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New Outrage of the Bigfoot Hoax

Posted by: Loren Coleman on October 19th, 2008

Chief Jeff Turner with the Clayton County Police Department said he didn’t find it funny. Turner fired Whitton from the Clayton County Police Department. “He lied on national TV so a defense attorney now could say, ‘How do we know you’re not lying now?'” said Turner.WBS-TV – Atlanta.

Matt Whitton (l) and Rick Dyer (r), the two guys behind the Georgia Bigfoot hoax, are at it again!

However, this time, these two gentlemen’s continued inability to live in a world of any reality is frankly appalling.

I have attempted to ignore their new appearances, sideshow tent shows, and silly attacks on me and others on their “new” website since August. Yes, as news, I reported on the sale of the costume and freezer on eBay, which had little to do with them, but added a reference to what has been claimed about who they are and mentioned their reported checkered past, with citations and history, within the context of the new attention to the tired old story.

It appears Dyer, according to one source, may have used allegedly illegal law enforcement sources and gotten his wires crossed in discovering material in old records. Certainly, what claims are being made online by Dyer (and by extension Whitton) have nothing to do with me, although what they are doing is placing materials out there to besmear me.

Sometimes, outrageous claims must be met head-on, as they are so stupid, nasty, and dumb as to be potentially harmful if left unanswered. Thanks to bigfootpolice, I have been alerted to an incredible piece of visual junk from these jerks.

The following videotape playing on YouTube makes a direct video allusion to charges against “me” in Mexico:

With two well-known and recognizable photographs of me, the following text is placed on the screen over my images (all spelling, caps, and double quotation marks have been retained):

All alleged accusations come from good credible sources.

Loren Colemen


Did you know that in 1988 Mr. Colmen was accused of Aggravated child Molestation in Mexico City.



Although I object to wasting my time in this fashion, my direct response to this outrage follows:

1. I’ve never been charged, of course, with any kind of “aggravated child molestation” charges, or any other kind of child endangerment, child abuse, or child neglect charges. To even allude to such is outrageous, even if done so by two known liars.

2. I have most definitely been involved in bringing charges against people who have been child abusers and molesters, as I have a long career in human services, child protection, and juvenile justice. I have testified in court proceedings against offenders, in child protection cases where I was an investigating party on behalf of the child endangered. My work is a matter of public record in Illinois, California, Massachusetts, and Maine.

3. I have never been to Mexico City or Matamoros, Mexico. I was not in Mexico in 1988 or 1991, as the US government knows. I have not even been close to Mexico City, or anywhere near Matamoros, formally Heroic Matamoros, or the Mexican state of Tamaulipas, where Matamoros is located. My one investigative trip to Mexico was in February 1985, to the Yucatan and Cozumel to learn more about the folklore and sightings of the alux, of which I wrote about in Curious Encounters (Faber and Faber, 1985). I traveled there with my wife-at-the-time and another couple, coincidentally, all of whom work in the psychiatric/child welfare field.

4. While photographs of me are on screen in their new YouTube creation, Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton are using spellings of “Loren Colemen” and “Colmen” over those images – please note – and thus not with the proper spelling of my actual name, Loren Coleman. Perhaps Dyer/Whitton think such “typos” give them some protection in libel suits? This is not funny and it is not a parody. This is defamation of character.

5. Dyer/Whitton use “alleged” in this hostile piece posted on YouTube, and yet the despicable depths of this work is apparent immediately.

Considering part of my consulting work has been and is based on my prevention and investigation of child molestation, teen suicides, and other child welfare matters, I find what these two are trying to do to insult my reputation to be even more damaging and dangerous than their past acts of Bigfoot hoaxing.

The dark nature of Rick Dyer and Matt Whitton, which has poisoned serious Bigfoot research, unfortunately, now lives on in their demeaning libelous attacks against people, and even in their foolish website attempts to “not recommend” the buying of my book.

As I have said before, the fact these two are telling people to not buy Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America is something I will wear as a badge of honor.

The men confessed to Channel 2 they bought a costume off the Internet and filled it with possum roadkill and slaughterhouse leftovers….

“It’s just a big hoax, a big joke,” said car salesman Rick Dyer. Dyer told Channel 2 he never intended to put it across as the real deal. “It’s Bigfoot. Bigfoot doesn’t exist,” he said.

Channel 2’s Mark Winne asked, “Did you start thinking, ‘Oops, I’m lying, this isn’t just a joke?'” Dyer said, “Well, we told 10 different stories. Everyone knew we were lying.”WBS-TV – Atlanta.

I am a calm person, but when people do something so negative and try to link my name to such terrible acts, I find this is no joke.

Loren Coleman About Loren Coleman
Loren Coleman is one of the world’s leading cryptozoologists, some say “the” leading living cryptozoologist. Certainly, he is acknowledged as the current living American researcher and writer who has most popularized cryptozoology in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. Starting his fieldwork and investigations in 1960, after traveling and trekking extensively in pursuit of cryptozoological mysteries, Coleman began writing to share his experiences in 1969. An honorary member of Ivan T. Sanderson’s Society for the Investigation of the Unexplained in the 1970s, Coleman has been bestowed with similar honorary memberships of the North Idaho College Cryptozoology Club in 1983, and in subsequent years, that of the British Columbia Scientific Cryptozoology Club, CryptoSafari International, and other international organizations. He was also a Life Member and Benefactor of the International Society of Cryptozoology (now-defunct). Loren Coleman’s daily blog, as a member of the Cryptomundo Team, served as an ongoing avenue of communication for the ever-growing body of cryptozoo news from 2005 through 2013. He returned as an infrequent contributor beginning Halloween week of 2015. Coleman is the founder in 2003, and current director of the International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine.

52 Responses to “New Outrage of the Bigfoot Hoax”

  1. flame821 responds:

    I would expect his former fellow officers are glad to be rid of a person of his character. His antics and lack of judgment could easily have led to harm of either a partner or innocent civilian.

    As for this latest video, besides being pathetic and poorly done, they accusations are ridiculous. I hope you save it as evidence as You Tube is bound to remove it in short order, they don’t like to be named as co-conspirators in lawsuits.

    And I am sure it will need to come to a lawsuit. These fellows strike me as the type who will need to learn their lessons the hard way and I fear no amount of good advice will stop them from getting ‘their revenge’ on anyone they think did them harm.

    Good luck to you, Mr. Coleman, you seem to have the patience of a saint in this matter, certainly much more than I would ever be able to manage.

  2. troutman responds:

    I haven’t seen the jerks’ website recently, nor care to. It’s unfortunate you even feel the need to respond to the allegations. Continue to take the high road, Loren.


  3. MattBille responds:

    We have cryptozoological differences, but I’ve never heard even a hint that you are anything but an upstanding citizen. I hope you can sue these clowns. Keep reporting the facts.

    Matt Bille

  4. Dragonheart responds:

    It’s sad to see junk like that being posted on youtube. That isn’t funny anymore (and never was), it’s serious. Loren, they try to destroy your reputation, but this time on a very personal level. I think at this point, I would take legal steps if I were you.
    It’s one thing to “not recommend” someone’s book, but another thing to accuse him of child molestation.
    Those guys are sick people.

  5. Andrew Minnesota responds:

    Unbelievable and to think Whitton thinks he should get his job back when he’s still prancing around with his buddy. I can’t believe these two and to attack your character in such a way is appalling. I know they don’t think fraud is a big deal but hold onto that youtube vid Loren it might come in handy if you decide to press charges.

  6. Ceroill responds:

    Loren, I admire your calmness in handling this.

  7. captiannemo responds:

    These fellas will cross the wrong person someday.

  8. HOOSIERHUNTER responds:

    I say sue them! Take whatever money they made on this miserable hoax and everything else they have and use the money for the museum. These two need to go down–bad!

  9. gkingdano responds:

    1) Why aren’t these guys already in jail? 2) I thought they “sold the dummy and freezer to someone already for $50G how can they turnaround & sell it again? 3) Even if these guys are “news” they would just disappear if you would STOP keep giving them their extra 15 minutes of spotlight. 4) The guy must be scum to think he could get his police job back after all the spotlight he put on his town and boss. Let’s just file away these losers in the file13 garbage can and get back to investigating worthwhile events.

  10. Three Elks responds:

    I should sue them just for making me listen to rap while I was watching that libel!

  11. greatqualitygoods responds:

    Sue for Defamation

  12. Billy Willard responds:


    You know I thought I had seen it all? I am at a loss for words about these two idiots, one being a sorry excuse for a police officer. I’m not usually the type of person who gets worked up over things, but these two have crossed the line way too many times. Loren, you are a man of integrity and these two freaks of nature are just trying to find more low lifes in this world to listen to their line of bull crap! My hat’s off to you for coming out and replying to these dumb, half-witted accusations. Bigfoot Trackers…they couldn’t find their way out of a 7-Eleven with all the lights on!

  13. SOCALcryptid responds:

    Loren, this is unbelievable, I truly have no words to describe how I feel about these two pranksters.
    You, I have words for. You are a child advocate in my eyes. I do know your work in this area. To attack someone like you and what you do on a professional level to protect children is ridiculous. Don’t let this get you down. You have a lot of us to stand by your side in support.
    Best, William Ballard

  14. graybear responds:

    With any luck the former cop will remain former forever.
    These accusations are criminal.
    Give ’em hell.

  15. boxerpit responds:

    I agree with the others when they say take legal actions what they said is defamation of character sue them what sick demented people they are. Take the winnings and put in to the museum, they deserve it. I think they need to get lifes, and not in cryptzoology.

  16. Mikeref22 responds:

    Loren, this is a final attempt from two bombs to bring down the Bigfoot community. This like any other clam these two make will pass. I’m on your side Loren

  17. fortgeorge responds:

    WOW! These guys are just digging in deeper…

    No way would I ever let that kind of accusation go unpunished! You should file a suit against them personally and their “company”. That kind of flagrant defamation of character can not be tolerated, period!

  18. Wolf_H responds:

    Well, Loren, it’s like this. My response to these ridiculous charges is to make my first ever donation to Cryptomundo. Nothing is sweeter than watching evil backfire when it encounters love. Instant karma.

  19. mrbf2006 responds:

    Bigfoot Trackers…they couldn’t find their way out of a 7-Eleven with all the lights on!

    LOL and so true, Billy. This is Henry, by the way. Loren, I know you and I have had our run-arounds, but this is one time where I support you whole-heartedly. You are right to respond to these idiots and give them what for. I just hope these idiots are happy with themselves. Loren, I will gladly stand up for you anytime, and know that your integrity is unimpeachable in this instance. Thanks for fighting the good fight.

  20. Lightning Orb responds:

    Another day, another clown attack. I agree, hope they’re shut up soon as possible. I thought it was just psychological stress from the shooting incident at first, but I’m starting to see something a tad more sinister here. Whitton looks particularly evil in that photo, BTW. Biscardi almost seems like a normal honest man compared with these guys. Almost. But this dastardly duo is so strange the dark spirits of Halloween shall surely get them… What’s with the clowns this year?? Clowns used to be funny I thought

  21. bigbradwolf responds:

    What an absolutely awful thing to say – the lowest slander of all, possibly. Have been reading your posts for months and thank you for doing such a wonderful job. What absolute losers. Keep up the great work and consider legal action.

  22. marcodufour responds:

    Loren we all know your reputation as an honourable man, time to sue i think.

  23. davidk responds:


    I honestly would take,at the very least, some advice on this. Hick threats are one thing, but public slander, as they are now engaged in (I don’t see how parody protection would apply to them here) are another. At least consult. If it was me I’d be looking at the very least at potential for funding your favorite crypto charity… 😉

  24. Loren Coleman responds:

    Your donation to Cryptomundo does not help me, unless you tell the person that owns Cryptomundo it is for me. I am not the owner nor administrator of Cryptomundo.

    If you wish to donate to me directly, for a legal fund or for the museum or as a pure gift that I don’t pay any taxes on at all, please send your donation or funds via PayPal to

    Lawyers who would like to donate their time, please contact me.

    Thank you.

  25. ksr responds:

    It’s truly disturbing that there are cops out there that are “protecting us, and our children”, I wouldn’t want to be pulled over on a dark lonely road by this one.

  26. PhotoExpert responds:

    Aw, how sad are these two losers? I guess they miss their 15 seconds, not minutes of fame. I guess they think they are a big deal in Georgia. To people like me, they are small fish in a small sea.

    I have called these two rednecks out from the beginning, when some people actually thought they may possess a BF body. I did that easily because I have the ability to judge people on their character after about 5 minutes of hearing them talk. They are total BS! I knew this just by looking at them initially. I called them uneducated, low life liars! And it turns out they were! That’s the great part about laws pertaining to slander and libel. Truth is the absolute defense in any libel or slander suit. I can call them like I see them. And I did. And I will continue to do so.

    Unfortunately for these two clown Wannabees, libel and slander suits are a double edged sword. What protects Loren against such outlandish claims will put them in legal jeopardy if Loren, so chooses to go after them. If I were in Loren’s shoes, I would. Those ficticious claims of child molestation are outrageous! If someone told or repeated such an outright lie about me, I would have my team of lawyers on them qiucker than a New York minute.

    These guys actually think because they had a little media attention that they are some kind of players. Their self imposed bravado allows them to believe they are something they are not. They think because maybe some semiattractive girl may talk to them, that they are ladies men. Not to down the Georgia girls that might come out to see them, but these ladies would not stand a chance in a bigger pond. They would be considered average looking ladies, in a major league Northeast city. LOL OK, Whitton, so some average podunk in Georgia came to see you outside a strip mall in your tent set up. WOW! What a player you are! NOT! And the antiquated car you drive does not impress me. How about a Lotus or BMW Z3? Maybe then I would be somewhat impressed! But your little toys are considered ordinary cars where I live. I am not impressed, nor are many others who saw that video.

    Hell, you couldn’t even get into some of the nightclubs where I live. They try to keep hillbillies out! They would not let you in just by the way you are dressed. I have nothing against Walmart, but the bouncers at the door of these nightclubs might not let you in.

    Loren, if he so chooses, and I would, could take you to court and take every last remaining dime you have. But he probably won’t do it. Loren has something you fail to possess. And you can never buy it even if you had money. It is called CHARACTER! He also possesses moral fiber. You are also lacking that Whitton. And you lack other things that Loren can beat you in leaps and bounds, namely intelligence, wisdom, morals, and a truthfulness that you would know nothing about!

    The way I see it, Loren is a highly successful author and expert in cryptozoology. You on the other hand, are a disgraced police officer, liar, wannabee player, from some podunk town in Georgia, who will never go anywhere in life because you lack all moral fiber that most possess. I can say that about a proven liar without any fear of retribution of slander or libel. See, I just said it!

    Loren, this moron just wants you to talk about him some more. Just ignore him like the Georgia gnat he is. But I would privately file libel suits against him. Any lawyer would take that case without a retainer. It is a slam dunk! A lawyer would take it on a contigency basis. There would be no out of pocket money for you to go after these two. You would be able to take the little money they have left and any future earnings. See, these morons never think things out to fruition. They proved that with the BF hoax. I even warned them publicly in posts what would happen and it did. The problem that they now have, is they have libeled your good name. What they said is untrue and you can prove it! You also have to prove that they did it with malice or malintent. You can do that also because they directed this at you personally. But you also have to prove damages to your reputation and income to get a punitive or compensatory judgement. And you can! They made it clear when they were telling people to burn or not buy your books based on the lies they were trying to perpetrate against you.

    What I would do is to go to a local attorney you have nearby. I would file a cease and desist order against them, asking them to remove anything about you that mentions your name. That will stop them in their tracks. Then I would most definitely proceed with libel and slander suits against them privately. I would ignore them publicly as not to give them any more attention. This video was an attention seeking stunt. They are definitely depressed that their 15 seconds of fame are up. No one considers them important any longer and they miss that. All they are now are redneck, lying, wannabe players in a little pond.

    And to Whitton and Dyer, that song you have in the video has lyrics that say real players will be hanging out with Frank Ski. Trust me, I know Frank Ski, and he would not be hanging out with the likes of you two! You might want to remove that song from the video. Or maybe, I will just call Frank Ski and have him post here and tell you directly and everyone else reading here that he would never hang out with two hillbilly lying losers like you! Doh! Actually, I am going to call Frank because it is insulting to him!

    So although in your little podunk minds you think you two are players, you are nothing, nothing but two dimwitted hoaxers who think you are bigger than you are! No one is going to go to your website or website, because you are nowhere near any kind of tracker. You are two yahoos that enjoy guns and have an inflated view of yourself. I don’t know how your fake egos fit into those little brains of yours.

    But being the kindly gentleman that I am, let me give you some advice. I gave you advice before and you failed to listen. You ended up with egg on your face. I called you liars as the story broke and you could not sue me because it was the truth. I called your hoax out in one second. But you continued with you lies. I warned you that you would lose your job and you did! And now I am warning you, that Loren will take that $200 or whatever you have left in your bank account. You need to remove all untrue and offending materials immediately. If you fail to do this, Loren will seek legal remedy against you. Unlike you, he is a player in a court of law. Unlike you, he is truthful and offended by your lies. A jury will also be offended by your lies. You need to do the right thing for once in your lives! Whitton and Dyer, you need to get a life! Remove those lying offensive materials or Loren will make you do it. See, a real man can make two boys like you suffer financially beyond your wildest dreams if he so chooses. So far, he chose to ignore you. He has not even barked yet. But believe me, Loren is a dog who will bite! And you two little dogs could not handle that. You would never recover from that bite.

    You failed to listen before. Take the chew out of your mouth and listen now, stop your immature jokes. They may be funny to you but they are not funny to anyone else with half a brain. You messed up with your law enforcement job, didn’t you? We even warned you. Don’t mess up with this because you will never financially recover from it. A punitive or compensatory award to Loren will have your future earnings garnished for years to come! Think about that! Just think for once!

    OK, I will get off the pulpit. I am sick of preaching to these two lying hillbilly, low life redneck, player wannabees. Good luck in your libel suit against them Loren! In fact, you need no luck, you have all the evidence that they themselves have supplied to get a judgement and monetary award against them! So go for it! Any lawyer will take this case and it will cost you nothing. It is a slam dunk. It is an automatic payday for the attorney who is lucky enough to talk with you!

    Stick these pigs!

  27. raisinsofwrath responds:


    Although we’ve had our differences in the past, I am with you all the way on this issue.

    Obviously these *cough*gentlemen*cough* are just not all there and as others have said, they need a hard lesson. They can be thankful that you are not a vengeful man. However, you have every right to defend yourself and their attempts at changing the spelling of your name and using the word alleged isn’t going to save them in a court of law. Even a bad cop wouldn’t press his luck like these two but there are good cops, bad cops and dumb cops. I think Matt Whitton qualifies in 2 out of 3.

  28. Loren Coleman responds:

    It is a fact that various cryptozoologists, Bigfoot researchers, anomalists, and even skeptics may disagree in theories and the level of reliability of certain pieces of evidence, but what is a truism is how we all respect each other’s points of view and humanity.

    Unfortunately, very, very few people I have run across in this field fall outside the pale. This unstable minority evidentially collapse from their own absurdity. The two most recent candidates to be added to this small fringe list have been fully revealed with their recent activities and outbursts.

    I look for the good in every one. It is a terrible waste of humanness to see how these two continue to behave, again and again.

  29. hudgeliberal responds:

    As someone noted earlier,they will cross the wrong person one day and I feel sorry for them when they do. It is outrageous what they have done to you Mr.Coleman. I am so mad that I can hardly type! I urge you to go after these guys tooth and nail and I am sure that the bigfoot community would gladly pitch in and help with legal fees. Its bad enough what they have done to the community and the bigfoot world but this is about as low as you can possibly go. I wish you the best Loren and just know that you have the support of the entire community behind you. I urge everyone to ignore these guys,do not even ask questions as it keeps alive their 15 minutes of fame and is allowing them to keep trying to profit off this mess. Do not mention them,visit any site or video that they promote or are in…just totally ignore them. Disgusting..utterly disgusting!

  30. hudgeliberal responds:

    I hope this is a good lesson to everyone…JOB TITLE does not make a person “respectable or credible””! Just because a person is a cop it sure as heck doesnt make them a good person or trustworthy. Remember that guys. Do not judge people by their job…that mistake is made far too often in the bigfoot community. Many great sightings are probably ignored because the person may not have a stellar work record or a “respected” job title. Treat each person with respect until you have reason to believe that they do not deserve that respect. Good luck Loren,I hope you stick it to these guys!!

  31. Buzzard responds:

    Loren, Seek legal council immediately.

  32. BunniesLair responds:

    Sue them defamation of character.
    Sue them for making profits off of publically defaming your character.
    Sue them for pain and suffering.
    Then attach a lein to any and all property they own or will ever own.

  33. size 13 responds:

    Go after them Loren,for you and everybody else.And no more publicity for them either.Just tell us when you are awarded judgement against them.
    Who’s gonna have the last laugh.

  34. DavidFullam responds:

    What the hell is wrong with these idiots? Look you two morons, you got pwned big time, shut up, suck it up, and vanish already!

  35. red_pill_junkie responds:

    Been away from the computer during the whole weekend. I think it was for the best, because this news would have upset all Sunday.

    This is truly infuriating. How low can these individuals get? I really hope you consider taking legal action against them, Loren.

  36. Labyrinth_13 responds:

    Whitton and Dyer are edging into some seriously dangerous territory with this defamation against Loren Coleman. That two grown men would engage in such behavior speaks volumes as to the true character of both men.

    Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

  37. RyanWinters86 responds:

    WOW!…These two LOW-LIFES still cant let their 15 minutes of fame go. And they are trying bring other people down..How could they do this??? I am sorry that you have to put up with this crap Loren…We should all just quit giving them the satisfaction of even mentioning their names.

  38. rodrigo responds:

    sue them. someone needs to hold them accountable. you got my support.

  39. kentmcmanigal responds:

    These two pathetic losers got caught trying to defaud people and are now trying to hurt others. (whine, whine “We did nothing illegal!”)
    It’s good that you addressed their accusations, but now ignore them. They aren’t worth the effort to respond to.

  40. greywolf responds:

    Loren: These guys are bad news. just sue them and don’t give them the time of day. After reading the above comments I think it has been said. Why they have not been put in jail yet is beyond me?

  41. Alligator responds:

    Mr. Coleman get legal counsel and sue these guys. What they have done is way over the line from simply disagreeing with you or trying to discredit cryptozoology as a study. This is slander, pure and simple and
    obviously a pathetic attempt by them to deflect heat from themselves.

    Besides what they are saying about you, I can’t help but feel that if some DA were to dig into this whole affair, they could bring charges of mail fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud, etc. At some point they could have stopped and said “fooled you” and been all right. But they kept going and going and going and money changed hands, threats were made and the character of innocent people was assassinated.

    Neither of these guys should ever, ever wear a uniform of any kind again, unless maybe it is smock for Jiffy Lube. Again Mr. Coleman, seek legal counsel immediately.

  42. coelacanth1938 responds:

    And one of these guys were a cop?!
    Sue them, Loren. Sue them until their eyes bleed!

  43. zachary responds:

    There a Mexican Bigfoot?

  44. dave61 responds:

    Don’t let these guys bring you down with false information and untruths. It’s uncalled for, and child-like behaviour behind their scheme.

  45. springheeledjack responds:

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said…these two monkeys are trying to still stay in the limelight and salvage something out of their hoax that didn’t work the first time and won’t work now either…let’s face it…they are not too bright, and they got suckered too and are just trying to bait Loren and get him fired up…there’s got to be some pro bono lawyer out there who will give Loren some back up on this…especially against a couple of dorks like these…


    SHJ :)

  46. one4show responds:

    Sounds like they should go home to their wives or cousins or whom ever they are married to and maybe take some online classes to actually learn something. Their stupidity actually shows how uneducated they are. It is also funny how a computer can make a person feel so brave by posting a video on the internet and making claims that are bogus. Shows them as the cowards that they are. Take them for everything Loren.

  47. Aaron responds:

    They have no sense of irony. As if they should be the one suing on anything. How dare someone give false info… well, except for them of course, that’s ok. Hypocritical scum. Nice to see Loren refer to them as jerks instead of gentlemen btw lol.

  48. Ceroill responds:

    It seems likely to me that these guys didn’t have a clue about Loren’s professional background when they made their video. If they did, then they must truly be the idiots they seem, as it should be obvious to anyone with even an ounce of sense that being an advocate, consultant and witness about such matters leaves a LOT of official records. Not to mention probably a number of legal contacts. To use an archaic phrase, I imagine that they will rue the day they went down this road.

  49. proriter responds:

    As I recall, similar libels were made against a popular late-night talk show host several years ago, and he did in fact sue the people who made the claim. I believe he won his case. I think Mr. Coleman should consider similar action. I don’t think he could collect damages because both of these individuals seem to be on the brink of insolvency anyway, but it might be worth the effort regardless.

  50. Greg102 responds:

    Well the two clowns took down the youtube video. My bet is Whitton probably figured false claims wouldn’t help his case to be re-hired. haha what idiots.

  51. Uglybob responds:

    I didn’t read all the comments… actually, any yet but I have to say Mr. Coleman, I met you and bought your book “Bigfoot! The true story of apes in America” when you were here in Edmonton at the museum. The Book is excellent and no one should recommend not buying it and you were a genuinely nice person who I enjoyed meeting. These Georgia jerks have no idea. Do what you can to shut them down.

  52. sausage1 responds:

    Loren, I work with ASD and vulnerable kids and I know this sort of accusation is easy to throw about. I know how damaging it can be to the people in your care as well. I think in this case you should dignify it with a response, and sue their gormless butts off.

    And Springheel, they’re not monkeys -it’s just a line of rotters!

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