcha?”

    Well, if you really were, you would have folded that losing hand you are holding already. But since you still have a minute on your fading 15 minutes of fame, and are apparently not the brightest bulbs on that tree, let’s play out the hand, shall we! K?

    You said you don’t care who we contact, correct? OK, I’ll call your bluff and raise you. For you poker players still seated at the table, let’s do as other posters suggest and contact the people that were listed in those posts. I know I am still all in! So at your suggestion, officer, I will click on those links and provide proof of your unbecoming conduct and your statements that you have a body in a freezer. With all your homophobic tendencies, I would like to know how you passed the psychological part of the police test or civil service exam. We just called your bluff! Hope y’all like the resulting attention. LOL

    Now let’s get away from poker for a minute while the pot is counted. Let’s analyze this bit of footage you have provided and psychoanalyze what you are really about.

    It appears as if one of you has a definite obsession with fire. Seems to be a bit a pyromania in your gene pool as well as stupidity. Pouring a flammable liquid onto a burning book–portrays your true inner genius. If that container had only exploded, I would have been laughing my head off. I would not want any real harm to come to anybody, but if it had exploded, that would make for good video. I would be laughing at you as well as with you. Maybe that did happen and this was take two. LOL

    Throughout your video, you appear to make many homophobic references. Usually when this occurs, someone has something to hide or they are still in denial and stay in the closet. You make reference to Loren being a girl’s name. I guess the best defense is a good offense. You say, “Show us your bodies”. I am curious, since you do not have a BF body to show us, did you mean “our nude bodies”. Because that is what it sounded like, a request from two dudes, to have males send them nude photos of their bodies. I think we are getting a better picture of who you both really are and what you are about. Wouldn’t it be easier to get dates if you both just fessed up and came out of the closet? That would be better than beating around the bush or whatever you are beating around, in making gay references in your video. Just come clean! Admit your sexual preference. It does not matter to me, but as a heterosexual male, I feel for anyone that does not have a significant other. Maybe you two have each other and that is all you need. If so, God Bless you two! If you are both looking for dates with the same sex, why stop dropping clues and just ask if there are any single men out there? C’mon, you know who you are and what makes you tick. And now we are all seeing a part of your hidden lives.

    I do understand your frustration though. I understand how hard it must be to get a date of the same sex in Georgia, especially with a messed up arm. I guess that cuts the dating pool in half. You know what I mean? You did injure your arm in apprehending a felon. Could you clarify the backstory on that? I heard that the felon took your gun away from you and it discharged in the ensuing scuffle? Is that correct? If so, I will pray for your speedy recovery. Just a hint, don’t use that injured arm, use your other hand, I mean arm, on your next date.

    My apologies for getting to this late, I was actually out on a date with a breathing female of our species, while you two boys were having your romantic barbeque together. But now that I am viewing your video, I see many other gay tendencies you exhibit in your video. My apologies in advance to any gay readers here at Cryptomundo. I KNOW these two do not truly reflect the lifestyle of the gay community. So my apologies in advance to any of my friends that happen to be gay. I am not thinking that the gay community acts like these two individuals.

    The pink Santa hat is a nice touch for advertising your sexuality. It was subtle enough to throw the hint out there that Santa is looking for a present but bold enough to do it hot July. Bravo! I am sure you will continue to get many “date” requests from willing male prospects at your site. The flip flops you have on are simply fabulous! Although, you could use some fashion coordinators from the “Queer Eye” guys to help you with you pants selection in complementing the flip flops. If you are not familiar with the show, just check your TIVO for suggested shows to watch. I am sure TIVO figured out what you like by now.

    Maybe you can get a cameo with the guys from “Queer Eye” and get another 15 minutes of fame since you are down to your last minute with this HOAX. I wish you luck there too. What struck me noticeably is that you two are always together. So as a fan, I was wondering, do you both live together in that trailer, I mean, domicile? If so, what is the status of holy unions or gay marriage in the state of Georgia? Perhaps you could consult your lawyer on that as well. There might be a tax advantage to you both coming out. I applaud your bravery in giving us hints to your sexual orientation in this video. I think that really showed us all, your true bravado and nature. I only hope that your exploits and previous antics have not hurt the gay community in any way. I understand why you have tried to act macho or arrogant in the past. I get it now! You did not want any one tracking down your true orientation. I can only imagine how difficult that would make your lives in Georgia with some real rednecks. I was going to ask on a previous video if you feminine lisp was fake, but now I know, it was really your voice in all the videos and not just another hoax from you.

    Again, as a nonjudgmental heterosexual male, I applaud your bravery in coming out. However, I do think you owe the heterosexual community an apology as well for your antics. Your over-the-top portrayal of a “foul mouthed, uneducated, redneck type, hoaxing, heterosexual male, did nothing to positively reflect on my demographic. But now that you are coming out and showing your true colors of that big rainbow, I understand why you had to act to belittle all males. I understand now. And to y’all, we’ll all forgive you.

    Maybe you two could show us what one of your dates with the same sex is like, on your next video. Maybe show one of you cooking the romantic dinner and give out the recipe. I would love to see that. I am sure many of your other viewers would love to see you two as well. I will apply what I learned in your video to my next date. You two are an inspiration to all, homosexual and heterosexual alike. Again, I applaud your bravery!

  66. glendoor42 responds:

    The “police officer” while he was talking to the stuffed toy monkey may have foreshadowed the way they’re going to get out of this hoax. He said they had sold the body.

    They may just say that they sold they the body to an anonymous collector and by the terms of the agreement were sworn to secrecy as to identity and didn’t know what the buyer was going to do with it, not our problem now.

    Also, if I were chief of police and I had one of my officers stating that he had a body in his freezer and he had also said that if you shaved it it would look human, I believe I would want to check that out.

  67. Exactly Squatch responds:

    That’s the most concentrated case of Werner syndrome I’ve seen… ’cause I can’t imagine anyone over the age of twenty acting like that.

  68. Spinach Village responds:

    wow, joppa you said exactly what i was thinking

    .. are the 15 minutes up yet? this video is asinine

    I’m sorry people have to endure this kind of hate

    did anybody notice the price tag still on the van buren puppet?

    these guys are burning bridges because the potential bridges are based on lies in the first place…

  69. bill green responds:

    i listened to tom biscardi interview these 2 ga guys last night on this blogtalkradio show they revealed more about the possible sasquatch body & they were still talking about the community etc. it was a very suspenseful entertaining interview. what i hated about the interview how the ga guys kept on stalling with certain info. so i guess we wait until sept. 1 whether this body is real or not illegal or legal of what the ga guys are doing the bigfoot/sasquatch community as a whole. thanks bill green

  70. SCREEN7 responds:

    This reminds me of Oscar Wilde’s advice: Better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

  71. Demian66 responds:

    This is bad taste if you would consider these guys are 18-20 years old. This is really dangerous if you consider these guys are between 28 and 32 years old.

    All the videos before that were often trash, but still fun. This is really too much.

    HOWEVER – the bigfoot community must make up their minds on the 1st of September. I am more and more convinced these guys are making history – will we be grateful to them because they “solved” (although by accident) one of the greatest mysteries on this planet? Or are we ashamed that of all things guys like this achieved what nobody else before has done – neither in the US/Canada nor in other “bigfoot hotspots” like the Caucasus, the Altai, Indonesia or the Himalayas.

    This will be the basic questions for you to answer for yourself. Because it becomes more and more apparent in my opinion: sorry to say, folks, but this is no hoax or a joke or just the result of too much alcohol, drugs or incest – or whatever I have read from you in the last couple of weeks. Let me tell you one thing: They would not act like this if they would not know that they will have the last laugh. Again, be warned.

  72. nzcryptozoologist responds:

    Well regreatably the initial hype is dying down so these guys have got to do something to keep this in the crypto-public eye looks like they are succeeding.
    Loren dont take it personally they knew by plugging at you they would ride on the back of the public following you have and keep this in the forefront of the cryptozoological community.
    Regretably you and Mr Moneymaker were the best way to do that obviously.

  73. hudgeliberal responds:

    I cannot believe that some of you are buying into the story of these guys. I said I was through commenting on this but after listening to them on Bigfoot live..the Tom They seem to have teamed up with Biscardi and if you ever doubted that this was a publicity stunt,then that should tell ya. Now Biscardi is going to join in on the fiasco(not that he seeks attention or anything)and whatever credibility he had with the REAL bigfoot community it is sadly going to go by the wayside now. I now wonder if this wasnt a Biscardi plan all alone. Who knows? I think it is gone past being interesting,amusing or fun. I dont know what they all hope to accomplish but I GUARANTEE ya that there will be no BODY at all. Listen people,if this were true,the scientific community would be all over this and it doesnt take 40+ days to work out the legal aspects. This will drag on with a blurry picture one week,then another the next week,then a hair that one of the searching for Bigfoot team will declare is of unknown origin and then they will plan a Bigfoot Tracker/Searching for Bigfoot team co-op expedition that will “catch a live bigfoot” and for a small fee you can be a part of history…LMFAO. If it wasnt so sad and so harmful to the serious would be funny. They really need to quit trashing Loren as well..this is nothing more than grade school BS. Boy oh boy….yet another sad,sad story in the bigfoot world.

  74. lyndonnobles responds:

    To the videos makers:

    wow. im not so offended by the book burning and homophobic references as I am by the simply uninspired attempts at humor.

    c’mon guys,.. if you’re gonna try to be obnoxious and insulting, at least use some wit. you practicaly mailed it in.

    oh yeah,.. that poor performance of “fireman” by George Strait was just insulting to country music fans everywhere. im sure it gets all the toothless girls panting for ya, but you should think twice before posting on the internet.

    weak. go play with your puppet and try to strain your few remaining alcohol soaked brain cells for a better way to waste time.

  75. Al responds:

    Although I have been silent for sometime, I have been watching the BF research community, or at least the wannabe community from the sidelines.
    I must agree with Loren on this. Obviously, this is symptomatic of a much larger problem in American society right now. Extremism, in any form, is dangerous and enhances the volatility in our world today.
    This type of behavior does closely resemble that of the Nazi’s in the 1930’s.
    It makes absolutely no difference if it is political in nature, religious in nature, or scientific in nature. This behavior will seep accross the boundaries of any particular discipline and invade others.
    I never thought that I would see these things come to pass in my lifetime.

  76. hudgeliberal responds:

    One more thing. A great point was made by someone earlier in the comments..what will prevent these guys from saying that they have sold this to a “private collector” and signed confidentiality agreements? I think the end will be something similar to that. They will string it out as long as possible and ole Tom and the Georgia boys will get a few thousand out of the naive people out there but in the end..something “will happen” to the body. They have already made a remark that if the stalking didnt quit the body could just vanish. Yeah,it is starting to become clear how this will play out. Old Tom was quick to jump to their defense and,sadly enough,Steve Kulls also called in “wishing them the best and telling Matt that he hoped his arm was ok or something along those lines”. Cmon guys. These guys rip the Patterson film as well. Something just isnt right and then you have Biscardi planning a bluff creek expedition and advertising the biggest liar of them all…Bob Heironimus. Havent we had enough of Bob and his ever changing story??? Wow,I always wanted the search for Bigfoot to get more publicity and such just not like this. Sigh………

  77. Demian66 responds:

    Just a remark on the commentators who mention a possible (likely?) “Biscardi connection”. Sure, this could be a realistic scenario – with all the possible future developments to come like the disappearance of the body into a “private collection”.
    I do not really want to rule this out.
    I have to stress, however, that, after listening to parts of the Squatchdetective radio show hosted by Steve Kulls, I understood (being German I have to admit that I had difficulties to understand every detail) that three experts, including the show´s host, were invited to take a look at the body BEFORE 1st of September. If this really comes true, I see no basis for a fraud – if the only expert would be Biscardi of course…;-)
    So, let´s be optimistic and hope such an inspection will really take place – with all three experts being present.

  78. vampchick21 responds:

    Sorry man, but after seeing the standard behaviour of these two, they don’t have anything in their freezer that isn’t in mine.

    And I don’t have a Bigfoot body in my freezer.

    They never did. Period.

  79. davidk responds:

    A perspective from Oz. We have bogans (look it up on Wikipedia, sometime URL links fail in blog replies so I’ve not posted it) here too. They are the same, sad, unfortunate, barely literate, homophobic, badly dressed and horrificly slurred in pronounciation the world over it would seem. +1 Loren for publishing this, personally I’m looking forward to these guys falling down as they ultimately must. More likely than not with a string of charges and warrants “tracking” them.

  80. comncents responds:

    As mentioned above, they have already set up their “out”. The “buyer” will demand no photos or other evidence be given out by them or no 10 mil. Of course if you check on the guys 3 months later they will still be living in a trailer on their “mama’s place”.

    If your 10ft freezer is worth more than your house…you might be a bigfoot tracker

    Don’t count on Sept 1 for anything other than more of what we’ve already seen

    From here on – NO COMMENT

    From here on out – NO COMMENT

  81. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    I’m originally from Georgia. I lived there for most of my life. The actions of these numbskulls reminds me exactly why I moved away ten years ago. Sure, not all Georgians are this bad, but these cretins represent the worst of the redneck mindset that can be found there.

    Loren’s comparing the actions of these idiots to those of the Nazis is not too far off the mark, in my honest opinion. I’m sure that at the time of the Nazi book burnings, there were quite a few people who dismissed those actions as being merely incidental.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant, i.e., let the whole world see what these jerks are really all about.

    Bravo to you, Loren.

  82. subrosa responds:

    Taking the devils advocate point of view, they have successfully:

    Attracted attention to themselves
    Brought more traffic to THIS SITE
    Brought more attention to Loren’s Books!

    Throwing in a few words like Jews, nazi’s, rednecks, bigfoot book-burning certainly won’t attract attention either?

    This video should never have been posted here.

  83. TimmyRyan65 responds:

    Has anyone sent the links to these clown’s videos to the local GA Media?

    Let the good citizen’s of Atlanta, GA know exactly are out there “protecting and serving” their community!

  84. greatanarch responds:

    Hardly the Third Reich, just a couple of jerks clowning around.

    ‘The eagle suffers little birds to sing, and is not mindful what they mean thereby.’

  85. bfjunkie responds:

    What a shame, that these two bozo’s actually believe they will go down in history as discovering bigfoot. Fools. And this is one of Georgia’s finest? I’ll never enter the state again for fear of the states law enforcement employment requirement standards!

    The scientific community isn’t going to allow these two trailer trash idiot yahoo’s to be written up in the annals of history as the “best bigfoot trackers in the world”. It’s sad really, that they are ruining the rest of their lives with this behavior. Their arrogance leads me to believe they really DO have this body. I was hoping it would happen differently. Lets hope it ends up in the hands of those much more worthy of it’s “discovery”. What a shame.

  86. navarro77 responds:

    I really hope these morons didn’t find a bigfoot…it would be a shame for the world’s greatest find to go to a bunch of homophobic, delinquent, jerks who probably couldn’t even read or understand Loren’s book! If that guy is a cop his badge should be taken from him! If these fools DO have a body (which I”m pretty sure they DON’T or they would’ve capitialized on it by now), then the world and all of us are in for a real shock in September! My personal feeling is that they are just trying to sell more t-shirts for their pathetic buisness…well see I guess?!

  87. Dib responds:

    What a pathetic waste of protoplasm.

    It occurred to me, however, that these bozos might be behaving this way (burning their bridges, among other things) because they actually have something. Like the guy who just won the lottery flipping off his boss.

    Or, maybe they just think they do. It wouldn’t surprise me if these two nimrods found the half-decomposed carcass of a bear and think they have the real thing.

  88. MercuryCrest responds:

    Someone brought up a point about them allowing 3 researchers to examine the corpse before Sept. 1. Now they are attempting to discredit Mr. Coleman here.

    This very well could be a ploy; of all of the bigfoot researchers, of all of the well-known cryptozoologists, who could possibly be more qualified to give their opinion on whatever body these two yokels might posses? Who would be less likely to be taken in by a fake? I dare say Loren would be, but what’s this? They’ve denounced his work? They don’t like him? Well, then of course he won’t be one of the 3 people called in to examine the body!

    I’ll bet the 3 “experts” that get called in to view the corpse before Sept.1 will be names none of us have ever heard of from some prestigious university or another; with a little followup, I’ll bet they’ll turn out not to even exist, but their quotes will.

    Oh, yeah, then the body will disappear into the arms of a “private collector”.

    After that, the furor will die down and when people actually do research on these 3 supposed experts/scientists/whatever and find out they were faked, everyone else will say,”Yeah, I could’ve told you that,” and these two will be distanced enough from all the hoopla that they’ll no longer catch hell for the hoax.

  89. klove0802 responds:

    Well….I thought I had seen the stupidest video online before, but, I was wrong.

    Unfortunately, sometimes the loudest and stupidest gets the most attention. The buttheads are then lumped in with the true researchers, making everyone a quack by association.

    Loren you have my sympathies for being a target of these idiots, and, in a way, it is also an insult to anyone who researches Bigfoot/Sasquatch information, because now we have to comment on the backwards idiots in our midst and reassure the mainstream that we are not all wack jobs!!!


  90. roarkLAUGHED responds:

    Maybe the most disturbing part is this:

    They have a small assortment of stuffed animals, so the possibility exists that at least one of these inbreds has spawned.

  91. Munnin responds:

    “It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    Samuel Clemens A.K.A. Mark Twain

  92. vincenth responds:

    Thank God, I feel so much better now I know that Tom Biscardi is on his way to save the day. Now we will find out if it is fraud or not! :) Tom sure knows about frauds. If these idiots do have a body they sure picked a “credible” guy to let the world know. Or….maybe… thats why they picked him to view it in the first place. If I wanted someone to truly verify a body if I “found” a bigfoot , who would I call? Well, the first would be Dr Meldrum. That’s why I think these guys are full of it and maybe Biscardi will go along with the “plan”. Just my personal opinion.

  93. mintoreo96 responds:

    Unfortunately I can’t see the video. But I checked out their website and was not impressed. The music was cheezy, as well as the cute little “beeps” it made when you selected the different pages. Plus tons of stuff was spelled wrong. Too bad you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression.

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